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Creative Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas from Extreme Cakeovers

From the book Extreme Cakeovers: Make a birthday kid smile with these adorable ideas that use store-bought ingredients.

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Extreme Cakeovers

Roller Skate Cake

This retro roller skate cake gets groovy with a rainbow of Twizzlers.
Detailed how-tos in the book »

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Extreme Cakeovers

Train Cake

Oreo wheels get this cake on the right track with its gumdrop accents and lollipop “passengers.”
Detailed how-tos in the book »

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Extreme Cakeovers

Under the Sea Cake

Decorate sheet cake with jelly fish, colored frosting, and gravel made out of Fruity Pebbles cereal.
Detailed how-tos in the book »

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Extreme Cakeovers

Jewelry Box Cake

Use candy to dress up a frosted cake to look like a fancy gift box. As for those gorgeous faux pearls? Gum balls.
Detailed how-tos in the book »

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Extreme Cakeovers

Windmill Cake

Trick out a frozen pound cake with Nerds, Sour Punch Straws, and other candies to make this pretty picture.

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Extreme Cakeovers

Get More Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

For additional cake ideas, plus design substitutions, instructions, and more, pick up the book Extreme Cakeovers.

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