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13 Adorable Dogs with Big Ears That Are Too Cute

All dogs are cute, but dogs with big ears are next-level adorable. Find out what else makes these breeds so lovable.

Adorable Basset Hound puppy sits with cute expression in pretty light
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We’re all ears

There are some cute dog breeds out there, and by “some,” we mean “all.” That goes double for the dogs with big ears. There’s just something about their disproportionate features that make them all the more adorable. So we rounded up some of our favorite small, medium, and large dog breeds and asked dog expert Jamie Ruden, founder of the website Dog Spotted, to point out key personality traits.

But before we dive in, let’s answer the question you’ve no doubt been wondering: Why do these dogs have big ears? “Dogs with long floppy ears are able to capture additional particles of a scent, which may otherwise have gone unnoticed, making them great hunting dogs, as the scent travels to their spectacular noses,” Ruden explains. “The dogs with ears that are pointy [whether big or small] have the best hearing. They have less fur and ear flaps obstructing sounds.” 

Beautiful Bloodhound Puppy At 5 Months
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You probably think of Bloodhounds when you hear the classic tune “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” And we wouldn’t blame you. With their droopy ears and big eyes, they may seem a bit slow and serious, but that’s certainly not the case.

Personality traits:

Portrait of a papillon
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Come on, how adorable is that face? This toy dog is as fierce as it is elegant. Measuring between eight and 11 inches at the shoulder, these little guys are visible from a distance, thanks to their big ears.

Personality traits:

  • Outgoing
  • Affectionate
  • Calm—they’re great therapy dogs

Beagle lying on the outdoor lounge
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Beagles are great hunters and the most loyal companions, according to the American Kennel Club. Since they were bred to hunt in packs, they love to be around other dogs (and humans.) But don’t let their hunting instinct fool you—beagles are extremely friendly and easygoing.

Personality traits:

  • Determined
  • Excitable
  • Doesn’t do well when left alone

basset hound standing on rock
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Basset hound

Basset hounds are instantly recognizable to dog lovers everywhere—and not just because of their long, floppy ears. Even though they are short-legged dogs, basset hounds have a heavy bone structure, powerful little legs, huge paws, and immense strength.

Personality traits:

  • Tenacious
  • Devoted
  • Friendly

Dog Bedlington Terrier
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Bedlington terrier

Dog or sheep? Don’t let the Bedlington terrier’s furry, cuddly coat distract you from its big ears. Even better than its sweet personality: This dog breed doesn’t shed! Your vacuum will thank you later.

Personality traits:

  • Friendly to strangers
  • Not great with cats
  • Loves to bark and chase

Chihuahua In Pet Dog Sitting On Chair
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Did you know the Chihuahua is the national symbol of Mexico? These purse dogs have been around since ancient times and are one of the better-known dog breeds today. Their size makes them perfect for city dwellers with small spaces. These little pups with a big pup demeanor are just as charming as they are sassy.

Personality traits:

  • Playful
  • Temperamental
  • Loves people

Close-Up Of A French Bulldog At Home
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French bulldog

The French bulldog is popular among city residents—unlike other tiny pups (ahem, chihuahuas), they don’t bark much, which makes them ideal for apartment living. Their most prominent features are their bat-like ears, wrinkles, and short nose. Adorable would be an understatement. Read up on more French dogs that make the best pets.

Personality traits:

  • Patient
  • Social
  • Needy

Boston Terrier Puppy with Big Ears Indoors on Couch
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Boston terrier

Boston terriers are easily identified by coloring that resembles a tuxedo jacket, making them look forever dashing and always ready for the next event. Aside from their very alert ears, standout features include a compact size, small tail, and short muzzle.

Personality traits:

  • Loving
  • Smart
  • Patient—they’re great with kids

Cute dachshund in the forest
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Did somebody say hot dog? Dachshunds are tiny but mighty. These energetic little guys are always up for anything, including dressing up as your favorite barbecue meal for Halloween. They are also one of the longest-living dog breeds.

Personality traits:

  • Clever
  • Devoted
  • Great watchdogs

Beautiful fully coated Afghan Hound
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Afghan hound

Have you ever seen more luscious locks? Many of us don’t even look this good after a professional blowout. But while Afghan hounds’ long hair may be strikingly beautiful, it served a greater purpose in the breed’s past. It was used to protect the dogs from the harsh climate in the mountain regions where they originated.

Personality traits:

  • Goofy
  • Brave
  • High maintenance

cocker spaniel sitting on field against sky
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Cocker spaniel

Cocker spaniels are one of the most popular companion dogs, and for good reason. They are eager to play, get along great with children, and are easily trained. Plus, their soft fur just screams “pet me!”

Personality traits:

  • Playful
  • Quiet
  • Active

German shepherd resting on grass
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German shepherd

You may know the German shepherd as a muscular, large, and agile German dog breed, but it’s so much more than that. The American Kennel Club reports that their most commendable attribute is a loyal and courageous character. They’ll put their own lives on the line for loved ones.

Personality traits:

  • Watchful
  • Brave
  • Protective

Irish setter

The Irish setter is a family dog known for its grace, beauty, and swiftness—and a stunning red coat. They are incredibly lovable and have charmed pet owners for over 200 years.

Personality traits:

  • Smart
  • Extroverted
  • Athletic

Now that you’ve gushed over these adorable dogs with big ears, just wait until you see these dogs with curly tails.


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