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8 Make-Your-Life-Easier Beauty Tools You Need to Own

We're not saying these beauty tools will give you supermodel looks, but don't be surprised if you start snapping more selfies!

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Great hair dryer

“Almost every great hairstyle begins with a blow dry, so having a good blow dryer is crucial,” says Lisa Maria Garcia, president of Farouk Systems, Inc. Garcia recommends figuring out your hair type before picking your hair dryer since every type of hair, coarse, fine, thick, etc, has its own specific needs when it comes to styling. Garcia recommends the CHI Touch 2 Dryer, which lets users customize speed, temperature, and ions. (Do you know what your hairstyle says about your personality?)

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Ceramic brush

A good ceramic brush is a must-have for fabulous hair. “These brushes heat up with the blow dryer and can assist you at home to smooth out your hair or get that bouncy blowout,” says Amelia Coyne, professional stylist and colorist at Aire Blow Dry Bar. Depending on your hair type and length, and the kind of blowout you’re aiming for, Coyne says you can switch up the size of the brush, but definitely stick to ceramic. We love the Moroccanoil Thermal Ceramic Round Brush, which repels water for speedier drying, and the Bio Ionic GoldPro Ceramic Brush, an ultra-lightweight brush that infuses strands with hydration to help minimize static and flyaways.

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Cleansing mitt

Your face may not look dirty and grimy by the end of the day, but it is. Pollutants, makeup, sweat, and dead skin buildup can clog pores, making skin look dull and dingy. Jillian Wright, founder of Jillian Wright Skincare and co-founder of the Indie Beauty Expo, suggests using a cleansing mitt to really clean the skin thoroughly. Her top choice is Take My Face Off Mitty, which is soft enough for sensitive skin but provides great exfoliation to get skin really clean.

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There may be many blending sponges around, but the Beautyblender is the brand experts always recommend. “The best tools you should always keep in your makeup bag are definitely the BeautyBlender Pro and the Micro Mini Pro,” shares Stephi Maron, Blushington Makeup & Beauty Lounge Founder and CCO. “You can use it to apply makeup on your skin, blend the makeup out, and set the makeup with powder using just one sponge. It really is the best way to achieve a beautiful and flawless makeup look.”

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Even if you don’t DIY your eyebrows, it’s essential to have a pair of tweezers on hand for swiftly removing any wayward hairs that seem to grow overnight—from your brow or anywhere else. (Here’s how to perfect your brow game just in case.) And they’re not just for plucking hair. Maron likes to use tweezers to apply individual lashes for a more precise and accurate application.

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Buff and shine nail file

Erica Marton, celebrity manicurist, admits that not everyone has the time to get regular manicures. That’s why her go-to nail tool is a buff and shine nail file, like this one from Tweezerman, which delivers amazing shine and finish on nails without polish or a manicure.

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Foot file

Feet take a beating every day and need TLC in between pedicures, or especially if you don’t usually get them. “I recommend filing your feet and using lotion with a great file that you can keep in the shower,” Marton says. This way any filings get washed down the drain, and your feet stay soft whether it’s sandal season or not.

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Microneedling device

Okay, so this one is a little less essential but you’ll be so glad you have it. Microneedling is a relatively new anti-aging craze designed to help increase collagen production, making skin look smoother and younger. You could have the treatment—which involves using a device that makes hundreds of micro-punctures in the skin—at a dermatologist’s office, for some $300 or more, or you could take advantage of one of the totally safe, at-home microneedling tools that recently hit the market. Wright recommends one of the Roll-CITs from Environ, which are safe and easy to DIY. They even offer a device for the body, as well.

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