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8 Useful Things to Do With Beer (Besides Drink It)

You’ll actually feel good about saying: "I just used a can of Budweiser to kill a garden slug."

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Make amazing brownies

Sadly Burt’s Guinness potato chips are only meant to taste like the brewery’s world famous stout rather than being infused with it. But considering a properly poured pint of the Emerald Isle’s finest always looks good enough to eat rather, than drink, there’s plenty of available recipes that actually include the Black Stuff. Of note, is these 5-Ingredient Guinness Brownies that are far less illegal than, well, the other kind of chemically infused brownies. (Unless you live in these states of course.) Here are more delicious recipes that incorporate beer.

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Add some pizzazz to your homemade pizza

What’s better than a beer and a slice? Answer: a beer in your slice. The only issue we have with this otherwise awesome Coors-refined crust recipe is the fact that the author uses light beer. (What’s with the diet stuff, chef? If you’re going to do it? Do it.) Related: Find out all the dish your pizza guy won’t tell you.

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Go hunting for slugs

It turns out the slimy banes of every gardener’s existence are also incorrigible drunks! To rid your garden of slugs, first bury a plastic cup full up of brew, up to its rim, near your prized azaleas. Then note with morbid amusement at how these shell-less terrestrial gastropod mollusks are irresistibly drawn to said Bud and subsequently drown in their vice as a result.

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Clean your copper

Beer is surprisingly good at clearing up copper. Douse your pots or pan in a lager for five to 10 minutes and then use a cloth to remove said stains. When you think about it? A can of cheap domestic is more affordable than any cleaning agent at Williams-Sonoma.

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Make Beer-can chicken

Of the many versions available regarding this time-honored marriage of poultry and Pilsner, we were most fond of this easy-to-follow party improver. And with regards to the aforementioned rules that we’re “making additional large holes on the top of the can” and “letting the chicken stand 15 minutes before carving”? We’ll add one more: “Please don’t let the bird drive home once she’s over the legal limit.”

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Make tasty bar snacks

Not so fun fact: This time-honored bowl full of bar buddies aren’t actually made out of actual beer. They’re of course known as such because, well, their inherent sweetness adds to the overall enjoyment of the India Pale Ale you’re currently quaffing. But the following recipe — wait for it—includes an actual IPA along with Sriracha, brown sugar and, we’re just going to say it… love.

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Use beer as shampoo

We’ve all heard tales of our favorite fermented friend being fantastic for follicles and puts their beer where your head is. The shamp-brew company claims that malted barley releases B vitamins and proteins that nourish and condition our scalp, while hops flowers express their anti-oxidant rich essential oils to basically make our manes more maintainable. Give ’em a try and let us know because we accidentally drank our gift pack.

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Whip up chocolate truffles

Don’t let this infamous scene from the original Bad Santa deter you from the idea of mixing sweets with swill. Tis the season to try this terribly delicious truffles-and-stout concoction. Who’d have thunk any dessert requiring a melon baller could be this intoxicating? Us, that’s who. Try and keep up, here.

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