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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

The Bread Recipe You Should Make Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The stars say it's time to flex your bread baking skills. Find out what bread recipe suits your sign (your horoscope says they're all delicious).

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The Bread Recipe You Should Make Based on Your Zodiac SignSydney Watson/Taste of Home
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Aries: Chocolate Chai Mini LoavesTaste of Home

Aries: Chocolate chai mini loaves

March 21 – April 19
Aries, you’re not the most patient of signs, but that’s OK! You can still make delicious bread at home. This chocolate chai bread comes together quickly and combines your spicy nature with your secretly sweet side.

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Taurus: Everything BreadTaste of Home

Taurus: Everything bread

April 20 – May 20
Taurus, you’re patient and hard-working—qualities that lend themselves perfectly to bread baking. Tackle this everything bagel-inspired recipe that will challenge you to master that perfect braiding technique. Plus, this large loaf is perfect to share with your pals. You’re a loyal and reliable friend. Here’s the reason why bagels are so much better in New York.

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Gemini: Crusty Homemade BreadTaste of Home

Gemini: Crusty homemade bread

May 21 – June 20
You like to change your mind, Gemini, and that’s what’s so great about you: you’re flexible and fun. This homemade bread recipe is perfect for you. The base recipe is a great go-to, but it’s easily customizable—perfect for your ever-changing whims. Here’s the ideal best friend for every zodiac sign.

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Cancer: Banana Nut BreadTaste of Home

Cancer: Banana nut bread

June 21 – July 22
Cancer, you’re the warm and welcoming type, and chances are you have a large circle of friends that values your charm. Share your love of friends and food with a fabulous banana bread recipe (a recipe that’s definitely the embodiment of your spirit!). This quick bread is perfect for baking up en masse. Just grab that bunch of overripe bananas and bake up loaf after loaf. Here’s why one woman is baking her way through quarantine–and why you should, too.

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Leo: Giant Cinnamon RollTaste of Home

Leo: Giant cinnamon roll

July 23 – August 22
Leo, you’re a natural scene-stealer. You can’t help it! You’ve got a winning personality and thrive in the spotlight. Steal the show at your next brunch with this stunning cinnamon roll recipe. Here’s also how you can make Cinnabon cinnamon rolls in your kitchen.

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Virgo: French LoavesTaste of Home

Virgo: French loaves

August 25 – September 22
You value elegance and simplicity, Virgo. A simple thing done well, like a perfectly baked loaf of French bread, is something you treasure. Take care when making these loaves and serve them up at one of your stylish dinners. Here are 9 “French” things that aren’t actually from France.

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Libra: Chocolate Pinwheel BreadTaste of Home

Libra: Chocolate pinwheel bread

September 23 – October 22
Everyone knows Libras are all about balance. When it comes to bread, Libra, why don’t you balance a classic bread recipe with a bit of dessert? This pinwheel bread starts with straightforward bread dough but gets a sweet lift from the chocolate chip filling. This is your biggest career strength, according to your astrology sign.

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Scorpio: Rustic Rye BreadTaste of Home

Scorpio: Rustic rye bread

October 23 – November 21
Scorpio, you’d never settle for a basic white bread recipe. However, you’re not one for bells and whistles either. That’s why a rustic loaf of rye bread is ideal for you. You’ll get to learn the secrets of working with a new kind of flour (we know you love secrets) and end up with a delicious loaf to serve up with dinner or to toast for breakfast. Here are 35 non-scary bread recipes anyone can make.

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Sagittarius: Soft Giant PretzelsTaste of Home

Sagittarius: Soft giant pretzels

November 22 – December 21
Sagittarius, you’re a fun-loving sign. Instead of making a basic loaf of bread, opt for a recipe that’s a good time like these pretzels. They’re a great way to inject personality into your baking. Who doesn’t love an oversized pretzel served up with a tasty cheese spread? If you’re looking for other cheesy recipes, Disney shared their grilled cheese recipe from Toy Story Land, and it’s magical.

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Capricorn: Cinnamon Raisin Quick BreadTaste of Home

Capricorn: Cinnamon raisin quick bread

December 22 – January 19
You’re definitely the workhorse of the zodiac, Capricorn. As such, you need a satisfying breakfast to start your day. This cinnamon raisin bread stirs up in a flash, and it’s perfect toasted and buttered for breakfast all week long.

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Aquarius: Cherry Tomato and Basil FocacciaTaste of Home

Aquarius: Cherry tomato and basil focaccia

January 20 – February 18
Don’t settle for a basic loaf, Aquarius! We know you never settle for basic anything. When you get into the kitchen, try a delicious focaccia bread. Bonus points if you channel your creative side and turn your bread into a work of art. Did you know that the best bread in the world has only two ingredients?

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Pisces: Herbed Oatmeal Pan BreadTaste of Home

Pisces: Herbed oatmeal pan bread

February 19 – March 20
Pisces, you’re known for your soft side, so why not bake up a pillowy soft batch of pan bread? This cozy recipe is filled with oats and herbs to make it a bit unique. You’re the nurturing type, so we’re sure that you’ve got an herb garden full of what you need for this recipe.

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