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97 Best Healthy Snacks You Can Get On-the-Go

We polled dozens of nutrition experts for their favorite healthy snacks you can buy, and we somehow managed to narrow it down to the top 100. Now go ahead and enjoy in good health!

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peanut butter and apple slicesvia

Dippin Stix Sliced Apples and Peanut Butter

When you’re looking for healthy snacks to buy, think “protein plus produce,” Laura Chalela Hoover, MPH, RDN, advises Reader’s Digest. “The protein helps keep you full until mealtime, and the produce adds its own nutritional boost.” For example, if you pair a serving of peanut butter with a serving of apple slices, you get seven grams of protein plus soluble fiber and ursolic acid (a natural compound found in apples that may support weight loss). For prepackaged single servings, try Dippin Stix, which boasts six grams of protein, two grams of soluble fiber, and a vitamin C boost.

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Carrots and celery isolated on whiteeurobanks/Shutterstock

Wawa Carrots and Celery Peanut Butter Dipper

Wawa sells a prepackaged “Carrots & Celery Peanut Butter Dipper” that follows Hoover’s “protein plus produce” guideline. For 320 calories, you get 12 grams of protein and 6 grams of soluble fiber. This combo works especially well for diabetics—or anyone watching their blood sugar. Check out these other snacks that help keep your blood sugar in check.

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Fage Total Greek 0% Greek Yogurt, Blueberry Acai, 5.3 Ounce (Pack of 12)Via

Fage Total Split Cup

Another example of “protein plus produce” is Greek yogurt plus berries. Greek yogurt is super-high in protein and a source of probiotics (for a healthy gut), and the berries are jam-packed with antioxidants and fiber. For an on-the-go version, try fat-free Fage Total Split Cup in any of the berry flavors, boasting around 110 calories and 15 grams of protein. And don’t forget that yogurt is one of the best probiotic foods to boost your good gut bacteria.

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Siggis Skyr Icelandic 4% Plain Yogurt, 24 Ounce -- 6 per case.Via

Siggi’s No-Added Sugar Yogurts

Another top choice among our nutrition experts is Siggi’s Icelandic-style 4% no added sugar yogurts. Each has 11 grams of protein and only five grams of sugar (compared with 25 grams of in most other widely-available yogurts). “This high protein, lower sugar combo keeps you fuller longer and can help curve cravings for less healthy choices throughout the day,” says Jenna Amos, RD (she works for Siggi’s). Here are some other ways to eat less sugar.

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Courtesy Muuna

Muuna Cottage Cheese

This isn’t your grandmother’s diet food. Not only does Muuna Cottage Cheese contain gut-friendly probiotics, but it comes in nine different flavors (including mango, peach, raspberry, and blueberry), low-fat and full-fat versions and in both multi-serve and snack size packages. Registered dietitian Melissa Rifkin loves that they’re probiotics-powered; you’ll love that they taste great—with chunks of real fruit on the bottom—and that each single-serve cup has 17-20 grams of protein.

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Siggi's, Low-Fat Yogurt Tubes, Strawberry, 2 oz, 8 tubes Via

Siggi’s Tubes

How about a version of Siggi’s 2 percent that doesn’t even require a spoon? Apparently, Siggi’s Tubes are not just for kiddies. They’re the same 2 percent fat, high protein, low sugar, grab-and-go snack as Siggi’s in-the-cup version, but the tubes are even easier to hold and eat.

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kite hill yogurtvia

Kite Hill Almond Milk Yogurt Tubes

For a non-dairy alternative to yogurt tubes, try Kite Hill‘s Almond Milk Yogurt Tubes, which are Greek-style and pack at least ten grams of almond protein, plus live yogurt cultures, in every cup. Here are 13 more probiotic foods to work into your diet.

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Chobani Greek Yogurt Variety Pack (16 ct.)Via

Chobani Greek Yogurt

Also singing the praises of Greek yogurt is Keith-Thomas Ayoob, EdD, RD, FAND. “Any type will have a ton of protein,” he says, “which helps bury your hunger between meals.” Dr. Ayoob’s personal favorite is Chobani (he’s on their nutrition advisory board) because it comes in lots of flavors, and it’s often available on-the-fly… literally… since it tends to be stocked in airport lounges.

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Chobani Yogurt Drink 10 ounces-Pack of 8 (Apple Cucumber)Via

Chobani Apple Cucumber Drink

“When you’re on-the-go and hungry, how about a low-sugar drinkable yogurt to bridge you to the next meal?” suggests Allison Stowell, MS, RD, CDN. Stowell is a fan of Chobani’s Apple Cucumber Drink, which has 14 grams of protein, 30 percent of the United States Recommended Daily Allowance for calcium, and is crisply refreshing. Here are the signs that your body needs more calcium.

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Sargento Balanced Breaks (12 ct.)Via

Sargento’s Balanced Breaks

“When I need a quick afternoon snack on-the-go, I typically grab a mozzarella string cheese plus a piece of fresh fruit,” says Karman Meyer RDN, LDN. “This combo provides a balance of carbs and protein to keep hunger satisfied, along with a nice dose of calcium.” In fact, string cheese is one of the best snacks you can eat. For an easy grab-and-go version, try Sargento’s Balanced Breaks. Here are more snacks that nutritionists keep in their bags.

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fruit cupMaraZe/Shutterstock

Starbucks cheese and fruit snack packs

A trip to Starbucks does not mean sacrificing your healthy diet, according to Dr. Ayoob, who suggests you “trade the pastries for the protein and fruit snack packs (such as the cheese and fruit).” Here are some other ways to hack the Starbucks menu, according to nutritionists.

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Naturipe snacksvia

Naturipe Snacks


Another good “protein plus fruit” choice is Naturipe Snacks, which pairs cheese, fresh fruit, and nuts in a bento box-like pack.  “The combination of fiber, healthy fats and protein are sure to keep anyone feeling full and satisfied,” says registered dietitian, Holley Grainger.

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Wild Soil Almonds - Distinct and Superior to Organic, Steam Pasteurized, Probiotic, Raw 3LB BagVia

Raw almonds

Snacking on almonds gets you a healthy mix of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and fiber, “which help you feel full and can hold you over until your next meal,” says David Friedman, ND, doctor of naturopathy and author of Food Sanity: How to Eat In a World of Fads and Fiction. That said, Dr. Friedman prefers raw nuts to roasted because roasted are often heated in hydrogenated or omega-6 unhealthy fats. You can buy raw almonds in bulk on and split them into individual on-the-go serving (approximately 23 almonds, which offer six grams of protein and around 160 calories).

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Blue Diamond Almonds 100 Calories Per Bag - 32 Grab and Go Bags,.625 Oz (Individual),20 Oz (net Weight) Via

Roasted almonds

Even if you reach for the roasted almonds, you’re still doing something good for your body, according to Julie Upton, M.S., R.D., CSSD, who recommends Blue Diamond single-serving packs of roasted almonds. “You’re still getting lots of fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals, and the fat content shouldn’t scare you off because that helps make them filling,” Laura Morton, MS, RD, LDN, points out to Reader’s Digest. Here are the top 5 healthiest nuts you can eat.

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Raw pistachios

When it comes to healthy snacks, raw pistachios are another of Dr. Friedman’s top choices. When they come shell-on, they take a bit more work, but that can help make you feel like you’ve eaten something substantial. A single serving (about 49 raw pistachios) packs 6 grams of protein.

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wonderful pistachiosvia

Roasted pistachios

Once again, Morton thinks you’re still doing your body a favor if you prefer your pistachios roasted. Our go-to roasted pistachio is Wonderful brand. They come in single-serving packs (1.5 ounces each) and cool flavors like Sweet Chili and Salt and Pepper. Roasted pistachios also made this list of healthy snack foods you can eat without guilt.

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Raw cashewsvia

Raw cashews

Cashews are another top nut choice, according to Dr. Friedman, who prefers you eat them raw. Cashews boast six grams of protein per 160 calorie serving (about 18 nuts).

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emerald cashew packsvia

Roasted cashews

“Go ahead and enjoy your cashews roasted,” Morton says, especially if that’s the difference between eating cashews and not eating cashews. If you buy them in bulk, make sure to break them down into single servings. Alternatively, you can try the 100-calorie packs from Emerald. Here are 50 unhealthy snack foods experts say you should NOT be eating.

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Walnut and almond packsvia


Walnuts, which have been found to boost memory and brain function, pack a “brainy” punch, according to Westchester nutritionist Elisa Bremner. All nuts contain healthy unsaturated fats which are good for your mind, Bremner notes, but she likes to recommend walnuts because they’ve shown up in brain studies more than any other nut. “Plus, they actually look like little brains!” You can shop for individual packs of walnuts—or mixed with almonds like these. Don’t miss more superfoods that help you focus.

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Eden pumpkin seedsvia

Eden Organics pumpkin seeds

Bremner also recommends single servings of pumpkin seeds, which like walnuts, support the brain. In addition, pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of the amino acid, tryptophan, making them a ” safe and natural way” to relieve symptoms of mild depression. Eden Organics 4 oz pumpkin seed packets are a good choice, according to Sydney Greene, RD, who also points out that just two tablespoons contain 25 percent the USRDA for magnesium.

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hemp seedsvia

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seeds

Another seed that nutrition experts rave about is hemp seed. “I absolutely love Manitoba Harvest Toasted Hemp Seeds because they have a delightful, toasty, salty crunch, says Lauren O’Connor, MS, RDN, RYT, Founder of Nutri Savvy Health. “It’s easy for me to enjoy few tablespoons right out of the bag, especially if I need a little something to make it to my next meal but don’t want to spoil my appetite.” In addition to hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds, here are some other seeds that pack a nutritional punch.

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Justins almond buttervia

Justin’s Squeeze Packs

Another option for a nut-based snack is Justin’s Nut Butter Squeeze Packs, which come highly recommended by Morton. “Located right above the jarred nut butter and sometimes in the checkout aisle, these are one of my most recommended on the go snacks. They are delicious eaten alone or squeezed onto an apple or banana.”

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Barney buttervia

Barney Butter

If you’re a fan of almond butter, then you’ll love Barney Butter Snack Packs. These .6 oz pouches are filled with almond butter made with high-grade, fair trade, non-GMO, blanched California almonds and are even available in chocolate-almond flavor. They’re also made in a peanut-free facility, so they’re safe for kids with peanut allergies. Think reduced fat nut butter is the way to go? Think again, plus find out other foods you shouldn’t eat.

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NuttZo 2go squeezable packs

For a vegan, paleo, gluten-free, kosher upgrade, try Nuttzo Peanut 2Go, according to Kelly Potter, MSN, “Nuttzo 2go is the nut butter snack choice for anyone, with more protein than most nut butters, plenty of healthy fats, and a unique blend of seven different nuts and seeds, which means you’re getting in a delicious dose of many nutrients to fuel your body properly!”

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Courtesy Siggi's

Siggi’s Simple Sides

Simple Sides is made with just the right amount of sweet, but not too sweet. These fan favorite yogurts are made with simple ingredients, not a lot of sugar and simple add-ins for a nourishing wholesome snack, the perfect go-to treat to fulfill any sweet tooth that’s thrown your way. They contain over 10 grams of protein and under 200 calories. These healthy snacks can actually help curb your cravings for unhealthy snacks.

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B.Nutty gourmet peanut buttervia


If your taste buds demand an upgrade from regular peanut butter, try the gourmet varieties from B.Nutty, including Irresistible Pretzel, S’more Dreams, Coco-Nutty Faith, Simply Salted Caramel, Blissful Blueberries, and more. Gluten-free, kosher, and only 150 calories per serving, B.Nutty 2-ounce jars even come with their own mini wooden spoon for portable snacking.

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Nature ValleyVia

Sweet Valley Organics dark chocolate covered fruits and nuts

Love your nuts dipped in chocolate? That can be healthy too, according to Angela Kurtz, Director of Metabolic Nutrition Program at Icahn School of Medicine, who says that “dark chocolate is loaded with flavonoids, a group of powerful antioxidants” Kurtz recommends Sweet Valley Organics dark-chocolate covered fruits and nuts, which makes a “perfect healthy snack.”

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Skinny Dipped Almondsvia

Skinny Dipped Almonds

Another chocolate-covered nutty snack that comes highly recommended is Skinny Dipped Almonds, which are “hands-down, one of my favorite sweet treats,” says Elizabeth Shaw MS RDN CLT. “Skinny Dipped Almonds are filled with over 20 percent of your daily fiber needs and have only ten grams of carbohydrates per serving, making them a good option for diabetics looking to satisfy their cravings. Here are the proven health benefits of dark chocolate.

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Choc zerovia


ChocZero’s artisanal dark chocolate keto bark is low carb, sugar-free, gluten-free, and honestly seriously rich and delicious, with cocoa butter, sea salt, and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans. The just-right-amount-of-sweet taste comes from monk fruit fiber, a natural plant-based sweetener with zero calories. You can feel good about the absence of soy lecithin, sugar alcohols, or artificial sweeteners.

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Munk pack cookiesvia

Munk Pack Protein Cookies

Caving into a craving doesn’t have to be a diet disaster. Munk Pack Protein Cookies are vegan, gluten-free, have 18 grams of plant-protein and six grams of fiber for a healthier twist on dessert. The single-serve soft cookies come in crave-worthy flavors like Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Double Dark Chocolate, Coconut White Chocolate Macadamia, and Oatmeal Raisin Spice.

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Yasso frozen greek yogurtvia

Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt

You won’t miss ice cream at all when you try Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt. Your taste buds will love the rich flavors—including Toffee Caramel Chocolate Chip, Pistachio Brittle, Fudge Brownie, and Black Raspberry Chip, with chunks of yummy things like dark-chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, and cookie dough—and your body will appreciate that it’s hormone-free and gluten-free, with five grams of protein and only 80 to 100 calories per serving. The bars are best for on the go, but our hearts belong to the pint of Coffee Brownie Break. Grab a spoon!

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The New Primal Jerkyvia

The New Primal jerky

If you’re not following a meat-free diet, then you’ll want to check out lean jerky and dried meat snacks, according to Jamie Johnson, RDN, CHC, who recommends The New Primal brand for their taste and convenience. “Jerky has less saturated fat than many animal products due to the way it is made, Johnson explains, and those that are grass-fed tend to be lower in saturated fat and higher in Omega 3’s than grain-fed.

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Lorissa's grass fed beefvia

Lorissa’s Kitchen Grass-Fed Beef Sticks

Christina Meyer-Jax, MD, RDN is a fan of Lorissa’s Kitchen Grass-Fed Beef Sticks, which “make quick eating more nutritious and meaningful. High in protein and fiber, and low in sugar, the Beef Sticks give you nutrient-dense staying power for your day.” Learn the other reasons beef jerky IS, indeed, a healthy snack.

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Lorissa's seasoned steakvia

Lorissa’s Kitchen Steak Strips

Lorissa’s Kitchen is adding Steak Strips to its line of strips and cuts. With smokey sweetness, the Original Steak Strips “live up to Lorissa’s Kitchen’s mission of providing real food crafted for a full life by creating responsibly sourced, protein-rich, and clean ingredient protein snacks.” Tender and bite-sized, they’re made with 100 percent grass-fed beef without added growth hormones, MSG, nitrites, artificial preservatives, or gluten.

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Chef's cut jerkyvia

Chef’s Cut Real Jerky

When it comes to meat jerky, Caitlin Davis, Clemson University coordinator of Olympic Sports Nutrition, recommends Chef’s Cut Real Jerky. “We utilize Chef’s Cut as a protein-recovery option for our student-athletes at Clemson,” she tells Reader’s Digest. “We think it is a great whole foods option in addition to the other protein-based products we use, and it’s been well-received with our student-athletes.” It’s got 9 grams of protein and comes in a wide variety of flavors. Meat lovers will also love the pork and bacon varieties. Here’s why bacon tastes so much better in Britain.

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Chef's cut chicken jerkyvia

Chef’s Cut Chicken and Turkey Jerky

If you want the benefits of jerky but are trying to avoid red meat, then consider going with Chef’s Cut chicken or turkey jerky, recommends Dori Kershner, a fitness and nutrition coach at Aspire Fitness in Colts Neck, New Jersey. Kershner likes the honey barbecue chicken jerky and the teriyaki turkey jerky.

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Chef's cut snack sticksvia

Chef’s Cut Snack Sticks

Another Chef’s Cut offering is the Chef’s Cut Snack Sticks, which are basically meat jerky in 100-calorie portions. Like all Chef’s Cut products, the Sticks are gluten- and nitrite-free and made with nothing but real meats and other recognizable ingredients. Sold in eight and 16 packs, each pantry-friendly bag contains individually wrapped meat sticks. Here are five other 100-calorie snacks you might want to consider.

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Laura's jerkyvia

Laura’s Lean Grass-Fed Organic Beef Jerky

Laura’s Lean Grass-Fed Organic Beef Jerky is another great beef jerky alternative. Grass-fed and certified organic, it’s free of artificial ingredients, preservatives, nitrates, and nitrites, and is available in three flavors (Original, Teriyaki and Peppered) that are 80 lean calories per serving and contain more than ten grams of protein. These work for gluten-free and paleo diets too. Check out these other paleo foods that are nutritional powerhouses.

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Krave jerkyvia

Krave Jerky

If you like variety, then Krave is a great choice. The Sonoma-based brand of artisanal-style meat and poultry snacks are made using high-quality ingredients and a proprietary process that produces a signature tender texture, and they come in over 17 flavors, including Garlic Chili Pepper Beef, Basil Citrus Turkey, and Black Cherry Pork. Try Krave honey habanero chicken jerky, along with these other non-beef jerkies.

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Field roast deli slicesvia

Field Roast Deli Slices

If you’re trying to cut back your meat consumption, you can still snack on protein-rich deli slices. Field Roast makes charcuterie-style gourmet vegetarian meats in Smoked Tomato, Lentil Sage, or Wild Mushroom. Roll them up with a slice of cheese for a satisfying, meat-free snack with 12 grams of protein and only 100 calories for three slices.

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Epic bitesvia

EPIC Bites

EPIC Bites combine “whole animal muscle meat with flavor-forward spice combinations,” and then take it to the next level with the addition of superfood seeds and fruit. Rich in protein, low in sugar, and free of gluten, dairy, soy, and grain, these savory bite-sized “energy bombs” are a perfect option for those looking for high-quality animal protein on the go. Here’s what you need to know before going grain-free.

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Epic bitsvia


Craving bacon but trying to eat clean? EPIC Bits are the answer. “By using real whole foods ingredients, we proudly introduce the worlds first clean bacon bits,” the website proclaims. “EPIC Bits are created from non-GMO fed chicken and heritage breed Berkshire pork bellies.” Like other EPIC products, these savory bacon morsels are rich in protein, low in sugar, gluten free, grain free, and absent of both soy and dairy.

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Epic trail mixvia

EPIC trail mixes

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of breaking down your bulk trail mix purchases, and you’re a fan of EPIC’s exotic dried meat products, then you’ll want to check out EPIC’s Hunt & Harvest Mixes, which combine 100 percent grass-fed, organic beef jerky with nutrient rich berries, nuts, and seeds.

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Go raw trek mixvia

Trader Joe’s Go Raw Trek

If you’re more of a standard trail-mix kind of snacker, and you think you could benefit from the disciplined portion-control of single-servings, then, by all means, try Trader Joe’s Just A Handful Of Go Raw Trek, which comes in individual single-serving bags, which you can buy in ten-packs.

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purely elizabeth granolavia

Purely Elizabeth Granola

Although granola has acquired a bit of a reputation as a questionable “diet” food—because it can be calorically dense, the fact is that some granola is better than others. One example is Purely Elizabeth Granola, which comes recommended by Michalczyk. The granola comes with fully recognizable ingredients and 130 calories per serving (compared with some other brands, which can get up towards 200 calories per serving). Since Purely Elizabeth Granola is most economical when you buy it in eight-ounce packs, you’ll need to exercise portion control while snacking (or pay extra for the snack size).

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pure elizabeth barsvia

Purely Elizabeth Grain-Free Superfood Bars

If you like your granola in the form of bars, you can enjoy the goodness of Purely Elizabeth by picking up Purely Elizabeth Grain-Free Superfood Bars, which are made of a mixture of nuts and seeds and are “powered” by “Reishi,” which is a mushroom that’s said to support the body’s response to stress. But you won’t taste any mushroom flavor, and each bar contains five grams of protein and only seven grams of sugar.

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Paleo krunchvia

Steve’s Paleo Krunch Bars

Another granola recommended by Michalczyk is made by Steve’s Paleo Goods. Michalcyzk loves the grain-free granola, and like Purely Elizabeth’s, it comes in bars, which makes it both portable and manageable in terms of sticking to a single serving. They “taste like vacation,” Michalcyzk says, and they’re high in protein for granola (at six grams per serving). Did you know a paleo diet could help beat chronic pain?

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Red mill oatmealvia

Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal Cups

Although crunchy granola is a popular nosh, sometimes, you might be in the mood for something softer and more comforting. That’s where Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal Cups come in. They’re single-servings and entirely portable. Plus they’re rich in protein (seven grams) and filled with over 20 percent of your daily fiber needs, according to Shaw, who loves the whole grain combo with flax and chia seeds. “It keeps you satiated and satisfied well onto your next meal. Plus, these portable gems are vegan and gluten-free too, satisfying nearly every dietary need!”

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purely elizabeth oat cupsvia

Purely Elizabeth Vibrant Oat Cups

Another single-serving oatmeal you can take with you on the go is Purely Elizabeth’s Vibrant Oat Cups. Each flavor is vegan, gluten-free and, in addition to oats, packed with quinoa, flax, chia, as well as superfoods like Blue Spirulina (blue-green algae that’s rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants). You’ll be getting eight grams of protein and seven grams of fiber per serving. Or feel free to just eat oatmeal for breakfast and reap the fat-burning benefits all day long.

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Belvita softbake barsvia

BelVita Soft Baked Protein Oat, Honey, and Chocolate Chip

For someone looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, belVita has a new soft-baked high-protein product that is found in the cookie aisle but offers ten grams protein and a wealth of whole grains. “Consider these a nutritious cross between a cookie and a high protein granola bar,” Grainger tells Reader’s Digest. Here are 12 healthier versions of your favorite junk foods.

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Belvita blueberryvia

BelVita Blueberry Breakfast Biscuits

Another BelVita product that comes highly recommended is the Blueberry Breakfast Biscuit. “Before I leave the house I always make sure I have at least one convenient, nutritious bar in my bag like a BelVita Breakfast Biscuit,” Shaw tells Reader’s Digest. “Not only do their Blueberry Biscuits provide 18 grams of whole grains, but they pair wonderfully with a low-fat Greek yogurt you can stash in your office fridge to boost your protein and help satiate you. Plus, the biscuits serve as a spoon, too, making it super-convenient if you forgot your spoon at home!”

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sticky granolavia

Base Culture Paleo Sticky Granola

When picking a granola (or any pre-packaged snack), consider whether you recognize the ingredients, advises Allison Stowell, MS, RD, CDN. You won’t have to worry about unrecognizable ingredients in Base Culture’s Paleo Sticky Granola, which is made only of Honey-glazed Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, Pecans, Sunflower Seeds, Diced Fruit (Apples, Peaches, Pears, and Apricots) Maple Syrup, Coconut Oil, Cinnamon, Sea Salt. It’s “sticky, sweet, and amazing” and “satisfied my craving for dessert,” said one Amazon reviewer.

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bare coconut bitesvia

Bare Chia Coconut Bites

Talk about the bare minimum of ingredients, Bare Chia Coconut Bites contain only coconut, cane sugar, chia seeds, flax seeds, and sea salt, three of which are considered “superfoods” that support the immune system (coconut, chia, and flax). These bites are said to deliver a “satisfying, satiating snack with a powerful crunch.” Check out the health benefits of chia seeds.

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Bare veggie chipsvia

Bare Snacks

Veggie chips tend to earn a health halo—they’re vegetables, after all—but many brands are steeped in oils and additives. Bare Snacks chips are baked—with zero oil and are also free of fake veggie powders, starches, and fillers. They’re just real vegetables that are sliced and baked. Try the new Beet, Carrot and Sweet Potato.

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55 / 100


Larabars have even fewer ingredients than Base Culture granola. “When you spend as much time looking at ingredients lists as I do, it’s almost shocking to see a bar that has so few ingredients but tastes this delicious,” Morton tells Reader’s Digest. “Sweetened with dates and packed with nuts, these whole food bars fit a lot of good-for-you ingredients into one convenient little package.” Some Larabars are paleo, and here are some other amazing paleo snacks.

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MadeGood granola barsvia

MadeGood Granola Bars

“As a busy mom, I’m always pressed for time so I keep a stash of grab-n-go, convenient snacks at home and in my car. As a nutritionist, I’m very particular about what I eat and feed my kids. MadeGood granola bars, minis, and crispy squares are one of our favorite go-to snacks,” says Andrea Donsky, the nutritionist who co-founded Naturally Savvy. “They have a full serving of veggies in every bar, they’re gluten-free, organic, vegan and a great option for anyone with allergies. Most importantly, they’re school-safe.” She’s referring to being nut-free.

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Naked barvia

Naked Fruit, Nut & Veggie Bars

The company that brought you Green Machine, Blue Machine, and Red Machine juices has added Naked Fruit, Nut & Veggie Bars. They’re packed with whole food ingredients and are free of preservations, plus they’re excellent sources of vitamins A, C, E, and iron. They’re also verified by the Non-GMO Project.

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Kind bar pressedvia

Pressed by KIND Strawberry Apple Chia

“In an ideal world, we’d be able to carry around a box of fresh strawberries everywhere we go, but since that could get a little messy, we’ve created the next best thing,” say the makers of the Pressed by KIND Strawberry Apple Chia. This bar comes highly recommended by Stephanie Perruzza, MS, RD because it’s made with only fruit and chia seeds, contains just 110 calories, is a good source of fiber, contains zero added sugars, and provides two full servings of fruit. Did you know that KIND bars, in general, are beloved by nutritionists? Here’s why.

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Rx barvia

Rx Bar

You have to taste the Rx Bar to believe how good it is. Upton was an early adopter of the Rx Bar in general. “I like that it’s just nuts, dates, egg whites and cocoa. My favorite is the chocolate sea salt flavor.” Nutritionally speaking, it’s got 12 grams protein and five grams fiber to keep you satisfied (at just over 200 calories per bar).

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Natures Bakery fig barvia

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars

The isn’t as high in protein as the Rx Bar, but Upton likes it anyway because it’s soy-free, dairy-free, nut-free, cholesterol-free, and contains no artificial flavors or colors, trans fats (which are terrible for you) and high-fructose corn syrup. Essentially, each bar is 110 calories of pure, readily-available energy, with none of the junk you don’t want (although they do contain gluten).

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emmys coconut cookiesvia

Emmy’s Organics coconut cookies

Emmy’s Organics are among the healthiest packaged snacks available,” according to Lisa Hayim, MS, RD. “As a nutritionist, I love to provide them as an option to clients who think they need ‘a little something sweet.’ The ingredients are identifiable and understandable (organic coconut, organic dark chocolate chips, organic almond flour, and organic coconut oil).” In addition, Emmy’s are made with non-GMO ingredients that are grain-free and dairy-free.

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Base culture paleo browniesvia

Base Culture Paleo Almond Butter Brownies

Speaking of needing something a little sweet, if you’ve got brownie cravings, you might want to consider swapping your bakery brownie for Base Culture Almond Butter Brownies. Stowell recommends them to her clients because they’re 100 percent paleo-certified, gluten-free, kosher, grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and non-GMO verified. And they fit with Stowell’s requirement that her store-bought snacks contain a short list of recognizable ingredients.

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Lily's Dark chocolatevia

Lily’s Sweets 70% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar

By now, you must know that dark chocolate is good for your heart. Lily’s Sweets Dark Chocolate Bars were specifically recommended by Amidor. “The theobromine found in dark chocolate is a powerful antioxidant and has been shown to help reduce inflammation,” she says, “but [thanks to being sweetened by Stevia,] this particular bar has fewer calories per ounce than traditional dark chocolate bars.”

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Lilly's Hummusvia

Lilly’s Hummus

A nutritional favorite, vegans love the tasty varieties of Lilly’s Hummus, which boasts flavors like Roasted Red Pepper and Smoked Tomato and Basil. It comes in handy two ounce servings cups that are easy to pack and will limit your calories while giving you a healthy—and filling—protein boost.

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RW Garcia’s 3 Seed Artisan Crackers

Amidor also highly recommends RW Garcia’s 3 Seed Artisan Crackers. Vegan-friendly and gluten-free, they’re made with chia seeds, flax seeds, and sesame seed. These seeds contribute omega-3 fats, which Amidor say have been shown to help reduce inflammation and combat heart disease. Here are some more foods that help fight inflammation.

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Wasa Crispbreads

“With a gram of fiber but only 50-60 calories and nine to ten grams of carbohydrates per slice, Wasa Gluten Free Crispbreads deliver more than just a satisfying crunch, says registered dietitian, Anna Rosales, RD. “Wasa Crispbreads are a great option for carb-conscious consumers while also leaving room for toppings. Might we suggest the hummus and guacamole choices discussed below?! In addition, Rosales says the three-slice packs make them easily transportable and great for anyone with allergies, gluten sensitivity, or celiac.”

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Saffron Road Roasted Chickpeas

Another healthy, crunchy, prepackaged snack comes in the form of roasted chickpeas, says Grainger. Saffron Road‘s Roasted Chickpeas come in snack-size bags and are a great way to enjoy legumes. A single serving of roasted chickpeas will provide 20 to 25 percent of your recommended daily fiber intake,” according to nutrition expert Jessica Levinson, MS, RDN, CDN. The same holds true for fava beans, which are discussed below. While Levinson may be biased (she consults for USA Pulses), there are definitely health benefits to eating legumes.

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The good beanvia

The Good Bean Chickpea Snacks

Here’s another crunchy bean snack that packs a protein punch, and Jennifer M. Brown, MS, RD, wholeheartedly endorses them for their “satisfying crunch factor” as well as being a good source of protein and fiber. “Our chickpea snacks are sourced from family farms in the USA, slowly soaked to plumpness, and then gently roasted to a crispy crunchy goodness, with a flavor so good you might think they’re junk food,” their website proclaims.

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The Good Bean Crispy Fava and Peas

The Good Bean also makes a fava bean and green pea mix that Brown recommends, and as mentioned above, fava beans are a healthy legume that packs a significant amount of fiber. “These are great because they have a satisfying crunch factor, protein, and plenty of fiber,” according to Brown.

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Another bean-based crunchy snack that comes highly recommended is Beanitos chips, which Dr. Ayoob recommends because they’re made from legumes and have four to five grams of fiber and four to five grams of protein per serving. Plus they’re vegetarian, made with sunflower oil, and low in saturated fat.

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I Heart Keenwahvia

I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Puffs

Quinoa is one of nature’s best non-animal protein sources, and with five grams of protein in every serving (and only 120 calories), I Heart Keenwah quinoa puffs deliver on the protein-promise while providing the satisfying crunch of a cheese puff from childhood. They’re also gluten-free and Non-GMO Project Verified. Three of the four flavors are vegan.

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Simply 7

Simply7 has a line of Quinoa Curls are made with a twist of gluten-free quinoa and, like I Heart Keenwah’s quinoa puffs, offers five grams of plant-based protein (and only 130 calories per serving). Flavors include farmhouse cheddar, mesquite bbq (vegan), and original (vegan). All of Simply7’s products are made with clean ingredients, no added preservatives, zero grams of trans fat, no artificial colors or flavors, and are gluten-free.

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Skinny popvia

SkinnyPop Popcorn

Another low-calorie, fiber-rich snack is popcorn, says Stowell, who recommends SkinnyPop brand, especially in the black pepper flavor. In general, Stowell recommends seeking varieties that are low in sodium and don’t offer added sugar. Seriously, we agree because popcorn is healthy—here are the reasons you should add it to your diet.

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As if getting the go-ahead to eat popcorn wasn’t cool enough, imagine if your popcorn were vitamin infused? Stop imagining, and start enjoying your VitaPOP popcorn, which boasts ten grams of protein and no refined sugar, according to Ashley Reaver, MS, RD, CSSD.

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Pretzel perfectionvia

Pretzel Perfection

Pretzel Perfection has made a name for itself as a healthy, effortless travel snack because its products are now a prepackaged healthy snack staple on Delta Airlines. But what we can’t stop talking about are the flavors (hello? Raspberry Truffle Twists?!) or the fact that they’re gluten-free. All of their products are. Gluten-free pretzels made with no artificial anything? Sign us up.

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SeaSnax seaweed packs

“I like the seaweed snack sheets by SeaSnax,” says wellness coach, KJ Landis. “They’re made with nothing more than seaweed (which is full of fiber and minerals), olive oil (a healthy fat), and sea salt.” They’re also vegan, gluten-free, and Non-GMO Project verified. As the SeaSnax website suggests, “dump the chips, and snack on with SeaSnax!” Here are seaweed’s surprising health benefits.

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Bamba peanut snacksvia

Bamba Peanut Puffs

Landis also recommends the Bamba Peanut Puffs (you can also find them at Trader Joe’s), which are corn puffs that are actually coated in liquid peanut butter. “They’re vegan and are made with not much more than peanut protein, cornmeal, and palm oil,” which Landis says has “recently been let out of nutritional-jail as an unhealthy oil.”

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Pig out chips via

Pig Out Pigless Bacon Chips

“Sure, they’re chips,” says Dina Aronson, MS, RDN of Outstanding Foods’ plant-based, bacon-free Pig Out Pigless Bacon Chips. “But compared to the average snack chip OR actual bacon, these are what I like to call a better-for-you snack because they are made from the king oyster mushroom—a whole food high in protective antioxidants. These chips have no fillers or artificial ingredients, and taste amazing!”
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suja juices

Suja classic cold-pressed juices

Don’t know about you, but all that talk about savory chips (and bacon!) made us thirsty. No worries because we’ve got healthy snacks that come in the form of beverages too, including Suja’s classic cold-pressed juices, which come highly recommended by Morton. “They’re a quick way to add a day’s worth of vitamin C and try a flavor combo you probably haven’t had before (beet-mango-pear anyone?) Grab one and pair with a cheese stick or a handful of nuts,” she suggests.

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Suja green juicevia

Suja Elements Green Juices

If you want to up your cold-pressed juice game even further, try Suja’s Elements line of cold-pressed green juices. Michalczyk loves these because they make it easy and tasty to get your “dose of greens.” Check out these superfood veggies which just might become the next “kale.

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Suja vinegarvia

Suja Drinking Vinegar

Michalczyk is also a fan of Suja‘s drinking vinegars. “These functional beverages provide a boost of nutrition other drinks can’t.” Plus, because they combine vinegar with cold-pressed juices, they’re safer for your teeth than drinking straight vinegar.

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Suja Kombuchavia

Suja Kombucha

Both Morton and Michalczyk rave about Kombucha, and in particular Suja’s line of Organic Kombuchas. “I especially like their organic kombuchas because they are powered with adaptogenic ingredients like moringa, ashwagandha, and reishi. These high functional herbs are known to reduce stress and fight inflammation and fatigue. Sipping on one in the afternoon or if my stomach is not right instantly relaxes me,” says Michalczyk. And each bottle has only 30 calories per bottle but 5 billion probiotic cultures per serving. Morton recommends this fizzy treat for her clients who miss drinking soda.

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Don’t be the one saying, “I coulda had a V-8,” suggests Grainger. Each serving contains a full serving of vegetables and is a good source of Vitamins A and C. “I often pair the V8 with a baggie of carrot sticks or whole wheat crackers and a string cheese,” but it’s good as a snack on its own. That’s why Grainger always keeps a can stashed in her purse for a “snack that keeps me satisfied until dinner.”

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good2grow juices

On a similar note, Amidor recommends good2grow’s fruit juice and fruit and veggie juice blends, particularly when her kids are looking for snacks. “They have no added sugar and provide antioxidants that children tend to be lacking.” Plus, the fruit and veggie blends contain a serving of fruit and veggies combined. “Most children don’t meet the daily recommendations for fruit and vegetables so it can help them meet their daily goals when fresh isn’t available.”

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Sneakz Organic Milkshakes

“As a mom and a dietitian, Sneakz Organic Milkshakes are my go-to for on-the-go nutritious drinks for my kids,” says Mary Ellen Phipps, MPH, RDN, LD. “Each milkshake has half a serving of vegetables and less sugar than traditional, flavored milk you’ll find at restaurants. Other than water, they’re definitely my drink of choice for my own kids and clients alike when we’re away from home.”

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ZÜPA NOMA soups and shots

Tracey Grant, RDN, CWHC, loves ZÜPA NOMA soups (which actually look a lot more like green juices than soups) and shots because they’re packed with produce, which she says help her body function at its highest capacity. In particular, Grant says the veggie shots are a great way to “support specific body systems, including metabolism, digestion, and immunity. With the current flu season, I think the Carrot Ginger Turmeric will be on regular rotation!”

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Bonafide bone brothvia

Bonafide Provisions Drinkable Veggies Bone Broth

Bonafide Provisions takes bone broth a level up with their Drinkable Veggies Bone Broth, which combines bone broth with two other of our healthy snack fundamentals: protein and produce. “With no added sugar and anywhere from six to 11 grams of protein per bottle, these grab and go chilled soups will keep you satisfied and hydrated until your next sit down meal,” says Sydney Green, RD. You can also try their Frontier Blend.

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Horizon organic milkvia

Horizon Low-fat Organic Milk

Let’s not forget milk as a healthy snack, Dr. Ayoob reminds us, because “you can’t beat the nutrition: eight grams protein, more potassium than a banana, one third your daily calcium requirements and a quarter of your USRDA for vitamin D.” Dr. Ayoob recommends Horizon‘s single-serve products because they’re readily available in just about every convenience store and come with their own straws. Here are the dairy myths you need to stop believing.

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Wholly guacamolevia

Wholly Guacamole

Just because you’re on-the-go doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy avocado. Sarah-Jane Bedwell, RD, LDN and Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD both recommend keeping Wholly Guacamole Minis on hand for a quick snack. “Made with only real, simple ingredients and 100 percent hand-scooped Hass avocados, Wholly Guacamole in its mini cups makes enjoying avocado hassle-free and delicious.” It’s also organic, vegan and paleo-friendly.

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Sabra hummusvia

Sabra Hummus

The same goes for hummus, which Sabra sells in small containers. Dr. Ayoob notes that while hummus can be a bit caloric, it’s also highly nutritious thanks to the chickpeas, sesame seed butter, lemon juice, and spices. “It’s a great choice for vegans and vegetarians,” he says.

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Hope Hummusvia

Hope Foods organic hummus

HOPE Foods‘ also sells single-serving containers of its premium organic hummus. Hope Foods also offers many unique flavors such as Thai Coconut Curry, Buffalo Bleu, and Jalapeno Red. Hope Foods’ hummus is 100 percent USDA certified organic, vegan, non-GMO, free of artificial preservatives, and offers 25-30 percent of your recommended daily value of fiber per serving.

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cedar's hummusvia

Cedar’s Hummus Snack Pack

When it comes to hummus, Shaw’s personal favorite is Cedar’s Hummus Snack Pack. “Vegans will go crazy for Cedar’s variety,” she tells Reader’s Digest. “I found this gem in an airport and it’s easily become a quick grab and go staple. Plus many options are allergen friendly, meaning my clients with food allergies can easily find a product to satiate them between meals that won’t pose a risk for a reaction.”

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sabra classic hummusvia

Hummus plus snap peas

While we’re talking about hummus, let’s not forget that it’s often used as a dip, and what better to dip into it than sugar snap peas that you bring from home, according to Alexa Milne, RHN. This duo is packed with over 700 mg of potassium, essential to help supporting brain, heart, and bone health. It’s also low in sugar,” she points out.

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Starkist tunavia

Starkist Tuna Creations

You can also enjoy a healthy snack of tuna on-the-go thanks to StarKist Tuna Creations, points out Starkist’s resident RD, Laura Ali. “The ready-to-eat tuna pouches are low-cal, high in protein and filled with Omega-3’s,” she says. “Not to mention StarKist now offers a ton of different flavors to choose from, including their new flavors like Sriracha and Tapatío.”

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Sunsweet prunesvia

Sunsweet Ones Individually Wrapped Prunes

Speaking of other healthy snacks you might not have realized you can buy prepackaged, Upton recommends Sunsweet One’s Individually Wrapped Prunes. Notwithstanding their name, they’re not actually individually wrapped, but rather come four to a 100-calorie pack, and are “packed” with fiber, iron, vitamin A, and potassium. Here are the signs you’re not getting enough potassium.

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Dates with walnutsvia

Dates stuffed with walnuts

Although they might not be as easy to find as some of the other healthy snack ideas listed here, walnut-stuffed dates are available prepackaged. Milne thinks they’re worth hunting down because “dates are an excellent source of energy, sugar, and fiber, while walnuts are high in healthy fats. The combo is perfect for a pre-workout snack to keep you energized and satiated during your workout. It can double as a tasty vegan treat!”

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Mandarin orangesvia

Mandarin oranges

Mandarin oranges are basically nature’s snack-pack, according to Upton, who loves them for on-the-run snacking because they’re small and easy to peel. And mandarin oranges are one of these 12 healthy eating habits for higher energy.

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Once upon a farm apple saucevia

Once Upon a Farm Applesauce Singles

Mandarin oranges aren’t much more difficult to eat than a snack-pack of applesauce, which is another simple healthy snack you can buy in a single serving. But Once Upon a Farm makes it even easier by putting them in easy to open tubes. You can eat them straight-up or squeeze them over yogurt. Once Upon a Farm’s products are endorsed by infant nutritionists and pediatricians, and are also all USDA Certified Organic, Kosher, Non-GMO Project Verified, and are free from processed purees, concentrates and preservatives.

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hard boiled eggsvia


Get this: you can get boiled and peeled eggs pre-packaged from the store. Upton recommends Michael Foods boiled and peeled eggs. “Many of my friends take them with them on their way to work or have them in their gym bag to eat post-workout.”
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tomato in vacuum packing isolated on white backgroundValentin Agapov/Shutterstock

Prepped produce products from most supermarkets

Most supermarkets offer prepackaged, pre-prepped produce products in single servings, points out Kershner. She finds what she needs at Trader Joe’s, but we’ve seen them everywhere, including at gas and service stations. Here are some more of the healthiest foods you can find at the supermarket.

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