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12 of the Most Epic Movies About Weddings

Get set for bridal gowns, loads of roses, and all the lace and ruffle you can handle in these movies that feature the most lavish and emotional wedding scenes ever!

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Wedding Crashers

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn star as rogue marriage disrupters in this rom-com about picking up women at weddings. But the joke’s on them, because they both end up desperately in love. In the meantime, the audience is gifted with several elaborate wedding scenes. The montage at the beginning takes the cake as the leading men go through all the wedding traditions at lavish affairs where they toast, take to the dance floors, and flirt with bridesmaids. The film ends with another epic wedding crash. The drama is high and the décor is gorgeous! Here are more great movies about friendships.

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The Godfather

Apparently, a godfather can’t refuse any request on his daughter’s wedding day, so the guests line up to talk to Vito Corleone, famously played by Marlon Brando. But there’s more drama going on at the lavish Italian wedding on the family’s sprawling estate. The film opens with Connie and Carlo’s nuptials and we meet all the players in this iconic family drama. Talia Shire marries the soon-to-be abusive guy who’ll betray the family. The youngest son, played by Al Pacino, shows up with his outsider girlfriend Kay (Diane Keaton.) And we meet the hothead Sonny (James Caan) and consigliere, Robert Duvall. The wedding is rich and extravagant with tension boiling just under the surface.

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Steel Magnolias

This women’s weepy is your throwback 80s favorite starring powerhouse actresses Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Daryl Hannah, Olympia Dukakis and Shirley MacLaine who play a group of Southern matriarchs who love gossip and drama. The film’s highlight is Julia Robert’s spectacular pink wedding to hunky Dylan McDermott. Puffy sleeves on bridesmaids, everything draped in yards of blush fabric and big hair galore. It’s a feast of overdone pink perfection and late eighties fashion. And there’s a great armadillo groom’s cake at the raucous reception! Here’s some more movies that are probably going to make you cry.

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Love Actually

This beloved rom-com features an iconic wedding scene between Keira Knightley and Chiwetel Ejiofor. The couple’s BFF, Andrew Lincoln, who’s crushing on Knightley, arranges for a brass band to hide in the pews during their wedding ceremony. When the musicians burst forth with a rousing rendition of “All You Need is Love,” you’ll truly believe that romance is real and so is love, actually, because you’ll gush and swoon just like the bride! These romantic movies hit you right in the heart.

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Four Weddings and a Funeral

This is the perfect movie to watch when you’re searching for your wedding theme because it features marriages galore. There’s the Scottish-themed wedding when leading lady Andie MacDowell mistakenly marries a man in a kilt who is way too old for her. There are elaborate weddings on huge English estates, glimpses of a Lil’ Bo Peep Wedding and a Texan wedding, and lots of hijinks at the various altars. The sheepishly adorbs Hugh Grant even gets attacked near one of them. Lavish weddings and sweet romance await you in this classic rom-com.

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I Love You, Man

Paul Rudd gets engaged to Rashida Jones early on so the rest of the movie concerns all the plans for the big day. And whoops—the groom doesn’t have enough friends to even out with all the bridesmaids. Time to for Rudd to find some guy friends, but that’s not as easy as it sounds. The finale is a gorgeous, make-you-tear-up-at-the-view beach wedding. And it’s going to have one of those dramatic interruptions. The vows get a bromance redo as well, but in the end everything’s balanced out perfection!

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27 Dresses

The most famous scene in this rom-com happens when Katherine Heigl gets to try on the 27 craziest bridesmaids gowns you’ve ever seen. Your eyes will feast on electric colors like hot pink and canary yellow. Hoop skirts and parasols. Over-embellished monstrosities with lace, ribbons, and ruffles. Puff sleeves. Tulle petticoats. A way too short mini. Plus you get glimpses of the actual weddings: cowboy themes, scuba style nuptials, and a bunch more including one for a bridesmaid who finally becomes a bride! These are the movies to watch just for the clothes.

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The Graduate

The wedding scene at the end of this iconic 1960s classic is an ode to that most famous of all marriage pronouncements: “Speak now or forever hold your piece!” We don’t want to give anything away, but the congregation ends up getting locked in the church while the bride flees their oppressive shouts. Katherine Ross is a vision in her mod bridal fashion. Young Dustin Hoffman plays the iconic counterculture hero in this acclaimed film about the cynicism that’s sometimes at the heart of love.

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The Wedding Singer

Adam Sandler is at his charming best in this set-in-the-eighties throwback with wedding scenes galore. Drew Barrymore is a dream as a wedding reception server while broken-hearted Sandler is the wedding singer with rock star dreams. The violins are rocking out with “Don’t Stop Believing” in the sad, but funny scene when Sandler gets left at the altar. Get ready for mullets, tuxedos and classic 80s rock in this romantic ode to weddings. Here are the best ’80s movies to blast you back to your favorite decade.

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The stunning wedding in Bridesmaids features laser lights, colored fountains and Vegas-style staging. The bride and groom appear to be floating on water. But things get even better when the real Wilson Philips show up to croon your favorite ever ballad, so just “Hold On” for one more day and things will go your way! Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph shine as the BFFs—and don’t forget Melissa McCarthy stealing the show in a bridal gown fitting gone totally awry!

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Father of the Bride

The epic backyard wedding is gorgeous in this lovely and funny remake staring Steve Martin as a dad who does not want to let his baby girl go. Martin Short is a blast as the wedding planner of the increasingly lavish affair. Diane Keaton plays the mother-of-the-bride who stays cool while things get chaotic. By the time the bride is flashing her sparkly tennies as she walks down the aisle, you’ll need a hankie of your own. Because this wedding drips in flowers and everything turns out beautiful.

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The Best Man

Everyone loves watching the whole cast do the Electric Slide at the end The Best Man, the wedding love story all about old friendships and staying loyal. This audience favorite takes place over a wedding weekend. Morris Chestnut’s the groom and Taye Diggs plays his best man—who had a secret tryst with the bride a ways back. All this makes for a super tense scene at the altar after the groom makes the discovery. But with all the friends gathered, and most of them shedding emotional tears, it’s a wedding vow scene that shows what love and commitment is all about.

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