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The 8 Best Mattresses of 2023, According to Sleep Experts (and Our Editors)

Whether you lie on your back, side or stomach, these are the best mattress picks that are top quality and provide the foundation for a sound night's sleep.

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We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, so what we sleep on matters—sheets, pillows, comforters, blankets and, of course, mattresses themselves. As we’ve all experienced at some point, the best mattress can mean the difference between feeling refreshed in the morning and waking up with aches and pains.

“You have to look at sleep as a performance activity,” says Michael Breus, PhD, aka The Sleep Doctor. “A runner can run a race in flip flops, but without the right equipment, their performance will certainly suffer. It’s the same for sleep. If you have the best sleep products, you will sleep better, and a mattress is the centerpiece of your sleeping equipment.”

Because it’s such an important purchase—not to mention a big investment—buying a mattress can be intimidating. Should you choose a boxed, nontoxic, cooling, memory foam, organic or even a hybrid mattress? The complicated decision is why many of us keep our mattresses past their prime, even though experts recommend replacing them after six or seven years.

To make an educated decision, we asked the experts to explain the science behind sleep and how it’s affected by your mattress. We even tried most of the mattresses on this list ourselves. Read our full reviews for the DreamCloud Premier Rest, Avocado Green, Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam, Helix Midnight Luxe and Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam mattresses.

The best mattresses of 2023

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Avocado Green Mattress
Megan Wood/RD.com

Best mattress overall

Avocado Green Mattress

Needle-tufted by hand, this 100% certified organic mattress is naturally cushioning and cooling, so it’s soft and luxurious, as well as eco-friendly. Although it’s dream-worthy by itself, the attached European-style pillow top (which costs extra, but is totally worth it) adds 2 inches of GOLS organic-certified latex rubber foam, creating a 13-inch-thick oasis for side sleepers. There’s one thing we know for sure: This hybrid mattress proves sustainability and comfort can go perfectly hand in hand.

“Vacations aside, I’ve slept on the Avocado Green mattress for an entire year and I’m thrilled to report that I’m just as happy with it now as I was on the first night,” says our Executive Shopping Editor Megan Wood in her Avocado Green mattress review. “And I sleep better knowing my loved ones aren’t inhaling fire retardants throughout the night.”


  • Has a seven out of 10 firmness (six with the pillow top)
  • Made with 100% organic latex, wool and cotton
  • Available in twin to California king sizes
  • Has a one-year trial


  • Pillow top sold separately

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Tuft and needle Hybrid Mattress
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Best hybrid mattress

Tuft & Needle Hybrid Mattress

Constructed of alternating layers of foam and coils, this new high-end hybrid mattress has taken the best features of the brand’s popular Original Mattress and upped the comfort level, pressure relief, airflow and edge support to make it our top choice for hybrid mattresses. The Tuft & Needle hybrid mattress is praised by back, side and stomach sleepers alike who appreciate its Goldilocks-like balance between firm and soft.

“My very good friend, who is a health practitioner, recommended this mattress to us,” writes one reviewer. “Wow, were we not disappointed whatsoever! For the first time in a decade or more, I sleep peacefully and dream and dream and dream.” Add to the comfort with a plush down comforter and you’ll truly feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.


  • Combines foam and innerspring with a quilted pillow top
  • Ideal for those who share a bed
  • Available in twin to California king sizes
  • Has a 100-night sleep trial


  • Free shipping doesn’t include Alaska or Hawaii

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Rd Editor Tested Square Zinus Mattress Review Megan Mowery
Megan Mowery/RD.com

Best value mattress

Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Shopping for a mattress is intimidating, but Amazon makes it easy. This Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam mattress is loaded with cooling gel and green tea-infused layers to help sweep you into dreamland. It’s soft enough to sink into, but firm enough to offer adequate support, regardless of whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach. If you’re a hot sleeper, you may want to pair this pick with cooling bed sheets.

“No matter which position I’m sleeping in, I feel supported and comfortable,” writes Senior Shopping Editor Megan Mowery in her Zinus mattress review. Even after a year, “the Zinus mattress is still just as comfy to sink into at the end of the day.” It earns its place as one of the best bed-in-a-box mattresses you can buy online (and for a great price).


  • Inexpensive price and available on Amazon
  • Made with layers of cooling gel and green tea-infused memory foam
  • 10-year limited warranty and 100-night trial
  • Available in different sizes
  • Return the mattress for a full refund or replacement within 30 days (if it’s in its original condition)


  • May not be cool enough for hot sleepers

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Saatva Mattress
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Best mattress for stomach sleepers

Saatva Classic Mattress

Although “luxury firm” is the most popular comfort level of this classic (five to seven out of 10), stomach sleepers are all about “firm” (eight out of 10), which feels like you’re lying on top of the mattress rather than sinking in. This Saatva Classic mattress option combines responsive innerspring and plush layers to deliver a supportive yet luxurious sleep. Because this is more of a traditional mattress than a bed in a box, Saatva offers free white glove delivery and in-room setup. Another must for deep sleep? These weighted eye masks.


  • Firm option supports stomach and back sleepers
  • Comes in three firmness levels
  • Available in twin to split California king sizes
  • 365-night home trial


  • There’s a $99 fee for returns

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The DreamCloud Premier Rest Mattress
Courtesy Jill Schildhouse

Best cooling mattress

The DreamCloud Premier Rest Mattress

Because of its additional layers of support and impressive pressure relief, the DreamCloud Premier Rest mattress is a dream come true for heavier sleepers. Wit a 16-inch height, it’s got eight layers of soft, pressure-relieving foam and is topped with cozy yet cool cashmere. It even comes with freebies, including a cooling pillow, sheet set and mattress protector.

Our tester Jill Schildhouse suffers from thyroid complications that make regulating her body temperature difficult, but she says in her Premier Rest mattress review, “I’m happy to report that this hybrid memory foam mattress has made a noticeable difference in my ability to get a comfortable night’s sleepespecially as a hot sleeper.” The lifetime warranty is just the cherry on top.


  • Made with temperature-regulating gel memory foam and innerspring coils
  • Comes with a cooling pillow, sheet set and mattress protector
  • Available in twin to split California king sizes
  • 365-night home trial and lifetime warranty


  • Some users said that customer service wasn’t as good as the mattress

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Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress
Bryce Gruber/RD.com

Best mattress for back pain

Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress

With a medium firmness level, the Helix Midnight Luxe is a smart choice for heavier sleepers. It features zoned lumbar support for sleepers with back pain and a premium quilted pillow top. Plus, it’s 2 inches taller than the brand’s standard mattresses. To sweeten the deal, Helix includes two pillows so you have everything you need to get some quality shuteye. Adding a cooling mattress pad will keep you supported and comfortable all night.

In our Midnight Luxe mattress review, we found that it has the best back support of all the memory foam options we tried, even after a year of use. Helix takes sleeping comfort seriously, and our tester reported a dramatic improvement in back pain and sleep quality.


  • Medium firm memory foam design for back and side sleepers
  • Features zoned lumbar support
  • Available in twin to California king sizes
  • 100-night sleep trial and 10-15 year warranty


  • Cooling cover sold separately

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7 / 8

Birch Luxe Mattress
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Best organic mattress

Birch Luxe Natural Mattress

Made from organic cashmere and other sustainably-sourced, all-natural materials, this luxurious Birch Luxe organic mattress (a premium upgrade from Birch’s bestselling Natural Mattress) is as good for the planet as it is for you—and it has five highly-coveted certifications to prove it. Add some organic cotton sheets for sleep you and the planet will love.

With a medium-firm feel designed for all sleeping positions, it features zoned lumbar support and full-edge support that has five-star reviewers raving. Verified buyer Grace G. writes, “It’s so nice knowing I am not breathing in harmful chemicals while at the same time I feel so cozy on my new mattress!”


  • Made with organic cashmere, wool and cotton
  • Includes Birch’s 100% organic Eco-Rest Pillows
  • Available in twin to California king sizes
  • 100-night sleep trial


  • On the pricier side

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8 / 8

Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress
Reina Glenn/RD.com

Best mattress for side sleepers

Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress

This is Greenwald’s choice for side sleepers, and it’s easy to see why: The medium-firmness mattress has five layers of cushy foam to cradle you and relieve pressure. Available in memory foam and hybrid options, this is also Nectar’s coolest mattress—literally. It’s made with copper fibers and sleep textile technology to keep even the hottest sleepers cool as a cucumber.

After our Deputy Shopping Editor Reina Galhea tested the Nectar Premier for a year, she wrote in her mattress review, “My husband and I revel on a daily basis about how comfortable this mattress is. It’s in an entirely different league than our old spring mattress, and we’ll never go back.”


  • Available in memory foam and hybrid options that support side sleepers
  • Made with triple-action cooling technology
  • Available in twin to split California king sizes
  • 365-night home trial


  • Some buyers note issues with delivery

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What to consider when buying the best mattress

How do you choose a new sleep setup? “A mattress has two distinct functions: support and comfort,” explains Breus. “It’s all about keeping your spine in alignment, and when you find one that provides the right support for you and is comfortable for you, you have found the best mattress for you.”

Greenwald agrees. “The best mattress will depend on your age, weight, the position you sleep in and whether you have spinal or joint issues. It’s a very personal choice,” he shares.

Types of mattresses 

While no mattress is perfect for everyone, specific constructions generally work better for certain types of sleepers.

  • Foam mattresses: These include memory foam and tend to be softer, making them a smart choice for side sleepers. They provide support and relieve pressure in potential problem areas, like hips and shoulders, and often feel plush enough even without mattress toppers. They’re also good at motion isolation, which means you won’t feel it every time your partner twists or turns.
  • Innerspring (or coil) mattresses: These are more traditional and provide firmer support for heavier sleepers and those who sleep on their back.
  • Hybrid mattresses: These combine both foam and innerspring technology to maximize comfort, support and heat dissipation. According to Greenwald, side and stomach sleepers will find hybrids superior, due to decreased pressure on the joints.

Want more? Consider these highly reviewed mattresses on Amazon, too.

How we found the best mattress

As shopping experts, our only job is to help you find a winning product. We start with the research and reporting basics—what products are made of, what they look like and how much they cost—to ensure that we’re only recommending the buys that are worth your time and money. Then, we research the features that speak to the product’s quality, taking advice from industry insiders and subject matter experts on what makes a product a smart value (or worthy of a splurge). Finally, we do the work of combing through user reviews to see how real people interact with the product, and if it stands up to the test.


How do you clean a mattress?

When it comes to cleaning a mattress, soap and water doesn’t cut it. In fact, you should skip water altogether to avoid mold. Instead, use a vacuum and stain removers as part of your regular maintenance routine. In between cleanings, invest in a solid mattress protector.

When is the best time to buy a mattress?

According to our guide on when to buy a mattress, the best time is early spring or during a major holiday, like Memorial Day or Black Friday, to reap the best mattress deals. In between purchases, try a mattress topper for comfort on an old model.

How often should you replace your mattress?

A good rule of thumb is to order a replacement every six to ten years. When you’re ready to move on, recycle the mattress and re-evaluate your sleeping needs to find the best fit.

What does a mattress warranty cover?

Warranties vary from company to company, so check the specific website for details. In general, warranties usually cover manufacturing defects or premature sagging. They don’t typically cover normal wear and tear or comfort issues, though most companies have sleep trials to test before you commit.


  • Michael Breus, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Medically Board-Certified Sleep Specialist, The Sleep Doctor
  • David Greenwald, MD, FACS, co-founder and neurosurgeon, Comprehensive MD

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