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25 Father’s Day Activities Your Dad Will Appreciate

For every kind of dad, there's a perfect Father's Day activity to enjoy and remember forever. From golf to Go-Karts, find fun Father's Day ideas here.

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Father and son having fun on Father's DayMe Studio/Getty Images

Celebrate Dad with these Father’s Day activities

You’ve gotten Dad the perfect Father’s Day gift and Father’s Day card, complete with a great Father’s Day message or quote, but what to do on Father’s Day itself? Father’s Day, celebrated on Sunday, June 19, in the United States in 2022, usually brings nice weather and plenty of opportunities for family fun. Whether you opt to spend some quality time just you and Dad or get the whole family involved, here are some great Father’s Day activities for you and your favorite guy.

Father's day breakfast in bedshironosov/Getty Images

Make him breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed doesn’t have to be for just Mom! Make Dad feel special by bringing him some of his favorite brekky as well. Make a morning of it by giving him his gifts while he feasts too—though this will set the bar high for Father’s Day activities for the rest of the day! You can even write one of these funny Father’s Day quotes on his napkin to make him laugh at breakfast.

Kids watching movie with their father on Father's DayNoSystem images/Getty Images

Watch a movie

Whether you and your dad love a side-splitting comedy or a good tearjerker, there are plenty of good flicks to watch on Father’s Day. End the day with a movie night, or if you don’t have the best weather, opt for a movie marathon! From family-friendly classics like Finding Nemo to powerhouse action dads like Liam Neeson in Taken, this list of Father’s Day movies has something for everyone.

father and son fishing on fathers dayCavan Images/Getty Images

Go fishing

Fishing is one of the most classic Father’s Day activities for a reason. When else do you get to stand side by side and catch up on life while you enjoy the outdoors? Try this neat fishing trick: Use WD-40 to spray your lures. It attracts fish and masks human odor that can scare them off. Make him laugh while out on the peaceful waters with these dad jokes.

Father and Daughter Riding in Go Kart on Father's DayBanksPhotos/Getty Images

Test your Go-Kart skills

Forget another gift of golf shirts. Take Dad for a thrill ride. Set him up with a speedway, a Go-Kart, and a helmet, and watch Dad go crazy with excitement. Look for a nearby Go-Kart track and spend the day zipping around. By the way, if you want to make your dad laugh this Father’s Day, check out these funny Father’s Day gifts!

Paintball on father's dayWestend61/Getty Images

Challenge him to paintball

Let Dad explore his inner warrior. Nothing says “I love you” like a friendly little battle of the generations. You can also fill out one of these printable Father’s Day cards that will warm his heart.

Father and son toasting and drinking beer in the pubAnchiy/Getty Images

Taste some beers

Make Dad’s day by toasting him at a local beer- or wine-tasting event. There’s even a no-brainer built-in gift: Bring home some of the day’s best bottles so he’ll remember the day for weeks to come. You two can also look at funny Father’s Day memes while sipping on your brews.

father and son riding roller coaster on Father's DayJoe McBride/Getty Images

Hit the amusement park

Thrilling rides, funnel cake, tacky souvenirs—just some of the crazy-fun Father’s Day activities you can do at a theme park.

father golfing with son and daughter on father's dayMarcus Chung/Getty Images

Practice your swing

They say golf is a good walk spoiled, but not when you spend 18 holes worth of quality time with Dad. You can hire a PGA instructor for a series of golf lessons for you and your dad—a great excuse to hang out together, pick up tips from a pro, and improve your game. The possibilities for golf-related Father’s Day activities are endless—head to the driving range, or play some mini-golf if that’s more your (or his) speed. This could even be a last-minute Father’s Day gift!

father and daughter doing crafts on fathers daybernardbodo/Getty Images

Do crafts

Especially if you’re stuck inside this year (who knows what June will be like?!), why not try out a craft project? Go beyond the generic “colorful paper ties” you made in preschool and check out this whole list of Father’s Day crafts you can make in one day—they could even double as memorable homemade Father’s Day gifts. These are adorable, funny, and make great keepsakes—and plenty are useful too! If you’re doing a craft project with your stepdad, you could make it extra special by putting one of these heartwarming stepdad quotes on it. And if you’re stumped about what to get your stepdad for Father’s Day, these stepdad Father’s Day gifts will make him smile!

Father and son building birdhouse outdoorDaniela Jovanovska-Hristovska/Getty Images

Build something

If Dad is handy, get out the nails, sander, and paint and see if there’s some kind of construction project you could tackle together. Of course, we’re not talking about annoying, run-of-the-mill home improvement projects here (unless you and Dad really do love that, of course!). Work on building a bird house (or if you want to go really big, a tree house!), paint a piece of furniture a cool color, or maneuver your way through another DIY home project. Or if you’d rather (and we wouldn’t blame you), work on a LEGO or K’NEX project.

Boston Red Sox v. New York YankeesRob Tringali/Getty Images

Catch a game

Tickets to his favorite sporting event are pretty much always a winning idea. Many stadiums have Father’s Day deals, so check if your local teams are offering discounted tickets. Want to be the favorite child? Surprise Dad by splurging on season tickets.

Father and daughter enjoying campfire at seaside campsite at sunsetIppei Naoi/Getty Images

Get out in nature

This year, start a camping tradition. Pitch a tent, start a campfire, swap memories about growing up—it’s bonding at its best. Look for a campground near you, pick up the right gear, and go wild.

man getting massage on fathers dayistock/PeopleImages

Plan a spa day

Spa days are not just for the ladies. If yours is the kind of dad who appreciates being pampered, book him a luxurious massage, haircut, or professional shave.

Father and children at a car show from aboveChris Sattlberger/Getty Images

Go to a car show

Is your dad an absolute car nut? Contact your local car clubs to find a nearby show of amazing vintage hot rods or the latest electric car. Bond over stories of what it was like for him to drive his first car—or laugh over what he went through to teach you how to drive.

12-fathers-day-activities-history-dadistock/Elena Dijour

Take a history lesson

Check with your local library or historical society and ask if tours are available in their stacks and archives. Many organizations will be happy to show you a behind-the-scenes look at your town’s history.

Father and son sitting at a table indoors playing a game of chess.Cavan Images/Getty Images

Play board games

Here’s another great one for staying home—but we think it’s a great Father’s Day activity for any year! Does Dad love strategy board games? Or is he more of a classic board games guy? Ask what his favorite game was growing up and try playing it to see if he’s still got it!

Family on festivalsvetikd/Getty Images

See a concert

What’s playing nearby? Check local listings for an outdoor music festival or concert your pop might appreciate. Remember snacks and cold water, plus a clean blanket. Or just head to a great local restaurant where there’ll be live music! You can even include the tickets in a lovely Father’s Day gift basket made specially for your dad.


Visit an art installation

Many local art museums have dad-friendly works to look at, but you can also go quirky and try a specialized collection or gallery that he might find more interesting. Or get creative: You could check out a cool art installation in a nearby city instead of doing a more traditional museum.

Mature men in a cooking class having funHinterhaus Productions/Getty Images

Take a cooking class

You can treat dad to dinner anytime. Instead, sign up for a cooking class and experiment in the kitchen. Sur La Table and Whole Foods, as well as your own local grocery store, are good places to start your search. This can be a great gift a daughter gives her dad—and check out these other Father’s Day gifts from daughters too.

Father buckling daughter (2-3) in car seatJessica Peterson/Getty Images

Plan a trip

From the coast of Maine to Florida’s Key West, June is a great month to get away—especially if you live in an area where it’s just starting to feel like summer. Whether you plan a day or weekend getaway, take a scenic road trip or make it the first beach day of the summer.

Father and son volunteer during charity driveSDI Productions/Getty Images

Lend a hand

He’s given you so much, now it’s time for you both to give back. Turn spending time with Dad into one of the most meaningful Father’s Day activities out there: helping those in your community. Consider a Habitat for Humanity build, a Red Cross blood donation, or a volunteer shift at a food bank. Check out these other creative ways to volunteer.

Senior man with his mature son embracing outdoors in park.Halfpoint Images/Getty Images

Grab some ice cream

Just like when you were a kid, your dad will love indulging in some sweet treats with you. You can even splurge and get him the big sundae, and dad will get two of his favorite things: dessert and spending time with you.

Man goes on road trip in countrysideBlasius Erlinger/Getty Images

Rent his favorite car

Has your dad always dreamed of driving a Tesla? A Ferrari? Rent one for a couple hours and take a spin together. This is certainly a Father’s Day activity he will never forget.

Father and Daughter Mountain Bikers Enjoy Summer Mountaintop View, CaliforniaPamelaJoeMcFarlane/Getty Images

Go on a bike ride

If your dad loves the outdoors, plan a bike ride! Take him to his favorite park, or try a trail neither of you has been to before, and go exploring. The weather is perfect around Father’s Day, so he’ll enjoy the fresh air. Not to mention, he’ll be enjoying it with his kid.

Man listening to a vinyl record and looking at the record cover on a couch at home10'000 Hours/Getty Images

Listen to some old records

Let your dad choose the music. He’ll feel nostalgic dusting off his favorite records and listening to some of his old favorites. Even better, he’ll love sharing his past with his children. It may even spark some stories that will help you get to know your dad on a deeper level. Now that you have some inspiration for your Father’s Day activities, don’t forget to get a gift for Grandpa!