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43 of the Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Who says Halloween is just for humans? Your pup will be scary cute in any of these dog Halloween costume ideas.

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Check out these rebarkable Halloween costume ideas for dogs

One of the best parts of Halloween is getting to dress up in costumes. Pretending to be someone (or something) else for a day is fun, and getting others in on it makes it even more enjoyable. As you’re looking for family Halloween costume ideas to try this year, there’s one member of the family you shouldn’t forget: your dog.
Dogs have some of the best Halloween costumes out there, no matter what their size is. Small, medium, and large dogs can have cute, scary, or downright hilarious costumes. If you aren’t sure what your pup should be this year, here’s a list of the best dog Halloween costume ideas. Your pup will have a howling good time in any of these getups! By the way, here’s what vets say you should know before dressing up your pet.
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Dino dog costumevia

Dino dog costume

Your dog will be digging up fossils in this adorable stegosaurus dinosaur costume. It comes in all sizes and includes an easy strap-on dino head and body costume. Let your dog carry around their favorite bone to add a little something to the costume. If you’re crafty, you could even try to make it as a DIY Halloween costume for your pup.

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Dumbo dog costumevia

Dumbo dog costume

Model your dog after the classic Disney character with this Dumbo costume. Make sure to measure your dog before picking out a size so that they aren’t stepping on their ears all night. Check out these DIY Disney costume ideas for more magical costume options.

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Delivery dog costumevia

Delivery dog costume

Help your dog deliver cuteness this Halloween with this USPS delivery driver dog costume. Their tail will be free for lots of wagging as they head out with you to trick or treat. Side note: A USPS delivery driver could also be a DIY costume for your kids.

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Happy cow dog costumevia

Happy cow dog costume

Have your pup walk a mile in another animal’s hooves this Halloween by transforming them into a happy cow. They’ll be milking the cuteness all night. Plus, this can make a perfect costume for black and white dogs.

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Shark dog costumevia

Shark dog costume

This costume is especially adorable for the smaller pups out there. Bonus points if you play the Jaws theme while they’re wearing it! A shark could also make a good baby Halloween costume—the little one could be Baby Shark.

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Werewolf dog costumevia

Werewolf dog costume

Channel your dog’s inner wolf with this cute Halloween costume idea. Full moon or not, they’re in for a howling good time. We can see long-haired dogs really rocking this look!

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Bumble bee dog costumevia

Bumblebee dog costume

Your dog will be the buzz of the neighborhood in this adorable costume. You could even get one for yourself and have an adorable best friend Halloween costume idea—two bees from the same hive.

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Granny dog costumevia

Granny dog costume

All right, this is a funny dog Halloween costume idea! Imagine your pup running around in a granny getup. They’ll get plenty of laughs (and scratches). These 50 Halloween quotes will get you in the spooky spirit.

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Hot dog costumevia

Hot dog costume

This costume turns any pup into a wiener dog. Plus, it’s a punny Halloween costume that never gets old.

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Yoda dog costumevia

Yoda dog costume

The Force is strong with this costume! Dress your dog up as the beloved Star Wars Jedi Master for Halloween. If you want your pup on the Dark Side instead, check out this Darth Vader dog costumeStar Wars can make a good Halloween movie binge. Plus, check out these other Disney Halloween movies that aren’t so scary.

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Pirate dog costumevia

Pirate dog costume

Your dog will be the cutest swashbuckler this Halloween.

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Minion dog costumevia

Minion dog costume

There’s nothing despicable about this Halloween costume idea for your dog. Transform your furry friend into a Minion with this adorable costume that’ll make everyone say “awww.”

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Buzz Lightyear dog costumevia

Buzz Lightyear dog costume

This Halloween costume will send your dog’s cuteness to infinity and beyond! If you have two pups, dress the other up as Woody to create the ultimate Disney dog duo.

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Freddy Krueger dog costumevia

Freddy Krueger dog costume

Draw inspiration from the scary Halloween movie Nightmare on Elm Street and dress your pup up as Freddy Krueger. Be sure to trim your pup’s nails before putting the costume on, though—you don’t want them longer than the razors on Freddy’s legendary (and terrifying) gloves.

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Super-Dog costumevia

Super-Dog costume

Your dog can save the world as Barker, Clark Kent’s alter-ego. If you have more than one dog, turn your pet squad into the Justice League with Batman and Wonder Woman costumes.

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Cowboy rider dog costumevia

Cowboy rider dog costume

How can you not smile while looking at this adorable dog Halloween costume? It’s bound to be a hit no matter where you take your pup.

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Puppy latte dog costumevia

Puppy latte dog costume

Dogs and iced coffee—the perfect combo for a sweet Halloween costume!

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Rocker dog costumevia

Rocker dog costume

Your pooch will make people do a double take (and then probably laugh) with this awesome dog Halloween costume.

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Vet dog costumevia

Vet dog costume

This is one of the cutest dog Halloween costume ideas. Your pup will walk a mile in a vet’s shoes and see they aren’t so bad after all. (Maybe.)

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Vet dog costumevia

Harry Potter dog costume

Your pooch will be all dressed up and ready to go to Hogwartsor is it Dog-warts? All you need is a pair of round glasses and a red-and-gold scarf!

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Lion dog costumevia

Lion dog costume

Make your dog the “mane” event with this fun dog Halloween costume idea. The king of the house can dress up as the king of the jungle! This also makes a great last-minute Halloween costume since you only need one item for it.

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Winnie the Pooh dog costumevia

Winnie the Pooh dog costume

Dress your furry friend up as the beloved Winnie the Pooh this Halloween for extra cuteness. Get a gang of pups together and create a group costume featuring Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore.

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Spider dog costumevia

Spider dog costume

This is one of those creepy-crawly (but still cute) dog Halloween costume ideas. Turn your four-legged friend into a 12-legged friend for the night!

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Mickey Mouse dog costumevia

Mickey Mouse dog costume

Turn your dog into a mouse this Halloween by getting them this adorable Mickey Mouse costume. If you have multiple dogs, dress them up as Minnie, Donald Duck, and Goofy for a precious Disney group costume.

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Ariel dog costumevia

Ariel dog costume

Give your dog the Disney princess treatment and dress them up as the sea’s favorite princess, Ariel! The costume comes with the red wig, mermaid tail, and shell top.

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Business dog costumevia

Business dog costume

Want to show off your pup’s professionalism? Dress them up as a dog ready for business with this Halloween costume. We’re paws-itive it’ll get some laughs!

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Bat dog costumevia

Bat dog costume

Turn your dog into a creature of the night by dressing them in this bat Halloween costume. The best part? There’s a ring on the back, meaning you can leash your dog and walk them through town in this adorable getup.

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Ghostbusters dog costumevia

Ghostbusters dog costume

Something spooky afoot in your neighborhood? You know who to call! This cute dog Halloween costume idea is perfect for the pup that’s not afraid of ghosts and ghouls.

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Pumpkin dog costumevia

Pumpkin dog costume

Dress your dog up as a Halloween staple: the pumpkin! This costume is actually a fleece hoodie, so your dog can stay warm during the crisp October nights. We love a costume that’s cute and efficient. By the way, do you know the history of Halloween jack-o-lanterns?

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Sock hop dog costumevia

Sock hop dog costume

Have your dog travel back in time with this classic sock hop Halloween costume. They’ll be rocking around the clock all night!

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Spider-Man dog costumevia

Spider-Man dog costume

Yep, your pup can be part of the Marvel universe this Halloween. Dress them up as Spider-Man and watch them sling into everyone’s heart with a web of cuteness.

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Dapper dog costumevia

Dapper dog costume

Want to show off your pup’s fancy side? This is one of the best dog Halloween costume ideas for that purpose. Dress them up in a formal tuxedo jacket with tails, buttons, a bow tie, a white shirt, and a top hat to create the ultimate dapper dog look.

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Mike Wazowski dog costumevia

Mike Wazowski dog costume

Dress your dog up as this beloved Monsters, Inc. character and watch how many compliments (and pets) they get.

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Ice cream sundae dog costumevia

Ice cream sundae dog costume

This is a dog Halloween costume idea that shows just how sweet your pup is. Dress them up as this classic dessert if you want an easy costume that still gets attention.

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Joker dog costumevia

Joker dog costume

Why so serious? Give your dog an edge this Halloween by dressing them up as Batman’s nemesis, The Joker.

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Vampire dog costumevia

Vampire dog costume

Make your dog a legendary creature of the night with this simple (but effective) vampire costume. They’ll be the cutest Count around! By the way, here’s the history behind the spookiest Halloween monsters.

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Princess dog costumevia

Princess dog costume

We know your pup is royalty in your home, so have them dress the part by wearing this adorable princess costume. It comes in a variety of sizes that are perfect for every pooch.

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Reindeer dog costumevia

Reindeer dog costume

Move over, Rudolph—there’s a new reindeer in town. Not only is this reindeer costume cute, but it also helps keep your dog’s ears and neck warm. Plus, you can use it around Halloween and Christmas.

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Where's Waldo? dog costumevia

Where’s Waldo? dog costume

Don’t be fooled—anyone will be able to spot your dog in this great Halloween costume! This adorable getup is sure to be a crowd favorite.

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Scooby Doo Mystery Machine dog costumevia

Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine dog costume

Zoinks! This dog Halloween costume idea pays tribute to the ultimate mystery-solving pup, Scooby-Doo, and his friends at Mystery, Inc.

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Squid Game Cat And Dog Halloween Costumevia PUPPERY/

Squid Game dog costume

Squid Game is a global smash success, and now your pup (or kitty, like pictured here!) can get in on the trend by dressing up as a player.

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Racing Dog Halloween Costumevia SweetShiba/

Racing dog costume

Your pup will put the pedal to the metal in this adorable Halloween getup.

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Lobster Dog Halloween Costumevia

Lobster dog costume

Swap the paws for claws this Halloween by dressing your dog up as a lobster. Simple but adorable!

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