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25 Best Christmas Tree Toppers to Make Your Holiday Feel More Festive

All it takes is a beautiful Christmas tree topper to take your Christmas tree up a notch.

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Christmas Tree Toppers, via retailers (4)

With the Christmas season almost upon us, you’re probably already gathering materials for DIY Christmas ornaments, unpacking last year’s DIY Christmas decorations, and brainstorming Christmas tree ideas. Hey, you can never start too soon. When it comes to decorating your home for the most wonderful time of the year, it’s the little things that make it all the more special—including your Christmas tree topper. We compiled the best Christmas tree toppers including everything from glittery to subtle to downright hilarious. Get inspired so you can make this year’s tree the best one yet.

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Natural Star Christmas Tree Topper Via Amazonvia

Natural star Christmas tree topper

This star has a beautiful, yet natural look that gives off a warm glow. If you’re looking for something charming but isn’t too over the top, this Christmas tree topper may be exactly what you’re looking for, whether you have a real tree or one of the best artificial Christmas trees.

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Large Black Hat Christmas Tree Topper Via Amazonvia

Large black hat Christmas tree topper

Unlike the last one, this Christmas tree topper is a party all by itself! This design is both classic and festive which will add some unique style to your tree this year. Plus, the kids will love it. Maybe you can even use this theme for this year’s personalized Christmas stockings.

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Gnome Christmas Tree Topper Via Amazonvia

Gnome Christmas tree topper

Come on, have you seen anything cuter? This little guy is comforting and will turn your tree into a fairytale. The gnome is plush so it will be easy to store when not in use. Start the fairytale at your door with these festive Christmas wreath ideas.

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Moravian Star Christmas Tree Topper Via Amazonvia

Moravian star Christmas tree topper

This stunning star can serve as a Christmas tree topper or a hanging light for your porch. Either way, the warm glow of the star will give you that fuzzy Christmas feeling that makes this time of year so special. Despite the rising Christmas tree prices, a star ornament can let you have a stunning Christmas tree on a budget.

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Gold And Glittered Christmas Tree Topper Via Amazonvia

Gold and glittered Christmas tree topper

We could all use a little extra glitter in our lives. And according to a bunch of customer reviews, the glitter on this star doesn’t make a mess, so you get all the elegance without a huge cleanup later. While you’re decorating, see if you can nail this Christmas movie trivia—they’re not as easy as you think.

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Led Silver Star Christmas Tree Topper Via Walmartvia

LED silver star Christmas tree topper

If gold isn’t your thing, how about silver? This tree topper is made of a black wire and covered with 60 LED cool white lights that have various functions for every occasion. The bulbs are also designed to be energy-saving, so theoretically you can use this topper for years—and why wouldn’t you want to? Try sharing some of these Christmas riddles while you decorate to spread some holiday cheer.

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Snowman Christmas Tree Topper Via Amazonvia

Snowman Christmas tree topper

This adorable snowman will give a warm (or cold) hug to the top of your Christmas tree. His arms are made of wire so you can pose them however you would like. Maybe you can even incorporate some of these classic Christmas movie quotes into your decor this year.

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Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper Via Amazonvia

Snowflake Christmas tree topper

There’s something so warm and fuzzy about a white Christmas, and now you can bring that fuzziness to your tree with this beautiful snowflake. While lit up, it projects more snowflakes on your ceiling so you’ll have a blizzard right there in your living room. Imagine how cozy your night will be with this light filling the room with snowflakes while you’re cuddled on the couch watching Christmas movies on Netflix.

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Farmhouse Christmas Tree Topper Via Walmartvia

Farmhouse Christmas tree topper

For something a little more subtle, this barn will add a rustic look to your tree this year. This tree topper is designed to be lightweight with an open bottom, so it won’t easily fall off or bend the top of your tree. Don’t miss these Christmas party games that will make for an unforgettable bash—aside from your decor, of course.

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Plaid Christmas Tree Topper Via Walmartvia

Ribbon Christmas tree topper

Turn your tree into a present with this elegant (and adorable) bow. The bow will act as a vintage accent to an already beautiful tree. You can also cut the hanging pieces of the bows to your desired length depending on how large your tree is.

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Glitter Star Christmas Tree Topper Via Targetvia

Glitter star Christmas tree topper

This star is perfect if you’re looking for something classic, simple, and festive. The glittery finish adds a slight shimmer the will bring the shine that you are looking for to your tree.

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Multi Colored Christmas Tree Topper Via Targetvia

Multi-colored Christmas tree topper

Bring some color to your Christmas decor. With a shiny frame and multi-colored jewel accents, this tree topper will add the perfect finishing touch to your tree.

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White Frosted Star Christmas Tree Topper Via Targetvia

White-frosted star Christmas tree topper

Crown your tree with this simple and delicate star. This topper comes already lit with 10 clear mini lights including a cone to attach to the tree. So easy!

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World Globe Christmas Tree Topper Via Etsyvia

World globe Christmas tree topper

This handmade globe would be a unique addition to your Christmas tree decor this year, especially if you’re an ornament collector from all the places you have traveled. The globe is sturdy with a gold coil that will fit snuggly around the top branch.

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Elf Christmas Tree Topper Via Etsyvia

Whimsical elf Christmas tree topper

This tree topper with little elf legs sticking up is an absolutely adorable addition to your tree that everyone will love. Plus, the candy cane ribbons are just too cute to pass up.

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Snowman Head Christmas Tree Topper Via Etsyvia

Snowman head Christmas tree topper

Another Frosty for your tree! With a top hat and a matching scarf, this smiling face will add a little extra life to your tree. End your day of decorating with fun Christmas games the whole family will enjoy.

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Rose Gold Christmas Tree Topper Via Etsyvia

Rose gold Christmas tree topper

Have you ever seen a more beautiful tree topper? Made with a combination of rose gold, gold snowflakes, and glossy gold ribbon, these streamers will give your tree a more delicate appearance. The seller can even customize to your own needs if you’re looking for something more specific!

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Heart Metal Christmas Tree Topper Via Etsyvia

Heart metal Christmas tree topper

Show some love this holiday season by topping your tree with an unbreakable metal heart. The heart is made with reclaimed metal and is cut by hand, so no two toppers are the same.

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Labrador Retriever Christmas Tree Topper Via Etsyvia

Labrador retriever Christmas tree topper

Dog lovers, this one is for you! Give a tribute to your favorite member of the family by placing this four-legged friend where everyone can see it. Even if you don’t have your own pup, we won’t judge you if you want to snag this for your tree.

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White Star Christmas Tree Topper Via Etsy.jpgvia

White star Christmas tree topper

This metal star Christmas tree topper is a charming way to top off your tree. Each piece of metal is hand-cut so no two stars will be the same.

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Baby Yoda Christmas Tree Topper Via Etsyvia

Baby Yoda Christmas tree topper

The Mandalorian takes Christmas. Who wouldn’t want this little cutie on top of their tree? At the very least, it will make everyone laugh. Get inspired with these Merry Christmas wishes for your holiday card this year.

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King Kong Christmas Tree Topper Via Etsyvia

King Kong Christmas tree topper

It’s no Empire State Building, but Kong can climb anything—including your tree. This tree topper is made of lightweight plastic and is hand-painted to perfection. He’s even holding up a star loud and proud, making it all the more festive.

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Top Hat Christmas Tree Topper Via Etsyvia

Top hat Christmas tree topper

This whimsical top hat will bring the party to the top of your tree. The seller can even customize the ribbon colors to match your holiday theme best.

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Starfish Christmas Tree Topper Via Etsyvia

Starfish Christmas tree topper

Who says you can’t bring the beach to Christmas? This starfish topper is an exclusive design from a local Outer Banks artist that makes each topper unique. It even stands on its own so you can have it around the house all year round.

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Super Mario Christmas Tree Topper Via Amazonvia

Super Mario Christmas tree topper

This 3D printed retro Super Mario pixel star is a wonderfully geeky way to top your tree. Even if you aren’t a video game lover, this topper will make everyone feel a little bit nostalgic.

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