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7 Funny Signs That Don’t Get How to “Use” Quotation Marks

"Nobody's" perfect.

Fresh “Eggs”

At least they weren’t “fresh.” If you really want eggs, you might want to go and buy them somewhere else. These funny road signs are worth slowing down for.

Happy “Father” Day

“Thanks,” Dad. Is this a signs for all of the fake fathers out there?

“Live” lobsters

So…are they “breathing”? Are they even lobsters? These funny signs are clearly trying to mess with you. Did you fall for it?

Fresh “Bread”

Wonder how much “mold” grows overnight. Should we trust that this is only a day old? Should we trust that this is even bread? Even though these people don’t know how to use it, this is how confusing life would be without punctuation.

“Required” to park here

Or, “park” it elsewhere. The Shelby County Clerk might be losing a lot of its customers because they have no idea where they can actually park.

Do “Not” park here

Under “no” circumstances. Is this a prank? Beware, spellcheck won’t catch these spelling and grammar mistakes.

“Slow” live children

??? This one is just confusing on all accounts. What’s going on?