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35 Best Personalized Christmas Stockings for Everyone in Your Home

From traditional to chic, these personalized Christmas stockings will add a meaningful touch to your holiday decor.

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Christmas Stockings Featured Image, via etsy (4)

Spruce up your holiday decor with these personalized Christmas stockings

Christmas is a time of year when people decorate their homes to celebrate the festive season. They look to specific Christmas decoration ideas, from DIY Christmas decorations to Christmas wreath ideas, to spruce up their home for the holidays. The pieces of decor that can really bring the holiday spirit (and your mantel) to life are personalized Christmas stockings.

These stockings add a personal touch to your holiday decor, whether you choose traditional stockings or stockings that depict your favorite Christmas symbols. Here are some of the best personalized stockings to get for the holidays, no matter what your style is. Happy stocking shopping!

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Stocking Set Via Amazonvia

Assorted personalized Christmas stockings

These Christmas stockings will look absolutely adorable in your home. Let your family choose which stocking they prefer (someone may have their eye on the Christmas penguin, after all) and personalize them with love. Not sure what your style is? Here’s how to decorate for the holidays, according to your zodiac.

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Traditional Stockings Via Amazonvia

Traditional Christmas stockings

This style is perfect if you’re going for a traditional Christmas theme, from your wreath to your Christmas tree. Get them in packs of 3, 4, 5, or 6. Fill these with the best stocking stuffers for toddlers they will absolutely adore.

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Knit Stockings Via Amazonvia

Knit Christmas stockings

Simple, practical, and cute—a perfect combination for Christmas stockings. Opening a gift or two from one of these stockings could be a fun Christmas Eve tradition to start!

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Starstudded Stockings Via Amazonvia

Star-studded Christmas stockings

These stockings will surely make your mantel shine this Christmas. Bonus points if your coordinate them with your outdoor Christmas decoration ideas.

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Snowflake Stockings Via Amazonvia

Snowflake Christmas stockings

Transform your mantel into a winter wonderland with the help of this beautiful stocking design. Then, make some DIY Christmas ornaments to match.

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Tassel Stockings Via Etsyvia

Tassel Christmas stockings

These simple but stylish stockings are the perfect additions to your Christmas decor. You can select from four colors and even pick which font you’d like for the embroideries. You can even make one of these for your partner and throw in one of the best gifts for boyfriends or girlfriends.

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Plaid Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Plaid Christmas stockings

Christmas stockings + plaid = the perfect Christmas decor pairing.

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Family And Pet Stockings Via Etsyvia

Family and pet Christmas stockings

Yes, your pet definitely needs a Christmas stocking. Luckily, this set comes with stockings for your furry family members.

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Personalized Sack Stockings Via Etsyvia

Personalized sack Christmas stockings

The coolest thing about these stockings is that they can be used in multiple ways. You can hang them on the mantel or use them as gift bags for your loved ones. We love cute and practical Christmas stockings!

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Dog Bone Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Dog bone Christmas stockings

These are perfect if you have multiple dogs in your family. We’re pawsitive your pups will love them.

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Classic Knit Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Classic knit Christmas stockings

Add a traditional touch to your Christmas decor with these lovely hand-knit wool stockings.

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Gnome Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Gnome Christmas stockings

Looking for unique and cute Christmas stockings? These are the ones for you. They’re available in three colors for both the stocking themselves and the colors of the names or initials.

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Burlap Red Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Burlap red Christmas stockings

These stockings combined adorable with durable. Choose from several holiday designs, including Santa, a Christmas tree, and a gingerbread man.

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3d Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

3D Christmas stockings

Add some pop to your stockings with these cute 3D designs.

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Dog And Cat Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Dog and cat Christmas stockings

A perfect holiday touch for your pets. How sweet!

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Blue Plaid Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Blue plaid Christmas stockings

Want something different from the red plaid stockings? These blue plaid stockings will do the trick.

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Touch Of Pink Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Touch of pink Christmas stockings

If you’re looking to expand your Christmas decor color palette, check out these chic and classy Christmas stockings. A touch of pink could be just what you need.

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Farmhouse Personalized Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Farmhouse personalized Christmas stockings

If your home is decked out with farmhouse decor, these stockings are must-haves for the holidays.

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Holiday Lights Personalized Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Holiday lights Christmas stockings

These are sure to light up your mantel this holiday season.

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Silver And White Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Silver and white Christmas stockings

These stylish and beautiful stockings are the perfect additions to your holiday decor.

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Royal Blue Personalized Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Royal blue personalized Christmas stockings

Your mantel will look incredible with these blue velvet stockings with fur cuffs hanging from it. They’re also perfect for anyone incorporating royal blue into their Christmas color palette.

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Paw Print Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Paw print Christmas stockings

Another great option for your pup’s holiday stocking and stuff these stockings with these adorable photos of Christmas dogs and puppies. These are simply adorable—just like your dog!

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Rustic Personalized Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Rustic personalized Christmas stockings

Simple yet beautiful, these rustic Christmas stockings are perfect for the holidays.

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Red Truck Personalized Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Red truck Christmas stockings

The red truck design is a staple in many people’s holiday decor. If you’re one of those people, add these stockings to your decor right away.

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Quilted Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Quilted Christmas stockings

A beautiful stocking design that fits a number of decor styles, from farmhouse to traditional.

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Science Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Science personalized Christmas stockings

These are great for a family full of science enthusiasts!

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Personalized Cat Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Personalized cat Christmas stockings

Simply purrfect for your feline family members.

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Polar Bear Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Polar bear Christmas stockings

A cute and creative design that anyone would love to have their name on.

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Beach Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Beach Christmas stockings

Have a family full of beach bums? If so, these stockings are must-haves for the holiday season.

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Reindeer Burlap Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Reindeer Christmas stockings

These rustic burlap stockings will look wonderful on your mantel.

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Gray Rabbit Personalized Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Bunny Christmas stockings

These stockings will help you have a hoppy holiday season.

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Personalized Snowman Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Snowman Christmas stockings

A wonderful design for a family who loves winter activities (like building snowmen!)

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Personalized Let It Snow Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

“Let It Snow” Christmas stocking

Perfect for those who love watching the snow fall around the holiday season.

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Personalized Unicorn Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Unicorn quilted Christmas stocking

Add an extra touch of magic around the holidays with this fun stocking!

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Dinosaur Christmas Stockings Via Etsyvia

Personalized dinosaur stocking

This adorable stocking is perfect if you have a little one who loves dinosaurs. Watch their face light up each time they see it hanging on the mantel.

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