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45 Funny Father’s Day Gifts Guaranteed to Crack Him Up

Not sure what to get him this year? You can't go wrong with one of these funny Father’s Day gifts that will definitely make him laugh.

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45 Funny Fathers Day Gifts Guaranteed To Crack Him Up Ft Via Merchantvia merchant (3)

Our favorite funny gift ideas for dads

We could all use more laughter in our everyday lives, but that’s especially true for Dad. After all, he’s always on dad duty—working hard, fixing stuff around the house, doling out expert advice, and worrying about you. That’s why a funny Father’s Day gift is a perfect choice, either as a stand-alone gift or paired with one of these more serious Father’s Day gifts. Not only will it provide some much-needed laughter for the whole family, but he’ll really appreciate the fact that you took the time to figure out just what would make him smile on Father’s Day.

If you’re running late with your shopping, don’t worry—we’ve got plenty of last-minute Father’s Day gifts on this list that will ship quickly. (Shhh…we won’t tell if you don’t!)

How we picked the best funny Father’s Day gifts

We searched the Internet, of course! But these gifts for men didn’t just make us laugh—many of them are best sellers that online users rave about. Some are unique gifts, others are functional gifts that highlight his hobbies, and some involve dad jokes or are just plain silly. And while you’ll find some hilarious personalized Father’s Day gifts on this list, they can all come pretty close to custom if you home in on your dad’s sense of humor or that thing you always tease him about. (Hey, what are kids and spouses for?)

One important reminder: No matter which gift ideas speak to you, make sure to pair them with a funny or thoughtful Father’s Day card, and also plan a special activity for him on the big day. He’ll appreciate it more than you know.

Beef Jerky Dad Vent Calendar Ecomm Via Mancrates.comvia merchant

For the snacker

Dad-vent Jerky Calendar

Who says an advent calendar has to be for Christmas? If the dad or granddad in your life loves cured meat and daily surprises, you’ve found the perfect gift for him. With the Dad-vent Jerky Calendar, he’ll get to enjoy almost a month’s worth of jerky in a variety of flavors like habanero, honey bourbon, root beer, and garlic.

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Worls Smallest Boggle Game Ecomm Via Alwaysfitsvia merchant

For the Wordle addict

World’s Smallest Boggle Game

If he’s addicted to Wordle, he’ll love this funny Father’s Day present—and make good use out of it. Boggle is the original word game, and this mini set will provide old-school amusement while also keeping his mind sharp.

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Custom Paint By Number Set Ecomm Via Uncommongoodsvia merchant

For the artistic dad

Uncommon Goods Custom Paint-by-Number Kit

Take the funniest picture of him or the kids and turn it into a work of art. All you have to do is send a photo and then wait for a personalized paint-by-number kit—which comes complete with a professional linen canvas, paint, and brushes—to be delivered to his doorstep. This funny Father’s Day gift idea also works well for a father-in-law with a sense of humor.

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Dad Joke Loading Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

For the dad joke aficionado

“Dad Joke Loading” T-Shirt

It seems like every topic you broach at the dinner table has a dad joke to match. Give your dad credit for his funny jabs with this perfect tee, and he’ll proudly display his skills at home or on the go…to anyone who will listen. Pair it with some comfy men’s joggers and he’ll live in this outfit on the weekends.

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Beard King Beard Bib Apron For Men Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

For the bearded dude

Beard Bib Apron

Kids aren’t the only ones who need bibs! If Mom’s always complaining about the beard trimmings in the sink, they’ll both appreciate this funny yet practical beard bib that catches all those tiny hairs so the bathroom stays clean. This also happens to be an Amazon Prime gift that will ship quickly.

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Cocktail Grow Kit Ecomm Via Uncommongoodsvia merchant

For the gardener

Uncommon Goods Cocktail Grow Kit

Take his hobby to the next level with a kit that has all the seeds he needs for happy hour. Lavender, thyme, basil, and mint make the perfect garnishes for refreshing summer cocktails and mocktails, and this gift will likely inspire him to whip up some new drink recipes. Ringing in at just $12, you can’t beat this Father’s Day deal.

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Linen Wireless Phone Charger Ecomm Via Uncommongoodsvia merchant

For the work-from-home dad

Uncommon Goods Wireless Phone Charger

A great gift for any dad who loves tech gifts, this clever wireless charger is sleek and unobtrusive, eliminating the need for pesky cords that connect to his phone and other gadgets. Plus, with another dedicated spot for keys, coins, and other clutter, it will ensure that his desk stays neat and organized.

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Everything Hurts And Im Dying Candle Ecomm Via Coffeeandmotivation.comvia merchant

For the overly dramatic dude

Coffee and Motivation “Everything Hurts and I’m Dying” Candle

Candles certainly set a mood. Some are romantic, some are manly, and some are just funny. This one from Coffee and Motivation is the latter, and it’s perfect for the guy who’s always complaining about minor aches and pains. Sure, this candle pokes a little fun at him, but it will also make him smile and help him to relax, especially when paired with a few of these other self-care gifts.

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Custom Royal Ortrait King For Him Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

For the king of the household

Your Luma Design Custom Royal Portrait

Mom may really be in charge, but let’s make him think that he is on the big day, shall we? This personalized gift will make him feel like royalty by literally turning a picture of him into a king for a customized print. He’ll probably want to hang this hilarious gift front and center in the living room for all to see.

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Snoop Dogg Book Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

For the gangsta-rap dad

From Crook to Cook: Snoop Dogg Cookbook

Inspire him to take his love for early ‘90s rap and turn it into some delicious meals. In this cookbook by the one and only Snoop Dogg, you’ll find Baked Mac & Cheese, Fried Bologna Sandwiches with Chips, Soft Flour Tacos, Easy Orange Chicken, and so much more. Pair this with a carefully curated ‘90s playlist for a perfectly themed present.

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Cameo Layout Ecomm Via Cameovia merchant

For the celebrity obsessed

Cameo Personalized Celebrity Video

A hilarious message from his favorite actor, athlete, musician, or reality star will be the gift he’ll be talking about for months. And since you’ll give the celeb an idea of what to say in the Cameo video, you can make it personal by including an inside joke that he’ll really appreciate.

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Mens Modal Jogger Ecomm Via Meundiesvia merchant

For the Star Wars fan

Me Undies Modal Joggers

If comfy pants are really all he wants to wear, spoil him with Star Wars–themed joggers that show off his obsession. Whether he can pull this off while working from home or can only rock these on the weekends, he’ll love the design. Plus, these have a stylish fit and are made from a sustainable, breathable MicroModal fabric sourced from beech trees. Don’t miss these other Star Wars gifts guaranteed to be a hit too.

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30 Watt Sudski Portable Shower Drink Holder Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

For the beer drinker

30 Watt Shower Drink Holder

You know those moments when you wish your shower was even more relaxing? We’re guessing Dad does. All he has to do is stick this silicone can holder to the tile and he can keep his favorite frosty beverage handy. It will give him that “I’m on vacation” feeling even when he’s at home.

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Undercover Cotton Ecomm Via Saxxunderwearvia merchant

For the practical dad

Saxx Undercover Cotton Underwear

Practical gifts don’t have to be serious, but this one also happens to be seriously comfortable. While the excellent fit and softness of these Saxx boxer briefs will make them his new favorites, the ice cream print will bring on the smiles with each wear.

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Popdarts Original Game Set Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

For the one who loves bar games

PopDarts Game Set

Bring a little friendly competition home with a fun (and safe) PopDarts set. This clever game utilizes suction-cup “darts” that will perfect Dad’s throwing skills and let him teach some life skills to the kids (or grandkids). It’s the perfect activity for parties and rainy days that he’ll break out again and again, and it’s a gift that teens will love too.

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Multicolor Pizza 2 Pack Socks Ecomm Via Happysocksvia merchant

For the pizza lover

Happy Socks 2-Pack Pizza Socks Gift Set

Inspire him to wear his favorite food on his feet. These pizza-themed socks work in the house on cozy movie nights with the fam, or with black pants for any moments when he wants to show off his style, whether that’s at a party or on date night.

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Tushy Classic 3 Affordable Bidet Ecomm Via Hellotusyvia merchant

For the king of the bathroom

Tushy Bidet

Take toilet humor to the next level by gifting him a bidet. While he’ll definitely chuckle when he unwraps this present, he’ll end up loving it—and using it every day. An updated version of Tushy’s best-selling bidet, this handy bathroom device installs easily and fits almost all toilets.

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Driver Drink Dispenser Ecomm Via Sharperimagevia merchant

For the golfer

Sharper Image Driver Drink Dispenser

Here’s a gift that will make his next trip to the golf course even better, no matter how he plays. This may look like a golf club, but it’s actually a portable drink dispenser that will hold his favorite hot or cold beverage so he can discreetly sip on the green. It holds up to 48 ounces and is guaranteed to make him the most popular guy on the greens.

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Awkward Family Photos Greatest Hits Ecomm Via Uncommongoodsvia merchant

For the movie buff

Awkward Family Photos Movie Caption Game

If Dad is a film buff who’s constantly quoting his favorite movies, he’ll love this game. The objective is to pair up popular quotes with awkward family photos, with a designated “critic” determining the best one. Get ready for family game nights to get even funnier.

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My Favorite Child Gave Me This Glass Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

For the wine connoisseur

Favorite Child Stemless Wine Glass

If your dad is a wine guy, this is the (stemless) stemware for him. Every time he enjoys his favorite vino, he’ll be reminded of exactly who his favorite child is. Make sure to take a picture of him imbibing and send it to your siblings. If you want to splurge, pair it with some actual wine and other accessories for the ultimate Father’s Day gift basket.

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Daneson Whiskey Bourbon Toothpicks Ecomm Via Bespokepoetvia merchant

For the bourbon fan

Daneson Whiskey-Infused Toothpicks

These fancy toothpicks are perfect for any man who seems to always be chewing on something. Instead of tasting like wood, these are flavored with barrel-aged Kentucky bourbon, and—bonus!—they also provide a little kick.

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Things They Dont Teach You In School Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

For the one who’s always citing random facts

Things They Don’t Teach You in School

Geography, science, sports, music—dads know so many random facts. This game will stump him or teach him a few things he can add to his arsenal of knowledge that he’ll share with you (and anyone else who will listen). Plus, it’s a brain game that will keep his mind sharp.

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Matching Printed Flannel Jogger Pajama Pants Ecomm Via Oldnavyvia merchant

For the dad who loves a photo op

Old Navy Printed Flannel Jogger Pajama Pants

His pajamas could probably use an update, and these flannel pants come in delightful prints from pretzels to avocados. Let him kick back and relax in these, and don’t forget to snap a few pics for the ‘Gram.

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The Corleone Family Cookbook Ecomm Via Alwaysfitsvia merchant

For the guy who loves The Godfather

Corleone Family Cookbook

This cookbook, which is filled with recipes inspired by The Godfather‘s fictional Corleone family, will give Dad a reason to spend more time in the kitchen and quote his favorite trilogy while he does. Delectable meatballs, sauces, bread, desserts, and other Italian dishes—yum! Let’s just say this gift is an offer you can’t refuse, because you’ll end up benefiting from it too.

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Casofu Burritos Blanket Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

For the Taco Tuesday fan

Casofu Burrito Blanket

Wrap Dad in love…and a burrito blanket this Father’s Day. The giant flannel invention is made to look like a monster-sized tortilla and comes in four sizes, so you can find the perfect fit. It’s also machine washable, so it’s a great choice for low-maintenance dads. If his sleep has been less than ideal lately, you might also want to pick up one of these weighted blankets.

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Broadway Gifts Co Miniature Violin Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the dad who always puts things in perspective

Broadway Gifts Miniature Violin

Nobody enjoys pointing out your complaining more than Dad. Give him this funny Father’s Day gift so he can take it out during your next “woe is me” moment. The tiny violin will certainly get the message across and give you a little perspective.

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Things To Do While You Poo On The Loo Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

For the bathroom dweller

Things to Do While You Poo on the Loo

Mom always said she wished Dad would read more, so gift him this funny tome filled with activities (think Sudoku and word games), fun facts, and totally inappropriate bathroom humor. We’re not sure this is what she had in mind, but he’ll appreciate these 48 packed pages anyway.

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Owl Shaped Jempinis Wood Eyeglasses Holder Ecomm Via Unicefusa.orgvia merchant

For the glasses wearer

UNICEF Wise Owl Eyeglasses Holder

If he puts a premium on humor and helping others, give him a gift that gives back. UNICEF Market has curated some awesome products, and your purchase can help crisis-hit locations fund essential programs for children. For example, with the proceeds from this quirky owl-shaped wooden eyeglasses holder made in Bali, UNICEF can provide 71 sachets of oral rehydration salts, which can help children combat dehydration.

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Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

For the comedian

Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes

If he’s in need of new material, give him plenty of options with this collection of truly terrible but also completely hilarious dad jokes. Bonus: The vintage-inspired cover lets this paperback sit pretty on his desk at work.

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Worlds Best Farter I Mean Father Mug Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

For the coffee drinker

World’s Best Farter Mug

If he doesn’t function well pre-caffeine, he will do a double-take each morning when reaching for this mug with a funny spelling mistake. Plus, mugs always make an excellent gift for coffee lovers.

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Ted Lasso Notepad Ecomm Via Alwaysfitsvia merchant

For the Ted Lasso fan

Always Fits Ted Lasso Notepad

We all fell in love with Ted Lasso and his wholesome, earnest quotes over the past two years. Give your dad this notepad for his daily to-do lists, and hopefully some of the soccer coach’s optimism will rub off on him.

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Potty Fisher Toilet Fishing Game Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

For the fisherman

Fairly Odd Novelties Toilet Fishing Game

If fishing is his passion, this funny Father’s Day gift will let him practice the sport without having to leave his throne. Help him relax with a toilet fishing game that comes with a mat that looks like water, toy fish, a rod, and a bowl. This gag gift also includes a “Do not disturb” sign that will come in handy during his next—uh—fishing expedition.

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Fuego Box Hot Sauce Insane Ecomm Via Food52.comvia merchant

For the spicy guy

Fuego Box Tame to Insane Hot Sauce Challenge Box

If he’s the guy who’s always dousing his food with the hottest hot sauce he can find, he’ll get a kick out of this “tame to insane” challenge box. It includes 10 levels of sauces, from mild to insanely hot, so he can see just how tough his taste buds really are.

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Tabletop Cornhole Ecomm Via Uncommongoodsvia merchant

For the competitive dad

Uncommon Goods Tabletop Cornhole

He can now play his favorite backyard game on his desk or kitchen table! And while he might be used to dominating cornhole at summer barbecues, he might have some strong competition once he teaches the kids how to catapult the beanbags.

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Color Changing Toilet Night Light Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

For the nighttime waker

Color Changing Toilet Night Light

Make his nighttime bathroom trips entertaining and well lit with this multicolored toilet light. A built-in sensor makes the toilet bowl light up when he enters the room and automatically turn off when he leaves. It’s a silly thing that will make him smile when he’s half-asleep, but it’s also surprisingly useful.

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Dad And Baby Matching Shirts Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

For the football nut

Pink Robot Shirts Sunday Funday Matching T-Shirt and Onesie

Let Dad revel in his Sunday status with this Etsy T-shirt that comes with a matching shirt or onesie for his mini me. If his motto is “start ’em young” when it comes to rooting for his favorite team, he’ll love this funny Father’s Day gift idea. Adult sizes go up to 5XL, while kids sizes range from newborn onesies to youth XL tees.

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40 In 3d Simulation Bread Shape Pillow Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

For the carb lover

Wepop 3D Bread Pillow

Does he love comfort and carbs? Give him the gift of lumbar support and a reminder of his favorite thing in life (aside from you) with this mega-sized baguette pillow. It may not be a welcome addition to Mom’s decor, but this funny Father’s Day gift will still make the whole family laugh.

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How To Speak Dog Cards Ecomm Via Uncommongoodsvia merchant

For the dog dad

How to Speak Dog Cards 

Does Dad have a special bond with the family dog? Maybe he can learn how to communicate with your pup with these How to Speak Dog cards—or at least make the family laugh while trying. It’s a quirky gift for dog lovers that’s certainly unique!

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Its Not A Dad Bod Shirt Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

For the show-off

CuTees Custom Shirts “It’s Not a Dad Bod” T-Shirt

Fun T-shirts always make great gifts for men. If he’s in on the joke of his newly formed dad bod, this T-shirt will let him show it off in style.

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Shock Pen Adn Marker Prank Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

For the prankster

Shock Pen

If he’s still a (slightly naughty) kid at heart, he’ll love this grown-up version of the old-school hand buzzer—you know, the one that would lightly zap unsuspecting people who’d shake his hand. This pen delivers its shocking surprise when you push the top, though he can actually write with it by twisting the top instead. Just make sure not to fall for the gag after giving him this gift!

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Daddys Diaper Dudy Tool Belt Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

For the new dad

Uniform Proz “Daddy’s Diaper Duty” Tool Belt

First-time dads are especially in need of some laughs, so they are the perfect audience for funny Father’s Day gifts. When a diaper change is needed, he’ll have everything handy in this tool belt, including gloves, a mask, and tongs. Customize it with his little one’s name for gifting perfection.

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Find Me Personalized Bumper Sticker Puzzle Ecomm Via Uncommongoodsvia merchant

For the hippie

Find Me Personalized Bumper Sticker Puzzle

While he might not hit the road as much as he would like to anymore, this puzzle will remind him of his chill, carefree days. You can personalize some of the bumper stickers, as well as add funny nicknames, family names, or his favorite locations, and it’s sure to provide loads of entertainment and trips down memory lane.

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Merrycolor The Office Throw Pillow Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

For the fan of The Office

Merrycolor Dwight Throw Pillow

If nobody loves The Office more than Dad does, he’ll appreciate this funny Father’s Day gift. At first glance, it looks like a pillow your mom won’t frown upon, but after a quick slide of your hand, the sequins move to reveal his favorite character from the show being as weird as ever.

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1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Toilet Paper Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

For the puzzler

Funwares 1,000-Piece Toilet Paper Puzzle 

A few rolls of this standard household product, which became very popular over the last few years, makes a fun and challenging image for a puzzle. The whole family can get in on the action, and if you want to keep the fun going, add another few of the hardest puzzles you can get on Amazon for a larger gift.

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