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65 Best Gifts for Cat Lovers and All Feline Fans

You'll be the cat's meow when you give a feline fanatic one of these cat-lover gifts.

Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases.

50 Best Gifts For Cat Lovers And All Feline, via retailers (3)

The best cat lover gifts

Give the cat person in your life something to purr about with their feline companions. Whether it’s with a delicate necklace, a funky mug, or a kitty-printed pillow, cat owners often choose to declare their affinity for felines with pride (get it?). If you’re on the prowl for cat lover gifts—or perhaps even a little something for yourself—we’ve got you covered.

Our curated list includes the best cat toys (including the interactive ones), the best cat beds, and plenty of gift ideas for the furry overlords’ human companions. You’ll find gifts for her and gifts for him, with at least a little something for everyone. (Just don’t expect gifts for dog lovers!) Read on to start shopping.

Peeking Cat Stained Glass Sun Catchervia VenusGlassArt/

Peeking Cat Stained Glass Sun Catcher

Best for: Cat moms

For anyone who loves to add sparkling color to their home, these cat sun catchers offer a variety of options to match the cat in your home or as a gift for a cat-loving friend. The whimsical design mimics real-life felines who love to peek around corners or find a sunny spot to doze. Choose from seven color options and two positions. You’ll never be alone with this glass kitty peering at you, even in the dark.

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Steampunk, Cat Necklace Ecommvia CatLoversWorld/

Steampunk Cat Face Necklace

Best for: Jewelry lovers

This large statement piece appeals to lovers of cats and steampunk. The handmade pendant offers a unique style. Each individual piece, signed by the artist, offers a collectible personalized gift. Nobody will doubt the wearer’s love of cats with this stunning and colorful pendant. Find out if your cat can see all the colors.

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Cat Wall Furniture With Step Сat Tree House Ecomm Etsyvia wowhelperco/

Modern Cat Wall Furniture

Best for: Home designers

Get this set of two cat wall shelves, purr-fect for feline lounging and climbing. The shelves come in six colors to match your home decor and can double as wall art for the humans in the family. Cats love to climb, so give them legal options that also enhance your home with these delightful hexagon wall units.

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Digital Cat Portrait Ecomm Etsyvia BioStudio/

Digital Cat Portrait

Best for: Art lovers

You provide the cat photo, and the artist creates a digital painting of your cat. The artwork can honor a lost feline friend or celebrate a new pet adoption. Choose between more than a dozen sizes and multiple flower colors. Every cat is a work of art, and recipients will cherish this gift for years to come.

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Fancy Vintage Cat Face Pin Ecomm Etsyvia ShelleyCooperJewelry/

Fancy Vintage Cat Face Pin

Best for: Vintage jewelry lovers

This large Victorian-style dangle pin hits all the right notes for lovers of aristo-cat-ic accents. The Swarovski jewel accents come in a choice of amethyst purple or sapphire blue colors. Pinned to a favorite holiday outfit, the cat face pin provides a festive accent to any style during the holidays and all year long. Your cat will love the dangles, too, so watch out for a cat burglar interested in swiping this beauty. At least that’s better than your cat bringing home a mouse.

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Carved Wooden Cat Shawl Pinvia TurtleWorkshop/

Carved Wooden Cat Shawl Pin

Best for: Sweater lovers

Does your loved one already own all the cozy sweaters they need? This cat shawl pin makes a perfect cat lover gift for anyone who wears shawls, sweaters, or woolen scarves. The beautiful but simple cat carving makes a lovely statement and snuggles into the fabric like a cat seeking the best place to nap. Learn why cats like to lounge in sinks, too.

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Cat Socks Ecomm Etsyvia AmpedTees/

Cat Socks

Best for: Cold feet

When cool weather comes, keep your tootsies warm and stylish with this gift set of five cat-face socks. Whether you gift yourself or a child or grandchild, the recipient will love the whimsical designs. Watch out, though, or the fancy cute socks may entice the cats to chase your feet.

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Cat Moissanite Engagement Ring via DoriRing/

Cat Moissanite Engagement Ring

Best for: A soon-to-be fiancée

What a glorious time of the year to pop the question. If your fiancée-to-be (hopefully!) loves cats, you can’t go wrong with this spectacular Moissanite cat design engagement ring. Moissanite rivals diamonds in brilliance and resiliency but at a fraction of the cost. Just as our cat eyes shine with love, your beloved will treasure this dream gift. Learn what cats dream about.

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Cat, Moon And Mouse Bronze Pendant Ecommvia DemiurgusDreams/

Cat, Moon, and Mouse Bronze Pendant

Best for: Necklace wearers

You can’t go wrong with this cat on the moon pendant. Just like your own feline, the bronze kitty has hunted down mousy prey and does her best to capture it. The detailed, delicate pendant delights jewelry lovers and would make a great gift for everyone from youngsters to seniors. It comes with a waxed cord to wear immediately and could also serve as a unique Christmas tree ornament. Just be sure your cat doesn’t try to eat it off the tree. Instead, you can offer healthy cat grass for your kitty to eat.

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Cute Cat Portable Wash Leopard Vintage Acetic Acid Hair Combvia Speecro/

Acetate Hair Comb

Best for: Stylish hair

For the cat lover who has everything else, choose this cheeky acetate hair comb. You can order from a choice of seven colors, each in a pretty marbled pattern. While it’s designed for human hair, your long-haired feline friends may also relish being combed by this lovely and functional work of art. You already know cats lick you to return the grooming favor.

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Custom Pet Portrait Ringvia CaitlynMinimalist/

Custom Pet Portrait Ring

Best for: Grieving pet parents

Memorialize a pet that has passed on with this gorgeous custom portrait ring. It offers a striking resemblance to the recipient’s favorite pet in a sterling silver, rose gold, or 18-karat gold finish. It’s beloved by hundreds of reviewers, and the shop has a five-star rating.

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at painting oil original on canvasvia Ofitcerovaart/

Cat Oil Painting

Best for: Art collectors

Does someone you know adore their calico cat? This museum-worthy one-of-a-kind oil painting satisfies both the cat lover and art collector. You can also order a custom painting of a specific cat to surprise your loved one with a treasured portrait. You’ll need a well-lighted photo of the cat, though. Cats tend to be most active in the evening, so plan to get a picture during the day.

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Don't Stress Meowt Soy Candlevia MancillasCandleCo/

Don’t Stress Meowt Soy Candle

Best for: Pet parents in need of a moment of relaxation

Whether the recipient has had a stressful few months or their cat knocked over their coffee cup one too many times, this relaxing candle will be a welcome gift. It comes in your choice of twenty scents and three sizes, including some with gift boxes included. The scent of the candles will delight you as much as your cat enjoys catnip.

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Personalized Cat Christmas Ornament Ecomm Etsyvia OakdeneDesigns/

Personalized Cat Christmas Ornament

Best for: Christmas fanatics

Your friend who’s always the first to decorate for Christmas will adore this personalized cat ornament. Choose between 32 styles to find the one that looks most like their furry friend, or create a custom breed or color for a few extra dollars. Since you can even add gift wrapping and a box, it’s an easy gift to send to a friend you won’t see in person this season. Here are more great personalized gifts.

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Sisal Cat Scratcher And Condovia

Sisal Cat Scratcher and Condo

Best for: Interior designers

Cat lovers adore and understand that cats need hiding places and scratch objects but don’t always relish the look of the necessary kitty paraphernalia. This sisal cat scratcher and condo will satisfy the design-conscious human. Give this cat lover gift, and the recipient will love to display it prominently—and their cats will love them even more. Here’s how to keep cats from scratching the wrong furniture.

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Petsies Create Your Own Pet Pillowvia

Petsies Create Your Own Pet Pillow

Best for: Sentimental cat owners

Immortalize a favorite feline with a pillow that’s custom-made to match the exact shape of the cat’s face. The image appears on both sides of the soft and cuddly pillow. Give it to someone who has recently lost a cat, or get one for all of the people in your life who love to celebrate their feline companions. In a hurry to buy your present? Consider these last-minute Christmas gifts.

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Ten Thousand Villages Kitty Print Measuring Spoonsvia

Ten Thousand Villages Kitty Print Measuring Spoons

Best for: Home chefs and bakers

The four measuring spoons in this set are hand-painted with paw prints and black cats—purr-fect for the cat-obsessed. They can be used while baking and cooking human food, or they can carefully measure food for cats who have special dietary requirements. And they’re a gift that gives back: The company partners with artisans around the globe, particularly women and people with disabilities, ensuring they earn a livable wage.

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Petpawjoy Cat Window Perchvia

PetPawJoy Cat Window Perch

Best for: Cat nappers

Everyone knows that cats appreciate a good nap, and your giftee’s feline will adore resting on this window perch, which attaches with suction cups. Place it in a sunny space, and a cat’s joy will double. She might not tell you it’s a much-appreciated gift, but you can decode your cat’s behavior to learn just how much she loves lazing on her new bed.

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If My Cat Could Talk Personalized Story Bookvia

Shutterfly If My Cat Could Talk Personalized Storybook

Best for: Parents and families

This personalized storybook will delight cat lovers, and parents will enjoy sharing the story with their children. It includes the cat’s name throughout the book, and you can include the names of other members of the family! Keep shopping with the best Hanukkah gifts for eight great nights.

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V Coterie Paw Like Charmvia

V Coterie Paw Like Charm

Best for: Charm bracelet wearers

Cats have their owners wrapped around their paws, and you can pay tribute to that with a paw-printed charm. Made of gold vermeil, this unisex charm is created to last and will help cat lovers proudly declare their allegiance to their furry friend. It’s also a good stocking stuffer idea.

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Mackenzie Childs Royal Check Enamel Cat Dishvia

MacKenzie-Childs Royal Check Enamel Cat Dish

Best for: Home decorators

Why shouldn’t a cat’s dish be adorable and functional at the same time? With its checkered design, this dish will keep the fanciest felines eating in style. It has a heavy-gauge steel underbody to help cats avoid spills while dining.

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Amy Zhang Meow Or Never To Do List Notepadvia

Amy Zhang Meow or Never To-Do List Notepad

Best for: Planners and busy cat owners on the go

With a cute and clever play on the statement “now or never,” this notepad brings joy to the act of tackling chores. As far as cat lover gifts go, this one’s not just practical; it’s also affordable and has wide appeal, making it great for anyone who wants to jot down notes to family members, keep track of a picky cat’s feedings, and more. Get a bunch as gifts for coworkers.

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Life Is Good Women's You Can Rescue Love Crusher Teevia

Life Is Good Women’s You Can Rescue Love Crusher Tee

Best for: Adoptive (pet) parents

You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it. This true statement was printed with a pawsome design on a t-shirt that will resonate with cat rescuers and feline foster parents. “Adopt, don’t shop” is an important message, and this shirt makes it look good. Get in the rescue mood by scrolling through cat adoption photos that are guaranteed to melt your heart.

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Lovepop Cat Cardvia

Lovepop Cat Card

Best for: Affectionate friends

Who doesn’t love a card that’s thoughtfully selected to match their passions? This adorable pop-up cat card from Lovepop will inspire smiles and even laughs. The blank astronaut card is perfect for any occasion, but you can also buy kitty cards for birthdays, Halloween, and Christmas. (Talk about a cheap Christmas gift!) There’s room to write a note to let the giftee know how much they mean to you, too, which makes it all the more special.

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John's Crazy Socks Cat Slipper Socksvia

John’s Crazy Socks Cat Slipper Socks

Best for: Do-gooders

Socks might be a dreaded gift among kids, but adults love to receive them when they’re as adorable as these. These cat slipper socks put the fun in functional fashion. They have nonskid bottoms, so cat owners can wear them even when playing with their furry friends. Best of all, these are gifts that give back. The company, which was founded by a man with Down syndrome, donates money to support Down syndrome awareness, animal rescue efforts, and more.

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Creative Cats Coloring Bookvia

Creative Cats Coloring Book

Best for: Artsy friends and older kids

This adult coloring book showcases more than 30 cats that are beautifully presented with flowers and paisley designs. Not only will cat lovers be able to enjoy some down time as they color, but they can also enjoy putting some of their finished pieces on display.

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The Woobles Smitten With Kittens Bundlevia

The Woobles Smitten with Kittens Bundle

Best for: Crafty friends

This Woobles crochet kit has everything the giftee needs to create two adorable stuffed creatures: Nico the Cat and Sebastian the Lion. Buy this for the beginner-level crocheter in your life, or opt for one of their intermediate kits if your giftee is more advanced.

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Molekule Air Purifiervia

Molekule Air Purifier

Best for: Homebodies

Cat owners know that their feline companions shed, but fur isn’t the only issue. Those adorable fluff balls release dander into the air. Molekule’s air purifier to the rescue! Not only is it sleek and stylish, but it also reduces the pet dander (among other particles) in the home.

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Petsies Custom Stuffed Animalvia

Petsies Custom Stuffed Animal

Best for: Snugglers

Bringing cat lover gifts to the next level, this handmade stuffed animal is crafted to look pretty much exactly like the giftee’s cat! Expect to see Instagram-worthy photos of the cat and its stuffie doppelgänger, complete with cat Instagram captions. This would also be a wonderful way to commemorate the life of a feline companion that’s passed away.

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Patet Metropolitan Cat Gift Setvia

Patet Metropolitan Cat Gift Set

Best for: Pampered pets

The Metropolitan Cat gift set is sure to bring cats and their humans pure joy. It includes pet bowls, cat toys, and bow ties, so cats can look dapper while dining on Fancy Feast or chasing their new favorite felt mice.

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How To Speak Cat Cardsvia

How to Speak Cat Cards

Best for: Good communicators

Understanding an animal that can’t talk can be tough. Does your cat love you? Does he want a nice head rub, or are you interrupting his peaceful solitude? This deck of 100 cards helps humans better understand their beloved pets, with explanations of common sounds, facial expressions, and actions.

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The Blissful Cat Paw Buttervia

The Blissful Cat Paw Butter

Best for: Active cats

We take human skin care seriously, and cats deserve the same attentiveness. This balm, formulated to be gentle on sensitive paws, is a fit for cats of all sizes and fur types. Dab it onto a cat’s dry paw pads and the natural ingredients (think shea butter, beeswax, and plant oils) will moisturize and soften.

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Papier Curious Cats Notebookvia

Papier Curious Cats Notebook

Best for: Coworkers and journal keepers

For cat lovers who are always jotting things down, this cat-themed notebook does not disappoint. The hardback notebook features a menagerie of cats on the cover and includes a bookmark to keep your page.

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Genuine Fred Black Cat Puzzlevia

Genuine Fred Black Cat Puzzle

Best for: Puzzle enthusiasts

When it comes to cat lover gifts, it’s hard to beat a cat-themed puzzle that celebrates their feline fanaticism. Artist Karen Obuhanych’s distinctive modern illustration makes the finished puzzle a framable piece.

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Genuine Fred Purr Over Coffee Maker And Mug Setvia

Genuine Fred Purr-Over Coffee Maker and Mug Set

Best for: Coffee lovers

Early mornings are easier to handle with this adorable cat-shaped mug set, which brews coffee right in the mug. Simply place a filter in the top container, add coffee grounds, and pour hot water on top. Voilà! You have a cup of perfect coffee. Check out these other gifts for coffee lovers, from beans to brewers.

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Petstages Lil' Avocato Dental Health Catnip Chew Toyvia

Petstages Lil’ Avocato Dental Health Catnip Chew Toy

Best for: Catnip addicts

This catnip-filled chew toy will appeal to kitties with a taste for catnip as well as owners who adore avocados. Cats will love batting and swatting at this toy, but it does more than keep them entertained. The mesh material helps clean teeth, and the toy encourages healthy chewing behavior too.

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Cat Face Gamevia

Cat Face

Best for: Card game lovers

If you love Cards Against Humanity and you also happen to be a cat person, Cat Face is the purr-fect gift. It’s a party game featuring cats from some of your favorite viral videos where players compete to find the funniest combination of cat faces and hilarious captions.

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Old World Christmas Ornaments Calico Catvia

Old World Christmas Ornaments Calico Cat

Best for: Collectors

This adorable ornament isn’t just for decorating the tree. Cat lovers can use it year-round as a decoration in the home or office. With adorable detail in its face and eyes, it’s an especially wonderful gift for calico cat owners. And since it’s an Amazon Prime gift, it’s a great option if you’re pressed for time and need quick delivery.

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Demdaco Happy Wooden Scoop And Clipvia

Demdaco Happy Wooden Scoop and Clip

Best for: Feline foodies

This wooden scoop and clip is designed with multiple purposes in mind. It’s a cool and convenient scoop to have on hand for feeding a feline companion and conveniently doubles as a clip for keeping bags of cat food closed. Bonus: It looks great on display in any room of the house. Speaking of, this is the very best diet for cats, according to vets.

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Cat Person Canopy Bedvia

Cat Person Canopy Bed

Best for: Nappers

This canopy bed empowers cats to relax and rest like the royalty they know they are. The three-in-one bed adjusts to a cat’s preferences: Attach the felt canopy to create a cavelike hideaway for the cat, or fold it down for a more open feel. Alternately, remove the canopy entirely for a cat who prefers to nap out in the open. The memory foam cushion mimics the natural sleeping position of cats for maximum comfort. The bed will have the giftee wondering why cats sleep so much—and whether they could get in on the napping.

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V Coterie Cat Semicolon Necklacevia

V Coterie Cat Semicolon Necklace

Best for: Cat-loving grammar geeks

This necklace was designed with veterinarians in mind, but it’s a cute and clever choice for anyone who wants to keep a feline image close to their hearts. We love it for the grammar nerds in your life—it features a semicolon in the shape of a cat’s head, body, and tail. For an extra touch of generosity, gift V Coterie’s cat semicolon earrings too.

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Ono Good Bowlsvia

Ono Good Bowls

Best for: Messy eaters

Here’s a great setup for any pet owner. The two stainless steel bowls are placed on the Ono mat and can easily be removed for refilling and cleaning. The mat comes in a variety of colors that’ll match any decor, and it suctions to the floor, so even a mischievous cat can’t easily make a mess. Pick this up as a gift for your brother and his messy cat.

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Tobin Kitten Stamped Kitchen Towelsvia

Tobin Kitten Stamped Kitchen Towels

Best for: Embroidery enthusiasts

These kitten-themed kitchen towels are fun to create, no matter your skill level. The kit includes two towels stamped with images of kitties who are keen to enjoy a snack, plus easy-to-follow instructions for embroidering the design. Give them as gifts for the sister or friend who’s taking up embroidery.

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Reserved Pet Pillowvia

Reserved Pet Pillow

Best for: Multi-pet households with pets (and humans) who know their place

Cat lovers know pets have a preference when it comes to the best seat in the house. Help them stake their claim on the couch, the loveseat, or everyone’s favorite armchair with this embroidered pillow. Adorable illustrations of lounging pets are accompanied by the words “This spot is reserved for the dog” on the front and “Whatt?” on the back. (Reserved for the dog?! Not if Kitty has anything to say about it.) If your recipient doesn’t have a dog, they can display the cute cat side facing front.

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The Happy Planner Value Pack Stickersvia

The Happy Planner Modern Meow Sticker Pack

Best for: Planner fans and journal enthusiasts

Happy Planner’s sticker pack is full of fun, creative, and cute cat stickers. They can be placed in journals, planners, and notebooks or stuck onto anything else you want to beautify. The pack of 30 sheets includes 636 cat-themed stickers.

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Ten Thousand Villages Meow Mug And Tea Strainervia

Ten Thousand Villages Meow Mug and Tea Strainer

Best for: Tea enthusiasts

This earthenware mug, which features an adorable cat face on its front, includes a tea strainer and a cat-eared lid. The hand-painted, fair-trade mug is safe for both the dishwasher and microwave.

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Conscious Step Socks That Save Catsvia

Conscious Step Socks That Save Cats

Best for: Cat rescuers

This pair of socks will be the cat’s meow for any fashion-loving feline fans. The cat-face crew socks are made to be comfortable for all-day wear. They’re also vegan certified, and every pair sold benefits Best Friends Animal Society in its work to save shelter animals.

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Electra Lifestyle Lux Cool Cat Helmetvia

Electra Lifestyle Lux Cool Cat Helmet

Best for: Cyclists

With a cool, sunglasses-wearing cat on the side, Electra’s helmet makes a silly statement while keeping your noggin safe. It’s designed with durable ABS hardshell for protection and a foam liner for security. This is among the more unforgettable gifts for cat lovers. For a whole other kind of fashion statement, check out the best ugly Christmas sweaters that are so bad, they’re great.

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Kitty Ear Ringvia

Sterling Forever Kitty Ear Ring

Best for: Jewelry lovers

This sweet ring is a subtle way to announce you’re a cat person. Give it to the jewelry-obsessed friend who will appreciate the eye-catching design—the cat ears stick up when worn—and the simplicity of the thin band. Pick up one of these as a gift for your girlfriend if they’re a cat lover.

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Cat Person Serve And Store Setvia

Cat Person Serve and Store Set

Best for: Feline foodies

This serve and store set has everything cat lovers could possibly need to feed their kitty companion in style. It comes with three wet food serving spoons and a dry food scoop with dedicated half- and quarter-cup markers. It also includes three airtight wet food lids, so cats can enjoy the freshest of leftovers. Make cat lovers’ lives even easier with these self-cleaning litter boxes.

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Petsies Custom Keychainvia

Petsies Custom Keychain

Best for: Accessory fiends

Cat lover gifts don’t get more adorable than this! A pet’s face will be printed on both sides of this ultra-soft keychain. In addition to being used to hold a set of keys, it can hang from a purse or backpack as a sweet ornament.

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Pottery Barn Cat Storage Basketvia

Pottery Barn Cat Storage Basket

Best for: Home organizers

This large basket is shaped like a cat’s head and was designed to add an undeniable touch of whimsy to any room in the house. Natural water hyacinth is woven around a sturdy iron frame, making an excellent place to store cat toys and snacks. It’s a stylish gift for moms who value form and function.

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Petsafe Bolt Laser Light Toyvia

PetSafe Bolt Laser Light Toy

Best for: Playful cats

A laser makes for endless fun for cats and endless amusement for pet owners. But there’s only so long a human can play before boredom sets in. Enter PetSafe’s laser toy. It’ll keep cats busy while their owners rest, relax, work, or play games of their own. Your partner will love this for their cat if you want to get this as a gift for your boyfriend.

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Star Trek Catsvia

Star Trek Cats

Best for: Trekkies

Star Trek Cats by Jenny Parks is a dream book for cat lovers who are also Trekkies. Parks pays homage to the classic sci-fi series and its spin-offs by casting cats as the iconic characters in images that are unforgettably adorable. If your friend group skews more Luke and Leia than Spock and Kirk, check out these Star Wars gifts fans will love.

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Pura Vida Project Cat Scrunchievia

Pura Vida Project CAT Scrunchie

Best for: Beauty lovers and fashionistas

This scrunchie is part of the Project C.A.T. Collection of fashion-forward accessories. It has a tiger stripe design and bow accent, and it’ll add pizzazz to any hairdo. Five percent of the purchase price goes to Project C.A.T., in support of World Wildlife Fund’s efforts to double the number of tigers in the wild, so you can feel good about gifting this accessory on every level.

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Ten Thousand Villages Cat Salt And Pepper Shakersvia

Ten Thousand Villages Cat Salt and Pepper Shakers

Best for: Hosts and hostesses

These salt and paper shakers are shaped like black cats, making them the perfect hostess gift for cat lovers. With cute, smiling faces and perky ears, they are sure to make anyone grin over dinner. They’re handcrafted in India of black palewa stone.

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Fluff Trough Cat Feedervia

Fluff Trough Cat Feeder

Best for: Hungry cats

The Fluff Trough may have been invented for dogs by a pug owner, but it’s a good gift for cats who struggle to eat from traditional pet bowls. It can minimize neck and back strain while promoting better posture and digestion. You can even customize it with the cat’s name and face.

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Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminatorvia

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator

Best for: Smelly cats

While cuddly cats may be the cutest pets in town, the smells and stains they leave behind certainly are not cute. A very useful bottle of Angry Orange Odor Eliminator—one of the highest-rated options on the Internet—will go to work safely dispelling stains, odors, and other cat-related yuckies. These are more easy ways to get rid of pet odors.

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Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Centervia

Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center

Best for: Pampered princes and princesses

If your cat is absolute royalty (of course they are), they’ll appreciate the pampering that comes from this wellness center. It offers full-body massages and stores catnip in a secret spot. It even has dual self-grooming brushes.

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V Coterie Feline Good Pinvia

V Coterie Feline Good Pin

Best for: Pun appreciators

People who appreciate a good pun will be delighted to receive this V Coterie pin that declares “feline good” on the body of a black cat. It’s made of hard enamel, with a polished silver plating. Consider pairing it with one of these Secret Santa gifts.

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Frisco Cat Tracks Butterfly Cat Toyvia

Frisco Cat Tracks Butterfly Cat Toy

Best for: Playful pets

Keep kitties entertained with Frisco’s three-tiered toy. The rolling balls and bouncing butterflies make for endless fun, and the nonskid bottom means cats keep in place as they play. It’ll soon rank among their favorite cat lover gifts.

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Genuine Fred Wine Lives Kitty Drink Markersvia

Genuine Fred Wine Lives Kitty Drink Markers

Best for: Wine lovers

Each drink marker in this set of six is shaped like a curled-up cat, adding an adorable touch to any gathering. They have distinct colors (helping guests avoid mix-ups), and the flexible silicone design helps them easily fit around wine glasses, martini glasses, or champagne flutes. Just be careful what snacks your kitten gets into during your get-together. Certain foods are toxic to cats.

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Pottery Barn Peeking Cat Doormatvia

Pottery Barn Peeking Cat Doormat

Best for: Homeowners

For the person whose cat greets you each time you visit comes the ideal cat lover gift: a doormat featuring the face of an adorable kitten. It’s made of thickly woven coir and measures 24 by 36 inches.

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Pura Vida Project Cat Charm Braceletvia

Pura Vida Project CAT Charm Bracelet

Best for: Charm collectors

This sweet charm bracelet from Pura Vida is simple and elegant. The dark, braided band keeps the attention on the chic enamel tiger charm and its golden finish. A portion of the proceeds goes to the World Wildlife Fund’s efforts to increase the number of tigers in the wild. The bracelets make cute gifts for teens who love cats of all sizes.

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Cat Person Mesa Bowlvia

Cat Person Mesa Bowl

Best for: Picky felines

This bowl was ergonomically designed for cats’ comfort and safety, helping our furry friends avoid crouching or hunching while eating. To feed kittens, owners can place the bowl directly on the tray; for adult cats, they can snap it onto the stand. The shallow bowl was created to accommodate a cat’s face, preventing whiskers from getting agitated as they chow down on their favorite foods.

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