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15 of the Funniest Things to Ask Alexa

Test out a few of these funny things to ask Alexa for some laughs. The Amazon Echo isn't just a convenient source for the daily news—it's also hilarious.

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funny things to ask amazon alexa speech bubble over amazon echo, Getty Images
Amazon Alexa is super useful for a variety of different tasks, but Alexa can be a great source of entertainment too if you’re in need of a good laugh. Being funny is one of the countless things Alexa can do and often the most overlooked. These funny things to ask Alexa are just a handful of the Alexa Easter eggs and the best Alexa skills you need to know if you’re a proud owner of a virtual assistant. You’ll be showing off her hilarity to all your house guests soon enough.
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Alexa Open Air HornTatiana Ayazo/, Shutterstock

Alexa, open air horn

If you want to annoy everyone you live with, certain funny Alexa questions can help. A funny thing you can ask Alexa to do is to blast an air horn throughout your house. Check out these other things you didn’t know your Amazon Alexa could do.


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Alexa Ask Funny Cat FactsTatiana Ayazo/, Shutterstock

Alexa, ask funny cat facts to give me a cat fact

You can also ask your Amazon Echo funny Alexa questions that will help you brush up on your random cat facts. One fact you might learn is how cat’s collarbones aren’t connected to any other bones in their body, allowing them to fit through any opening the size of their head. If you want to try one of the funny things to ask Alexa for yourself, order one now.


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Alexa Open Nugget HaikusTatiana Ayazo/, Shutterstock

Alexa, open nugget haikus

Another funny thing to ask Alexa is to ask Alexa to read you a very sophisticated poem. Something that is lacking in everyone’s life is haikus about chicken nuggets. This is the virtual assistant that tells the best jokes.


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Alexa Start Crazy FactTatiana Ayazo/, Shutterstock

Alexa, start crazy fact

Alexa can help you learn a new crazy fact every day. Or even every hour, if you’re really craving brain food. Did you know that honey is the only food that doesn’t spoil? Alexa did.


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Alexa Open Fart SoundTatiana Ayazo/, Shutterstock

Alexa, open fart sound

If you’re an immature adult looking for funny Alexa questions, or you want to get your ten-year-old nephew to fall to the floor laughing, ask Alexa to open fart sound. She’ll read you a few fart jokes and throw in a fart noise after every one.


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Alexa Begin Pizza ToppingsTatiana Ayazo/, Shutterstock

Alexa, begin pizza toppings

If you don’t know what toppings to order on your pizza tonight, Alexa is there for you. Just ask her to begin pizza toppings and she’ll list three fun add-ons to your cheese pie.


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Alexa Open Geek HumorTatiana Ayazo/, Shutterstock

Alexa, open geek humor

If you’re not the funny one in your group of nerdy friends, Alexa can give you a joke that is sure to get some laughs. These cool Alexa accessories are must-have items.


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Alexa Am I RightTatiana Ayazo/, Shutterstock

Alexa, am I right?

Another funny thing to ask Alexa to do is to settle debates for you. If you and your roommate are fighting over who emptied the dishwasher last—and you know you’re right—Alexa will back you up. In the heat of your argument, just say, “I emptied the dishwasher last night, Alexa, am I right?” She’ll agree with you.


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alexa ask worst roommate who's the worst roommateTatiana Ayazo/, Shutterstock

Alexa, ask worst roommate who’s the worst roommate

If you and your roommate can’t settle your dishwasher argument Alexa can tell you who the worst roommate is. (Hint, it’s probably whoever lied about emptying the dishwasher.) Once you enable the skill, Alexa picks the worst roommate randomly from a pre-made list.


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Alexa Open My Friend GollumTatiana Ayazo/, Shutterstock

Alexa, open, my friend Gollum

A funny thing to ask Alexa if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan is to open, my friend Gollum. Gollum gives you a tricky riddle that you need to solve or a fun fact about himself. If you want more laughs, check out these hilarious examples of irony in real life.


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Alexa Is It Happy HourTatiana Ayazo/, Shutterstock

Alexa, is it happy hour?

We’ve all used the excuse, “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” and Alexa is right on board with you. Whenever you ask if it’s happy hour, she’ll give you a definite “Yes!”


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Alexa Start Peanut Butter TriviaTatiana Ayazo/, Shutterstock

Alexa, start peanut butter trivia

One of the many funny things to ask Alexa is to play Peanut Butter Trivia. Alexa will ask you a few different questions to help you increase your knowledge about the gooey snack.


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Alexa Ask Roastmaster For An Insult

Alexa, ask RoastMaster for an insult

When you’re at a loss for a good comeback, Alexa’s got you covered. One of the funny Alexa questions you can ask is to ask RoastMaster for a witty one-liner to have your friends at a loss for words. By the way, you can also change Alexa’s name—who knew?


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Alexa, ask Shakespearean Insulter to insult my brotherTatiana Ayazo/, Shutterstock

Alexa, ask Shakespearean Insulter to insult my brother

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated comeback, you’ll want to have Alexa read you a Shakespearean insult. The Elizabethan-era insults are sure to give you a laugh and leave your brother speechless.


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Alexa Ask Philosoraptor For A QuoteTatiana Ayazo/, Shutterstock

Alexa, ask Philosoraptor for a quote

If you’re in the mood for some deep reflection, just ask the Philosoraptor. He’ll offer you a bit of nonsensical insight. Now that you’re using these funny things to ask Alexa every day, check out these other items from Amazon that you’ll definitely use on the daily.



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