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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

Genius Ways to Use Your Phone’s Camera You Never Thought Of Before

Use your smartphone’s camera to snap:

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Your RX bottles and vitamins together

This way you’ll have all medication information handy when you go to the doctor or an ER.

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A plant or flower you like

Show the picture to the staff at your local nursery.

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“You are here” maps at malls, parks, and subways

You’ll have a portable map as you keep walking.

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The drink menu

Send it to a friend who’s running late to dinner.

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Yourself wearing different outfits in a dressing room

You can compare the looks without trying on each item again.

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Location signs in a parking lot

So you can find your way back.

7 / 10

Your wallet

Opened just enough to show what’s missing if it’s stolen.

8 / 10

A recipe’s ingredients list

So you can double-check what you need while grocery shopping.

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Your license plate

You may need it for hotel parking or at the DMV.

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Your health insurance cards, driver’s license, and passport

To have on hand in emergencies. To password-protect important photos, download an app like Folder Lock or Hide It Pro.

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