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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

6 Ways Goats Are Having The Best Week Ever

They came, they saw, they yelled and they conquered. Here, how the unemployment rate just increased...all because these barnyard jerks are taking over the world (and our jobs).

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Goats are the new back-up singers.

And they’re not half bad.

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Goats are the new DJs.

Goats at the Grammys: Possible? No. Probable.

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Goats are the new clown.

(Invite them to your next kid’s birthday party. People with clown phobias everywhere just rejoiced.)

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Goats are the new comedians.

(But actors nonetheless.)

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Goats are replacing farmers.

Is there a seat belt in this thing?

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Goats may be trying to steal our jobs, but…

…We’re taking ’em back.

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