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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

35 Goat Pictures That Are Perfect for Kidding Around

Everyone will love these goat pictures!

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Goatsaydinmutlu/Getty Images

Whatever floats your goat

Goat pictures regularly go viral on the Internet for a reason, and it’s not just the photos of them chilling on an apparently vertical cliff face that make for some of the best funny animal pictures. As well as daredevil goats, there are also fainting goats, screaming goats, tree-climbing goats, goat yoga, and don’t even get us started on baby goats! Pictures of baby goats might even be cuter than the cutest pig pictures. Goats are well known for their ability to chew on pretty much everything, from socks to alfalfa, but they’re also smart animals. They make for one of the cutest farm animals. They can learn their names and be taught to come when called, although they can be pretty stubborn. Their spooky rectangular pupils give them 340-degree vision! Goats are very sociable animals and will make friends with almost anyone, from fellow goats to the pig next door.

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Goat CuddlesJessica R. Bunger/Getty Images

Goat gossip

I heard the farmer was angry. Someone really got his goat.

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Gruff goat lying on a bridgeDeb Perry/Getty Images

Billy goat gruff

Look, either you answer the riddles, or you give me a carrot. It’s up to you. Yes, I will accept funny animal memes as a bribe.

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three goats sitting close together on a wooden platformCourtesy Madge Fleece

Family goat of arms

Everybody say goat cheese! This adorable goat picture was sent in by one of our readers for our Best Pet Pals contest.

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GoatsReyaz Limalia/Getty Images

Maybe that hen is up to something

What’s all that noise? It sounds like a battering ram! Oh, never mind, it’s just everyone laughing at that chicken’s bird puns.

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a small pig and a small goat cuddle in the hay in their penCourtesy Vee Potter

Farm friends

Sent in by a reader for our Best Pet Pals contest, the subject of this goat picture has a very pork-ticular pal.

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Oman, Portrait of goat sticking out tongue at cameraWestend61/Getty Images

When you have no thumbs

This is the only way I can hitch a ride back to the mountains! C’mon, pick me up. It’ll make for a funny animal story!

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Kid - baby goatSamantha Nicol Art Photography/Getty Images

Interrupted nap

You’ve got to be kidding me. I don’t need a baaaath!

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Out of place goatEdwin Remsberg/Getty Images

Dare to be different

Sometimes, you’re just a goat in a herd of sheep, lost in the flock… Some animals deserve new (and hilariously silly) names to capture their individuality.

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Goats staring.Grant Faint/Getty Images

New Kids on the Block

Yeah, we’re in a band. The Baaaa-street Boys. These goats are trying to make it onto the list of famous animals.

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Close-Up Portrait Of GoatsSteve Bates/EyeEm/Getty Images


Let’s take a silly one next! Oh, wait… All my goat pictures are silly.

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Mountain Goats, mother & 2 kidsMark Newman/Getty Images

Winter is coming

For these fluff-tastic mountain goats, winter is already here! Does getting really furry count as an animal superpower?

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Invasive wild goats on the island of MallorcaAna Maria Serrano/Getty Images


Really, Bill? Another vacation photo? Don’t you have enough goat pictures?

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Jumping GoatflySnow/Getty Images

Silly billy

This athletic fellow must only drink goat-arade. If you love puns, these horse puns will make you whinny with laughter.

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Portrait Of A GoatPaul Teysen/EyeEm/Getty Images


It takes time to perfect your selfie face, but it’s worth it to take great goat pictures.

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Laughing GoatMccallk69/Getty Images


This goat definitely likes to laugh at his own jokes, like this one: What do you call a goat who paints pictures? Vincent van Goat! Or… maybe he saw one of these funny monkey pictures and couldn’t help but giggle.

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Brown goat behind fencedebibishop/Getty Images


Oh, hi. I have no idea how I goat here.

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Alpine Ibexesmoodboard/Getty Images

Best friends

It’s OK, Fred. You’ll be the best butter next time. I’ve goat your back. Here, have a look at the best memes from 2020, that will cheer you up.

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Young goats standing on horse in stableJulia Christe/Getty Images

Hill billies

I still can’t see over the stall door, can you?

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Goat NNehring/Getty Images

Canine or capra?

I’m either a spaniel or a goat. You decide! We know the hilarious collective noun for other animals, but what is the word for goats? It’s a trip! (No, really, it’s “a trip”).

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Exchange of tenderness and love between two white goats.Francesco Bergamaschi/Getty Images

Mutual compliments

You’re the GOAT. Well, you’re the GOAT with bells on.

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Yawning young ibexPicture by Tambako the Jaguar/Getty Images

Yodeling goat

He could be singing, he could be yawning. Either way, this young goat has some opinions to express. Maybe he’s reacting to some funny dog memes.

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Baby Boer goatTC Morgan Photography/Getty Images

Old soul

So I said to her, I said, are you kidding me I said? You’re going to get ME a nanny?

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A goat eats paper on a campsite in the desertJason Jones Travel Photography/Getty Images

Pre-dinner snack

Oh, did you need this? These animal cartoons prove animals are funnier than humans.

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Three Billy Goats GruffCorrie White Photography/Getty Images

Goat gang

You better take a ewe turn, pal. This is our log.

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Goat wearing a bell walking on a roof, Switzerlandsvjetlana/Getty Images


This seems dangerous but don’t worry, he’s goat this. Goats are one of the smartest animals, right?

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Two goats leaning on barn door, England, UKAdrienne Elliot/Getty Images

Chatty nannies

Personally, I love the stained glass, Mavis. I think it gives me a nice glow in all my goat pictures.

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whole body view of a newborn baby goat in a penNATASHA SIOSS/Getty Images

Baby’s first steps

This newborn kid is trying out his new legs with a goat’s most important skill: climbing! Goats are one of the animals who start walking soon after they’re born.

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A cute farm pigmy goat pulls a fun expressionTom and Steve/Getty Images

Goat says what?!

Did you say goat puns are baaaaad?

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Goats graze in an argan tree - MoroccoPaul Biris/Getty Images

Weird looking birds

I think I for-goat how to get down. These strange, giant birds must be one of the rarest animals on Earth.

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goatStephen Smith/Getty Images

City dweller

This stylish goat is ready for her closeup. It takes knowing how to pose to take good goat pictures.

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Close-Up Of A GoatDiederik Hoppenbrouwers / EyeEm/Getty Images

He just heard this joke

What do you call a beard on a billy? A goatee! Unfortunately, he’s got a stack of dog puns that will make him laugh, too. Ruff.

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Midsection For Three Kid GoatsLorianne Ende/EyeEm/Getty Images

Something’s goat to give

Not much room to maaaaaneuver here.

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Two kid goats in fieldImage Source/Getty Images

No kidding!

This kiddo is ready for playtime. We cannot get enough of the cuteness of baby animals!

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It’s all downhill from here

Whether they lichen it or not, these kids have to climb down again. Take a look at these goat puns that are so baaad, they’re good!

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Goat poking his head through hole in wooden fence, Melk, Yspersal, AustriaJohann Frank/Getty Images

What is it with goats and eavesdropping?

Hello, I hope you don’t mind me butting in! Did you mention something about cat memes?

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Talking goatDaniela Duncan/Getty Images

He tells baaaaad jokes

French goats are the most musical of all goats. They have French horns. Womp womp. Enough jokes! These baby animals born during the pandemic will melt your heart.