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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

8 Fun Friend Date Ideas for You and Your Squad

Who says dates have to be romantic? Grab your closest friends (male or female) and get together for something other than dinner and a movie.


Host a game night

Channel your inner child and break out your favorite board games for the perfect mix of fun and nostalgia. Or take things to the next level and make up your own version of charades. Categories could include celebrities we love to hate, adorable animals, or movie characters we wish were real.


Celebrate Friendsgiving

What’s better than dinner with friends? A dinner that all your friends make together! You can either host a potluck dinner where everyone brings a different dish (Make sure there are no repeats!) or invite everyone to your place for a cooking party before the meal. And if you don’t have the biggest kitchen in the world, well, it becomes a bonding experience for everyone. Check out these other tips for a memorable Friendsgiving dinner.


Organize a white elephant gift exchange

Traditional holiday gift exchanges come with certain expectations—spending the right amount on a gift that’s thoughtful, classy, and memorable. At white elephant gift exchanges, anything goes. That could be a random object lying around your apartment, a craft you made, or the punch line of an inside joke only you and your gang understand.


Get active

Finding the motivation to exercise is like looking for a missing sock. You know it’s there somewhere, but no matter how hard you look, you just can’t seem to spot it. But when you work out with your friends, exercise suddenly feels like anything but a chore. So get out of the house, and go on a walk around your neighborhood and people-watch. Embarrass (or be surprisingly impressed with) yourself at Zumba or a cycling class. You’ll have much better luck embracing your new exercise routine than finding that sock. Those things never reappear.


Visit a farmer’s market

Supporting local businesses doesn’t get more fun (or tasty) than taking a trip to a farmer’s market. Treat yourself to a snack or buy ingredients for your Friendsgiving dish. Before you head out, find the best deals at farmer’s markets. Your wallet will thank you.


Stay in for a movie (or seven)

Whether it’s a rom-com with a happy ending or a thriller that has you on the edge of your seat, any movie works for a friend date, as long as you’ve got snacks, your squad, and plenty of hilarious commentary from the audience.


Take a class

The word “class” probably prompts unwanted flashbacks from your awkward high school days. Luckily, there is a variety of courses that don’t involve a blackboard. Brush up on your art skills at a paint and wine bar. Create a new dish in a cooking class (and pick up some kitchen hacks from the pros). Learn to sew or crochet. The possibilities are endless.


Yelp yourself

This fun game leaves your dinner choices in the unpredictable hands of crowdsourcing. Instead of repeatedly asking everyone’s in the mood for, search nearby restaurants and make your decision solely on their Yelp reviews. No matter where you end up, all that matters is that you mind your manners and enjoy the experience.