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The 36 Best Cat Costumes for Halloween

Looking for the pur-fect Halloween cat costume? Check out these fun, hilarious outfits you and your pet will love.

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British shorthair cat dressed as a doctoranniepaddington/Getty Images

A kitty Halloween

You’ve seen all the most adorable (and hilarious) dog Halloween costumes, but what about the costumes for our feline friends? If you’re patient enough to get a cat costume on your pet this Halloween, these are some of the most popular Halloween costumes for your kitty. From lions to bats to pirates, all the cutest cats (hey, let’s face it—they’re all cute) will have something to wear around the house (because we know they probably won’t want to trick-or-treat with you). By the way, here’s what vets say you should know before dressing up your pet.

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bread cat meme cat costumevia

Bread meme cat costume

Remember the meme of the cat with his head through a slice of bread? Recreate it with your cat when you dress them up for Halloween. You could also try with a real slice of bread, but your cat might eat that quickly after you put it on their head. Check out these cheap Halloween costumes for kids to make sure the whole family has a cute costume this year.

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granny cat costumevia

Granny cat costume

If your cat is old and grumpy this is the perfect costume for them. Your cat will have their own set of pearls, a purse, and a bun hairdo. For more laughs, don’t miss these funny cat photos everyone needs in their life.

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snail cat costumevia

Snail cat costume

If your cat likes to move slowly around the house, dress them up like a snail for Halloween this year. The tentacles attach separately so they will fit perfectly on and feline. You’ll need a costume too! Get inspo with these cheap Halloween costumes for adults that anyone can DIY.

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OMG Adorables Lion Mane Costume for CatVia

Lion cat costume

When it comes to cat costumes for Halloween, this one is a given. No one will dare cross your cat with this fearsome, yet still adorable, lion mane. Before you force any of these cat costumes on your kitty, check out this advice from vets about what to know before you dress up your pet.

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Youbedo Halloween Pet Bat Wings Cat Dog Bat CostumeVia

Bat cat costume

This is one of the more versatile cat costumes. With these wings, you can dress your kitty up as a bat, Batman, Batwoman, or a vampire. You’ll instantly love these adorably funny cat and dog photos.

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Idepet Funny Pet Clothes Pirate Dog Cat Costume Suit Corsair Dressing up Party Apparel Clothing for Cat Dog Plus HatVia

Pirate cat costume

The furriest pirate in the Caribbean sails the seven seas in search of hidden treasure and kitty kibble. Do you know how to decode your cat’s most common behaviors?

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NACOCO Dog Cat Doctor Costume Pet Doctor Clothing Halloween Jeans Outfit ApparelVia

Doctor cat costume

Paging Dr. Kitty to the operating room. Make Halloween a family occasion and try one of these incredible group Halloween costumes.

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Pizza Slice Pet Suit, SmallVia

Pizza cat costume

Everyone loves when dogs dress up as hot dogs, so why can’t felines get in on the fun with food-themed cat costumes? Plus, if your kitty’s playmate also wears one of these pizza cat costumes, you’ll make an entire kitty pizza pie! Make everyone laugh this holiday by sharing these hilarious Halloween memes that are just too relatable.

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Mikayoo Pet Dog Cat Halloween costumes,The Cowboy for Party Christmas Special Events Costume,West CowBoy Uniform with Hat,Funny Pet Cowboy Outfit Clothing for dog catVia

Cowboy cat costume

Make your cat the roughest, toughest cowboy—or should we say cowcat—in the West with this smart outfit. Make sure you save these cat memes to your phone because you’ll laugh at them every time.

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Coolrunner Cute Funny Pet Sunglasses Classic Retro Circular Metal Prince Sunglasses Cats Small Dogs Fashion CostumeVia

Cool cat costume

Your furry friend will definitely be the coolest cat on the block this Halloween with these chic sunglasses. Not to mention, this costume is incredibly easy to put together. If you’re scrambling for a costume, don’t miss these last-minute Halloween costumes that are just so easy.

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Cute Hooded Cloak Witch / Wizard Costume for Dogs & Cat Kitten, Cat Costume Pet CosutmesVia

Witch cat costume

Sure, you could do without any cat costumes and say your kitty is Salem from the TV show Sabrina the Teenage Witch. But why not dress her up as the famed witch herself?

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NACOCO Pet Policeman Costumes Dog and Cat Halloween SuitsVia

Police officer cat costume

You’re under arrest—for stealing all the catnip.

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i'Pet® Princess Floral Cat Party Bridal Wedding Dress Small Dog Flower Tutu Ball Gown Puppy Dot Skirt Doggy Photo Apparel Stretchy Clothes Mesh Costume for Spring Summer WearVia

Bride cat costume

Whether you use this little tutu as a wedding dress or a ballerina outfit, your cat will surely be turning heads this Halloween.

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Namsan Puppy and Cat Cosplay Peacock Costume…Via

Sailor cat costume

This sailor outfit is so hilariously cute, you may want to dress up your cat even after Halloween. For even more hilariously cute costumes (for humans), check out these punny Halloween costumes that will show everyone just how witty you are.

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Neychen Pet Dog Cat Cloak,Halloween Christmas Party Cosplay Costumes in Vampire Cape Design,Black RedVia

Vampire cat costume

I vant to drink your milk!

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Bro'Bear Pet Peacock Costume with Hat for Small Dogs & Cats BlueVia

Peacock cat costume

Watch your cat strut her stuff when she dons this gorgeous peacock costume.

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Bolbove Pet Pumpkin Costume for Cats & Small Dogs Party Halloween Cosplay Free Size Orange (Hat+Clothes)Via

Pumpkin cat costume

Of course, no roundup of cat costumes is complete without the most classic pet Halloween costume. It’s the cute, cuddly pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

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Princess Leia Cat Costumevia

Princess Leia cat costume

Calling all Star Wars fans! You know your cat is as fully invested as you are every time you pop one of these classics on.

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Hot Dog Cat Costumevia

Hot dog cat costume

Oh, hot dog! You get to have a dog on Halloween for a change. Even if it’s the kind with ketchup and mustard. Speaking of ketchup and mustard, see more iconic pairings with these Halloween costume ideas for couples.

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Bumble Bee Cat Costumevia

Bumblebee cat costume

Bzzz! Your kitty likes to buzz around the house anyway, so why not have a costume to match?

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Taco Cat Costumevia

Taco cat costume

Let’s taco ’bout how cute this is!

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Chef Cat Costumevia

Chef cat costume

Canned tuna with a side of milk, anyone? Chef’s kiss!

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Werewolf Cat Costumevia

Werewolf cat costume

Your cat will be scaring all the other kitties in town—and even the dogs. Make sure your house is looking spooky too with these cheap Halloween decorations everyone will love.

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Lobster Cat Costumevia

Lobster cat costume

This cat costume is so adorable, you may want to dress them up all year round.

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Showgirl Cat Costumevia

Showgirl cat costume

Your cat loves to take center stage so why not give them a costume that matches their personality?

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Dinosaur Cat Costumevia

Dinosaur cat costume

Rawr! It’s the Meowosaurous Rex!

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Cowboy Cat Costumevia

Cowboy cat costume

Yee-haw! This cat costume is absolutely purrfect.

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Cow Cat Costumevia

Cow cat costume

Moo-ve over, everyone. We have a winner for the most a-moo-sing cat costume. If creepy is more your thing, don’t miss these scary Halloween costumes that will give you nightmares.

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Teddy Bear Cat Costumevia

Teddy bear cat costume

Your cat will be the fluffiest and cuddliest of them all.

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Astronaut Cat Costumevia

Astronaut cat costume

Turn your pet into a walking rocket ship with this fun cat costume. Don’t forget to shoot for the stars!

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Spider Cat Costumevia

Spider cat costume

Trick your family and friends by telling them there is a large spider in the house. You will not be disappointed.

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Artist Cat Costumevia

Artist cat costume

We spy the next Frida Kahlo. Or should we say, Frida Catlo? If you want to see more kitty cuteness, check out these cat pictures that will make your day a whole lot better.

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Sushi Cat Costumevia

Sushi cat costume

I mean, the sushi is already adorable, but the soy sauce hat really brings this cat costume to the next level.

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Firetruck Cat Costumevia

Firetruck cat costume

This costume is on fire!

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Donut And Coffee Cat Costumevia

Donut and coffee cat costume

The world’s most iconic breakfast pairing is now a cat costume. There’s nothing sweeter.

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Ringmaster Cat Costumevia

Ringmaster cat costume

Your cat runs the show in your house anyway, so why not let them run the circus too? Now that your cat is all dressed up, it’s time to get you all situated. Get inspired for this year’s look with the most popular Halloween costumes for any occasion.

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