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11 Things You Can Still Get for Free on an Airplane

All you have to do is ask nicely.

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Cockpit tours

If you’re flying with a young passenger who’s intersted in planes (or you’re interested yourself), most pilots will gladly allow you to peak inside the cockpit. Ask him or her after the flight, when time is less of the essence.

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An entire can of soda

If a few splashes of soda over a full cup of ice isn’t enough to quench your thirst, ask your flight attendant for the entire can, or to have your drink with no ice.

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Seconds on snacks

Most airplanes are well stocked on chips and other in-flight snacks. If you’re still hungry after the first round, ask your flight attendant if there are enough leftovers for seconds. Just avoid these 13 foods you should never eat on an airplane

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Basic first aid supplies

Should you ever need an aspirin, antacid, or Band-Aid on your flight, rest assured the crew has got you covered. All you have to do is ask. 

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Sanitizing wipes

Your tray table and seat belt buckle are some of the germiest places on the plane. Want to avoid them? Ask for a sanitizing wipe—most airlines keep small packages on board. Follow these tips to have the healthiest flight ever.

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Free alcohol

Cheers! Most airlines offer free alcoholic beverages in first and business class, and a selection of free wine and beer on international flights.

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Temporary babysitting

Traveling with kids can be tough, and flight attendants know this. If you need to get up for a quick trip to the restroom (and your child is enjoying a quiet well-behaved moment), most attendants will gladly keep an eye on your little one for a minute or two. But don’t overstay your welcome—check out these etiquette rules for flying on an airplane.

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Travel advice

Not sure about the layout of your destination’s airport, or of major landmarks in relation to it? Ask your flight attendant. In all likelihood, she’s been there before and may have some helpful advice. These are the other things your flight attendant wishes you knew

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About to get off your flight and realize you forgot to read the magazine in your seat back? Have a long cab ride to your hotel? Feel free to take the magazine with you as entertainment—it’s totally free. 

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While many airlines off free seat-back movie entertainment even on short flights, others make you put in a bit of work. Still, it’s almost always available. Look up your airline in advance to see if you’ll need to download an app (like on American) or if it’s available from any device (like on Southwest). Don’t miss these things you should never do on an airplane.

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Airline wings for kids

Even if you don’t get a cockpit tour on your flight, it might be possible to snag some airline wings for your little one. Not all flights will have them, but there’s no harm in asking. Avoid giving even more of your money to the airline by following these 16 rules for getting the best airfare possible.

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