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We Asked AI What It Would Look Like If Dogs Could Take Selfies

These dog "selfies" are the funniest and cutest things you'll see today

dog taking a creative selfie outdoors at home
AI Generated Image (2023)/Midjourney

If dogs could talk … and take selfies

Who doesn’t love scrolling through funny dog photos and tongue-in-cheek dog memes? The only thing more entertaining would be if dogs could take selfies. Imagine what your poodle might post while lounging around the house. Or the shot your huskie might take with his buds when you weren’t looking.

Well, imagine no more! We asked AI to envision these selfie scenarios (an excellent use of artificial intelligence, if you ask us), and the results are howl-arious.

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Affenpinscher taking a selfie while dressed as an ewok on endor
AI Generated Image (2023)/Midjourney

Throwin’ it back to when I auditioned for Star Wars

Did you know that Affenpinschers like me can pass for an Ewok? The resemblance is legit! Plus, as a dog that doesn’t shed much, I don’t leave much fur behind in my costume. #ewoks #affies #thebarkside #hireme

Beagle taking a selfie while working as a TSA agent in an airport
AI Generated Image (2023)/Midjourney

First day on the Beagle Brigade!

We’re not just irresistibly cute dogs with floppy ears! I’m a member of the Beagle Brigade, a team of highly trained Beagles employed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to sniff out prohibited plants and animals that can potentially carry harmful diseases to the U.S. #in-fur-mationdog #thenoseknows

Belgian Malinois selfie with group on an obstacle course
AI Generated Image (2023)/Midjourney

Paws’d for a boot-camp break with my new recruits

I’m a Belgian Malinois—strong, loyal and wicked smart. Plus, I just happen to be one of the best guard dogs around to protect your family. #classvibes #bootcampbuddies

Bloodhound dressed in a suit taking a selfie on the witness stand in a courtroom
AI Generated Image (2023)/Midjourney

When you’re the star witness, you dress for the part

You can train a dog to do many things, but my Bloodhound nose-tracking skills count as real evidence in some courts of law. BTW: I can’t spill the tea yet, but Netflix is courting me to be in a documentary. #testify #sniffdetective

Boston Terrier in a bow tie taking a selfie on the red carpet at a movie premiere
AI Generated Image (2023)/Midjourney

Rockin’ the red carpet like a boss

How ’bout a round of appaws? As a Boston terrier, I’m the most sophisticated and distinguished of all the black-and-white dog breeds, after all. Just being honest! #glamgoals #blacktie

Chihuahua wearing pink sunglasses and wpink terrycloth hoodie taking a poolside selfie
AI Generated Image (2023)/Midjourney

Poolside is my best side

This Chihuahua is content to keep her pretty paws on dry land and scroll through Instagram while lapping up a Starbucks puppuccino. #poolsideglam #chillinchihuahua

Corgi taking selfie with other corgis among shelves of loaves of bread
AI Generated Image (2023)/Midjourney

Loafing around with my dough boys

I love taking cute Corgi pics with my besties! What I really wanted was a pic of me with my famous “Corgi loaf,” but Pumpernickel nixed it. #corgiloaf #zerocarbloaf

Labrador Retriever taking selfie with stolen cheese late at night in darkened kitchen
AI Generated Image (2023)/Midjourney

I’m not stealing cheese—I’m collecting my cheese tax

Everyone knows Labrador retrievers are one of the easiest dog breeds to train … but I can’t “leave it” when it comes to cheese! #cheesetax #sneakysnacker

Portuguese Water Dog lifeguard taking a selfie poolside
AI Generated Image (2023)/Midjourney

Savin’ lives and breakin’ hearts

Can’t all dogs swim? I don’t know, and I doubt the cute Chihuahua sunning herself next to me can, but as a Portuguese water dog, I live for swimming. #doggypaddle #lifeguardlife

Rottweiler wearing a leather jacket taking a selfie with a kitten on his shoulder
AI Generated Image (2023)/Midjourney

So, this one followed me home. Can we keep her?

And you thought Rottweilers were scary and mean! I’m actually a very affectionate dog breed and lovey-dovey with my human and furry family members.

Husky taking a selfie with other huskies outdoors in a snowy landscape
AI Generated Image (2023)/Midjourney

Rollin’ with this squad till our paws fall off!

What can I say? Huskies are driven by wanderlust, and we love to howl and party together. So you’d better keep an eye on us or we’re all gonna Houdini-it out of our backyards and meet up when you’re not looking! #escapeartist #packlife

Samoyed taking a selfie from the dentist chair after a teeth cleaning
AI Generated Image (2023)/Midjourney

No cavities!

I gotta uphold the Samoyed rep for the best friendly doggo smile, so I let my dog dad brush my teeth. (Also, I get a treat after!) #doggysmile

Yorkshire Terrier with blowing hair taking a selfie at the salon
AI Generated Image (2023)/Midjourney

When tongue-out Tuesday is the same day as your blowout

Leaving a big tip for the dog groomer for making my Yorkshire terrier locks gorgeous! #doggydiva #yorkiehairgoals

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