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18 Foreign Words That Sound Rude in English

You may not want to use these words in polite company until you know what they mean.

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aholeholeNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock


This is a Hawaiian word for a small silvery fish found in tropical waters.

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assapanickNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock


Colonial leader Captain John Smith used this word in his journal in 1606. Native American tribes in Virginia used the term to describe a flying squirrel.

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aktashiteNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock


Named for a village in Russia, aktashite is a term for a rare mineral composed of arsenic, copper, and mercury. Don’t miss these 15 words that used to mean completely different things.

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bastinadoNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock


A Spanish word for thrashing or caning the feet, which dates back to the sixteenth century.

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bicheNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock


Far from a derogatory term, this French word means doe.

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clatterfartNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock


A Tudor dictionary from 1552 defines this word as someone who is a gossip or a blabbermouth. Find out 70 words and phrases you’re probably using wrong.

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coqueNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock


This French word means seashell.

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dik-dikNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock


This is the word for a small antelope from Africa that’s known for its elongated snout.

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fahrtNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock


This German word means a trip or drive.

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haboobNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock


An Arabic word for a violent sandstorm in the desert.

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pakapooNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock


A Chinese term for a lottery that was popular in the nineteenth century.

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phoqueNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock


In French, this term isn’t rude, it’s cute. The word means seal.

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poongaNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock


The name for an oil that comes from an Indian beech tree and is used to treat skin ailments. Don’t miss these 22 words and phrases that originated in the military.

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pissalaNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock


A French term that originated in Nice that translates as “salted fish.” It’s a condiment made from pureed anchovies, olive oil, garlic, peppers, and herbs.

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prickNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock


This Dutch term means a dot or a spot. Find out 12 surprisingly offensive words you need to stop using.

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shittahNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock


This Hebrew term comes from Northeast Africa and the Middle East, where it refers to a type of acacia tree.

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SlagroomNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock


This Dutch word translates into a treat: whipped cream.

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womitNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock


In German, this term isn’t about getting sick, it’s used by pontificators. The word means “whereby.”

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