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25 Best Christmas Movies on Amazon Prime to Start Watching Now

From feel-good flicks to sweet holiday romances, Amazon has everything you need for the perfect Christmas movie marathon.

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christmas movies on amazon, via (9)

Amazon really does have everything!

Chances are, you’re doing a whole lot of your holiday shopping on Amazon this year. But in between buying the perfect presents for everyone on your list, why not treat yourself to a little something? We’re not just talking about buying yourself an amazing gift (but you should totally do that, too!)—we’re talking about taking a proper mental break from the holiday craziness by streaming one of the best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime.

On this list, you’ll find Amazon’s best holiday offerings to make your seasonal streaming even easier. It’s filled with Christmas classics, from funny Christmas movies and kid-friendly fare to feel-good flicks and romantic Christmas movies you’ll fall in love with. There are even a few unexpected gems in the action and horror genres. Whatever you’re in the mood for, it’s time to indulge. You deserve it!

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You can catch classic Christmas movies on Amazon Prime, including the ever-popular Elf. Will Ferrell, as a human raised by elves, brings comedy gold to the holiday season. And adults aren’t the only ones who’ll love this film—your kids will want to watch it over and over again, too, along with these kids Christmas movies on Netflix.

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A New Husband For Christmas via

A New Husband for Christmas

Audiences adore this feel-good movie about a circle of friends struggling with marriage and divorce, difficulties and dramas, during Christmas celebrations. If you love films with a heavy dose of emotion during the holidays, you’ll enjoy these Christmas movies on Lifetime, too.

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Snowbound For Christimasvia

Snowbound for Christmas

An executive gets trapped at a snowbound resort with her extremely handsome boss and finds it hard to stay focused on work in this cozy Christmas romance that’ll warm your heart right up! Pile on the romance with these sweet Hallmark Christmas movies you won’t be able to resist.

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Christmas Twister via

Christmas Twister

If you’ve always wanted a heartfelt Christmas romance combined with a hysterical disaster flick, then Christmas Twister was made for you! Good, windy, tornado-filled fun awaits—starring Casper Van Dien! Keep the adventure going (from your couch) with these Christmas movies on Hulu.

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Its A Wonderful Life via

It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s a quintessential Christmas classic, and there won’t be a dry eye in the room by the time you get to the end. Jimmy Stewart plays a man visited by an angel who shows him what really matters. If you’re a holiday-movie buff, see if you can answer these Christmas trivia questions. (Helpful tip: If you’re not an expert just yet, you will be after you watch all of these Christmas movies on Amazon Prime!)

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Miracle On Highway 34 via

Miracle on Highway 34

On Christmas Eve, an expecting couple finds themselves bonding with strangers at a roadside diner during a snowstorm in this sweet, affecting drama. For more holiday drama you don’t have to leave your house for, you’ll want to take a look at these Christmas movies on Netflix, too.

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One Special Night via

One Special Night

Julie Andrews and James Garner play sweethearts in this made-for-TV gem from 1999. The two are trapped in a cabin over the holidays, and unexpected love surprises them both. For a surprise of your own, give your holiday party a dose of humor with these hilarious Christmas movie themes.

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Lost Holidayvia

Lost Holiday

If you like offbeat, indie art cinema, try this comedy about grad students who take off on a road trip over the holidays and get caught up in crime. For your own holiday trip, minus the crime, book one of these Christmas getaways to escape the cold.

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A Husband For Christmas via

A Husband for Christmas

Vivica A. Fox plays a woman who agrees to a marriage of convenience with her hunky coworker and then accidentally starts to fall for him—and vice versa! Need to watch this one after the kids go to bed? Bide your time and enjoy the best Christmas movies on Disney+ with them first.

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Christmas Break In via

Christmas Break-In

In this popular family film starring Danny Glover, the Home Alone premise gets a redux—this time at a school when a youngster is left behind over Christmas break and bad guys bust in. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal! Here are more of the best Christmas movie quotes of all time.

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Ten Hours Of Christmasvia

10 Hours for Christmas

In this sweet Brazilian family comedy, kids with separated parents scheme to get them back together over the holidays.

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The Spirit Of Christmasvia

The Spirit of Christmas

A big-city lawyer gets tasked with selling Hollygrove Inn—a haunted bed and breakfast. Sparks fly when she falls for the dashing ghost who dwells there. While we can’t promise you a ghost at these picture-perfect Christmas towns across the United States, we can promise you the perfect dose of holiday cheer.

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One Lost Christmas via

One Last Christmas

Audiences love this low-budget but earnest and heartfelt family drama about five brothers dealing with one another and their family over Christmas. Family can be complicated, especially around the holidays, but everyone is sure to love these Christmas Eve traditions.

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All Good Thingsvia

All Good Things

Christmas with horses! All good things, indeed. Add hot cocoa and a cozy blanket when you watch this family-friendly story about sisters who need to save their grandparents’ farm.

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Home Alonevia

Home Alone

Classic Christmas movies, like this ever-watchable comedy, are perfect family fare. Catherine O’Hara is the frantic mom who accidentally leaves her kid behind over Christmas. After they enjoy Macauley Culkin’s antics in this ’80s flick, crack your kids up with these funny Christmas jokes.

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Deathcember via


How about an advent calendar filled with tiny horror movies? That’s basically what you’ll find in this anthology of 24 scary Christmas tales that are totally perfect for horror fans.

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12 Pups Of Christmasvia

12 Pups of Christmas

A dog therapist starts a new job after a breakup and has to find homes for a dozen puppies over Christmas. Her new boss doesn’t like dogs—but he does like her in this sweet rom-com for puppy fans.

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The Farmer And The Belle: Saving Santalandvia

The Farmer and the Belle: Saving Santaland

A big-city model heads back to her farmland hometown only to find the local Santaland festival imperiled. Soon, she’s falling for the single-dad farmer she knew as a kid in this charming rom-com.

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Throwback Holiday via

Throwback Holiday

This is a huge fan favorite if you’re looking for great Christmas movies on Amazon Prime. What would you do if you could go back to high school? A stressed-out mom finds out when she time travels during Christmas.

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Home For The Holidaysvia

Home for the Holidays

Holly Hunter plays a just-fired single mom who goes home for Christmas. Just what she needs—time with her dysfunctional family in this classic, feel-good comedy. No matter who you’re spending the holidays with, you’ll want the perfect playlist filled with the best Christmas songs.

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A Gift Wrapped Christmas via

A Gift Wrapped Christmas

A personal shopper falls for a grumpy single dad over the holidays in this watchable favorite for fans of good-natured Christmas rom-coms.

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Dashing In December via

Dashing in December

Andie MacDowell stars in this heartwarming celebration of love about a son who comes home for Christmas and falls for his mom’s newly hired and super handsome ranch hand. Here are more of the best LGBTQ movies you can watch all year long.

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A Wedding For Christmas via

A Wedding for Christmas

In this fan-favorite Christmas movie you can catch on Amazon Prime, a Los Angeles wedding planner gets called home to plan her sister’s wedding, only to find herself still attracted to the one who got away.

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Surviving Christmas via

Surviving Christmas

Skewered by critics back in 2004, this movie still survives as a misunderstood comedy with a great cast. Catherine O’Hara and James Gandolfini play homeowners who are paid to let a lonely, rich weirdo spend Christmas with their family.

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A Christmas Princess via

A Christmas Princess

What’s on your holiday menu? How about a royal prince who needs a caterer? A talented young chef gets the gig, and she just might steal his heart too! What else should you put on your must-watch list? We vote for these Christmas cartoons that will make you feel like a kid again.

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