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39 Totally Tea-rific Gifts for Tea Lovers

However your favorite tea lover sips—fast, slow, pinky up—these tea gifts are sure to impress.

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40 Totally Tea Riffic Gifts Ft Via, via merchant (3)

Tea gifts for the perfect cup

Think America’s a coffee country? Think again. A few hundred years ago, our boiling point was a tax on tea, leading to an epically salty brew in the Boston Harbor. Today, we’re a lot more tolerant of taxation, but our love affair with this comforting coffee alternative remains a point of passion. That’s probably why there are so many gifts for tea lovers just waiting to be purchased, packaged, and presented to the people in your life who most appreciate the drink.

Tea accessories are a genteel theme for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, but they also make A-plus thank-you gifts, hostess gifts, and housewarming presents. And while pals who imbibe in other beverages may appreciate gifts for wine lovers or gifts for coffee lovers, tea-totalers know nothing hits the palate quite like a good cup of tea.

The best gifts for tea lovers start with the leaves—loose or bagged—but don’t stop there. From tea gift sets, tools, and accessories to tea gift baskets and gadgets, these gift ideas will spark a smile and maybe even a tea-hee of amusement.

Tea Club Subscription Ecomm Via Atlasteaclub.comvia merchant

Best tea gift that keeps on giving

Atlas Tea Club Subscription

If it’s true that it’s better to give than receive, a subscription box to the world’s best teas is a constant win-win for both you and your recipient. Those monthly subscription box deliveries will keep the feel-good vibes warm even longer than a fresh cup in a Yeti mug—and that’s saying a lot!

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Sparkling Tea And Truffle Gift Box Ecomm Via Fortnumandmason.comvia merchant

Best for sober celebrations

Fortnum & Mason Sparkling Tea and Truffle Gift Box

People are making it a point to go dry, and honestly? More power to them, especially when that means more ways to bring on the bubbly. Fortnum & Mason’s gift set for tea lovers (and chocolate lovers!) is a brilliant variation on the classic wine-and-chocolates formula. It’s a novel alcohol-free set, with malty, pekoe-scented truffles and Darjeeling, jasmine, lemongrass, and mint sparkles.

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Art Of Tea Signature Tea Cocktail Book Ecomm Via Artofteavia merchant

Best for teatime tipplers

Art of Tea Signature Tea Cocktail Book

Tired of the regular alcoholic mixers and standby recipes? This tea cocktail guide gives your recipient 15 new and exciting ways to enjoy tea and liquor all at once. It’s the perfect gift for women, men, and couples who want to get crafty. Bundle it with a key selection of tea and booze … then hint strongly that you’re free for taste tests!

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Its A Tea Shirt Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Best for casual occasions

Tea Snob T-Shirt

Not all tea aficionados are froufrou; you don’t have to be fancy to love this soothing beverage. If you know someone whose approach to tea is totally laid back, this Noah’s Ark Tees tea shirt—ahem, T-shirt—is the perfect present. It’s the sort of clever-yet-cute Etsy gift your tea-loving pal will wear nonstop.

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Davids Tea Sweet Indulgence Gourmandise Ecomm Via Davidsteavia merchant

Best for dessert lovers

DavidsTea Sweet Indulgence Sampler

Sugary coffee drinks have proven that people love to sip on desserts and sweets. DavidsTea’s variety pack of teas and infusions is a perfect coffee alternative, with flavors like birthday cake, maple syrup, French toast, chocolate macaroons, s’mores, lavender buttercream, and even vanilla cappuccino for those who can’t choose between the two types of beverages. It’s a great gift for teens who want to get fancy without ditching their favorite sweet flavors.

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The Thank You Hamper Ecomm Via Fortnumandmason.comvia merchant

Best for a classy thank-you gift

Fortnum & Mason Thank You Hamper

When words just aren’t enough, this elegant ensemble can say thank you for you. It’s lavish. It’s gourmet. And its presentation is stunning, from the rustic wicker hamper to towering biscuit tins with nutty, buttery cookies made from chocolate and clotted cream. Included preserves for toast or crumpets and salted caramel truffles for dessert all go well with the Assam tea bags in the kit. Bookmark this one for the next time you need a gift for mom or grandma.

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Caffeine Free Tisane Sampler Pack Ecomm Via Artofteavia merchant

Best for evening sippers

Art of Tea Caffeine-Free Tisane Sampler Pack

Caffeine is great, but it’s not for everyone and it’s not for every time of day. One of the best things about tea is that there are plenty of naturally decaffeinated types. Art of Tea’s tisanes (aka herbal blends) are free of caffeine and feature the bright, cheery flavors of mint, apricot, turmeric ginger, and lemon ginger. The sleek black tins make this truly versatile, a bundle that works just as well as a gift for sisters, brothers, grandparents, bosses, and everyone in between.

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Cold Comfort Kit Ecomm Via Davidsteavia merchant

Best for get-well-soon gifts

DavidsTea Cold Survival Kit

Chicken soup is the obvious choice for someone suffering from the sniffles. But for an emer-germ-cy, they really need some emergen-tea, like this gift for self-care. DavidsTea Cold Survival Kit includes specially selected loose-leaf teas and honey sticks to soothe sore throats and achy heads, plus lip butter with eucalyptus-scented tea to decongest sinuses and rehydrate chapped lips. Is there anything they haven’t thought of?

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Time For Tea Book Signed Ecomm Via Fortnumandmasonvia merchant

Best for history buffs and scholars

Time for Tea Signed Book

Tea-drinkers are often book readers (is there anything cozier than combining the two and adding a warm blanket?), and this book, written and signed by award-winning food writer Tom Parker Bowls, lets them really steep in the art and history of tea. Published by Fortnum & Mason, a tea company whose expertise spans over 300 years, this illustrated authority and recipe book is the last word on this sacred brew.

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Davdis Tea Tea Steeper Loose Tea Ecomm Via Davidsteavia merchant

Best for big brews

DavidsTea 32-Ounce Steeper

Why make a cup at a time when you can crank out a quart instead? If your recipient is anything like us, even an oversized mug isn’t enough, which makes this cool bottom-release steeper one of the best gifts for tea lovers who sip all day long. Made of clear, BPA-free plastic, it pours clean (since it doesn’t technically pour at all) and releases the most flavorful part of the pot first (the bottom) while filtering it to an exacting standard.

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Coffee And Tea Gift Ecomm Via Sugarwishvia merchant

Best for picky sippers

Sugarwish Tea Sampler

You don’t have to be a connoisseur of tea to be great at giving tea gifts. Sugarwish’s gift box lets your favorite tea enthusiast pick from a rich variety of blends from brands like Art of Tea and Teatulia. Bonus: Since all of the teas are sustainably sourced, this doubles as an eco-friendly gift for the environmentally conscious tea lover in your life.

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Fujian Ancient Ree Ecomm Via Harneyvia merchant

Best for gourmet tea drinkers

Harney & Sons Fujian Ancient Tree

Tea is one of those things that strongly reflect its place of origin, which is why tea from the Fujian province of China is considered elite. The topography, climate, and soil make the tea that’s grown there among the best in the world, and Harney & Sons’ oolong distinguishes itself well for sophisticated tea drinkers and gourmets.

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Royal Holiday Duo Gift Ecomm Via Harneyvia merchant

Best for royals-obsessed tea lovers

Harney & Sons Royal Palaces Duo Gift

Princes and princesses, power and privilege, plus a complex family tree and nonstop drama—how could you not be at least a little captivated by the English nobility? No matter if you’re catching up on Kate, reliving the days of Diana, or firmly on team Harry and Meghan, it’s pinkies up with this pair of British blends. Not only is it one of the best gifts for tea lovers, but it’s also a gift any fan of the British royal family will appreciate.

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Scottish Gift Ecomm Via Harneyvia merchant

Best for Outlander fans

Harney & Sons Scottish Gift

For recipients who prefer Lallybroch to Downton Abbey, this tea gift set is the perfect accompaniment to the latest release of the epic book series or the new season of the TV show. Loose teas, Great Scot International Scottish Honey, and two types of famous Scottish Walker cookies are on point for either, and every purchase adds to supporting the American Scottish Foundation’s charitable endeavors.

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Bodum Assam 2 Tea Coffee Glasses Stainless Steel Handle Ecomm Via Coffeebeanvia merchant

Best for visual drinkers

Bodum Assam Glass Set

Who hasn’t sat hypnotized while watching black tea swirl with milk, tea leaves unfurl, and flowers bloom in water on Instagram? It’s incredibly soothing, and Bodum’s pair of clear glasses lets your recipient enjoy every moment from every angle. Plus, the engraved stainless steel handle makes for easy sipping.

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Sand Tea Timer Ecomm Via Coffeebeanvia merchant

Best for perfectionists

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Sand Tea Timer

Did you know that different types of tea require different times to reach an ideal steep? This three-part tea timer makes it easy to get it right every time with three color-coded hourglasses preset for perfection. It’s a clever gift for that impossible-to-shop-for person who happens to brew a daily cuppa.

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Tea Runners Easy Brew Glass Teapot Ecomm Via Tearunnersvia merchant

Best for full-leaf teas

Tea Runners Easy Brew Glass Teapot

Tea comes in a wide range of forms, from small shreds and fine chops to full-on flowers and big, mature leaves. This borosilicate glass teapot is for the latter, allowing plenty of room for the tea to expand. The result: deep, open flavor and visual satisfaction before you pour it out through the built-in strainer.

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Clay Style Gong Fu Tea Set Ecomm Via Chariteaspot.comvia merchant

Best for Chinese traditionalists

Chariteas Clay-Style Gong Fu Tea Set

For some drinkers, the ritual of tea is just as important as the flavor of it. If you’re looking for gifts for tea lovers who value authenticity and tradition, Chariteas’ clay set is a must-buy. It lets your recipient pay homage to a ceremony that originated all the way back in the Song Dynasty, is common in the tea capital of Fujian, and gastronomically influential Guangdong (formerly known as Canton).

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Jade Leaf Complete Matcha Ceremony Set Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Best for matcha tea lovers

Jade Leaf Matcha Ceremony Set

If standing on ceremony is their cup of (matcha) tea, it’s important to have all the necessary components to honor it. Matcha is incredibly important to Japanese culture, and Jade Leaf’s starter set guides this drinking journey. And since it’s available quickly from Amazon, it’ll save your hide as a solid last-minute gift option or an easy Amazon Mother’s Day gift.

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2021 Top Sellers Gift Basket Ecomm Via Tearunnersvia merchant

Best for the greatest hits

Tea Runners Top Sellers Gift Basket

Consider this Tea Runners gift basket a time capsule of tea, rounding up the most popular types sold by the brand in 2021, including the world’s most awarded Earl Grey tea, made with black tea from Yunnan and Italian cold-pressed bergamot oil. Complete with a self-straining teapot and two glass mugs, this gift set is a mini trip that includes stops in Laoshan, China, and Kathmandu, Nepal. Want more ideas? Check out these DIY gifts.

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Iced Matcha Gift Set Ecomm Via Harneyvia merchant

Best for iced matcha lovers

Harney & Sons Iced Matcha Gift

Matcha lovers love matcha all year long, but many pour it over ice during the warmer months. This precise, instructional gift set makes sure that every cold cup of Jobetsugi matcha is exactly right, from scoop to shake to savor.

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If You Can Read This Bring Me Some Tea Socks Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for cozy humor

Lavley Bring Me Some Tea Socks

We drink tea to feel warm and fuzzy; we wear socks for the same reason. Combine the two with Lavley socks’ unsubtle hint that when it’s time for your recipient to relax, his or her cup better be close to “runneth over.” If you’re looking for a gift for a best friend or a gift for coworkers, this should bring lighthearted laughs.

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Gocuff Reusable Iced Coffee Cup Insulator Sleeve Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Best for a good grip on the go

GoCuff Beverage Cuff

Paper beverage sleeves get the job done, but they can be wasteful, unlike the reusable GoCuff Beverage Cuff. This cup cozy insulates your hot or iced tea, comes in sizes small through large, and provides a loop that keeps your hold secure and drink portable. This would also make a great Mother’s Day gift!

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Takeya Iced Tea Maker Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Best for Thai iced tea

Takeya Iced Tea Maker

I adore Thai iced tea, but because the tea breaks apart easily, its resultant fine particles can make brewing a dusty disaster. The fine mesh infuser in Takeya’s BPA-free plastic ice tea maker has made that a problem of the past for me, and its flash-chill technology has me gulping down my favorite summer drink fast. Best of all, it’s airtight and holds two quarts, so you can save some for later.

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Willow Everett Cold Brew Coffee Maker Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Best for parties, picnics, and barbecues

Willow & Everett Cold Brew Coffee and Iced Tea Maker

I personally own Willow & Everett’s ice tea maker, and I love that I can brew up an entire gallon with its built-in but removable fine mesh strainer. This is a great gift for homeowners who entertain a lot; they can simply use the entire thing as a dispenser at their next gathering. It’s made of thick glass and has a securely fastening spigot, an airtight lid, and a Mason jar design that make it oh so summery and perfect for a thirsty crowd.

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Nifty Tea Bag Spinning Carousel Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for displaying and organizing teabags

Nifty Tea Bag Spinning Carousel

Today’s teabag wrapper designs are often beautiful and printed with most of the tasting notes highlighted on the box. Why not let your proud tea-drinker put them on display, then? Nifty’s Tea Bag Spinning Carousel holds up to 60 bags in six compartments, checking “high capacity,” “space-saving,” and “convenient” off the list of important traits for teabag storage.

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Multibev 22 Oz Bottle Ecomm Via Camelbakvia merchant

Best for tea on the go

Camelbak MultiBev Bottle with Cup

Available in a variety of fun hues, this two-part, double-walled, vacuum-insulated, stainless-steel bottle separates for sharing or for easily pouring hot tea into a cup to cool. The Camelbak MultiBev Bottle even comes with a reusable lid for the cup—think of it as the sustainable version of a coffee shop commodity. Finally, I love that this brand’s bottles have a silicone base that prevents slipping; its powder coat does the same, but for your hands.

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Zojirushi Electric Hybrid Water Boiler Warmer Ecomm Via Williams Sonoma.comvia merchant

Best for hot water on demand

Zojirushi Electric Hybrid Water Boiler & Warmer

Growing up in a Chinese home that consumed a lot of tea, having boiling water hot and ready was a must. Zojirushi’s electric hybrid water boiler and warmer is top of the line, made by the Japanese brand known for rice cooking precision and impenetrable vacuum insulation. It utilizes both technologies to heat up water fast and keep it that way with less energy, making it an amazing housewarming gift for a tea-drinking household.

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Oxo Good Grips Uplift Brushed Steel Tea Kettle Ecomm Via Bedbathandbeyondvia merchant

Best for stovetop boiling

OXO GoodGrips Uplift Brushed Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

I have the older model of OXO’s GoodGrips tea kettle, and it’s one of my absolute favorite kitchen products. The angle and size of the opening make it so easy to fill and clean, the soft-grip handle stays cool and is immediately responsive, and the spout opens automatically when you tilt to pour, shutting off the whistling immediately without even having to turn off the stove.

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Cuisinart Cpk 17 Perfecttemp Kettle Ecomm Via Macys.comvia merchant

Best for untethered tea-making

Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric Kettle

Not everyone has access to a stove when tea-time strikes; not everyone wants the permanence of a hot water dispenser. Cuisinart’s cordless electric kettle offers a solution for both. Sure, it’s a fine gift for anyone working remotely, but it’s one of the best gifts for tea lovers who have returned to the office. It has six preset temperatures, a 30-minute warming function, and peek-a-boo window so they can watch it work as hard as they are. Bonus: Its modern stainless housing looks good anywhere.

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Aieve Tea Bag Squeezer 2 Pack Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for getting every last drop

Aieve Tea Bag Squeezer

Small, affordable, and useful, Aieve’s Tea Bag Squeezers are great accessory gifts even outside of stocking stuffer season. This pair of stainless-steel, spoon-shaped tongs gets the most out of a tea bag before it’s discarded.

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Tovolo Teago Mobile Press Tea Ecomm Via Bedbathandbeyondvia merchant

Best for BYOTea

Tovolo TeaGo Mobile Tea Press

Hard-core loose tea drinkers will tell you that bagged tea just isn’t the same. Tovolo’s portable tea press is among the most perfect gifts for tea lovers who fall firmly in that camp. Not only does it keep dry tea sealed, sanitary, and airtight until you uncap it, but it also has a plunger that improves the depth of flavor and quality of infusion through its fine mesh.

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400 Pieces Disposable Tea Bags For Loose Leaf Tea Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for DIY for grab-and-go

Fenshine Disposable Cotton Tea Filter Bags

Loose-tea lovers who don’t want to bother with bulky gadgets when making tea on the go will love Fenshine’s economical bulk pack of disposable cotton tea bags. They make a great accent gift for coworkers who travel for business and want to have their favorite tea unobtrusively at those early morning conferences. Give them alongside a couple of tins of the good stuff.

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Rose Whole Flower Beauty Tea Ecomm Via The Qi.comvia merchant

Best for aesthetic drinkers

The Qi Shangri-La Rose Flower Tea

If you want to give a gift with an aesthetic tailor-made for Instagram, The Qi’s gorgeous Shangri-La Rose Tea is hard to outshine. Nine whole-rose flower packets come in each box; each are strong enough to make three cups of subtly floral, slightly tangy, fruity, and honey-hinted tea that’s almost too pretty to drink.

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Public Goods Black Tea Ecomm Via Publicgoodsvia merchant

Best for instant gratification

Public Goods Black Tea Concentrate

We get it: Not everyone wants to wait for that perfect brew, especially when it comes to iced tea. But you don’t have to sacrifice flavor for instant gratification, which is what makes Public Goods’ organic cold-brewed concentrate one of the top gifts for tea lovers who want to quench their thirst with quality, stat. One part concentrate is good for seven parts water, so a little will go a long way … but get you there fast. Bonus points go to the gender-neutral design, which also makes it a great gift for men.

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Williams Sonoma Open Kitchen Tall Mugs Ecomm Via Williams Sonomavia merchant

Best for savorers

Williams Sonoma Tall Mugs

If you’re a tea lover, a regular mug is never enough. You want a big cup of tea and to extract as much tea as you can from each bag. Williams Sonoma’s oversized mugs allow for a generous pour, and the tall walls keep heat from dissipating too quickly. Plus, the clean white microwavable and dishwasher-safe porcelain means they’ll match anything.

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Matcha Infuser Ecomm Via Mositeavia merchant

Best all-in-one brewer

Mosi Matcha Infuser

Mosi’s Matcha Infuser might be named for a specific type of tea, but make no mistake: This portable, shatter-resistant, leak-proof, dishwasher-safe brewing bottle is no one-trick pony. An interchangeable infuser design lets your lucky recipient make all different kinds of tea, and since the sieves sit up top, their odds of over-steeping to bitterness are reduced.

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Rory Dobner Tea Set Cups Saucers Ecomm Via Williams Sonoma.comvia merchant

Best for classic literature lovers

Rory Dobner Cups & Saucers

Books are often associated with tea, and this gift set adds the element of art to the classic combination. British designer Rory Dobner’s gorgeous ink drawings adorn this limited-run set, which features scenes from classic literature‘s most famous tea party: the Mad Hatter’s. Add a new novel (or three) to the tea set for a book-lover gift that’ll truly impress.

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Instant Tea And Matcha Variety Bundle Ecomm Via Wakacoffee.comvia merchant

Best for contributing to a good cause

Waka Coffee Instant Tea and Matcha Variety Bundle

There’s something about knowing your gift gives back that makes a hot cup of tea even better. Waka Coffee donates a percentage of all profits to charity through its Add Water, Give Water program, and it does its part in reducing waste by packaging tea in minimal resealable bags. With this Instant Tea and Matcha Bundle, tea lovers get a smooth, bold, powdered-from-real-tea-leaves taste that’s even more gratifying than their single-origin, premium ingredients would imply.

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