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8 Calming Treats for Dogs

If your pooch suffers from separation anxiety or noise fears, relieve the stress with these expert-recommended calming treats for dogs.

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I’ve been writing about dog care and consulting on canine behavior for more than 25 years. During that time, I’ve had my share of upset dogs suffering from what today we call FAS: fear, anxiety, and stress. Just as human emotions can impact our health, negative emotions can lead to behavioral issues in pets too. That’s where calming treats for dogs come in.

They can get a dog on an even keel, addressing the issue behind common behavioral problems that are hard to treat when pups are dealing with negative emotions. A fearful dog gets sick quicker and often urinates out of fright. House-training products won’t help with that. Most dog bites happen when dogs are scared. And a puppy can’t learn new things while stressed. The brain simply can’t multitask while fearful, so we must address these emotions before training a puppy.

Many products that help calm anxious dogs are available over the counter on Amazon. If you want to share a gift for dog lovers or have a nervous dog at home, you’ve come to the right place. Here, I recommend calming treats for dogs suffering from anxiety. But one caveat: In severe cases, dog anxiety might require the help of a veterinary behaviorist.

Rd Vetoquinol Zylkene Behavior Support Capsules via

Vetoquinol Zylkene Behavior Support Capsules

My pet, Bravo-Dawg, never liked car rides and easily got carsick. When a cancer diagnosis required multiple chemo visits to the specialty clinic an hour away, we knew he needed some help.

I reached out to my certified veterinary colleagues at Fear Free, and they told me about Zylkene Behavior Support Capsules. Recommended and tested by vets, this calming treat for dogs doesn’t cause drowsiness. It remains lactose free while incorporating a natural protein in cow’s milk to relieve fearful or anxious behaviors.

It helped Bravo-Dawg (and me) get through a stressful time. Now, I always keep a bottle on hand.

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Rd Premium Care Calming Chewsvia

Premium Care Calming Chews

With a four-star rating and more than 35,000 reviews on Amazon, Calming Chews are a popular option. These combine several known stress-relief ingredients:

  • Valerian root: a natural sedative
  • L-tryptophan: the component in milk and turkey that makes you sleepy
  • Chamomile: a natural calming agent
  • Organic hemp and hemp oil: to soothe discomfort and relieve anxiety

Offer a duck-flavored chew to your dog before bedtime, and he’ll snooze soundly all night long in his favorite dog bed.

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Rd Naturvet Quiet Moments Calming Aidvia

NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid

When looking for calming treats for dogs, I prefer companies that have been around for decades, like NaturVet, founded in 1994. Quiet Moments Calming Aid dog supplement offers an economical option with a month’s supply priced at about $14.

Though it contains similar ingredients to other calming treats, Quiet Moments also includes ginger, recommended as a natural remedy for car sickness. If you use a dog crate in the car, some of these accessories may also help keep car rides stress free. Also, try these organic dog treats your pooch is sure to love.

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Rd Zesty Paws Hemp Elements Behavior Calming Orastixvia

Zesty Paws Hemp Elements Behavior Calming OraStix

Not every dog likes soft treats, and calming treats with crunch provide dental health benefits too. That’s the concept behind this peppermint-flavored Calming OraStix product, which freshens dogs’ breath with peppermint oil, kelp, and rosemary extract.

Chewing actually calms dogs, sort of like a baby sucking its thumb, so offering this as a chew stick works in several ways. It contains lots of calming ingredients, including melatonin, magnesium citrate, chamomile, valerian root, taurine, hemp seed, and Suntheanine (a form of L-theanine).

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Rd Vetriscience Composure Calming Treatsvia

VetriScience Composure Calming Treats

VetriScience, a company run by veterinarians, offers this highly rated calming treat for dogs. Composure comes in chicken, bacon, and peanut butter flavors and is available in 60- or 120-treat packages.

It’s been clinically proven to work within 30 minutes and last up to four hours, so you can “treat” in advance of a known scary experience, like a fireworks show. The supplement includes colostrum (from milk), L-theanine, and thiamine. These are known to reduce stress and anxiety and promote relaxation for dogs suffering from canine separation behaviors.

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Rd Pet Md Calming Chewsvia

Pet MD Calming Hemp Chews

For dogs who object to the crate, Pet MD Calming Chews offer a way to tone down anxiety and increase acceptance. It also can help by turning the crate into your dog’s favorite bed.

These treats, sold in a 120-count bottle, contain eight ingredients known to reduce anxious behavior, including hemp. The formula also features ginger for soothing upset tummies. These are suitable for dogs and puppies 12 weeks or older.

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Rd Smartbones Calming Sticks Dog Treat Ecomm via

SmartBones Calming Sticks Dog Treat

These treats offer your dog some serious chewing opportunities. The Calming Sticks also contain chamomile and lavender. The chicken flavor makes them appealing to dogs, and the 16-count package is economical.

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Rd Chill Peanut Butter Spread via

Chill Peanut Butter Spread

What dog doesn’t love peanut butter? And with Chill Peanut Butter Spread, you get the added calming benefit of chamomile and melatonin to help your dog relax.

This treat contains no xylitol, an artificial sweetener highly toxic to dogs. Just as chewing naturally relaxes dogs, so does licking. I’d recommend partnering this calming treat for dogs with a licking mat like the Aquapaw Slow Treater. Just spread the Chill Peanut Butter Spread on the surface and let your pooch lick its stress away.

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Amy Shojai, CABC is the Affiliate Pet Editor at Large for Reader's Digest. She's also an award-winning pet journalist and the author of 35 pet titles. She specializes in translating pet medical jargon and shopping information into information pet parents easily understand. Amy shares animal behavior and care information on her blog, and lives in North Texas with her furry muses.