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15 Bird Puns That Will Quack You Up

Get ready to giggle like a gaggle of geese with this collection of silly puns about our feathered friends.

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Challenge accepted

My friend said she knows all the best bird puns, but I told her toucan play at that game. Get a good laugh, and then share it, with these corny jokes everyone will laugh at.

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Winner winner, chicken dinner

You think you can name more bird puns than me? Oh please, it won’t even be close. I’m gonna cremu! If you need more laughs, bookmark these fin-tastic shark puns for later!

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Feeling under the feather

What are you doing keeping a sick bird in your house? Don’t you know that’s ill eagle? Read these fish puns to keep the laughs going.

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Would you mind watching my pet parrot while I’m out, as long as it’s not too much of a birden? You already know parrots can talk, but we bet you didn’t know that these 9 animals also can!

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That took a tern

Telling bird puns is usually harmless, but when you start mocking birds, things can quickly get unpheasant and hawkward. Don’t miss these deer puns that truly make the heart grow fawn’der.

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Cracking up

Watching chicks hatch is so eggs-sighting! If you prefer your animal puns four-legged and furry, you need to read these dog puns that will tickle your funny bone.

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Angry bird

I once saw a bird get so stork raven mad, he flew off the handle. By the way—don’t miss these pig puns that’ll make you snort!

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Tall tales

My friend tried to convince me that there’s a bird that can’t fly, but can run faster than a human. But that sounds like a bit of ostrich, don’t you think? Animal lovers need to see these 50 hilarious photos from the animal kingdom.

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Play (butter)ball!

Turkeys are terrible batters—they always hit fowl balls, and keep getting tagged out at first baste!

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You’re fired

There are a couple of ducks in my office who never get any work done and are always causing mischief. It’s gotten so bad, I overheard the boss say something about “firequackers.” Check out these hilarious cartoons that prove animals are funnier than humans.

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Fowl play

Someone’s been robin local banks lately. Will you help us quack the case?

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For the birds

My bird puns are so funny, people can’t stop raven about them.

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Waxing poetic

My favorite dance is the Chicken Dance. It’s poultry in motion! If you thought this was good, you’ll love these chicken puns.

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Barking up the wrong tree

Did you hear the one about the woodpecker who found some really firm bark? It was im-peck-able.

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Gotta fly…

These corny bird puns might have made you groan…but I have no egrets. Next, check out more bird-brained humor with these hilarious bird photos.

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