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30 Photos That Will Make You Fall in Love with Country Life

Country magazine celebrates its 30th birthday with a tribute to life's simple pleasures.

Country Magazine

1. Scenic Country Roads

Hop in the car and see where the road takes you. Diane Hooper shared this photo from Telluride, Colorado. She writes, “As my husband and I drove down this spectacular country road this past autumn, the aspen leaves were gently blowing in the cool breeze.” If you’re thinking about taking your own getaway, these are the best road trips in America.

Country Magazine

2. Big Skies and Wide Open Spaces

Karen Christman captured this scene as she and her husband drove through the Tetons in mid-May. “Coming from Landner, Wyoming, over the pass into Grand Teton National Park, it was 30 degrees and snowy. When the fog lifted, the whole Teton range was visible in all its glory.”

Country Magazine

3. Farm Fields

When seeds are planted, the cycle starts anew. Steven Smith says, “The encouragement of the warm spring sun helps the farmers of this great land realize the potential of a simple-looking kernel of corn.”

Country Magazine

4. Country Churches

Faith matters to country folks. Wendy Harrison spotted this charming chapel while biking along the Greenbrier River Trail in eastern West Virginia.

Country Magazine

5. Summer Breezes

Sherry Olson snapped this photo while out on a walk on a beautiful June evening. “The colors of the sunset through the green of the grass was so peaceful and moving; it made me stop and think how lucky I am to live in the country with all its beauty.” Don’t miss these other gorgeous photos of America at sunset.

Country Magazine

6. Lighthouses

Susan Moore says, “Fall may not be as pretty here in Rockwall, Texas, but the sunsets are gorgeous on Lake Ray Hubbard. I kept my camera in my car and finally captured these gorgeous colors by the lighthouse at the harbor.”

Country Magazine

7. Chickens

Grace Westerman of Sauk Centre, Minnesota, shared this photo of her Gold Star hens that were a gift from her grandpa. She says the hens were out for a stroll in the spring weather, and she thought their feathers looked cheerful in the sunshine.

Country Magazine

8. Fall Foliage

Trees put on a brilliant color show just for us. Laurie Scaruffi shared this photo of the trees in their gorgeous autumn glory near her Kansas home. Take these road trips to view stunning fall foliage.

Country Magazine

9. Patriotism and Support for Troops

Patriotism and support for our veterans are core American values. Sonja Mauk shared this photo of the God Bless America Color Guard at a Veteran’s Observance Ceremony in Pennsylvania.

Country Magazine

10. Covered Bridges

Covered bridges are always a charming reminder of the past. Beth Ann Levos spotted this photo of a bridge in her home state of Vermont, while she was on the way to pick blueberries.

Country Magazine

11. Barns

Pretty red barns dot the countryside across America. Sharon Stiffler shared this photo that she captured while visiting family in rural Pennsylvania. Be sure to thank a farmer today!

Country Magazine

12. Wildlife

Wildlife sightings are always a delight. Kathy Diamontopoulos writes, “I like getting up early in the morning as the wildlife start their day. I’ll find a quiet spot and see what may come along.”

Country Magazine

13. Night Skies

In the country, the night skies are full of stars. Connie Dowell of McKinney, Texas, took this picture in Davis Mountains State Park.

14. Mills

Reader Ken Wayne captured this image of a lovely mill in Fayette County, West Virginia, framed by fall color on a cool morning in mid-October.

Country Magazine

 15. Country Kids

Tiffany Carter says, “I chose this picture because my three boys wearing their barn boots to help out with chores is one of my favorite things about living in the country. This is such a simple picture, but it captures just that, simple country living, and three boys doing what they enjoy most. This is a picture they can look back on and see how small they were when their love of farming and country living began!”

Country Magazine

16. Simple Pleasures

Slow down and take in the beauty around you. Carol Norwood shared this photo of a rural farm scene in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Country Magazine

17. Nature Sounds

Birds provide a sweet soundtrack to country life. Virginia Folkman says she spotted (and heard) this yellow warbler at the Heron County Park Wetlands Boardwalk in rural Danville, Illinois.

18. Cutting a Christmas Tree

There’s nothing like the real thing. Trisha Goettle shared this photo of dad pulling the boys through the deep snow to find the perfect tree on their family ranch in Montana.

Country Magazine

19. Fishing Spots and Swimming Holes

A day on the water is always a great idea. Barbara Snyder shared this photo of the fall colors reflecting onto June Lake in California.

Country Magazine

20. Farm Animals

Kelley Bracken writes, “Most people would not put the words ‘beautiful’ and ‘pigs’ together in the same sentence. Here at my Shepherd’s Farm in Rural Retreat, Virginia, however, the words fit together perfectly! Our pigs are so happy to be out roaming on fresh pasture every day. What a piggy paradise!”

Country Magazine

21. Farm Stands and Country Stores

Farm fresh always tastes best! Scott Harrell of Glen Allen, Virginia, spotted this charming display during an October getaway to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Country Magazine

 22. Stepping Back in Time

People in the country have a deep appreciation for history. Misty Shaw says, “My neighbor, Fred, and his trusty dog, Curly, can often be seen driving mules Red and Rhoady along the country roads in rural Wise County, Texas. The retired iron worker built this John Deere inspired wagon himself!”

Country Magazine

23. Genuine People

Betty Goodwin says, “My father-in-law and mother-in-law, Andy and Judy always enjoy a visit from their great-granddaughter’s dog, Jill, and give her a ride from the garden.”

Country Magazine

24. Rainbows

These beauties are worth waiting for after the rain. Johnathan Greene of Sneedville, Tennessee, saw a full rainbow over this cabin that was built just after the civil war by cousins of Thomas Jefferson. It now rests on his home place.

Country Magazine

25. Wildflowers

Wildflowers are the treasures of the great outdoors. Fredric Godshall spotted this stunning red trillium blooming in New York’s Adirondack Mountains.

Country Magazine

26. Windmills

We love seeing windmills standing proudly across the country. Julie Bruckner writes, “Though long removed from its original purpose of pumping water, this is the centerpiece of our farm in northeast South Dakota. Our son decorates it with Christmas lights each December, and on this October morning, it had a beautiful sunrise as its backdrop.”

Country Magazine

 27. Waterfalls

There’s nothing like a beautiful waterfall to soothe the soul. Charlotte Pletcher shared this photo of Cucumber Falls in Pennsylvania’s Ohiopyle State Park.

Country Magazine

 28. Horses

The bond between a rider and a good horse is unbreakable. Lee Ann Linn writes, “My horse, Nevada, and my cowboy husband, David, enjoy country life on our hobby farm in northwestern Wisconsin.”

Country Magazine

 29. Freshly Fallen Snow

Winter can truly be the most gorgeous season in the country. Gerald Yokely writes, “Well over 100 years old, this beautiful church resides between the communities of Courtney and Huntsville, North Carolina.”

Country Magazine

30. Peacefulness

Katherine Joline Tucker writes, “Country life is about being an integral part of nature, about living inside the scenery many people only see in museums or magazines. It’s about accepting your surroundings and not trying to improve on everything around you. After all, who can improve on a gorgeous morning like this?”

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