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17 Products from the Container Store You Need in Your Life

The Container Store is so much more than just bins and boxes. Here are 17 organizing products so helpful, you'll wonder how you've gone this long without them!

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Entryway Storage benchvia

Tidy the entryway

This Rustic Driftwood Mercer Entryway Storage Bench gives you space for at least eight pairs of shoes on convenient roll-out shelves. Pro tip: At almost 34-inches long, part of the bench can be used as a drop zone.

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Umbra Cradle Wall Hook Cubbyvia

Stop misplacing keys

Keep everyday essentials, like your house keys, organized with this Umbra Cradle Wall Hook Cubby. It is the perfect spot for sunglasses, to hang your purse, and clip the dog’s leash. Pro tip: Mount one cubby for each family member to give each person space to keep his or her items organized.

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Pink Zippered Clear Pouchvia

Contain your messy handbag

Tired of fishing stuff out of the bottom of your handbag? These Zippered Pouches contain smaller items, so you can easily grab what you need. Try one pouch for cosmetics and hair ties and another for charging cables and earbuds. Pro tip: Lighten your load by toting single-use samples instead of full-size products.

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Multi-Purpose Binsvia

Perfect for the pantry

These Multi-Purpose Bins streamline your pantry shelves. Use one for single-serve grab-and-go snacks, another for seasoning packets, and another for cans. Pro tip: Choose containers with handles, that way when lined on a shelf you can easily grasp the handle to pull the bin forward. Check out these 16 pantry organization ideas you’ll wish you knew before.

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Stainless Steel Lazy Susanvia

Put a new spin on storage

You get double the storage capacity with this 2-Tier Stainless Steel Lazy Susan. Because it spins you can reach items that would otherwise be lost towards the back. It works equally well on a pantry shelf as it does in a kitchen cabinet. Try using a Lazy Susan in unexpected places in the kitchen like on the top of the refrigerator or the center of the table for napkins, salt and pepper shakers. Pro tip: Use organizing tools in places not originally intended; this Lazy Susan works equally well in a bath cabinet for toiletries, a linen closet for extra shampoo bottles, and in a craft room for brushes and tools.

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White Mesh Food Storage and Lid Organizervia

Keep storage containers together

No more wasting time searching for missing lids to those food storage containers; this White Mesh Food Storage & Lid Organizer keeps them together in your kitchen cabinet. Pro tip: Keep out the few you reach for all the time. Store the extras in a spot that’s not as prime to use when you need to bake and take, or company takes home leftovers. Are your leftovers still good? Watch out! These 10 foods are probably expired in your fridge right now.

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White Elfa Utility Mesh Pantry Door/Wall Rackvia

Rack up more storage

This White Elfa Utility Mesh Pantry Door & Wall Rack Solution hangs on the back of the door, giving you convenient storage in a previously wasted space. With multiple adjustable height baskets, the possibilities are endless. Pro tip: Think outside the box; while this is a great space for boxes from the pantry, this storage space is best suited for odd shaped items or things that tip over in cabinets, like water bottles and lunch bags.

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Poppin Box Seatvia

Seating and storage all-in-one

Double use items are space savers like this Light Grey Poppin Box Seat which is both seating and storage. The removable lid reveals spacious storage for all sorts of things, think magazines in the living room, fabric in a craft room, files in an office, and spare blankets in the bedroom. Pro tip: When extra seating is not needed, slide the storage seat box out of the way under a side table.

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LED Anywhere Night Lightvia

Light up organizing options

Don’t let the name “night light” fool you, this LED Anywhere Night Light is bright enough to illuminate areas like under sinks or the bottom of a closet. Being able to easily see the space means you can make use of the storage and find what you need—and because it is battery operated you don’t have to hire someone to run electrical wires. Pro tip: Opt for motion detection which means you don’t have to fumble to turn it on and it automatically turns itself off.

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Easy Folding Step Stoolvia

Step up for more storage

If you are searching for more storage space, try looking up; this Lime Easy Folding Step Stool gives you a ten-inch boost. That way you can access previously wasted space that was once too high to reach. Pro tip: Bright colors make tools more noticeable, whenever possible choose colors over the more standard black or white options.

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Farmhouse Storage Binvia

Make cleaning up easy

This Farmhouse Storage Bin is the ideal place to stash throw blankets, a stack of magazines, and even the television remote right by your comfy couch. Pro tip: No lid means easy access to toss the items in so clean-up is a breeze if you are tidying up before company arrives.

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Cosmetic Organizervia

Contain your cosmetics

Keep your bathroom vanity drawer organized with this Makeup Stax 5-Section Cosmetic Organizer. Line up lipsticks and keep pots and tubes from sliding all over the drawer. Pro tip: First, measure the length, depth, and width of your drawer to ensure you have clearance. If your drawer is deep enough you might have enough room to stack organizers, doubling your storage space. Be sure to purge your cosmetic collection regularly, here are 6 facts that will convince you to throw out your old makeup—STAT!

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Drop-Front Sweater Boxvia

Put an end to toppling stacks of sweaters

The clear front panel of the Grey Drop-Front Sweater Box allows you to see what’s stored inside and the drop front means easy access. Pro tip: These boxes can also act as shelf dividers. Place two sweater boxes on a shelf leaving space between them; line up handbags between the two boxes to keep them from tipping over. Ready to organize your closet? These are the 9 genius rules for deciding which clothes to keep or toss.

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80 Pocket Hanging Jewelry Organizervia

Prevent missing earrings and more

No more missing earrings or tangled necklaces with this 80-Pocket Canvas Hanging Jewelry Organizer. This organizer has lots of pockets means space for earrings, watches, bracelets, rings, and more and the clear pockets make it easy to find what you are looking for at a glance. Pro tip: Using vertical space and hanging your jewelry means you free up much-needed drawer space.

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Wing-Lid Storage Boxvia

Stow seasonal stuff

Swapping seasonal items has never been easier or more colorful than with these Iris Wing-Lid Storage Boxes. No worries if you forget to put a label on it; the clear bin allows you to easily see what’s inside. Pro tip: Using color-coded lids means you can find what you are looking for at a glance! Try the orange lidded containers for fall themed home decor, decorations, and seasonal clothing. The red lidded bins are perfect for winter ware.

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5-Drawer Cabinetvia

Tame the paperwork pile

Your paperwork pile is no match for this Bisley White 5-Drawer Cabinet which comes in a variety of colors, so you are sure to find one that matches your style. With five separate drawers, you’ll have one drawer for each category of paper like bills to-be-paid, catalogs, and other important paperwork. Pro tip: Label one drawer “Sunday” and keep time-sensitive paperwork there, then every Sunday tend to those papers. Attention, perfectionists! Here are clever ways to organize everything at your desk.

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12 Case photo and craft carriervia

Organize shoe boxes of photographs

The Iris Spectrum 12-Case Photo Storage Carrier makes it easy to sort and store your photographs by person, event, or chronologically. The case holds over 120 photos and the twelve compartments inside the case allow you to rearrange the photos as you are sorting them. Pro tip: Store photographs in a climate-controlled room of your house. While the attic, basement, or garage may be tempting storage spots the temperature fluctuations and moisture can cause musty or brittle photos. Next, read on for 26 organizing secrets professional organizers would never tell you for free.

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