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The 27 Best Home Organization Tools Under $30

These game-changing organizational tools will get your home straightened up in no time!

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Investing in organizational tools can go a long way

The majority of us have been nesting in a major way, ever since social distancing became the norm. And, what better way to put all that extra time to good use? “Like all of us who are in quarantine during to COVID-19, we are spending extra time indoors, and there is no better time to organize,” points out Samantha Wenig, founder of Neat Spaces NY. While you can likely get a lot of organizing done on your own, investing in a few key organizational tools can really be a game-changer. The bonus? None of these items cost more than $35 and all of them can be delivered, contact-free, to your front door. As for what areas of the home to organize, Wenig suggests taking baby steps and letting your nesting instincts take it from there. “Start small with a desk drawer and lead up to big spaces such as a closet basement,” she says. “You will have a neat space in no time!” You’ll also want to know these 26 secrets professional organizers won’t tell you for free. 

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Deflecto desk organizersvia

Deflecto desk organizers


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This under-$12 desk organizer is just what you need to get your office supplies in order—especially now that we are all working from home. “Items like this Deflecto organizer, which is 6×6, can help keep paper clips, USB drives, post-its, and more tidy,” Wenig says. You can stack them and throw them inside your desk drawer, or if you need to add some accents to your desk, place them on top.

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Jelly Comb cord storagevia

Jelly Comb cord storage


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How annoying are cords? “You have 5 iPhone cords, extra TV cords, and cords for who knows what that you can’t decide if you should keep or toss,” points out Wenig. While this may not be the most gorgeous “storage” option, she maintains this organizational pack is awesome. “This storage bag has two layers of compartments, six elasticized mesh segments, two mesh pockets for chargers, and 12 elastic loops (best for cables or similar sized cords) to name a few.” You can get one of these for your computer room, TV room, and basement. It is also small enough to fit in a drawer or shelves and won’t take up much space. Psst…you’ll want to find out the 26 things in your house a professional organizer would toss pronto.

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Simple Houseware underwear and lingerie organizersvia

Simple Houseware underwear and lingerie organizers


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If you shove all of your undergarments into one drawer, then you are in desperate need of this lingerie organizing set. “It’s no wonder why this has over 6,500+ reviews on Amazon,” Wenig says. “When you rummage through your lingerie, bra, and sock drawers in the morning, the inevitable mess becomes more annoying than looking for that right sock,” she says. This four-pack from Amazon is mold-proof and lightweight for your drawers. Best of all, you can split your drawers up by bra, underwear, socks, tights, and more, once and for all.

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Homz large storage bins, 5 packvia

Homz large storage bins, 5 pack


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You can never have too many storage bins. “These bins from Homz, which come in a five-pack, are made from see-through plastic so you can see what is in them and they are great for stacking,” Wenig explains. “Many people buy several at a time and organize specific rooms or areas in their home. I love them most for closets—just be sure to measure your shelves or the area where you plan to put them to make sure they fit.”

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Made by Design velvet hangers, 30 pack


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Skinny velvet hangers are truly a game-changer for your closet. “Whether you’re swapping over seasonal clothes, making a pile for donation, or just sprucing up what you already have, skinny hangers will help with much-needed space!” says Wenig. She suggests sticking to one color for your hangers for a more visually appealing look. She adds that these hangers are smaller than the ones you probably currently have in your closet, can be used for shirts, sweaters, dresses, pants, and more and are made of a non-slip velvet to keep your items in place. Make sure you’re not making any of these 12 common closet organizing mistakes.

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Wayfair Basics over-the-toilet bathroom rackvia

Wayfair Basics over-the-toilet bathroom rack


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If you live in an apartment or have a small bathroom space, this over-the-toilet etagere is a perfect pick for you, Wenig says. “This is a freestanding organization tool and doesn’t take much time to build,” she says. “At 5-feet tall with three tiered shelves it’s great for storing makeup, spare towels, toilet paper, and more.” It is also sleek-looking, low-profile, and will blend right into your bathroom. Get a head start on your bathroom organizing by getting rid of these 10 things right now.

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DYMO embossing label makervia

DYMO embossing label maker


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A key component of keeping your home organized is making sure everything is labeled. Wenig is obsessed with this old school, low-tech label maker, which is the perfect tool for making sure everything from Mason jars and craft bins to file folders are labeled in style. This gadget costs less than $10 and refills are also incredibly inexpensive as well. These 10 impressive home organization makeovers will inspire you to get working on the whole house.

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Ball Mason jars, 4 packvia

Ball Mason jars, 4 pack

Starting at $11.85

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Many of the most chicly organized homes on Pinterest have one product in common: old school Mason jars. These multi-functional glass jars may have been intended for pickling and canning, but they are the perfect home for everything from kitchen grains and beans to arts and crafts essentials. They come in a variety of sizes for all of your needs and are incredibly budget-friendly. If you are in the mood to organize your pantry, consider buying a set of larger jars and storing all of your flour, sugar, and other baking goods in classic farmhouse style. Find out 10 genius Mason jar uses you’ll wish you knew all along.

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Savor storage boxvia

Savor storage box


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This pretty keepsake box keeps your treasured items secure—and organized. Custom-dyed bookbindery fabric surrounds reinforced paper to beautifully and easily store your most important objects and collections. You can use it to keep anything—think keys, LEGOS, photos, shells, knitting, crafting, etc.—uncluttered yet close at hand with an organization that’s meant to be displayed. You can also use the adjustable dividers to customize the box with up to nine compartments or simply remove them altogether. Toss these 10 items if you aspire to have a clutter-free home.

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STM Goods Dapper Wrapper organizational wrap

STM Goods Dapper Wrapper organizational wrap


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Keep all of your chargers and cables organized, tangle-free, and easy to access with this clever cord wrap from STM Goods. Dubbed the Dapper Wrapper, this lightweight and compact storage accessory features multiple pockets and compartments for personalized storage, as well as a water and dirt-repellent coating to protect your tech from any spills. It is available in a bunch of different colors (granite black, slate blue, and Windsor wine—and did we mention it is actually really, pretty to look at?

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IKEA RÅSKOG utility cartvia

IKEA RÅSKOG utility cart


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IKEA’s RÅSKOG utility cart has been one of the Swedish design store’s most popular organizational items for years. Interior designers and home influencers are obsessed with this perfect shelving unit on wheels. It is just the right size—big enough to store anything including kitchen utensils, desk accessories, gloves, keys, mobile phones, wrapping essentials, you name it—but slender enough to be moved around wherever you need it. Currently, it is available in three colors: white, black, and a gorgeous gray-green. You don’t even need to go to your local store to buy it, as it is one of the many IKEA items that can be delivered to your doorstep.

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Simple Human sink caddyvia

Simple Human sink caddy


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Avoid clutter around your sink with this clever sink caddy from simplehuman. It will perfectly house everything you need to wash your dishes—including all of your sponges and dish brushes. Four suction cups and a wire ledge hanger offer a secure, non-slip grip on your sink, so the unit won’t fall off, while elevated plastic dividers store and organize sponges separately. There are also numerous venting holes to maximize airflow and help your dish cleaning tools dry quickly while will minimize bacteria growth.

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SimpleHouseware glass spice jars, 12 packvia

SimpleHouseware glass spice jars, 12 pack


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If you are on a mission to organize your kitchen, start with your spices. Instead of using mismatched spice jars purchased at the grocery store, invest a tiny bit of money into this 12-pack of glass spice jars. The set even comes with 48 spice labels and a funnel to make the process of transferring your spice collection totally seamless. Here are 16 more pantry organization ideas that are total game-changers.

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Simplehuman wall-mounted grocery bag dispenservia

Simplehuman wall-mounted grocery bag dispenser


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Plastic bags from the grocery store can create the ultimate clutter, which is what makes this simplehuman grocery bag dispenser a totally genius organizational tool. Instead of shoving your reusable plastic bags under the sink or in cabinets, simply tuck them through the opening of this mountable brushed stainless steel dispenser, and voila! No more bags everywhere. Is your pantry utter chaos? You might want to think about trying out a unique organizing hack that involves diving it up into zones.

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Nite Ize key ringvia

Nite Ize key ring


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Are you constantly misplacing your keys? Do you hesitate to put them all on the same ring because it just takes way too long to remove them? This creative keyring is basically a locker for all of your keys, giving you easy access when you need to slip one off. The solid stainless steel key ring is equipped with five colorful plastic S-Biner MicroLocks that secure, hold, and identify your keys. The innovative MicroLocks hold up to two keys each and lock and unlock with a twist, to make attaching and detaching keys a breeze. Always misplacing things? These 9 solutions will help you never lose your car keys again.

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IKEA LACKISAR storage casevia

IKEA LACKISAR storage case


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We love these organic looking storage bags from IKEA. The soft LACKISAR storage bag made of recycled PET is easy on the eyes and will help you store your clothes, bed linens, or whatever else you want to hide away from the naked eye, in a neutral soft, zip-up bag. They fit perfectly in a PAX wardrobe, but also work well with other storage solutions. You can even leave them out or tuck them under your bed.

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Lifewit linen closet storage bagsvia

Lifewit linen closet storage bags


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Is your linen closet more of an eyesore than an unmade bed? Keeping blankets, pillows, bed linens, and other extra home textiles organized can be tricky and closet shelves can start looking totally disheveled. These clever storage boxes will keep all of your items divided, organized, and protected. We love that they feature clear windows so that you can easily see what is inside of them when they’re in your closet. Plus, they are big and strong enough to hold heftier items like window treatments and comforters.

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Doiown tiered hangersvia

Doiown tiered hangers


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Keep all your slacks, scarves, belts, or other hanging items organized and save space with this tiered, stainless steel S-shaped hanger. The hanger is also incredibly hard and durable, built to keep its shape no matter how heavy your items are. You can also use it in the laundry room as a convenient tool to hang and dry your wet clothes—it’s rust-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet. Find out clever uses for all those extra coat hangers you don’t know what to do with.

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Pots and pans holdervia

Pots and pans holder


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Another cluttered area of the kitchen tends to be the pantry where you keep pots and pans. However, this SimpleHouseware kitchen cabinet pantry organizer for pots and pans is a seamless solution. Each freestanding unit can be installed vertically or horizontally and holds up to five pans. Or try one of these 10 expert tips to keep your cookware from looking light a huge pile of pans.

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The Container Store Sort and go binsvia

The Container Store Sort and go bins

Starting at $19.99

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These versatile plastic bins from Brabantia come in two sizes and can be used to service a multitude of organizational needs—including as a small trash can, countertop disposal, color-coded containers for sorting anything from toys, office supplies, or any other miscellaneous household item. The bins can also be wall-mounted to maximize space.

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Bino plastic stacking bins, 2 packvia

Bino plastic stacking bins, 2 pack


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We are big fans of any multi-functioning organizational tools and these plastic stacking bins definitely fit the bill. Amazon reviewers have used these “just the right size” plastic boxes in a million different ways. Some use them to keep their bathroom products organized, while others swear by them in the kitchen pantry or even to maximize refrigerator or freezer space. A few people mention they are great for organizing clothes the Marie Kondo way, as you can pull the bins out and see everything inside of them without making a mess.

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Mdesign water bottle standvia

Mdesign water bottle stand


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Water bottles are another one of those random household items that never seem to look organized. If your pantry is brimming over with different reusable glass, stainless steel, or plastic water bottles, then this stackable stand is a must-have. Each rack holds up to three bottles and is sold in a set of two. Purchase more and stack them up to keep them organized in sleek, safe-saving, stacking fashion.

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Dotted Line hanging closet rodvia

Dotted Line hanging closet rod


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Increase your closet storage space with this hanging rod from Dotted Line, Wayfair’s new exclusive collection of storage and organization products. Crafted from metal, it features an adjustable design that lets you raise or lower the rod to suit whatever you’re storing above it and hols nearly 25 pounds of clothing. Plus, thanks to the included hooks, it arrives ready to be added to your main hanging rod, making it incredibly easy to use. Try these 22 ways you can use a tension rod to organize your life.

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Dotted Line shelf dividersvia

Dotted Line shelf dividers


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An easy and efficient way to organize your closet is with the help of shelf dividers. This set of two from Wayfair’s Dotted Line will keep your stacks of sheets, sweaters, sweatpants, or other closet linens or clothes organized and divided. It is crafted from metal and plastic, featuring a white finish and open mesh design that allows you to see through it so you can easily find whatever you are looking for. They also easily attach to your shelves, so you don’t have to worry about them shifting around. These 14 other strategies will help to keep your closet organized.

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The Container Store over the door shoe and accessory organizervia

The Container Store over the door shoe and accessory organizer


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If your closet space is limited, an over the door storage is a total lifesaver. “This space is underutilized in every home,” explains Lauren Hill, divisional merchandise director at The Container Store. “This shoe and accessory organizer literally turns the back of your closet door into a one-stop drop for 16 pairs of shoes, scarves, caps, small handbags, jewelry, hair clips, or makeup. Below, there’s room for 16 shoes.

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The Container Store Stackers Taupe Classic Premium Stackable Jewelry Boxvia

The Container Store Stackers Taupe Classic Premium Stackable Jewelry Box

Starting at $19.99

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If you have a lot of bling and nowhere to put it, things can get messy fast. Nobody wants tangled necklaces, scratched up rings, or broken up sets of earrings. “Someone who has a lot of jewelry can utilize Stackers Jewelry Storage, which are modular to utilize vertical space and have different sized compartments for every kind of jewelry,” explains Hill. The best part about them? You can choose and customize your stacks exactly how you please. Find out 18 additional clever ways to organize your jewelry.

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The Container Store Grey Montauk Woven Rectangular Storage Bins

Starting at $19.99

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Storage bins are like shoes—you can never have too many! “Bins are a great way to hide the clutter that could be visible if you don’t have a closet,” explains Hill. “Incorporating several of the same style also makes a space look cohesive and organized.” We love the coastal cool look of these Grey Montauk Woven Rectangular Storage Bins, that provide ample room for storing linens, clothing, and even accessories, but are chic enough to keep in plain sight. Next, read on for 50 organizational tips you’ll wish you knew all along. 

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