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The 9 Best Jewelry Brands for Outfit-Completing Accessories in 2023

Earrings and necklaces and rings, oh my! We narrowed down the best jewelry brands, so you can invest in heirloom pieces you'll love now and forever.

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The 10 Best Jewelry Brands To Buy In 2023RD.COM, VIA MERCHANT (4)

When shopping for a new piece for your jewelry collection, the search can be overwhelming. There’s simply no shortage of places to buy jewelry online, but that’s where we come in. To save you from endless scrolling, we’ve researched the best jewelry brands that sell earrings, necklaces and rings (and more!) galore in a variety of styles and price points. For the sustainable shopper, we’ve also included brands that use responsible practices and hypoallergenic materials, too (no more green skin!). Prepare to shop.

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Gorjana Quinn Delicate Studs
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Whether you’re shopping for barely-there stud earrings, standout stackable rings or evil eye jewelry, Gorjana has you covered. No matter what you’re looking for (or didn’t know you were looking for), Gorjana likely sells it—with a reasonable price point, too. It’s also one of the best brands for jewelry gifts, especially since it sells plenty of personalized options under $100.

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Linjer Ring With Ring Diamond-like Brilliance
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Not only does Linjer sell a wide range of beautiful, delicate and classic jewelry, but it’s done with honorable intentions. Linjer’s direct-to-consumer model allows them to keep costs down, typically around 50% less of the price of traditional fine jewelry. Each of its pieces is made with recycled metals, conflict-free diamonds and ethically sourced gemstones. You can rest assured you’re buying forever pieces (with affordable prices!) you can feel good about from this sustainable jewelry brand.

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Mejuri Mejuri Daily Stacker Ring
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If you’ve seen someone wearing a standout pair of hoop earrings recently, chances are they’re from Mejuri, one of the best earring brands. While its selection of hoops—in every style, metal, size and thickness—is impressive, so is the entire collection of fine jewelry. Don’t let the word “fine” fool you into thinking the pieces are too precious to make it out of your jewelry organizer, though. Mejuri jewelry, which is all designed with quality craftsmanship and responsibly sourced materials, is meant to be lived in. By the way, if you’re tired of realizing you’ve forgotten to take your earrings off before bed the painful way, check out these nap earrings.

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Quince Initial Necklace
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Sustainably made, affordably priced and seriously high quality—that’s what you’re getting with any Quince piece. From the dazzling necklaces to sleek cocktail rings, it’s one of the best places to buy gold jewelry. But its collection of silver pieces is just as exquisite. No matter which piece (or pieces) you add to your online cart, they’re all eye-catching and sophisticated styles you’ll wear for, well, ever.

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Astrid & Miyu Wave Mint Enamel Huggies In Gold
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Astrid & Miyu

Meet Astrid & Miyu, one of the best online jewelry brands (or in store, if you’re able to visit its New York location). Each of its pieces rightfully earns a place in your collection, but here’s betting none of the rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces will look too similar to something you already own. Everything, including zodiac jewelry and huggies, is classic with a twist.

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Stone And Strand
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Stone and Strand

Our only complaint about Stone and Strand? As one of the best fine jewelry brands, there are too many pieces we want to add to our collection. To choose which of its incredible trendy jewelry to add to your cart, shop by price, collection, bestsellers or the ability to personalize. New pieces are added to the site each week, so good luck narrowing down your favorites.

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Alv Jewels Earrings
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ALV Jewels

Allow us to introduce one of the best affordable jewelry brands: ALV Jewels. For under $50, you can add pearl threader earrings, charming cherry necklaces or adjustable, inclusive jewelry into your everyday rotation. Each of its designs is ultra-elegant, but doesn’t take itself too seriously. (Example: a petite pair of strawberry earrings.)

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Abbott Lyon Custom Enamel Name Bracelet
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Abbott Lyon

For jewelry with a just-for-you feel, shop Abbott Lyon, one of the best personalized jewelry brands. It sells a wide selection of customized pieces, from birthstone jewelry to name necklaces and engraved pieces, too. Hint, hint: if you’re shopping for a personalized present that’ll win you the Gift Giver of the Year award, you can’t go wrong with one of Abbott Lyon’s customizable pieces.

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Joanna Laura Constantine
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Joanna Laura Constantine

There’s nothing subtle about Joanna Laura Constantine‘s jewelry, and that’s what we love about it. Whether you opt for a pair of hoops, a stack of rings or a glamorous gold bracelet, each piece emphasizes cool shapes and textures inspired by architecture and design. You’re supporting a conscientious company, too. Everything is delicately handmade in her atelier in Lebanon using environmentally proactive production methods. You won’t want to keep these pieces in your jewelry storage.

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