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50 Cute Kitten Photos That Will Make You Melt

Oodles of super cute kittens will brighten just about anyone's day. Scroll through these adorable pictures and see for yourself!

Kitten under brown hatBenjamin Torode/Getty Images

So much cuteness!

Everyone loves cat pictures. They’re adorable and often hilarious, and they put you in a better mood instantly. But pictures of cute kittens take things to another level entirely. How can you possibly resist sweet little fluff balls exploring the world around them with wide, innocent eyes, or cuddling up whenever the mood for a nap strikes them, or just doing silly kitten things? You can’t, so don’t bother! And because there’s no such thing as too much cuteness or too many cute animal photos, when you’re done scrolling through this list, check out these adorable puppy pictures and baby animal pictures. Trust us when we say this entire photo-driven excursion will be the best part of your day.

Kitten on lapFjola Dogg Thorvalds/Getty Images

Are you kitten me?

This sweet little furball has left us speechless, and trust us—that doesn’t happen very often!

Scottish Fold CatNico De Pasquale Photography/Getty Images

Welcome to Cat Nap Academy

Am I doing it right, Mom? Do I have to close my eyes?

KITTENSGK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images

Friends fur-ever

These cute kittens are definitely contenders for the list of sweetest animal friendships.

Kitten playing with feather toyBenjamin Torode/Getty Images

Cathlete of the year

This fluff ball is the cuddliest little cathlete we’ve ever seen. We love how he’s keeping his eyes on the competition—or is that the prize?

Kitten sitting on dogBurak Kiliç/Getty Images

Hey, guys, it’s me up here!

Did you expect this cute kitty to be perched atop Fido? Probably not, and that’s exactly why it’s so perfect. Here are more adorably funny cat and dog photos you’ll instantly love.

Small white kitten hiding beneath a floral couchJodie Griggs/Getty Images


We see you, little kitty! This cutie is so small, she looks like she can fit in the palm of your hand.

Little British Shorthair cat sleeping on a pink pillow with a teddy bearC.Aranega/Getty Images

Pawdon me, just here to snuggle

This sweetie-pie has us dreaming of all the squishiest and cutest pet names. Princess Furball, anyone?

Cute cat grooming little kitten on soft bed in autumn leaves. Mother cat cleaning her baby kitty in fall decorations on comfy blanket in room. Motherhood. Autumn cozy moodBogdan Kurylo/Getty Images

Nothing beats a mother’s love

This sweet baby is just about the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen, and we’re kvelling over her mother’s attentive love.

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Small cat and puppy.Litvalifa/Getty Images

Who wants to play all day?

These two look like they’re partners in crime for just about everything. We’re betting they’ve got a play date over salmon and some pet toys all planned out.

Kitten Yawning Elisa Severi/Getty Images

Scaredy cat

Help! Help! The evil vacuum monster is on the loose again! How do we turn this thing off?

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Boy holding a Tiny Newborn KittenCatherine Falls Commercial/Getty Images

I’ll love you fur-ever

How sweet is this duo? Human children plus cat children seem to equal a thousand percent adorable.

Portrait Of Kitten And Puppy On Grassy Field At Public ParkKatho Menden/Getty Images

A purrfect pair

These interspecies buddies are enough to make our hearts sing. We’d definitely like to join their picnic!

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Domestic cat, kitten stretching out paw, portrait, close-upWestend61/Getty Images

She’s got something catastrophic planned

You can just tell by the look in her eyes. Plus, those paws seem pretty aggressive…in the sweetest possible way. Quick—distract her with some toys so she stays away from your curtains and best upholstery!

Kitten drinking from a cupSally Anscombe/Getty Images

Coffee talk, anyone?

Cute kittens understand that their humans love to kick back with a hot drink and some good conversation, and the hippest cats find ways to join in. The gorgeous tabby is ready for a round gossip around the food bowl.

A cat under a stream of watersaulgranda/Getty Images

She didn’t ask for this

Kittens definitely don’t love baths, but they’re extra snuggly after they have freshly pouffed fur.

View Of Man Holding KittenRoger Tuset/Getty Images

I can show you the world

Shining, shimmering, splendid (and the rest of the Aladdin soundtrack lyrics) come to mind when we see this kitty perched up high in his owner’s hand with a full city view behind him.

Cozy homemartin-dm/Getty Images

My new mailing address is in Snuggle City

Please forward all mail to Snuggle City from here on out. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, you should visit—it’ll be your new favorite place. Looking for a cuddler of your own? You’ll definitely want to peruse this list of the most affectionate cat breeds.

Little kitten out of the cup of tea.Ivan Marjanovic/Getty Images

Did you fur-get me in here?

The tiniest cute kittens can fit just about anywhere!

This Way UpImage by Chris Winsor/Getty Images

You look fur-miliar

Have I been shipped your way in the past?

Two catsjunku/Getty Images

Feline so much love

Every mama on the planet loves kisses and cuddles from her baby.

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Maine Coon Kitten Knocking Over Yellow Flowers In VaseGK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images


On the plus side, someone’s learning about cause and effect. Hopefully, Mom will see it that way!

Close-up mid section of man with sleeping catTing-Yao Hong/Getty Images

Someone grab a mop

Our hearts just melted all over the floor. Cleanup on aisle cute!

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Most adorable teacher’s pet

We mean this both figuratively and literally, of course. And now we’re ready to sign up for whatever the class is on.

young domestic cat standing like dancingAkimasa Harada/Getty Images

Pawdon me, I made a mistake

I think I broke something precious in the other room. Come check, come check!

Boys with kittens and puppy on farm, Eyjafjordur, IcelandArctic-Images/Getty Images

Ain’t no meowtain high enough

Ain’t no river wide enough, to keep me from meowing to you! (Just imagine that being sung in meow-voice.) For more smiles, check out these clever cat puns.

Brown and white dog licking tabby catGK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images

Dogs are in-fur-ior to kittens

This is all the proof you need. Heathens!

A husky smelling a kitten.Steve New/Getty Images

Big purr-sonality for a tiny body

This cute kitten’s big personality is so great, it has begun to attract other adorable creatures.

Close Up Of Vintage Framed Bicycle With Ginger Kitten And Sunflowers In Basket Standing On RedAnna Denisova/Getty Images

Whisker me away!

Let’s go somewhere warm, shall we? Maybe somewhere with a lot of fresh fish and sun-drenched windows for me to rest in. If you’re thinking of traveling with your kitty, these are the best pet-friendly hotels in America.

They do everything togetherPeopleImages/Getty Images

Can I paw-lease have some, too?

This friendly little human is being a real pal by offering a straw to the handsome little feline playmate sharing the picnic blanket. Drink up, kids!

Mother cat with newborn kittens (british shorthair) suckling milkViorika/Getty Images

Family time is pretty claw-some

There’s nothing like a family meal with everyone gathered around the table. These cute kittens love their warm dinner almost as much as they love their mom.

Kitten under brown hatBenjamin Torode/Getty Images

Have to put my thinking cat on

All the deepest thoughts and greatest ideas come from putting your thinking cap on, and this sweet kitten obviously knows the drill.

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Portrait Of KittenJill King/Getty Images

Hey, you found me!

I thought this hiding spot was pretty good, but I guess even a few piles of hay aren’t enough to keep you from finding me for a cuddle.

Sneaky CheeksImage by cuppyuppycake/Getty Images

Now that’s a purr-se

Kittens: Don’t leave home without one. They’re 100 percent guaranteed to enhance any purr-se.

Tabby Cat YawningAnkit Dey/Getty Images

Wait a meow-ment

That was the funniest joke we’ve ever heard. Tell it again, purrty please!

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funny cat in a cap celebrates birthday, on a pink backgroundAnton Ostapenko/Getty Images

Happy purr-thday to you!

You look like a kitten, and you smell like one, too. Now make a wish!

Owner Comforting Devon Rex Kitten during Hair Cutting Process - stock photoCasarsaGuru/Getty Images

Cat me some slack, will ya?

Sometimes a kitty just needs more naps and less attention. It’s hard out there for a cutie.

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twin kittensrealPHOTO/Getty Images

Cat and paste

Press Command Cat + Command V on any Apple keyboard to double your cute kittens.

Gray Cat Breakfast on a table. Cat eats from white linen Tableoxygen/Getty Images

Mmmm…fresh bis-cats

Nothing beats a tray of fresh bis-cats, warm milk, and a good nap with frothy dreams of bouncing feather toys.

cats101cats/Getty Images

Don’t cat off your nose to spite your face

Even ugly cats can be incredibly cute. These two look like they’re about to get up to no good, though.

Cat Sleping In Sink At HomeKryssia Campos/Getty Images

Everything but the kitten sink

She ate all the sushi leftovers, so she’s ready for a good nap now. This sink’ll do just fine—thanks for asking.

cat sleeping in nestXiuxia Huang/Getty Images

Five more minutes

Do I have to go to work today? It’s just too much ef-fur-t.

Kitten and vintage camerapaul mansfield photography/Getty Images

A tiny photogra-fur

We’d take endless photo direction from any kitten this cute.

Close-Up Of A Cat YawningOlga Gimaeva/Getty Images

Tail me about it

Wow, that sounds like a pretty intense story! And then what happened?

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A grey cat watching stack of coins.Santiaga/Getty Images

A penny fur your thoughts?

This interest-accumulating cuddles account is the best bet in the market, and it pays snuggly dividends each day.

Sleeping cute kitten with smileoxygen/Getty Images

Out fur the count

This looks like the kind of deep sleep everyone can rally around. Sweet dreams, cutie pie!

TemptationKathrin Ziegler/Getty Images

What good paw-sture you have

That’s a tempting treat, isn’t it? It looks pretty appealing to hungry species of all types. This pet has perfect table manners, too.

Portrait Of Kitten Wearing Eyeglasses While Sitting On BedHendrata Yoga Surya/Getty Images

Of course I’m an expurrt

I’ve gone to several days of training and have received a dual degree from the University of Meow.

Adorable Puppy Scaring a Kitten - The Amanda Images

Barking freaks meowt

It’s just so loud! Who taught dogs to do that? At least we kittens have better meow-ners.

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Two kittens in a domestic environmentCatherine Falls Commercial/Getty Images

Tabby…or not tabby?

That is the question. And the answer in this case is obviously a resounding yes, tabby!

Angry cat101cats/Getty Images

If puss comes to shove

I’ll wipe this angry look off my face, but in the meantime, it makes me feel like a big tough guy. Roar! For more adorable animals, check out the cutest bunnies you’ll want to take home.

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