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13 Best Shampoos to Keep Color-Treated Hair Bright and Healthy

These shampoos will keep your colored-treated hair from fading so you always look like you just stepped out of the salon.

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Three shampoos on multicolor, via (3)

Color-treated hair needs special care

If you have color-treated hair, you’ve probably spent a lot of time and money getting the hue just right, which is exactly why you need to make sure you’re using the best shampoo for color-treated hair. Using color-safe shampoo is imperative to maintaining your hair’s vibrance and tone, whether your frosty tresses need purple shampoo for blondes or your deep, dark shade could use a color-depositing hair mask.

“The coloring process is especially hard on hair’s natural lipids,” explains Doris Day, MD, a New York dermatologist whose book, Beyond Beautiful, has a chapter devoted entirely to hair care. “Just like lipids are an important part of skin’s structure, the hair fiber is naturally formed with lipids. The coloring process breaks down hair’s lipid structure to bring pigments into the core of each strand, leaving strands with a lipid deficiency. As a result, hair becomes more porous, rough, and brittle—which is exactly why you need to use the best shampoo and conditioner for colored hair.”

We found the best shampoo for every type of color-treated hair, including the best shampoo for oily hair, the best shampoo for curly hair, and the best shampoo for thinning hair. And yes, using the best conditioner matters, too.

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Pantene Nutrient Blends Illuminating Color Care Shampoovia

Pantene Nutrient Blends Illuminating Color Care Shampoo

If your hair is colored, you’ll likely want to steer clear of clarifying formulas, suggests Day. “Color-treated hair does need to be washed to remove dirt, oils, and product residue that builds up between washes. It is best to use a conditioning shampoo, like Pantene’s Illuminating Color Care with Biotin, instead of a clarifying shampoo. Hair is weakest when it is wet, and colored hair is already weakened to begin with, so the protective benefits of conditioning ingredients in your shampoo are especially important for colored hair.”

This sulfate-free formula comes as an affordable set with a coordinating conditioner and hair mask. It locks in smooth, frizz-free color protection and noticeably repairs extreme damage from past hair color mistakes in as little as a single use.

What we love:

  • Best budget-friendly shampoo for colored hair
  • Comes as a complete set with a matching conditioner and travel-friendly mask
  • Safe for all types of chemically-treated hair

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Pai Shau Replenishing Cleanser And Conditioner Setvia

Pai-Shau Replenishing Cleanser and Conditioner Set

Sure, you could buy just the Pai-Shau Replenishing Cleanser on its own, but the conditioner quite literally seals the safe, vibrant color deal. Consider these two the best friends forever necklace of hair care, and a contender for the best shampoo and conditioner for colored hair when used in harmony. The tea-infused formula boasts amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to restore youthful shine no matter how many times your hair has been hit with harsh dyes, pigments, or bleach, and the company prides itself on a cruelty-free ethos.

“Look for antioxidant ingredients in your shampoo,” says Day. “Antioxidants can help neutralize the oxidative damage that colored hair is especially prone to undergo. Then, follow your shampoo wash with a conditioner that includes lipid-like ingredients, which have been shown to take on the role of the natural lipids that hair has lost from coloring.” This could be just the thing you need to keep your trendy fall hair color looking great.

What we love:

  • Best for parched, dry hair
  • Cruelty-free formula
  • Rich, hydrating formula that doesn’t weigh hair down
  • High-end scent

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Biolage Colorlast Shampoovia

BIOLAGE Colorlast Shampoo

If you ask Amazon reviewers, BIOLAGE Colorlast Shampoo is the best shampoo for color-treated hair, and the nearly 19,000 positive reviews are the proof. It’s a nourishing, low-pH formula that helps maintain color’s depth, tone, and shine while adding moisture. The result is color that is artfully preserved for up to nine weeks, a seemingly impossible feat if you use harsher formulas. It’s especially useful if you’ve finally found the right hair color for your skin tone and you want it to stick around.

According to Day, there’s a reason colored hair needs more moisture and smoothing. “The coloring process swells the hair fiber so the color chemistry can happen in the cortex. This causes the cuticles to lift and become rougher, which is why some people find they have more volume or texture in their hair after they color their hair.” This is the best shampoo for dyed hair according to popular opinion, and that counts for something.

What we love:

  • Thousands of glowing reviews make this an Amazon best-seller
  • Light formula won’t weigh hair down
  • Comes with a great coordinating conditioner that’s suitable for all hair types

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911 Quinoa Shampoovia

911 Quinoa Shampoo

Look for what isn’t in the shampoo’s formula just as much as what is in it, says Caitlyn Rauh, a colorist in New York’s Hudson Valley who is known for her specialty in highlighting techniques. “Stay away from anything with formaldehyde, sulfates, and parabens as a start,” she says.

This 911 Quinoa Shampoo doesn’t have any of those potentially harmful, color-draining ingredients, but does have added quinoa proteins to build strength and restore damaged hair cuticles, as well as added vitamin E to promote moisture and shine, and help maintain a healthy scalp. If you really want to up your hair game, pair the best shampoo for color-treated hair with this nifty scalp brush in the shower—you’ll never look back.

What we love:

  • No parabens, sulfates, or formaldehyde
  • Added proteins for strength
  • Great for most hair types

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Sheamoisture Hydrate & Repair Moisture Shampoovia

SheaMoisture Hydrate & Repair Moisture Shampoo

If you’re on the hunt for the best drugstore shampoo for colored hair, this SheaMoisture formula has your name written all over it. “I love the SheaMoisture Hydrate & Repair Moisture Shampoo collection,” says Rauh. “It has manuka honey and real shea butter to seal in moisture.”

It’s an affordable option that comes with an equally loved SheaMoisture Hydrate & Repair Moisture Conditioner, which has thousands of positive Amazon reviews. “I have very coarse thick 4C hair,” writes reviewer Nadage. “My crown is the driest and as a result very brittle. I have been searching for a shampoo that would add moisture. This shampoo did just that.”

What we love:

  • Best drugstore shampoo for colored hair that’s damaged
  • Affordable, high-quality ingredients
  • Great for curls, coarse textures, and especially dry hair

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Sexyhair Healthy Color Lock Color Conserve Shampoovia

SexyHair Healthy Color Lock Color Conserve Shampoo

This shampoo comes with color conservation in mind and is especially effective at preserving your subtle shades, highlights, and lowlights until the next salon visit. It is infused with rose and almond oils and is safe for daily use to cleanse hair—an extraordinary feat that most shampoos for dyed hair can’t compare with. The matching conditioner is just as great.

“I suggest limiting your washing,” explains Rauh when asked about things you should stop doing to your hair. “Try to wash one to two times a week, but if it’s really necessary, you can use a gentle formula to wash more often. If you have highlights or you’re a bleached blonde, alternate by throwing in a toning shampoo every few washes.”

What we love:

  • Best for frequent washing
  • Salon-quality formula without the salon price
  • Sulfate-free
  • Keeps color vibrant for up to 75 washes

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Hask Coconut Monoi Nourishing Shampoovia

HASK Coconut Monoi Nourishing Shampoo

Lucky you—this Hask Coconut Monoi Nourishing formula is the best shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair that comes in a set, according to Amazon reviewers. “It’s extremely affordable, and you can buy the duo of shampoo and conditioner for less than the price of a single shampoo from other brands,” Rauh says. “Plus, it’s color-safe, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free.”

The slightly heavier formula makes it great for curls, waves, and thick hair, although it’s probably a little too rich for fine and thin hair types. “This product is better than the cabinets full of high dollar salon-only products I’ve used,” shares one Amazon reviewer. “It doesn’t weigh down my natural curls and saves me a ton of money.”

What we love:

  • Best for curls and waves
  • Affordable formula that comes in a duo
  • Lathers
  • Sulfate-free

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Natural Formula Color Intense Professional Toning Shampoovia

Natural Formula Color Intense Professional Toning Shampoo

This new-to-the-market color-depositing shampoo is an exciting, affordable find for brunettes of all shades. With each shampoo, a small amount of color-rich pigment is added to the hair to replace what has been washed away by water, time, and sun damage. While it’s not enough to actually replace regular salon appointments, it definitely prolongs the time between visits and adds unparalleled vibrance, especially to chocolatey shades. It’s also keratin-safe, making it a great find for those who multi-process their strands and prefer to air-dry.

“It really added a boost of color, and my hair is soft without being weighed down,” says Amazon reviewer Margie. “Keeping the color after dying it is so important.”

What we love:

  • Best for brunettes
  • Keratin treatment–safe
  • Affordable find
  • Prolongs time between salon visits

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Joico K Pak Color Therapy Shampoovia

Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo

If you’ve got seriously dirty hair or need a color-safe clarifying treatment, this bottle of Joico is the best shampoo for color-treated hair you could ask for. It’s a color-preserving shampoo that washes away dirt and debris while being gentle to color-treated hair, offers a rich lather most color-safe formulas can’t, and infuses a variety of rich natural oils like argan and manketti back into strands. Using argan oil to add weightless hydration is one of the most beloved hair tricks from around the world and something reviewers of this shampoo can’t get enough of. The company claims it can maintain 82 percent of hair color after 18 washes, and protects against damage and breakage when compared to other brands.

“I have extremely dry hair and have tried dozens of high end shampoos and conditioners,” shares Amazon reviewer Maté. “Joico is the first shampoo/conditioner that didn’t strip my hair of all oils. I regularly receive compliments from strangers about how beautiful my hair looks.” The coordinating K-PAK conditioner also has rave reviews.

What we love:

  • Best clarifying treatment for colored hair
  • Lightweight formula is great for normal and fine hair types
  • Maintains vibrant hair color for up to 18 washes

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Dr. Yates Md Thickening Shampoovia

Dr. Yates MD Thickening Shampoo

Fine, thin hair may be weighed down with most color-safe shampoo formulas thanks to all the added oils and emollients to keep hair hydrated, but this Dr. Yates MD Thickening Shampoo is designed to add body and volume to thinning strands without compromising hue. It’s infused with ultra-lightweight pumpkin seed oil, yucca root, and hair-healthy biotin. It’s great for both long and short hair and has quickly become a cult favorite for those suffering from sparse hair, balding, and environmental thinning because it promotes new, healthy hair growth.

What we love:

  • Best for healthy hair growth
  • Combats the effects of thinning hair
  • Color-safe formula won’t weigh hair down or irritate the scalp

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Wella Invigo Brilliance Shampoovia

Wella Invigo Brilliance Shampoo

This shine-enhancing shampoo is great for fine hair and limp locks and is totally color-safe to boot. It provides long-lasting color protection for up to seven weeks of rich, true-to-pigment shine and is pH-optimized to keep color as fresh as the day you left the salon. Why is a low-pH formula so important, anyway? It helps keep the hair cuticle closed after coloring for better retention, but also creates a smoother, shinier surface. It’s best when paired with the brand’s matching Wella Professionals Brilliance Conditioner thanks to the duo’s light, frothy formula that won’t weigh fine hair down.

What we love:

  • Best for promoting softness and shine
  • Great for fine and normal hair types
  • Low pH locks pigment in

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L'oreal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Protecting Shampoovia

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Protecting Shampoo

This massive bottle of color-safe shampoo is certainly an excellent value, and is brimming with healthy-hair ingredients like linseed oil and antioxidants to keep color fresh for as long as possible. It provides up to 60 days of sealed-in color vibrancy based on four washes per week, or potentially far longer if you’re prone to less frequent washing, and pairs nicely with the Elvive Color Vibrancy Conditioner counterpart.

“I’m surprised at how much you receive for such a small price,” writes reviewer Amy on Amazon. “I have BRIGHT red hair and use it on my hair with cool water to prevent fading, and it works like a charm.”

What we love:

  • Best value
  • Great for most hair types
  • Maintains even bright hues

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Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Shampoovia

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Shampoo

Hello, hydration! This sulfate-free shampoo is color-safe; preserves chemically-treated hair; and offers aloe leaf juice, sweet clover, and rose extract in the formula to keep your hair soft, manageable, and shiny. It’s great for dull, dry hair of all types, but is especially well-loved by those with coarse curls.

“Before using this combination of shampoo and conditioner, my hair was extremely dry and brittle. As a result, I had flaking due to dandruff,” shares Amazon reviewer Chris. “However, after the first use, all of the aforementioned issues have been totally fixed! I was hesitant to try this, because I’m a man, but they work perfectly and smell awesome, too!” The accompanying conditioner is available as part of a bundle as well.

What we love:

  • Best for curly hair
  • Super hydrating
  • Comes in an affordable bundle

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