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These Are the Best Dishwashers of 2023, According to Cleaning Pros

Get the dishes clean with one of the best dishwashers this year, whether you want something quiet, stylish or smart.

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These Are The Best Dishwashers Of 2023, According To Cleaning ProsRD.COM, VIA MERCHANT (3)

Maybe you’ve noticed the signs that your dishwasher is dying. The door stops latching, the dishes are still dirty after running it or the appliance is leaking. Or perhaps you’re slowly upgrading the home with everything from the best washer/dryer sets to the best vacuums, and now it’s time to revamp the kitchen appliances.

No matter the reason, a new, hard-working dishwasher can make life much easier. No one wants to spend an hour after dinner handwashing all the dishes when that time is better spent with family enjoying dessert or playing games. But not all dishwashers are equal. Make sure you’re shopping for the most reliable appliance brands that will handle load after load of dirty dishes with ease.

Best dishwashers of 2023

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Bosch 300 Series Dishwasher
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Best overall

Bosch 300 Series Dishwasher

There’s a lot to love about the Bosch 300 Series, considering it’s one of the best dishwashers overall. To start, this dishwasher comes from a trusted appliance brand and has all the features for a good price. The cycles run at 44 dBA, meaning this dishwasher is far quieter than a standard conversation.

The third rack increases loading capacity by up to 30%, and adjustable tines and racks make it easy to fit any dishes you need to wash inside. The stainless steel tub is expert-recommended, and the exterior is fingerprint-proof so you don’t have to keep wiping down the surface.

“There are quite a few quality dishwashers from Bosch and GE that are under $1000. Find a dishwasher that has high energy efficiency marks to save money on water and electricity bills,” says Shawn Laib, an appliance expert with Clearsurance.com. “There are some people who want a third rack on their dishwasher. Bosch’s 300 Series has a third rack that fits silverware, cups and other small tools and dishes.”


  • Trusted, reliable brand name
  • Spacious and adjustable interior
  • Five washing cycles that run quietly
  • Third rack for more loading capacity


  • Limited color options available

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Frigidaire Front Control Dishwasher
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Best budget

Frigidaire Front Control Dishwasher

At under $500 for a 21-inch dishwasher, the Frigidaire dishwasher is a steal that doesn’t skimp on powerful features. Available in white, black or stainless steel, this dishwasher has all the settings to clean everyday dishes, plus a heated dry option. This is the best dishwasher for appliance shoppers on a budget because it doesn’t compromise on quality.

“I love how fast it washes the dishes, and my dishes always come out spot-free,” writes one Home Depot reviewer.


  • Affordable price for a full-sized dishwasher
  • Available in three colors to match most kitchens
  • Energy Star certified to reduce utility bills
  • Features a dual spray arm system


  • Fewer buttons and settings compared to higher-end models

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Kitchenaid Printshield Dishwasher
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Best splurge

KitchenAid PrintShield Top Control Dishwasher

When budget allows, splurging on a high-end dishwasher is worth the upfront investment in the long run. The KitchenAid PrintShield is a more expensive appliance, but it’s one of the best dishwashers on the market. It’s quiet (44 dBA) with a sleek design, and buyers can choose a bar or pocket handle for comfort and accessibility.

A third rack offers more space for items up to 6 inches tall. Advanced cleaning cycles gently but powerfully clean everything from grimy pots and pans to fragile wine glasses.


  • Advanced wash and dry cycles
  • Interior light
  • Bar or pocket handle option
  • Adjustable racks and stemware holder for fragile glasses


  • Run time is long (3.5 hours) when the sanitizing cycle is on

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Magic Chef Countertop Dishwasher Ecomm Via Homedepot.com
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Best countertop

Magic Chef Countertop Dishwasher

One of the best dishwasher hacks is that this appliance fits in any kitchen, no matter how small. Enter the Magic Chef Countertop Dishwasher, a 21-inch-wide dishwasher that takes up little space and easily connects to the kitchen faucet. Despite its small size, this dishwasher fits an impressive amount of plates, bowls and silverware, plus pots and pans.

You don’t have to worry about what not to load in this dishwasher—it even has a china and crystal setting to gently clean your most prized dinnerware.


  • Portable size fits on a countertop or table
  • Quiet
  • Fits several dishes per load
  • Energy-star rated


  • The faucet adapter doesn’t work for all faucets, so some users may need an additional adapter

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Ge Cafe Top Control Smart Dishwasher
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GE Cafe Top Control Smart Dishwasher

It’s amazing not to spend extra time handwashing dishes after dinner, but a noisy dishwasher quickly ruins a fun evening with friends and family. It may also be a sign that you’re shortening the life of the dishwasher by overloading it. But at just 39 dBA, or slightly above a whisper, the Cafe Top Control Smart Dishwasher is an extremely quiet appliance that you can run even during naptime. It also comes in gorgeous finishes to match just about any kitchen design.


  • 39 dBA
  • Connects to Wi-Fi for smart capabilities
  • Stylish design with three finish options and bar or pocket handles
  • Convenient third rack


  • Rack wheels aren’t the smoothest

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Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher
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Best for large families

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher

Larger families go through a lot of dishes for every meal, so they need a spacious dishwasher to thoroughly clean large loads each day. Fortunately, the Bosch 800 Series has enough space for 16 place settings, and a third rack for utensils and small dishware adds even more capacity. The dishwasher runs quietly, and the special PureDry setting means kids’ plastic dishware is safely loaded onto any rack without being melted.

“Bosch 800 series dishwashers are the best known, reliable and trusted in the market by thousands,” says Devon Wayne, real estate investor and owner of ASAP Cash Offer. “As a premium brand, they have high-quality and high-end features. Considered the quietest dishwasher, they have powerful drying technology with the overall best ratings.”


  • 16-place setting capacity
  • CrystalDry feature for thorough drying
  • PureDry setting for safely drying plastic dishes without melting them
  • Flexible third rack


  • Minimalist control panel may be confusing for some users

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Zline Top Control Dishwasher
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Best design

Zline Top Control Compact Dishwasher

With 13 color and finish options and a chic, minimalist design, the Zline dishwasher is the best dishwasher for design enthusiasts. Spice up the kitchen with a vibrant blue, copper or red dishwasher—the sky’s the limit. This dishwasher isn’t just a pretty face, though. It’s also Energy Star compliant with water-saving features to save money on utilities with six different wash cycles to choose from.


  • 13 color and finish options
  • Energy- and water-saving features
  • Adjustable racks
  • Low-profile European style


  • Installation may be difficult and need professional assistance

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Bosch Ascenta Dishwasher
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Most energy-efficient

Bosch Ascenta Front Control Dishwasher

Many homeowners want appliances that have a lower impact in terms of energy usage. Not only is this better for the planet, but it also means lower utility bills. The Bosch Ascenta Dishwasher is an energy-efficient dishwasher that also reduces water usage while still thoroughly cleaning every load of dishes.

“It performs just as well, or better, than other models that cost significantly more. It’s also a Consumer Reports ‘Green Choice.’ We award this mark to dishwashers not only for their water use and energy efficiency (which most dishwashers are excellent at, actually) but also for a host of other bigger-picture factors,” says Rosaline Bernstein, former director of the Upkept app by Consumer Reports.


  • Minimizes energy and water usage
  • PrecisionWash eliminates need to pre-rinse dishes before loading
  • Sanitize feature for Heavy, Auto, Normal and Half Load cycles


  • No third rack

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What to look for in a dishwasher

Tanya Klein, CEO of Anta Plumbing, says the best dishwashers have adjustable racks and a variety of sections to fit different types of dishes and flatware. Plus, movable racks and tines make the interior easier to clean and more accessible in the event a service tech or plumber needs to make a repair.

“Dishwashers that have soil sensors are fantastic because they mean less, or no, rinsing before loading,” Klein says. “A delay feature is good for those who live in water or electrical conservation areas. Load it early and set it to run later during an off-peak time. Along with that, some dishwashers have a feature where you can run a smaller half-load rather than wait to get a full load. That works well for smaller households and saves on water and energy costs.”

You may also want to look for special wash cycles for items like pots and pans or china and crystal dishes that you’ll usually hand wash. A heated drying feature is a plus, so you don’t need to dry every dish before putting it away, saving you another chore.

Klein also recommends choosing dishwashers with stainless steel tubs, which won’t rust and are more durable than plastic tubs. Other features shoppers should consider is a trusted brand name, the size and the warranty.

“When looking for a good dishwasher, Upkept recommends looking for one with excellent cleaning performance, along with reliability. These are the main factors in Consumer Reports’ ratings. Beyond that, look for a dishwasher that suits how you cook and eat,” Bernstein adds. She recommends looking for adjustable tines and racks that make space for different-sized items, plus a third rack that helps hold small items like utensils and cooking tools.

Finding the best dishwashers

To find the best dishwashers of the year, we spoke with appliance and plumbing professionals to determine the top features to look for, the best dishwasher brands and the most recommended products. We also combed through hundreds of user reviews and only chose products with no lower than a four-star rating.


When is the best time to buy a dishwasher?

Dishwasher brands are at their best prices around September and October, as retailers aim to move large appliances off the sales floor to make room for winter holiday products, like gifts, Christmas trees and other large decor. But you can also find amazing deals around major holidays. Check out holiday specials for Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Black Friday or New Year’s. The same is true for other appliances like vacuum cleaners.

How long should a dishwasher last?

The average dishwasher should last around 10 years. Obviously, there are factors that could shorten the life of the dishwasher, but when shopping for the best dishwashers, they’ll typically last the longest.

Should I leave the dishwasher door open when not in use?

If you tend to leave clean dishes sitting in the dishwasher for days, it’s best to leave the door open to prevent moisture build-up. Keeping it closed also causes unnecessary musty odors and mildew build-up.

About the experts

  • Shawn Laib: Shawn Laib is an appliance expert and writer with Clearsurance.com. Many industry leaders have quoted Shawn on topics surrounding finance, business, human resources, real estate and automobiles including Bloomberg, Lifewire and Yahoo.
  • Devon Wayne: Devon Wayne is a real estate investor, owner of ASAP Cash Offer and family man. Driven by his family, he enjoys offering the easiest possible home sales process. His objectives as a cash home buyer include assisting homeowners and navigating complicated real estate circumstances.
  • Rosaline Bernstein: Rosaline Bernstein is the former director of the Upkept app by Consumer Reports
  • Tanya Klein: Tanya Klein is the CEO of Anta Plumbing, an eco-friendly plumbing company founded in 2005. They specialize in solving plumbing and drain problems. Anta Plumbing also received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau in 2007.

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