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Easy Bake Sale Treats Anyone Can Make

These delicious recipes from Taste of Home are guaranteed to sell-out quickly at any bake sale.

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Speedy Brownies

There’s no stovetop steps in this recipe—and all of the ingredients come together in one bowl, reducing the
amount of kitchen time (and cleanup) required. They’re topped with a sprinkling
of chocolate chips for even more chocolatey goodness.
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Chippy Blond Brownies

These butterscotch beauties are studded with chocolate chips and pecans.
Tip: In case of nut or other food allergies, alert people about the ingredients by printing them out or include recipe cards with your baked goods.
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Chocolate-Filled Mini-Cupcakes

These tiny treats have an irresistible creamy center. To transport, pack them snugly in one
layer in an airtight plastic container; store them in the school kitchen’s
fridge until it’s sale time.
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Chocolate Chip Bars

No need to pre-heat your oven to make these
dense, cakey bars, because they bake up (yes!) in the microwave. Once cooled and cut, wrap
individual bars in plastic wrap and stack them in an airtight container.
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Chocolate Ribbon Bars

These aren’t the same old crispy cereal treats. Mixed
with butterscotch chips and peanut butter and layered with chocolate, the traditional rice cereal gets a whole new flavor—and they’ll stand out in a crowd.
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Luscious Lemon Bars

For a sweet-tart treat, mix up a batch of these citrusy lemon bars. Tip: When you’re packing up gooey goodies for a bake sale, don’t forget to include napkins, moist towelettes, or paper towels—buyers will appreciate the thought.
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Easy Banana Nut Bread

Pressed for time? Thanks to packaged cake mix, you’ll only need ten minutes of prep to make this homey bake sale favorite, banana nut bread. This recipe makes two loaves. Bake them in disposable aluminum loaf pans if you’re selling them whole; if you’re selling slices, wrap each individually in plastic wrap.
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Butterfinger Cookies

These golden cookies contain a delicious candy surprise—chopped-up Butterfinger bars. Tip: When packaging cookies for a bake sale, wrap them up in plastic wrap in ready-to-sell bundles of two (placing their bottoms together).
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Chocolate Chip Butter Cookies

Crumbly butter cookies get the surprise addition of chocolate chips in this creative recipe. Drizzle with melted chocolate chips if you like, but let the icing on the cookies completely dry before packing them up.
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Pecan-Chocolate Chip Cookies

No bake sale would be complete without classic chocolate chip cookies. This crisp, nutty version contains chopped pecans, but you can omit them if you want. Tip: Be sure to store soft cookies and crisp cookies in separate containers, as the moisture from the soft cookies makes crisp ones lose their crunch.
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