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15 Home Organization Tools That Keep Selling Out at Target

Does having a perfectly organized home seem like an impossible dream? It’s not—you just need these genius products in your life.

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Target to the rescue!

We all know the old proverb “Home is where the heart is.” But now that we’re spending 24/7 in our houses, it may seem more like home is where the mess is. If this is driving you crazy, don’t despair—a few easy and affordable solutions from Target can transform your home into a well-organized haven where your family can find one of the 25 phone chargers and grab a snack without turning the entire pantry into a disaster area. We reached out to Jen Robin, founder of Life in Jeneral, to identify 15 essential home organizing tools and then checked in at Target to identify exactly which top-selling items shoppers love the most. Try them yourself for an instant upgrade. While you’re getting your home in order, check out these organizing tips you’ll wish you knew all along.

Made by Design Plastic Turn Tablevia

Made by Design Plastic Turn Table


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Turntables, or lazy Susans, are organizing powerhouses. Robin notes that these tools are perfect for cleaning supplies, oils and sauces, and other household items that come in tall containers. “Rather than stacking these items behind each other or on top of one another, turntables make it easy to reach and see all items, and they keep like items together,” she explains. This Made by Design version is particularly handy because the clear plastic makes it easy to see what you are storing and it has a removable divider that fits a variety of sizes. Ever wonder why these genius inventions are called lazy Susans? We found out!

Made by Design Kitchen Cabinet Lid Organizervia

Made by Design Kitchen Cabinet Lid Organizer


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Pot lids are notoriously tricky to keep track of and keep in any semblance of order because of their inherent lack of structure. “Stacking your pots is easy, but the handles on the lids make it harder to stack them. This is why lid organizers are so helpful!” Robin says. This genius organizer from Target helps stack up to six lids on their sides, and its compact design makes it easy to fit in a cabinet. Here are another 10 organization tips to keep pots and pans from being an unsightly pile.

Threshold Bamboo Rectangular Drawer Organizervia

Threshold Bamboo Rectangular Drawer Organizer


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It’s all too easy for a drawer to become a junk drawer. That’s why you need drawer organizers, says Robin. They compartmentalize the space in a drawer, reminding you not to throw in items mindlessly, without rhyme or reason. These bamboo dividers from Target are versatile and come in multiple sizes, so you can easily customize any drawer. “The varying sizes allow for you to segment out exactly what you need so everything has a home in the drawer,” Robin adds.

Threshold Bamboo Expandable Flatware Drawer Organizervia

Threshold Bamboo Expandable Flatware Drawer Organizer


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Of course, flatware organizers keep your silverware in place, so you can easily unload the dishwasher, set the table, and find what you need. But Robin particularly loves this Threshold model because it’s made with bamboo, which is sustainable and long-lasting. Plus, since this organizer is expandable, you won’t have to buy another one if you add more utensils to your collection. Find out what else you should always buy at Target.

Threshold Sink Caddy Expandable Drawer Organizersvia

Threshold Sink Caddy Expandable Drawer Organizers


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Different types of drawers mean you need different types of drawer organizers! These will maximize your available space, especially in those drawers that seem impossible to organize. “If you have a large or deep drawer and no real way to maintain structure within it, adding these is a simple way to create that structure and segment it out,” says Robin. Target’s top-sellers thrive in everything from kitchen drawers to dresser drawers, and you don’t need any additional hardware to assemble them.

mDesign Plastic Kitchen Cabinet Food Storage Binvia

mDesign Plastic Kitchen Cabinet Food Storage Bin


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Clear food storage bins like this one make it easy to both see and contain items. Translation: You can easily find the stash of gumdrops you hid in the back of the cabinet—and if the bag accidentally opens, they won’t end up everywhere. Robin notes that these top-selling Target bins are specially designed for deep-shelving in the pantry or kitchen. “These storage bins make it so that you can utilize every inch of storage space you have and keep track of your inventory,” she explains. Don’t miss these 41 kitchen organizing ideas you won’t believe you ever lived without.

Pillowfort Small Stackable Potato Cratevia

Pillowfort Small Stackable Potato Crate


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Much like the clear food storage bins, these stackable bins also allow you to see your items, just from a different angle. “These are great to contain bigger, heavier items at the bottom of your pantry because of the open top and front,” says Robin. These best-selling Pillowfort bins also work well in other spots in your home, especially since they blend in nicely with almost any decor. For example, they’re perfect for storing and organizing the kids’ extra stuff; you can stack them and the kids can unpack them with ease.

Montana Mini Glass Jar with Lidvia

Montana Mini Glass Jar with Lid


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“Decanting the items found in your kitchen and pantry is the quickest way to get your space looking organized and cohesive,” says Robin. “Not to mention, everything is a lot easier to navigate, and airtight jars like the ones from Target maintain freshness for longer.” This popular jar has a sleek design and comes in different sizes to organize food or kitchen supplies. Check out these other tiny storage hacks that banish clutter and instantly make you feel more organized.

Household Essentials Banana Leaf Cube Storage Basketvia

Household Essentials Banana Leaf Cube Storage Basket


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Robin loves these woven baskets because they’re an easy containment solution for bagged items in the pantry, smaller folded items in the closet, bathroom towels, and so much more. “They add a stylish air of uniformity in your space and keep like items together,” Robin says. The hand-braided water hyacinth is also renewable and eco-friendly.

Made by Design Plastic Organizer Trayvia

Made by Design Plastic Organizer Tray


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Clear, stackable organizers like Target’s best-selling clear tray from Made By Design make bathroom drawer organization a snap. “Separating out your bathroom supplies so that each item is contained and has a home near like items is the easiest way to organize your bathroom,” notes Robin. The variety of sizes that these come in let you tailor them to your exact needs, shifting them around in your drawer as necessary. Is the clutter in your bathroom taking over? Get organized by getting rid of these 10 things in your bathroom right now.

Household Essentials Quad Compartment Laundry Sortervia

Household Essentials Quad Compartment Laundry Sorter


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“Laundry sorters are great because they eliminate steps in the laundry process,” Robin says. “By segmenting out your laundry by color or type of fabric [from the start], actually doing the laundry takes less overall time.” She and many others love this Household Essentials organizer that features four compartments, allowing you to create more categories than just colors and whites. Check out these 9 brilliant ways a laundry basket can organize your life.

Threshold Tiered Apothecary Canistervia

Threshold Tiered Apothecary Canister


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Stacking is an easy way to save space, which is why this tiered canister is a no-brainer. “Organizing with stackable canisters make it so you can see your inventory and save counter space,” says Robin. This tiered canister from Target is a winner because it’s easy to view what’s inside and its contents are protected from moisture and dust. Plus, it can add a stylishly functional look to your bathroom.

Threshold Small Lined Binvia

Threshold Small Lined Bin


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Smaller baskets are great for smaller items that still need containment to keep a space organized. Think: socks, CDs, and accessories. “These dark baskets are aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also serve to keep up uniformity in your home,” says Robin. Target’s favorite is made of paper rope, which is pretty durable, and the dark weave and striped liner elevates it from organizing tool to actual decor. For more options, consider these 18 organizing tools with practically perfect reviews on Amazon.

mDesign Stackable Plastic Tea Bag Organizervia

mDesign Stackable Plastic Tea Bag Organizer


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“Teabags and loose-leaf tea are notoriously tricky to organize without some sort of container,” says Robin. One of the best things about Target’s top-selling tea bag organizer box is that it is compact and yet spacious enough to hold your entire tea collection in one small area of your kitchen or pantry.

Made by Design Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Shelfvia

Made by Design Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Shelf


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Are your cabinets cramped? If you don’t have enough space for all of your plates and bowls, you need these cabinet organizer shelves in your life (and your kitchen). “Many people struggle with a limited width in their cabinets, but most cabinets have more space for stacking,” Robin says. “With these, you can safely and easily stack.”

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