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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

45 Dog Memes That Are Paws-itively Hilarious

If you've ever had a furry friend, these dog memes will have you cracking up.

Dogmeme16Getty Images,

Puppy love

There really isn’t much a dog can’t fix. Their soft fur, adorable snouts, and unconditional love are one of a kind. And they’re about to make you laugh, thanks to some of the best memes around. The Internet is flooded with cat memes and other animal memes, but for the next few minutes, it’s all about belly laughs and the cutest dog breeds. We’re talking corgis, German shepherds, chihuahuas, and all of the other pups that make your heart go aww. Heads up: These dog memes are about to make your day a whole lot better.

Satisfied-looking chihuahua. Meme text: When you get an A on a test you didn't study for.Getty Images,

Star student

Honor roll, here I come! This is only one of many funny dog photos you need to see.

Husky looking at you. Meme text: I'm not fat. Just a little husky.Getty Images,

Happy husky

And a cute husky too.

Dog being pet. Meme text: When someone says you're a good boy.Getty Images,

Show those teeth

Good puppies get lots of treats.

Dogmeme4Getty Images,

Let’s play fetch

If I don’t see the ball leave your hand, I’m leaving the dog park. Don’t miss these paw-some dog quotes that celebrate your furry friend!

Dogmeme5Getty Images,

Busy schedule

I’m too tired to find a comfortable sleeping position but can’t stop browsing silly dog puns.

Dogmeme6Getty Images,

Say cheese!

Who bought this ridiculous hat? And why haven’t I gotten any treats?

Dogmeme7Getty Images,

Spring cleaning

I thought I did a successful job scaring this monster away last time. These dogs with floppy ears will make you laugh about just how cute they are.

Dogmeme8Getty Images,

Annual checkup

I was lied to.

Dogmeme9Getty Images,

Rise and shine

I don’t care if it’s 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday. Who doesn’t love a wholesome meme like this?

Dogmeme10Getty Images,

Take the blame

They’ll never know it was me.

Dogmeme11Getty Images,


Make sure to get some drool in there too.

Dogmeme12Getty Images,


I’m going to smell so good.

Dogmeme13Getty Images,

The cat has got to go

I’m just trying to keep you on budget. Of course, some pups actually like cats. See the dogs that get along with cats for the ultimate pairing.

Dogmeme14Getty Images,

Shades on

Blocking out that bright sun.

Dogmeme15Getty Images,

Apply the brakes

Cannot. Slow. Down.

Woman working with a dog on her lap. Meme text: When they ask you to describe your ideal work environmentGetty Images,

The most relatable of dog memes

I’d like something fluffy on my lap, please. Preferably a fluffball that barks.

Dog growling. Meme text: PER MY LAST EMAIL…Getty Images,

Passive-aggressive pups

Did you even read my email? These dogs working from home sure did.

Dog outside door with line of cats before him. Meme text: You may be wondering why I’ve gathered you all here today…Getty Images,

Impromptu meeting

This is serious. If you’re loving these dog memes, you’ll want to pick up Pup Face, the dog meme-themed card game.

Dog with fluffy hair. Meme text: Me leaving the salonGetty Images,

That fresh blowout look

Is the wind making my hair frizzy?

Happy smiling dog. Meme text: When your human asks who the best dog is and you already know it’s youGetty Images,

The favorite child

Yeah, I’m the good boy.

Dog getting close to camera. Meme text: When you open the camera and it’s front facingGetty Images,

Oh, hello!

Not my best angle.

Dog in front of laptop with a bunch of other dogs on it. Meme text: Just another day working from homeGetty Images,

Another day, another Zoom call

Lassie, you’re on mute.

Meme text: The girls getting together for brunchGetty Images,

Two mimosas, please

Should we take a picture for Instagram?

Dog swaddled in blanket on bed. Meme text: Monday, again?Getty Images,

Just one more snooze

If I go back to sleep, maybe I’ll wake up and it will be Friday.

Dog glaring at camera. Meme text: When someone talks to you before your morning coffeeGetty Images,

Go away

I declare myself not responsible for anything that may happen.

Dog beside two children in bathtub. Meme text: Oh, you didn’t mean me?Getty Images,

Caught red-handed

I just wanted to feel included.

Woman doing yoga with her dog. Meme text: Now it’s time for downward-facing dogGetty Images,

Yoga time!

That’s the best form I’ve ever seen (and a pretty good dog joke too).

Little girl pulling dog on a sled. Meme text: Faster! Faster!Getty Images,

Sleigh dog?

More like sleigh baby.

Dog at the dinner table staring at bacon.Meme text: What’s for dessert?Getty Images,

Dinner first

I could go for some peanut butter. Or, you know, whatever you humans are having.

Two dogs watching a kibble commercial on TV. Meme text: Me and my bff watching ChoppedGetty Images,

MasterChef, dog edition

There’s nothing quite like reality TV.

Dog swinging head around so that jaw flaps. Meme text: When you have an itch you just can’t scratchGetty Images,

So annoying

Maybe it will go away if I ignore it.

Dog in glasses looking up at camera, holding a book open. Meme text: When someone interrupts you in the middle of a chapterGetty Images,

Do not disturb

I’m just getting to the best part!

Dog staring at two children who are eating ice cream. Meme text: Excuse me, where’s my cone?Getty Images,

Are you going to finish that?

It would be a shame if I spotted a squirrel and accidentally knocked that cone right out of your hand.

Little dog with hair in curlers. Meme text: Who are you looking at?Getty Images,

New ’do

You think I wake up looking this adorable?

Weiner dog in hot dog costume. Meme text: What’s so funny?Getty Images,

My owner made me

It’s not like you haven’t seen a dog in a hot dog costume before—and that’s a dog fact.

Long-haired chihuhua sticking out of the window of a car majestically. Meme text: They see me rollin’Getty Images,

Car ride

Nothing like having your fur blowing in the wind. For more fun, check out these dog one-liners.

Dog sitting on a lawn chair in flower necklace and sunglasses. Meme text: Me on that one 60-degree day in FebruaryGetty Images,

Fun in the sun

Am I getting a tan?

Dog looking apologetically at camera. Meme text: Before you see what happened in the kitchen, just remember that I love youGetty Images,

Unconditional love

It’s not nearly as bad as it looks.

Dog sticking out of doggy door. Meme text: Let me in so I can tell you I want to go back outside againGetty Images,

Every time

Let’s see how I can annoy the humans a little more than usual today.

Dog holding a ball toward camera. Meme text: Got it! Now please throw it a couple hundred more timesGetty Images,

Thanks for playing!

The best game of all time.

Two dogs in a car. Meme text: Mom, he’s touching meGetty Images,

Are we there yet?

Nothing quite like a long car ride with the kids.

A dog staring at itself in the mirror. Meme text: Today’s the day I will finally catch my own tailGetty Images,

A little positive reinforcement

If you can dream it, you can do it. Right?

A dog in a sweater looking sadly into snow. Meme text: When you realize you have to shovel after the cozy snowstormGetty Images,

Winter wonderland

At least the sweater looks cute! Just another bad joke that you can’t help but laugh at.

Dog shining in the sunlight. Meme text: Is this good enough for Facebook?Getty Images,

New profile picture

Can you just take it one more time? Check out more corgi pictures that will make you want one (if this one didn’t already do the trick).

Dog sitting on couch surrounded by feathers of broken pillows. Meme text: So I was just sitting here and the pillow explodedGetty Images,

Funny story

So strange how that just happened out of nowhere. After you’ve stopped laughing at these hilarious dog memes, try to not chuckle at these relatable dog cartoons.

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