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7 of the Most Ridiculous Things Ever Sold on Facebook Marketplace

A haunted mirror? A voodoo doll? A plastic water bottle that's worth more than you imagined? You can find a lot on Facebook Marketplace.

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facebook marketplacevia Facebook

Facebook marketplace can be very helpful. Need new furniture? A used car? An apartment to rent even? It sometimes seems like you can find anything amongst the listings—even seriously weird ones. Here are 7 bizarre, weird or downright creepy things we found listed on Facebook marketplace. Check out the 7 ways to stay safe when using Facebook Marketplace

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water bottle ridiculous things sold facebook marketplacevia Facebook

A $50 worth water bottle

Water’s good and all, but $50 does seem a bit much for a water bottle. “It’s a great water bottle, clean and refreshing,” says the ad. That said, the price tag might still be pushing it too far, no matter how refreshing. For more crazy things being sold, check out these bizarre Craigslist ads.

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super creepy doll ridiculous things sold facebook marketplacevia Facebook

One “super creepy” doll

If you love scary things, this doll might be for you. The doll’s said to be 40+ years old, and the eyes pop open as you raise it “in the most terrifying way”, according to the add. The seller does assure people that she has many other, “non-creepy” listings. Plus, the doll comes from a smoke-free home!

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voodoo doll ridiculous things sold facebook marketplacevia Facebook

Tiny voodoo doll

Are you into witchcraft? Then this listing is all you need. This voodoo doll is very small, but also very very scary. It even looks like it’s covered in blood. Or maybe it is? “Perfect for Halloween or haunt decor. Or witchcraft!” says the ad. For more ads to laugh at, check out these funny help wanted ads.

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haunted mirror ridiculous things sold facebook marketplacevia Facebook

A haunted mirror

Ever wanted a haunted mirror? You’re in luck. “It seems like stuff comes out of it, I just want to get rid of it,” says the seller. From the ad it looks like just any other mirror, but you never know. While you probably won’t find this at a superstore, you can still find some winners with the strangest things you can buy at Walmart.

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ridiculous things sold facebook marketplace haunted dollvia Facebook

A haunted doll that comes with video proof

Meet Esmeralda, a really active haunted doll that can be yours. “With this doll you know you will be getting the real deal. There is a powerful spirit attached to this one!” says the seller. “She will do great on video and spirit box! Her head turns!” Now who wouldn’t want that? If this is a bit too far on the “crazy” spectrum, maybe stick with the weirdest things you can buy on Amazon.

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electric hospital bed ridiculous things sold facebook marketplacevia Facebook

A real hospital bed

We don’t know why you would need one, but if you want a hospital bed, you can find one on Facebook Marketplace. It also comes with its own mattress topper. You truly can find anything on the internet.

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craw foot tub ridiculous things sold facebook marketplacevia Facebook

A rusty “crawfoot” tub

Clawfoot tubs are nice—when they’re not old and rusty like this one. But maybe you could take it on as a project? Next, read the 12 things you need to know before buying anything through Facebook.