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50 Flirty Memes That Will Make Your Crush Blush

Modern romance is all about cheeky communication, and these flirty memes are sure to make your crush smile—maybe even blush

Ft 50 Flirty Memes To Make That Special Someone Giggle Gettyimages 1479708987
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Raise your flirting game

Keeping a relationship fresh and exciting isn’t always easy, especially when communicating through text messages. But texting doesn’t have to be mundane. Sending a doting message to your crush or significant other can be exhilarating, whether you’re including a cheesy pickup line, romantic quote or flirty text that borders on scandalous. Want to go the extra mile? How about sending a flirty meme.

We’ve rounded up the best memes to encourage flirtation, and these options are sure to make your special someone smile—even blush! If you want more of the best memes or are just wondering how to be romantic, here are some romantic ways to say I love you, some favorite love memes and the best date ideas.

Flirty memes you need to try

1 Me Waiting To See You Again Meme Gettyimages 1226191385
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Your missing piece

Missing your crush? This meme is the ultimate “thinking of you” message.

2 I Want Cake But I Want You More Gettyimages 1297658716
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Sweet tooth

Perfect for the dessert-loving beau.

3 Hope Your Morning Coffee Is As Hot As You Are Gettyimages 986727640
RD.COM, Getty Images

Cup of joe

What goes best with an a.m. cup of coffee? A flirty good morning meme for him or a good morning message. They’ll know they’re the first thing on your mind when you wake up.

4 Reading Your Texts In Bed And Smiling At My Phone Like Gettyimages 1446465121
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Nighttime meme

Want to make sure they hit the hay thinking of you? Try a flirty meme paired with a good night message.

5 Roses Are Red Gettyimages 911975366
RD.COM, Getty Images

Valentine’s rhyme

We love turning a classic Valentine’s Day poem (like these funny roses-are-red poems) into a Valentine’s Day meme.

6 You're My Lobster Gettyimages 471288375
RD.COM, Getty Images

Lovely lobsters

Everyone knows this Friends reference.

7 Dear Sweet Stuff Gettyimages 1257897042
RD.COM, Getty Images

Terms of endearment

Have you solidified your flirty boyfriend nickname?

8 I Think I'm Sick Gettyimages 78567833
RD.COM, Getty Images

It’s contagious

Maybe don’t send this one if your significant other is squeamish.

9 Pick A Date Gettyimages 162922302
RD.COM, Getty Images

Dream date

Why not use a flirty meme for a crush to ask them out?

10 The Beatles Said It Best I Wanna Hold Your Hand Gettyimages 1164839177
RD.COM, Getty Images

Down with PDA

Is holding hands in public one sign of a healthy relationship? We think so! (Check out eight other secrets of happy couples.)

11 Maybe I'll Get Used To Your Snoring Gettyimages 1326354892
RD.COM, Getty Images

Love and marriage

Will they take the hint with one of these flirty marriage memes?

12 This Could Be Us Gettyimages 873772358
RD.COM, Getty Images

Cuteness overload

Wholesome memes are always a good choice.

13 Love Looks Not With The Eyes Gettyimages 165964286
RD.COM, Getty Images

Shakespeare in love

With this quote from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, you just might impress your crush with your knowledge of literature. If that works, try sending them these love poems.

14 Wish We Could Snuggle Up Like This All Day Gettyimages 1158816217
RD.COM, Getty Images

Cuddle buddy

Cuddling is the ultimate stress-buster, which means a little cuddle session with your crush is not only great for your relationship, it’s also a mood-boosting bonus for your mental well-being.

15 What's Your Biggest Fear Mine Is Being Away From You Gettyimages 1415762803
RD.COM, Getty Images

In the deep end

Have you made that jump into the deep end of your relationship? Ask your crush one of these questions that lead to love.

16 Wanna Spoon Gettyimages 1199641151
RD.COM, Getty Images

Intimate sleep

Whether you’re the big spoon or little spoon, you’ll increase those feel-good hormones with a little pre-bed spooning session.

17 Just Want You To Know You're On My Mind Gettyimages 119704173
RD.COM, Getty Images

Thinking about you

It’s not just a timeless love song. Let your special someone know they’re always on your mind.

18 Me When I'm Pretending To Take Notes During A Meeting Gettyimages 155771048
RD.COM, Getty Images

Work hard, flirt harder

Doodling isn’t just for high school notebooks.

19 Call Me If You Get Bored You Know I Love To Hear Your Voice Gettyimages 916895880
RD.COM, Getty Images

Hit me up!

Try turning a meme text into a phone call.

20 You're So Sweet Gettyimages 1042132748
RD.COM, Getty Images

Hey there, sweet stuff

This flirty meme is perfect for the significant other with a sweet tooth. There are so many possible nicknames for a girlfriend, how can you choose just one?

21 Thank You For Being You Gettyimages 475223937
RD.COM, Getty Images

Stay wholesome

A little “thank you” goes a long way. Always telling someone how grateful you are? Try these thank-you memes.

22 I Have A Secret To Tell You I Like You Gettyimages 177256741
RD.COM, Getty Images

Secrets are no fun

… unless you divulge them to your crush.

23 We Might Be An Even Better Duo Than Peanut Butter And Jelly Gettyimages 453873651
RD.COM, Getty Images

Take a bite

It’s peanut-butter-and-jelly time!

24 I Don't Have Any Photos Of Us Together Gettyimages 1201748982
RD.COM, Getty Images

Shutter bug

If looking at photos of your crush on social media makes you giddy, it might be time to snap a few together.

25 Wearing Your Sweatshirt Gettyimages 1293292206
RD.COM, Getty Images

Hoodie season

If he left his sweatshirt at your place, would you wear it? Don’t lie.

26 If I'm The Main Character You're Definitely The Love Interest Gettyimages 1453644528
RD.COM, Getty Images

Main character energy

This flirty meme is perfect for the rom-com lover.

27 Will You Go Out With Me Gettyimages 532121154
RD.COM, Getty Images

Checks all the boxes

If your crush meets all your standards, why not ask them out?

28 Me Looking At The Same Pictures Of You Over And Over Again Gettyimages 1402362440
RD.COM, Getty Images

Can’t stop scrolling!

If your loved one is all over your FYP and Instagram feed, it’s a match.

29 I'll See You In My Daydreams Gettyimages 1165297325
RD.COM, Getty Images

The right headspace

Is your relationship all consuming? Send a few flirty memes to let them know they’re in your dreams—day and night.

30 My Love Language Is Quality Time And I'd Love To Spend Some With You Gettyimages 1007329100
RD.COM, Getty Images

Love language

Ask your loved one what their love language is.

31 Me When I See A Text Notification From You Gettyimages 1403624093
RD.COM, Getty Images

Happy texting

Does your heart skip a beat when their name pops up on your phone?

32 This Song Reminds Me Of You Gettyimages 1189839322
RD.COM, Getty Images

Making musical memories

Sharing a love song with someone can be deeply personal.

33 I'd Rather Be Kissing You Right Now Gettyimages 527993995
RD.COM, Getty Images

Blow me a kiss

Have you ever used a meme to initiate a smooch?

34 What Are Your Plans For The Weekend Gettyimages 469419094
RD.COM, Getty Images

Weekend warrior

Want to make plans with your beau? Let this meme do the talking.

35 Are You A Thief Because You Stole My Heart Gettyimages 536095543
RD.COM, Getty Images

Heart heist

Have a special someone who enjoys corny and funny pickup lines? Try this flirty, quirky meme.

36 Your Eyes Are Like A Big Department Store Gettyimages 876821742
RD.COM, Getty Images

Eyes sparkle as the soul sings

What better way to compliment your loved one than through a meme?

37 You Running Through My Mind All Day Like Gettyimages 102284251
RD.COM, Getty Images

Running through my mind

Your crush will be flattered to know you’ve been thinking about them.

38 If You Were A Song I'd Play You On Repeat Gettyimages 495070194
RD.COM, Getty Images

Stuck on replay

Are those date nights playing like a melody in your head? Send them this flirty meme to prove it.

39 I've Got A Really Nice Shirt On Right Now It's Made Of Boyfriend Material Gettyimages 523415383
RD.COM, Getty Images

Dress to impress

Slide into their texts with this smooth line.

40 When I'm With You There's Magic In The Air Gettyimages 537273791
RD.COM, Getty Images

Oh, oh, oh, it’s magic!

How about this flirty meme to let them know you feel sparks flying too.

41 What's Your Favorite Number Mine Is Your Phone Number Gettyimages 459269187
RD.COM, Getty Images

Give me a ring

You already got their number—now show them how glad you are to have it.

42 I've Been Waiting So Long To Find Someone Like You Gettyimages 1158827448
RD.COM, Getty Images

You have me smitten

You’re sure to find love with a little time and patience.

43 Breaking News Gettyimages 1215674983
RD.COM, Getty Images

Extra! Extra!

Because having a crush on someone is the most exciting news you can share with them.

44 When Every Song I Listen To Starts To Be About You Gettyimages 1447934885
RD.COM, Getty Images

My kind of tune

Whether you’re listening to Taylor Swift, Beyoncé or Ed Sheeran, those lyrics have you thinking about someone special.

45 The Way I Feel About You Is Like When I See The Waiter Walking Over With My Food Gettyimages 1419577334
RD.COM, Getty Images

Take my breath away

We all know that amazing feeling.

46 You Know So Much About The World I'll Never Need To Use Chatgpt Again Gettyimages 1204589722
RD.COM, Getty Images

Smartie pants

Compliment your crush’s intelligence with this flirty meme.

47 Did You Come In The Mail Because You're The Total Package Gettyimages 1088608090
RD.COM, Getty Images

Match made in transit

Who ordered something from Amazon?

48 You Give Me Butterflies Gettyimages 91496776
RD.COM, Getty Images

Fluttering hearts

When that gut feeling is attraction, this flirty meme is perfect.

49 Will You Be The Dairy King To My Dairy Queen Gettyimages 1254083420
RD.COM, Getty Images

We all scream for ice cream!

This one’s for all the milkshake lovers.

50 Puppies Are Cute But You're Even Cuter Gettyimages 641617576
RD.COM, Getty Images

Puppy love

There’s nothing better than young love.

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