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10 Secrets No One Tells You About Shopping at BJ’s

BJ’s is way more than your typical wholesale grocery store. These shopping perks will make you want to become a member ASAP.

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You can get a one-day shopping pass

Not a member of BJ’s? Or maybe you’re thinking of becoming a member, but want to check it out first? BJ’s offers a one-day pass where you can shop for an entire day. However, keep in mind that most BJ’s listed prices will tack on an extra 20 percent non-membership fee except for alcoholic products. No BJ’s nearby? Here’s how to shop at Costco without a membership.

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They take manufacturer coupons

Are the manufacturers of a product offering a coupon? Bring that along to BJ’s. Their coupon policy is top notch, allowing you to use both manufacturer and BJ’s coupons at the same time. As long as the single selling unit does not exceed the BJ’s retail price, you are good to go. If you’re curious, here’s the full BJ’s coupon policy. Learn the 10 best secrets to grocery shop like a boss.

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Organic items are cheaper

BJ’s is considered one of the best for prices on organic food products. Yes, that means even cheaper than Trader Joe’s or Stop & Shop. And thanks to these cheaper organic prices, you can now stock up on these 6 foods that you should always buy organic.

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There’s a secret pricing code

According to the blog My BJ’s Wholesale, BJ’s actually has a secret pricing code that lets you know when the prices are on sale or fully priced. For example, if prices ended with a 9 (such as $12.99 or $12.49), that means the item is at full price. But if it ends with either .90 or .00, there’s a manager discount. Did you know that Costco has a pricing code as well?

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You can rent a car

If you’re a BJ’s member you can save up to 35 percent on car rentals by going through the store! That’s truly convenient for anyone looking to travel. Here are the locations that offer these types of services.

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You can plan a vacation

Along with renting a car, you can plan your next vacation through BJ’s as well! Set up a travel plan and get great deals using BJ’s offers and coupons. You can book flights, set a hotel, book a cruise, or sign up for an entire vacation package.

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There are two membership options

Along with being able to get memberships for personal use or business use, BJ’s offers two different memberships based on your needs. You can either get a personal membership for $55 where you can actually get a second membership card for a household member. It’s a cheaper option compared to the BJ’s Perks Rewards Membership, which actually gives you 2 percent back on most BJ’s in-club or online purchases for $110 a year.

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Have tech questions? Head to BJ’s

Having an issue with a tech item you bought at BJ’s? Call tech support! They have experts that can help BJ’s members over the phone.

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They have online coupons

BJ’s monthly coupon book is well known for members, but these insane online instant coupons may not be as popular. Get expensive items at incredibly reduced prices right online, including items like furniture or technology.

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You can get new tires

Along with getting gas and renting a car at BJ’s, you can actually order the specific type of tires you need through BJ’s. Their online form allows you find the perfect tire for your car by searching either by vehicle, tire size, or item number. Plus, they offer discounts and coupons if you go through BJ’s. Check out even more shopping secrets from America’s top grocery stores.

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