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Breaking Up? Best Apps to Get You Through the 5 Stages of Grief

Looking to erase an ex from your mind and reach the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Today’s technology can help, with a clutch of apps and sites that make heartbreak hurt a little less.

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Bruce Almighty

Stage 1: Denial

Killswitch is a mobile app that removes all traces of your ex from your Facebook by deleting pictures, videos, wall posts, and status updates that tagged the two of you together. Ironically enough, it was released on Valentine’s Day. Even though you’re in denial, make sure you never do these things to get over a breakup.

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Stage 2: Anger

Trash the stuff they gave you…or make money off of it. lets heartbroken lovers sell gifts from their exes. Why burn/toss/shred ever again? Especially when there’s a little cash possible to ease the pain.

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Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Stage 3: Bargaining

Ex-Lover Blocker is an app that tackles the impulse to reconnect by publicly shaming you. Try to call an ex, and the app will send a text message to your closest friends so they can yell at you before you make a tragic mistake. As if that wasn’t enough, the app also posts an update on Facebook alerting the world of your attempt.

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Tumblr: Breakup Tag

Stage 4: Depression

Anonymously mourn or vent on the Dear Old Love Tumblr. Sample posts include: “I can still feel you lying behind me, your laugh shaking me so much that I laughed too,” and “It is your birthday tomorrow and I wanted to greet you, but then quickly realized that we’re no longer friends anymore, not even in Facebook.” Feel better?
This is how one therapist’s advice helped her patient grieve. 

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Tina Fey

Stage 5: Acceptance

Congratulations! Now, don’t make the same mistake twice. allows you to jot down your advice, and email it to yourself in the future. After that, do a happy dance. And meet someone new!

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