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9 Bizarre Competitions You Didn’t Know You Could Win

You're going to have to do some pretty wacky—but also really fun—things to win one of these bizarre competitions.

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9 Bizarre Competitions You Didn't Know You Could WinSue Smith/Shutterstock

Pumpkin Regatta

Yes, you read that right. The town of Tualatin in Oregon holds an annual Pumpkin Regatta where thousands of people hollow out pumpkins, grab some paddles, hit the lake, and participate in a series of wacky races. The whole event is a fundraiser for the local police department. These are the most outrageous world records ever broken.

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9 Bizarre Competitions You Didn't Know You Could WinGero Breloer/AP/Shutterstock

Air Guitar World Championships

If you love rocking out but don’t know how to play the guitar, you might have a shot at winning this competition. Ten countries host air guitar competitions, and their top performers go on to the world championship in Finland. Competitors are judged on “mimesmanship,” “airness,” and stage presence.

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Serving of freshly baked cheese grits in small pewter casserole dish on cutting board.Aimee M Lee/Shutterstock

World Grits Festival

Every year St. George, South Carolina, hosts the World Grits Festival. One of the events is the “Rolling in the Grits Contest.” Contestants have ten seconds to roll around in a blow-up pool filled with grits. Once time is up, rollers have to slowly stand with their arms up (no grabbing your pants!) and step out. Those competitors who accumulate the most weight of grits in their hair and on their clothes win prizes. If you like these bizarre competitions, you’ll also want to check out these wacky theme parks.

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Close-up portrait of a brave Scot with a amazing beard and mustache curls . Checkered red Scottish kilt skirt, hat with pompon, cane and sword. Beard styling by professional barbershop.vhpicstock/Shutterstock

The World Beard and Moustache Championships

Bearded people from all over the world can participate in this competition. Contestants are judged in a series of categories that include fullest beard, most realistic mustache, most creative beard, and the grand prize, best in show. The championship is held in a new location every year. In 2017 it took place in Austin, Texas.

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9 Bizarre Competitions You Didn't Know You Could WinRobert F. Bukaty/AP/Shutterstock

World Wife Carrying Championships

This strange but entertaining contest is based on the legend of Herkko Rsvo-Ronkainen from the 19th century. Back in the day, it was said that he would recruit thieves to go to nearby villages and steal women and food. They would grab the women, throw them over their backs, and carry them away. That legend has now evolved into an annual wife-carrying event. Couples—who aren’t required to be legally married—run through a course of both dry and wet obstacles; the men carry their wives upside down on their backs.

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9 Bizarre Competitions You Didn't Know You Could WinMONICA M. DAVEY/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

World’s Ugliest Dog Contest

Some people say that there is no such thing as an ugly dog, but if you attended this contest, you would disagree. The dogs participate in a Red Carpet Walk and Fashion Faux Paw Show before one of them is crowned the ugliest of them all. Zsa Zsa, a lovable English bulldog, was crowned the winner of the 2018 competition. These are the craziest world records in every state.

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9 Bizarre Competitions You Didn't Know You Could WinStephen Bartholomew/IPS/Shutterstock

Lawn Mower Racing

Calling all dads: You now have an excuse to use your lawn mower even more! Every year, the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association hosts lawn mower races. Don’t worry; the blades have been removed for safety.

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Portrait of funny weird guy with messy hair and beard making faces, puckering eyebrows and sulking, standing over gray background with offended or irritated expression, losing his temperCookie Studio/Shutterstock

Gurning Championship

Yes, there is really a contest to find out who is best at gurning—also known as making an ugly face. Every year in England, the Egremont Crab Fair holds a competition to see who can make the ugliest face.

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9 Bizarre Competitions You Didn't Know You Could WinNeale Haynes/Shutterstock

Cheese-Rolling Championships

Cheese lovers, unite! The annual Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake consists of people chasing a roll of cheese down a very steep hill in Gloucestershire, England. The “master of ceremonies” releases a nine-pound wheel of Double Gloucester cheese, which rolls down the hill at 70 miles per hour. The contestant who makes it down the hill first wins the cheese roll. Next, check out the weirdest jobs you didn’t know you could apply for.

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