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25 Best Corn Mazes in America

Pumpkin-spice lattes and spooky skeletons dominate the season, but don’t forget to include a good corn maze on your must-do list this fall!

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The Huge Halloween's Corn Maze In Pennsylvania, Poconos Region
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The coolest corn mazes near you

As soon as fall arrives, your mind probably goes straight to jack-o’-lanterns, Halloween costumes, and pumpkin-spiced everything. But don’t forget about corn mazes! These amazing creations have been a popular feature of the season for decades, with families putting it on their list of must-do fall activities. Haven’t been to one since you were a kid? You’re in for a treat because they’ve gotten much cooler and much more elaborate in recent years.

Intrigued? You should be! But don’t bother googling “best corn mazes near me”—we’ve got a huge list for you right here, with the top options across the country. Combine your visit with a road trip to see fall foliage or a jaunt to your local pumpkin patch and you’ve got a whole fabulous day ahead of you that’s worthy of a fall meme.

How we picked our top spots

Chances are, there are a few local mazes near you, but are they worth it? Maybe…maybe not. The ones on this list are, though. We found the best of the best through expert recommendations, online reviews, and visitor buzz. Many of these destinations feature other fun seasonal activities, from pumpkin picking and full-on festivals to live music, and one even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records! So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now because most of these mazes are only open through the end of October, though some spots do stay open for part of November. In the meantime, check out these fall quotes that will really get you into the seasonal spirit.

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Treinen Farm corn maze
via tripadvisor.com

Treinen Farm, Lodi, Wisconsin

While zigzagging through the entirety of this 15-acre, award-winning corn maze, you may cover a total of six miles just trying to get out of it! Timed entry tickets give your family a full hour to weave through it, but the fun on this farm doesn’t end there. Bring a picnic lunch, hike the trails, enjoy scenic overlooks, pick the perfect pumpkin, feed a goat, and look for fairies in the gloriously charming Enchanted Woods on site. Dress up your little ones for the occasion with one of these easy DIY Halloween costumes for kids.

Best time to go: Weekdays in the fall offer the smallest ticket price—and the smallest crowds.

Entry fee: $12.50–$14.50

Don’t miss: The chance to play in and take striking family photos around the wooden barn dating back to the 1880s as warm autumn light pours in through the windows.

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Richardson Adventure Farm, Spring Grove, Illinois
via tripadvisor.com

Richardson Adventure Farm, Spring Grove, Illinois

The “world’s most intricate corn maze” boasts almost 10 miles of trails twisting through 28 acres of live corn. It’s actually created out of four smaller mazes, each with its own dedicated path in and out, multiple checkpoints, and three bridges. With zero dead ends, you’ll probably double back over your path more than once as you attempt to solve this most curious outdoor autumn puzzle. And speaking of puzzles, there are five corn maze games suitable for all ages to enjoy while on the farm, ranging from 10 minutes to two hours long to complete. If you’re in there for two hours, you might want to entertain your group with these Halloween jokes.

Best time to go: During the week, when ticket prices drop by $4.

Entry fee: $15–$22

Don’t miss: Weaving your way through tulip fields and sunflowers, two new features added to the maze in 2021.

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slide at Richardson Adventure Farm, Spring Grove, Illinois
via tripadvisor.com

Cornbelly’s, Lehi, Utah

With more than 20 years to perfect the art of the corn maze, Cornbelly’s intricate corn maze has a different theme every year. Past themes have included the Wizarding World to a local sports rivalry between BYU and the University of Utah. This year, for the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Cornbelly’s has created an “Oh Bea-UTAH-ful” maze design. This Utah autumn institution also has a kiddie maze for the little ones and a haunted maze for the daring. If the haunted maze sounds right up your alley, you’ll also want to check out these spooky stories that will keep you up at night.

Best time to go: Monday and Tuesday offer not only the best value but also the best chance to avoid the crowds.

Entry fee: $18.95–$24.95

Don’t miss: Taking a train ride through a “candy corn” maze.

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Severs fall festival Corn Maze Challenge
via seversfestivals.com

Sever’s Corn Maze, Shakopee, Minnesota

This is the Midwest’s first and largest corn maze, but during the fall, there’s so much more happening at Sever’s. Kids and the young-at-heart can enjoy a giant slide, a corn pit, a tire mountain, tasty food and drinks, and live shows during its famous fall festival. What type of beverage should you indulge in? This just might be your favorite fall drink, according to your zodiac sign.

Best time to go: Early in the morning, ideally right at 10 a.m. on the weekends.

Entry fee: $14–$17; free for kids under 4

Don’t miss: The pumpkin blasters game. (It’s as fun as it sounds!)

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Aerial View Of Corn Maze Design
via connerprairie.org

Conner Prairie, Fishers, Indiana

During the rest of the year, Conner Prairie proudly puts prairie-town life on display, with everything from butter-churning lessons to one-room schoolhouses. In the fall, though, it has a 22,160-foot corn maze that features three unique adventure paths and covers seven acres of land. Not into getting lost? You can also hop into a hot air balloon that soars more than 350 feet over the maze! For more gorgeous sights, take a look at these 50 stunning fall pictures from across America.

Best time to go: As soon as the doors open on the weekends.

Entry fee: $4–$5, plus park admission

Don’t miss: The birds-eye view from the 1859 Balloon Voyage tethered balloon.

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Happy Day Farm Corn Maze
via happydayfarmnj.com

Happy Day Farm, Manalapan, New Jersey

You never know what you’ll get from the annual Happy Day Farm corn maze in New Jersey; themes have included Curious George, football, and the Civil War. Each season, 10 acres of the farm are transformed into a maze with three miles of pathways and a lookout bridge. Don’t miss the chance to pick sunflowers at the farm, which is included in your admission.

Best time to go: Any day during the fall festival, which goes through October 31 this year.

Entry fee: $20 (cash only at the farm)

Don’t miss: Using “Corn Text.” With this clever techie treat, you’ll text the corn maze’s intelligent question master and receive questions related to the corn maze. Answer them correctly and you’ll get a hint on which way to turn! While you’re in Jersey, you may also want to visit a few of the beaches that are better in fall.

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Long Scott Farms
via tripadvisor.com

Long & Scott Farms, Mount Dora, Florida

Worried that you missed the boat on an autumn corn maze? Don’t be—Long & Scott Farms keeps its seven-acre Florida corn maze open all the way through December 12! And this year’s theme is dinosaurs, which is sure to delight T. rex–loving kids. Headed to a certain famous Florida theme park while you’re in the area? Learn these Disney World secrets before you go.

Best time to go: Early in the morning to miss the crowds, or late in the evening to miss the warm Florida sun.

Entry fee: $15; free for kids under 4

Don’t miss: The night maze on select nights through November.

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Cornbellys Corn Maze
via cornbellys.com

Cornbelly’s, Spanish Fork, Utah

The second of Cornbelly’s two intricate corn mazes in Utah is a smaller, five-acre maze that is no less beautiful. The maize maze in Spanish Fork is advertised as taking just 20 to 30 minutes, without any of the frustration of getting lost. Interactive passports serve as a handy guide to get you and your family through the corn and to the exit.

Best time to go: Monday and Tuesday offer the best chance to avoid the corn-maze and pumpkin-patch crowds.

Entry fee: $9.95

Don’t miss: The designed sunflower fields of the maze, which feature a cute bumblebee at the center to pay homage to Utah’s state nickname, the Beehive State.

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Swank Farms, Hollister, California
via tripadvisor.com

Swank Farms, Hollister, California

Swank Farms recently moved after 17 years in its old California location, but this year promises to be as fabulous as ever. Take on the “Maniac Maze” and a story will unfold as you make your way through the winding paths. Once you’re out, there’s plenty more to enjoy, from a pumpkin slingshot and corn cannons to a “dinosaur dig.”

Best time to go: The early evening. You’ll get to experience the corn maze and the other farm activities in the twilight hours, and then after nightfall, the wonderful spooky lights and frights walk.

Entry fee: $29.95–$35.95, including a trail of lights and frights tour

Don’t miss: The trail of lights and frights on display throughout the spooky season! Speaking of frights, find out the origins of Halloween’s assorted monsters.

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Stoughton Farms Corn Maze
via stoughtonfarm.com

Stoughton Farm, Newark Valley, New York

The corn maze becomes even more fun on the weekends because the farm offers a corn cannon, a pumpkin blaster, and concessions featuring fresh-popped kettle corn. However, the biggest attraction is the weekend night maze. Not many corn mazes offer the chance to challenge yourself by the light of the moon, but on Friday and Saturday nights in October until 10 p.m., you can weave your way through the maze at Stoughton Farm with family and friends who want to get a little spooked.

Best time to go: Weekends in the fall, to get the full farm experience in addition to the corn maze.

Entry fee: $6.95–$10.95; free for kids under 3

Don’t miss: The scrumptious hand-cut French fries available on fall weekends.

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Queens County Farm Museum, Queens, New York
via tripadvisor.com

Queens County Farm Museum, Queens, New York

This is the only corn maze in New York City, and this year, it is shaped as Andy Warhol’s Cow. Yes, you read that right—the Queens County Farm’s 2021 season celebrates the genius of Andy Warhol’s pop art. You’ll start with a “Stalk Talk” to prepare you for the three-acre challenge, during which you’ll hunt for clues, solve puzzles, and work your way toward the big reveal at the end. After you have fun in Queens, head north for the best fall foliage in New England.

Best time to go: Nighttime. Maze by Moonlight lets you be inside this pop-art maze in the dark this year.

Entry fee: $8–$12; free for kids under 3

Don’t miss: Victory Bridge, where you can gaze upon the maze from on high and see the full vista of this maze masterpiece.

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Amazing Grace Family farm corn crib
via tripadvisor.com

Amazing Grace Family Farms, Green Cove Springs, Florida

Admission grants each member of your family access to the maze as well as the farm’s pumpkin patch, sunflower field, playground, farm animals and cow train, gaga ball pit, corn crib, and lots more. Fun fact about this corn maze: It’s not actually made of corn. But “sorghum maze” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Best time to go: It’s only open two days each week, and only for the month of October, so your best bet is to arrive right when the gates open at 5 p.m. on Fridays or 10 a.m. on Saturdays.

Entry fee: $13.95

Don’t miss: The Amazing Grace Jump Pad, which is basically a big outdoor, open-air moon bounce. You and your family will be in a fit of giggles and ready for a farm-fresh treat after this workout!

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The Great Vermont Corn Maze, Danville, Vermont
via tripadvisor.com

The Great Vermont Corn Maze, Danville, Vermont

When Vermonters search “corn mazes near me,” they will soon discover their great state is home to one of America’s greatest corn mazes. The maze in Danville covers 24 acres of hilly land and features more than three miles of trails that are lined with massive towering walls of corn rising up to 12 feet high!

Best time to go: 10 a.m., thanks to cooler weather. Keep in mind that most people need two hours to complete the challenge.

Entry fee: $10–$20

Don’t miss: Peeping unique remnants of mazes from yesteryear, plus 100 feet of bridges.

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Connors Farm Corn Maze
via connorsfarm.com

Conners Farm, Danvers, Massachusettes

This farm has been in operation since 1904, and its seven-acre corn maze is a New England fall tradition for thousands of families each fall. This year’s theme is barnyard animals, so you’ll be weaving your way through a maze carved into the shape of pigs, cows, and sheep.

Best time to go: Flashlight Nights, during which you’ll have to make your way through the maze by—you guessed it—the light of your flashlight.

Entry fee: $12.99–$18.99; free for kids under 2

Don’t miss: Buying a Bounce Pass for $9.99, which gets you general admission to any of the farm’s daytime activities during the rest of its 2021 season.

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South Texas Maize, Hondo, Texas

Honoring the area’s country-music roots, this seven-acre corn maze near San Antonio is only one piece of the autumn puzzle here. Your ticket also lets you enjoy a hayride, slides, the barrel train, unlimited jumping on two Corn Pop-Poppers, and more. Plus, you’ll be treated to live entertainment on the weekends.

Best time to go: Thursdays and Fridays in October and November, when you’ll be able to partake in fun educational program.

Entry fee: $8–$18.50

Don’t miss: Friday nights, when you’ll pay just $10 to have fun in the dark.

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Cool Patch Pumpkins, Dixon, California
via tripadvisor.com

Cool Patch Pumpkins, Dixon, California

The world-record-holding corn maze at Cool Patch Pumpkins spans a whopping 53 miles and features a different, completely unique design each year. For the 2021 season, the theme is “All Gave Some, Some Gave All,” which honors those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to serve our country. When it comes to finding corn mazes near you, not everyone will get a Guinness Book of World Records autumn experience, but those in the Napa and Sacramento areas can! By the way, in case you were wondering, this is why Americans say fall instead of autumn.

Best time to go: Anytime, but you can enter up until 8 p.m. and wander this massive maze in the dark.

Entry fee: $18; free for kids 5 and under

Don’t miss: The chance to bring your pup to this dog-friendly corn maze.

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Davis Mega Maze Festival, Sterling, Massachusetts
via davismegamaze.com

Davis Mega Maze Festival, Sterling, Massachusetts

With BBQ, beer, live music, apple orchards, and pumpkin picking, the Davis Mega Maze Festival has something for everyone. The maze itself is cut into a funny “Where’s Waldo?” pattern, and it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours to complete. This year’s maze has almost three miles of puzzling pathway networks covering eight acres of corn.

Best time to go: Fall weekends, to experience the full fun of the festival.

Entry fee: $21.95–$24.95; free for kids under 5. Coupons are available, as well as an AAA/MTA/MILITARY discount with code “SAVE2” online.

Don’t miss: Following along in the field guide to play games inside the maze. This year, you can also go Mobile Mazing and Geo Questing with your smartphone.

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Cheery Crest Corn Maze
via cherrycrestfarm.com

Cherry Crest Farm, Ronks, Pennsylvania

So much more than a corn maze, this farm offers a full day of fall fun, with pumpkin picking, popcorn, food, drinks, and more than 50 activities in addition to a legendary maze. Additionally, even though the farm sells food, you are allowed to pack a picnic and use the tables and benches for an affordable autumn day out.

Best time to go: Weekdays offer the best value—and Cherry Crest is one of the few corn mazes in America that’s still open in November.

Entry fee: $17.95–$29.95; free for kids under 2, and military personnel get 25 percent off their admission at the gate. Note: The farm is now completely cashless.

Don’t miss: The 50-plus activities aside from the Amazing Maize Maze, including a farm-tour wagon ride, pedal carts, a petting zoo, a “giant slinger,” and a hay-chute slide. These Halloween party games will also provide a serious dose of fun this season.

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Hidden Trails Corn Maze
via hiddentrailscornmaze.com

Hidden Trails, West Salem, Wisconsin

One of the best corn-maze values in America, Hidden Trails features four interconnecting mazes to explore, each with its own design and surprises lurking inside. With 15 checkpoints along the way, you will be spurred on as you find your way out of mazes in the shapes of Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster.

Best time to go: Closing time each day. You’ll have a 90-minute timer set to complete the mazes, so the pressure will be on!

Entry fee: $9; free for kids under 4

Don’t miss: Checkpoints in the two large mazes that provide discounts to local businesses, and “mysteries to solve” in the smaller ones.

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239237032 4271002379652192 7982558083758001517 N
via gallowayfarmnc.com

Galloway Farm, Hallsboro, North Carolina

This 13-acre corn maze is cut to celebrate country band Lucas Nelson and Promise of the Real. If that’s too much maze for you, there’s a three-acre kids maze, live animals, tractor rides, and other farm games, so you can make a day of it at this North Carolina farm.

Best time to go: Tuesday through Thursday, which is open by reservation only. That means you can have the place (more or less) to yourselves!

Entry fee: $12–$14; free for kids under 2

Don’t miss: The augmented-reality scavenger hunt.

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Corn Maze 1Ramseyer Farms, Wooster, Ohio
via tripadvisor.com

Ramseyer Farms, Wooster, Ohio

There are a pair of eight-acre mazes at Ramseyer Farms, including a new-for-2021 Cars-themed maze that stretches over two miles. It takes about an hour to complete, and it also features a mini-maze tucked inside for little ones to enjoy!

Best time to go: Halloween weekend. There’s trick-or-treating for kids 13 and under, as well as a costume contest. If you still don’t know what to go as this year, check out this list of the best family Halloween costumes.

Entry fee: $9.95–$15.95; free for kids under 2

Don’t miss: More than 275 signs in the Ohio Maze that detail fun facts about cities in the state, famous Ohioans and local athletes, presidents from the Buckeye State, and more.

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Bob's Corn and Pumpkin Farm, Snohomish, Washington
via bobscorn.com

Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Farm, Snohomish, Washington

From an Italian immigrant great-grandfather’s homestead in the 19th century to a family-run farm today, the story of Bob’s Farm is every bit as brilliant as the corn maze. The 12-acre maze isn’t scary at all, but attempting to complete the puzzle at night, with a starry sky lighting your way, may be the perfect amount of spooky for you and your family this season.

Best time to go: Early in the morning to beat the crowds, or on Friday and Saturday nights for a night-maze challenge.

Entry fee: $15–$20; half off for military members and seniors

Don’t miss: The 16 acres of sunflowers early in the season. Bob’s is home to the largest pick-your-own-sunflower field in the state.

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Honeysuckle Farm, Springfield, Tennessee

Honeysuckle Farm is another one of the best American corn mazes to feature a country-music star. Last year, its cornfield was cut into an homage to Thomas Rhett, but this year, the corn maze will pay tribute to the country-music legend Loretta Lynn. How, exactly? The maze is cut into the shape of Loretta holding a guitar! In addition to other fall fare that lasts through October 31, you’ll find zip lining, a bungee trampoline, and a rock wall. By the way, if music’s your thing, you might want to plan a trip to one of the best cities for live music. (Maybe without the kids!)

Best time to go: Saturdays, when you’ll get to enjoy a free pumpkin light show.

Entry fee: $15.95–$17.95; free for kids under 2

Don’t miss: The chance to take a spin on the antique carousel, which is free with corn-maze admission.

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Buford Corn Maze
via bufordcornmaze.com

Buford Corn Maze, Buford, Georgia

The best corn mazes in America are so much more than just acres of cornfield. Buford offers jumping pillows, hayrides, alpacas, and other farm animals, and a corn kernel box in addition to a five-acre maze that has been making kids happy for years. One of the great things about this corn maze in Georgia is that it is open until mid-November.

Best time to go: November. The weather is cool, the October crowds have waned, and the Haunted Forest is even darker and spookier.

Entry fee: $16, or a $28 combo ticket that includes admission to the Haunted Forest

Don’t miss: The Haunted Forest, which is open on weekends after the sun goes down. It just may give you some outdoor Halloween decoration ideas for your own yard.

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Heartland Country Corn Maze
via heartlandcountrycornmaze.com

Heartland Country Corn Maze, Harrisburg, South Dakota

This 11-acre maze is cut into a mighty lion shape this year, and it’s another one of the mazes that’s open after dark. Navigate this South Dakota maze by the light of the moon or by the glow of your flashlight. There’s also a haunted version you can try on October 29th and 30th…if you dare!

Best time to go: The last entry, at 9 p.m. You’ll have an hour to complete this tricky maze with your friends and family members who aren’t afraid of the dark.

Entry fee: $5–$8; free for kids under 4. Cash only.

Don’t miss: The hidden checkpoint inside the maze. Those who find it will receive a free treat from the Concession Barn. Of course, regardless of whether or not you visit, you’ll want to scoop up the best deals on Halloween candy this year—and we’ve got the details on that, too.

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