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83 Best Group Halloween Costumes to Wear with Your Friends This Year

Get the whole gang together with a group Halloween costume, and dress to impress this Halloween!

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group halloween costumes
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Best group Halloween costumes ever

Halloween is baaaaack, and you know what that means: coming up with some seriously amazing costume ideas. Sure, you can go solo on the big night, but group Halloween costumes really get everyone talking and lead to some boo-tiful memories with your squad. The key is to find a theme you all agree on and can have a whole lot of fun with, whether you’re dealing with a bunch of best friend Halloween costumes or family Halloween costumes.

That said, you don’t need to be a big group to make these work. They’re also good for smaller groups, couples and siblings looking to make a memorable splash. Scroll through to find favorites ranging from popular TV characters to Disney Halloween costumes, and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

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Squishmallows Halloween costume
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Squishmallows Halloween costume

These adorable stuffed toys deserve to be on your squad’s group costumes list. Why? Because they’re cute, fun and oh-so-cuddly! Their round shape, squishy bodies and colorful designs make them great costume ideas for kids. Plus, there are various Squishmallows to choose from, including Cam the Cat, Holly the Owl and Hans the Pirate Hedgehog.

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Spiderman cosplayers pose during the 29th edition of Romics...
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Spider-Men Halloween costume

Comic-book characters are always fun to replicate for Halloween, especially if your childhood dreams involved having a secret identity and donning a superhero suit. If Spider-Man is your favorite Marvel character, don’t hesitate to wear the classic web-patterned suit. And with the various Spider-Men across the multiverse, your friends can join in on the web-slinging fun by dressing as Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy and more.

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Pirate Costume
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Pirates Halloween costume

You’re sure to find a pirate or two trick-or-treating and hunting for treasure—in this case, candy! Find a pirate costume set that comes with all of the sea-captain gear, from the tricorn hat trimmed with an ostrich feather to the wrist cuffs and lace jabot. Then gather your mighty crew, DIY a pirate ship and get ready to scour the seven seas for candy corn, Snickers, KitKats, Skittles and more!

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Clowns Halloween costume
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Clowns Halloween costume

With clowns listed as No. 14 on Google’s Frightgeist list, we wouldn’t be surprised if you bump into a few wig-wearing, red-nosed jesters at the Halloween party. And we’re sure they’ve made a comeback in light of the live reenactments of Stephen King’s antagonist, Pennywise from It. You’ll find plenty of funny and scary clown costumes for men and women alike, making even easier for everyone to join in on the jester-like fun.

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Cowboys Halloween costume
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Cowboys Halloween costume

You don’t need to live on a ranch or have your own horse to be cowboys and cowgirls for Halloween. Don Western attire, including a cowboy hat, bandanna, jeans, chaps and gloves. Then, rally the herd and “yee-haw” your way to every haunted house and doorstep.

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barbie rollerblade costume
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Barbies Halloween costume

Hi, Barbie! Hi, Barbie! Every night is girls’ night, but Halloween could be the ultimate girls night this year by dressing up as a group of Barbies fresh out of the box: rollerblading Barbie, jumpsuit Barbie, cowgirl Barbie or DIY Barbie! Can you imagine how great trick-or-treating from Dream House to Dream House would be?! Although, let’s face it, the candy probably wouldn’t be real, and that’s one great reason we prefer the Real World. Either way, Barbie is sure to be one of the most popular group Halloween costume ideas this year.

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ken roller blade costume
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Kens Halloween costume

Halloween night is better with buddies. Grab your fave Kens and practice being Kenough in one of the year’s best Halloween costumes for men (once you’ve got your hair just right). Bonus points if you learn the choreography from the Ken song.

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Horror movie villains Halloween costume

What’s scarier than a horror movie villain? A whole flock of them! Upset your neighbors and terrify your friends as you and your pals each pick your favorite horrible hero: Chucky, Jason and Bloody Mary are all great (terrifying) choices.

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Disney villains Halloween costume

Jafar? Gaston? Cruella de Vil, perhaps? With so many fabulously evil villains to choose from, the perfect group Halloween costume is just a wish away.

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Ladies of Bridgerton Halloween costume

If you’re looking for group costume ideas inspired by Regency romance, going as the ladies of Bridgerton is a versatile option that lets everyone in the gang get ballroom ready. It’s also an excellent choice for groups with varying body sizes, because any Regency-era dress completes the look in no time. Make sure you add a natural, rose-hued blush to your cheeks and some face-framing curls to nail one of the best Halloween costume ideas for women.

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Trolls Halloween costume

If you’ve got some blue, green or pink body paint and a willingness to wear a cone-shaped wig, going as a bunch of Trolls from the popular family movie is the fun group Halloween costume you’ve been waiting for. You really only have to purchase the colorful Trolls wigs and body paint—you can DIY the rest using existing wardrobe options or colored cardboard.

Shop Trolls Wig

Cheetah Girls Halloween costume

Going as the entire friendship pack from The Cheetah Girls is one of the most comfortable group costume ideas out there because all you really need are velour tracksuits in various colors. Add wide animal-print headbands to high ponytails and voila! You’ve got an early 2000s look that is sure to bring smiles to everyone who lived through the era.

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Care Bears Halloween costume

Friends with big hearts and loving attitudes are going to love this one. Going as a collection of colorful Care Bears is an easy Halloween costume that makes a smile-inducing impression in all sorts of crowds. Care Bears costumes are one-and-done wonders that come in a variety of colors and sizes to suit the whole crowd. Adults of most sizes, kids and even babies can get in on one of the most fun Halloween group costumes around.

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Stranger Things Halloween costume

If you binge-watched every season of Stranger Things, dressing up as the characters is just the ticket to an otherworldly Halloween. It’s also one of the easiest group Halloween costumes for larger ensembles because of the variety of age, size and character styles. You can also phone this one in with matching Hellfire Club T-shirts for the group. When you’re done partying, settle in for a night of the best Halloween movies on Netflix. Or, you know, just rewatch Stranger Things. You know you want to.

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Clue Halloween costume

Hunting for the best group Halloween costumes is a little like solving a mystery: You need to figure out who’s buying which costume and from where. (It’s Miss Scarlet in Spirit Halloween with the Jason mask!) It’s easy to get to the bottom of it when you get the gang together to go as characters from everyone’s favorite board game: Clue. Wear a purple blazer, a glamorous red evening dress or a frilly maid’s costume, and break out the magnifying glasses. For a fun Halloween party idea, play a murder mystery game.

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Encanto Halloween costume

This year, everybody wants to talk about Bruno—and the rest of the Encanto movie family. Recreate the look with traditional Colombian-style dresses and accessories. It’s one of the cutest Halloween costumes for pop-culture lovers and can easily be worn as either trendy or modest.

Shop Mirabel Dress

The Rose family from Schitt’s Creek Halloween costume

Everything about the incredibly witty cast of Schitt’s Creek is appealing. Your group’s biggest issue will be duking it out over who gets to be David, Moira and Alexis. It’s a simple costume to master at home if you have bold wigs and glammed-up accessories, but if you’re aiming to be David, try this perfect Amazon sweater that you’ll be able to wear well after Halloween.

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Marvel women Halloween costume

Tell the gals in your group to unleash their inner superheroes—there’s a Marvel costume for every style and size. You can opt for a premade women’s Captain Marvel suit, or try a monochromatic bodysuit and cape for a DIY version. Because these costumes are so customizable, they’re some of the best plus-size Halloween costumes too.

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Winx Club Halloween costume

Animated girl power to the rescue! There are so many bright, beautiful Winx characters to choose from—Bloom, Aisha, Flora, Musa and dozens of others—each with feminine, floral themes. Wear frilly dresses in a variety of colors paired with fairy wings to nail the look.

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Everything Everywhere All at Once Halloween costume

Take trick-or-treating and party-going on the wildest ride yet with this sci-fi Everything Everywhere All at Once group costume idea that is sure to get imaginations going. The best part of this costume is how comfortable and practical it can be, but you’re definitely going to need a quilted maroon vest if you want to give off main-character vibes.

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Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume

Grab some blond wigs, trippy accessories and a bunny costume to round out this Alice in Wonderland group costume. You’ll obviously need a blue dress for Alice, but don’t forget to add a Mad Hatter costume to the mix, plus a Cheshire cat, white rabbit and more.

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Bob’s Burgers Halloween costume

Nobody has beef with the cast of Bob’s Burgers. This is easily one of the funniest and best group Halloween costumes, and it’ll get everyone talking. You don’t need much more than plain tees, aprons, some wigs and statement glasses. You can DIY the whole thing, or buy all the elements in a single Tina, Bob or Louise costume.

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Minions Halloween costume

If ever there was a perfect group Halloween costume for co-workers, it’s a gaggle of adorable Minions. These brightly hued, upbeat little creatures are hardworking friends that appear in limitless quantities—perfect for larger groups. You can buy inexpensive premade Minions costumes or create your own with yellow tees, blue overalls and oversize goggles.

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Spooktacular Creations Inflatable Costume Unicorn Ecomm Via Amazon
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Menagerie of mythical creatures Halloween costume

It’s easy to find children’s unicorn costumes but tougher to find truly jaw-dropping adult versions. You’ll stick out like a glittery rainbow on a rainy day when the adults in your group don this inflatable unicorn-rider costume, which also comes in a pretty amazing full-body version. You can also create a magical look with these easy Halloween makeup ideas.

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BTS Halloween costume

Dress up as everyone’s favorite South Korean pop band, BTS, and dance the night away to the group’s hit songs. This simple costume idea relies heavily on pastel-colored suits, modern sunglasses in trendy shapes, middle-parted hair and, of course, portable microphones. Get a pack of portable Bluetooth microphones to take your show on the road and impress everyone you meet.

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Hocus Pocus Halloween costume

Put on a pot of witch’s brew, because the Sanderson sisters are in town—and you’re one of them. Talk about classic Halloween group costumes! It’s perfect for trios, though you can always add extra characters from the movie. Make sure you wear robust capes, and don’t forget to buy a Winifred Sanderson wig to top off the look. Then go ahead and quote Hocus Pocus all night long.

Shop Winifred Wig

Turning Red Halloween costume

Be inspired by one of the best recent coming-of-age movies, Turning Red, and dress as the entire cast of characters, from the overprotective traditional parents to the adventurous red panda herself. It’s an easy look to pull together when you wear head-to-toe red clothes and then top the look with this accessories set, which comes with ears and a tail. Have a bigger group? Go as the entire friendship ensemble!

Shop Fox Accessories

couple wearing day of the dead halloween costume
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Day of the Dead Halloween costume

The fun thing about Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is that you can have just a few or many pals dress up in Mexican-inspired skeleton costumes to nail the look. It’s one of the best group Halloween costumes for those who love easy Halloween face paint. Make sure you load up on Day of the Dead temporary face tattoos to complete the look.

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The gang from Recess Halloween costume

Going as characters from the Disney movie Recess: School’s Out is one of the easiest options for this year’s Halloween party. This is one of those group costume ideas that rely heavily on normal-looking clothes you probably already own. The key is getting a bright green basketball jersey on one friend, a backward baseball hat on another, too-short pants for a third member of your friend group and a blue dress for another. Most important of all? A pal wearing a red dress and black leather jacket to mimic the look of Spinelli.

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M&M’s Halloween costume

This costume will melt your heart, but definitely not in your hand! Going as a colorful collection of M&M’s celebrates everyone’s favorite part of the holiday: Halloween candy. Plus, it gives each participant some creative freedom in choosing their shade—from purple to pink, green and a rainbow of other colors. It’s a cinch to make this costume at home with white pants and a colorful tee featuring a DIY M&M’s logo. Or you could always buy a ready-made M&M’s T-shirt in several colors as one of the best no-frills group Halloween costumes.

Shop M&M's Tees

Carmen 'carmy' Berzatto Costume
Courtesy FX

The Bear Halloween costume

Yes, chef! Embody the kitchen hierarchy this Halloween with this too-many-cooks vibe. Even better, it’s super easy to pull off: All you need is a navy apron, a white tee shirt and a general air of stress and overwork. Chicago accent optional. Done and done!

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Bumper Bubble Soccer Balls For Kids Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Bubble people Halloween costume

Not really a people person? Grab one of these silly-looking zorb balls to maintain your distance as you trick-or-treat this year. Fair warning: These plastic bubbles weren’t created as costumes, so they’re not made for the indoors. But they fit the best group Halloween costumes bill for those looking to give strangers a chuckle—you can call yourself bubble people from another planet. Plus, you can have fun with them after the big day too!

Shop Zorb Balls

Rubies Disney Ecomm Via Amazon
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Movie cast Halloween costume

Choose your movie, assign each group member a character from the film and roll out as an entire cast. Bonus points for giving your cute lap dog the lead role from a recent hit, like this little nugget playing Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Round out the cast with your little (human) one as Flounder and mom as Ursula.

Shop Ariel Dog Costume

Tanya Mcquoid
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The White Lotus Halloween costume

The hottest vacation series of the year also comes with a fantastic cast of wacky characters to choose from for the perfect group Halloween costume. Tanya and her pink pashmina, Portia’s infamous crocheted bucket hat, Cameron’s brocade jacket and Harper’s clean white dresses will tip your group right back into summer mode.

Shop Pink Pashmina

Scream Halloween costume

This slightly scary blast from the past is the perfect group costume idea for those who love a bit of nostalgia. Pick up a ghost-face mask, the most important component of all, and have a trusted participant be in charge of carrying (and talking into) a prop phone everywhere the group goes.

Shop Scream Mask

Mike and Heather Redding dressed as bacon and eggs for halloween
MediaNews Group/Getty Images

Bacon and eggs Halloween costume

Things that go together? You two, and this classic breakfast duo. You’ll be the tastiest protein-rich treat without any of the tricks. Adding this slip-on, slip-off bacon-and-eggs costume topper to an all-black ensemble goes over easy, and you can just add some extra rashers and yolks for a delicious group Halloween costume.

Shop Bacon & Eggs Costume

Kiss Costume
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KISS Halloween costume

Aah, Halloween. A crazy, crazy night. This group costume idea might require a steady hand with the face paint, but whether you choose to emulate Gene, Paul, Ace or Peter, the results are so spectacular it will be the most memorable rock ‘n’ roll all night of your life.

Shop KISS Demon Costume

Lawn flamingos Halloween costume
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Lawn flamingos Halloween costume

What’s the best year-round decoration for your yard? The humble lawn flamingo, of course! Get your flock together and get your pink on with these adorable flamingo costumes, and you’ll always be able to find your pals in a crowd. Squawk!

Shop Flamingo Costume

Shrek Halloween costume

Celebrate Halloween far far away this year with this incredible throwback group costume idea for the ultimate Noughties nostalgia fest. Dressing up as Princess Fiona, Gingie, the Fairy Godmother or Lord Farquaad will have everyone around you thinking fondly of their childhoods.

Shop Gingerbread Costume

Peanut Butter And Jelly Costume Ecomm Via Amazon
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Peanut butter and jelly Halloween costume

Two halves of the iconic peanut butter and jelly sandwich are always a hit when it comes to couples, siblings and best friends. If your group is bigger, though, encourage several pairs within the group to be timeless food duos. Macaroni and cheese, burgers and fries and doughnuts and coffee are all fun ideas onlookers will get a kick out of. Plus, you don’t have to do much because you can have ready-made peanut butter and jelly costumes shipped right to your door.

Shop PB&J Costume

Heathers Halloween costume

Take a cue from the 1980s with bold blazers and croquet mallets that’ll give your group the classic look of the film’s titular Heathers. Don’t forget the hair—you’ll need a can of hairspray for authenticity, because the higher your hair, the closer to ’80s movie royalty you are.

Shop Croquet Set

adults dressed in
Frank Herholdt/Getty Images

Decade-specific Halloween costume

Pick a decade and build all your costumes around it. Get groovy with lava lamps, bell-bottom pants and feathered hair to complete your ’70s looks, or go with easy-to-find shiny leggings, oversize sweatshirts and headbands to go as a group of ’80s girls. If you really want to impress the competition, go glam with an Art Deco–inspired look from the 1920s. Moment-in-time themes are some of the best group Halloween costumes because they don’t have gender, age or size limits and are generally fun for everyone.

Shop '80s Costume

Rock Paper Scissors Adult Costume Ecomm Via Halloweencostumes
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Rock, paper, scissors Halloween costume

How about a smile-worthy dose of everyone’s favorite childhood gamble? It’s rock, paper, scissors! This one is easy enough to re-create with black leggings or fitted denim and a solid black long-sleeve tee topped with appropriately cut and decorated poster board. If you’re too low on time and energy for cheap DIY costumes, opt for premade costumes.

Shop Costume Set


The Kardashians Halloween costume

Grab your bodycon and dust off your contour brushes, because it’s time to spell your name with an unnecessary ‘K.’ Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie make for a super-glam group costume idea. You’ll want to pair a metallic dress with wavy hair, pouty lips and the highest heels you can stand to wear all night.

Shop Metallic Dress

Ted Lasso Costume
Alexi Rosenfeld/getty images

Ted Lasso Halloween costume

The most wholesome show on TV also makes for a great group Halloween costume. Ted needs a mustache and some dad sneakers, Roy pairs black jeans with his classic black T-shirt and black leather jacket, Kaylee can wear anything fluffy and Rebecca slays in a fitted boss-lady dress. Throw in an adorable be-suited Higgins and a tracksuited Nate, and the gang’s all here. Believe!

Shop Fluffy Jacket

Party City Power Couple Halloween Costume For Adults Ecomm Via Amazon
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Power couple Halloween costume

Show the world how powerful you are with witty, technology-themed costumes like this outlet costume set. Add more members to your group with homemade extension cables made of gutter tubing and cardboard, a giant phone charger and a full-on breaker panel.

Shop Outlet Set

Dqz Adults Superhero Capes And Masks Ecomm Via Amazon
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Everyday heroes Halloween costume

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman will forever be popular costume choices, but this year, going as a real-life superhero could be the dose of positivity your group needs. Consider dressing up as a teacher, postal worker, nurse, supermarket clerk, first responder or doctor and then adding a shiny cape. It’s a great group Halloween costume for people of all ages and a work-appropriate Halloween costume for those celebrating at the office.

Shop Superhero Capes

 Reeses costume
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Halloween candies Halloween costume

Declare your love for your favorite Halloween candy this year with a costume that’s a bowlful of fun. Whether you and your friends choose to be Hershey’s Chocolate Bar, Mike and Ikes, Reese’s Cups or Jolly Ranchers, there’s something for everyone!

Shop Reese's Costume

US movie poster
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Us Halloween costume

Jordan Peele’s creepiest horror movie yet also makes the list of super easy group Halloween costumes for your gang. A red jumpsuit each and a pair of prop scissors are all you need for a terrifyingly good time.

Shop Red Jumpsuit

Thing 1 and Thing 2 (and Things 3 or more) Halloween costume

Dr. Seuss fans will love the simplicity and hilarity of going as Thing 1 and Thing 2, and there’s no reason you can’t add a third, fourth or fifth Thing to this budget-friendly idea. Dress in solid red from head to toe, add a blue wig or brightly colored blue hairspray, and tape or draw your cutout “thing” number on your chest. You can also buy iron-on transfers to transform inexpensive red tees, or buy Thing 1 shirts already made.

Shop Thing 1 Shirt

Star Wars Family Halloween Costume
Courtesy halloweencostumes.com

Star Wars Halloween costume

Get the whole gang together for a dose of intergalactic fun dressed as Han, Luke, Leia and Darth Vader, along with characters from the latest flicks, like Rey, Finn, Poe and Kylo Ren. It’s also one of the best teen Halloween costumes because each look is fun and age appropriate. If you want a really out-of-this-world response from your kids, let one of them don the Darth Vader costume.

Shop Darth Vader Costume

La Croix Halloween costume

Halloween might be all about candy for some people, but if you’re hoping for some lightly-flavored fizzy water in your haul this year, you need to get the group on board with this La Croix costume. You might have to spend the entire night teaching other people how to pronounce it properly, though. (It’s “la croy,” FYI. That’s how they pronounce it in Wisconsin!)

Shop La Croix Costume

Wonder Woman and the Amazons Halloween costume

Celebrate the spooky season on Themyscira this year by dressing up as Wonder Woman and her Amazons. One of you can wear a classic Wonder Woman red outfit, while the rest bring the girl power. You’ll look totally fierce, and you’ll get to carry a sword all night. Win, win!

Shop Wonder Woman Costume

mother smiling with her two daughters dressed up as a bumble bee and a lady bug for halloween
Ariel Skelley/Getty Images

Bees and bugs Halloween costume

Everyone will be buzzing about this group costume. You can also add a tiara-wearing queen, a honey bear and a beekeeper to the mix. This one is easy enough to pull off with lots of black, yellow and red clothes, store-bought wings and added royal accessories for the queen.

Shop Bumblebee Wings

Mummies and the Grim Reaper Halloween Costume
VCG/Getty Images

The undead Halloween costume

This one is easy enough if you have several rolls of toilet paper on hand, a good attitude and a sense of humor. The best part? It’s versatile and easily made at the last minute. Grab a creepy mask or some fake blood to serve as a horrifying undead creature, or go the simplest route: Tear white sheets into strips and wrap them around you, mummy style.

Shop White Sheets

Rd Ecom Statue Of Liberty Costume Via Amazon.com
via merchant

World cities Halloween costume

Stand out this Halloween with a landmark costume. The great cities of the world make for great group Halloween costumes, too! You could buy a pre-made Lady Liberty costume to embody NYC, or you can DIY Paris, London, San Francisco or Rome by painting the Eiffel Tour, Big Ben, Golden Gate Bridge or Trevi Fountain on a dress and adding the right accessories (e.g., a beret for Paris!).

Shop New York Costume

Bunny Costume
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Happy holidays Halloween costume

These group Halloween costumes are great because each individual getup is unique while the whole ensemble is delightful. Have everyone pick their favorite holiday, and go all out with the festive fun. Need some examples? Dress up in a bunny costume for Easter; grab angel wings and a toy bow and arrow to channel Cupid for Valentine’s Day; wear red, white and blue for Independence Day; and don sparkly glasses, a top hat or a New Year’s–inspired suit to represent New Year’s Eve.

Shop Bunny Costume

Fruit Of The Loom Halloween Costume
Orbon Alija/Getty Images

Fruit of the Loom Halloween costume

Bring the iconic T-shirt logo to life with this witty, fruity and downright fun group Halloween costume idea. If you’ve got a large group, you may end up being a whole cornucopia! We think it’s a grape idea, whether you DIY or buy your fruit costumes. Go the extra mile by investing in some Halloween face paint and matching your skin tone to your costume.

Shop Banana Costume

Diy Stick Figure Halloween Costume
Courtesy All For The Boys

Stick figure Halloween costume

All you need to pull this together is an all-white outfit and some black electrical tape. Form a “stick person” by attaching lines of tape to the arms and legs of your white shirt and pants. Hand-drawn faces are optional! You can do a lot with cardboard, including making some simple DIY Halloween decorations.

Shop Electrical Tape

senior couple dressed as tourists while taking a selfie
SolStock/Getty Images

Tourists Halloween costume

Grab your favorite Hawaiian shirts, some colorful leis and sunglasses—and make sure you carry a camera or at least use your smartphone to take loads of pictures. You’ll nail the tourist group theme and make the most of the fun shirts in the back of your closet.

Shop Hawaiian Leis

Snow White Halloween Costume Via Amazon
via merchant

Disney princesses Halloween costume

Get your girl gang together and dress up as Disney’s most iconic ladies. Whether you’re feeling classic, like Snow White or Cinderella, or a little more modern, like Belle or Rapunzel, there’s a costume out there that’ll transform you into Disney royalty. And if some of the guys want to join the fun too, you can easily pair up your princesses with their princes.

Shop Snow White Costume

via merchant

Zoo animals Halloween costume

Have everyone in your group dress up as their favorite bird or beast for a roaring good time. Whether you’re loco for lions, passionate about pandas or obsessed with owls, you’re sure to find a creature-themed costume you love. If you’ve got a really big group, pair up and have each duo dress as the same animal to be Noah’s Ark!

Shop Panda Costume

Mario Kart Halloween costume

Even people who aren’t regular gamers have probably at least heard of Mario, Luigi, Peach and their fellow Mario Kart racers. Simply dress up as the game characters or, if you really want the full effect, put together cardboard “cars.” Not that crafty? Use props, like plush Mario mushrooms and banana peels, to round out the look.

Shop Luigi Costume

Shaggy Costume Ecomm Via Walmart
via merchant

Meddlin’ kids Halloween costume

With their distinctive wardrobe styles and colors, the Scooby Doo gang has become something of a staple for lovers of group Halloween costumes. Plus, the cartoon makes for perfect Halloween inspiration. Get Shaggy, Daphne, Scooby and the rest of the gang together and go trick-or-treating for some Scooby Snacks. Bonus points if you get an actual dog to be Scooby. Here are some more adorable dog costumes that let your pooch join the party.

Shop Shaggy Costume

Fruit salad Halloween costume
via merchant

Fruit salad Halloween costume

Forget candy … embrace fruit! You and your friends can embody the healthy snacks this Halloween—think: grape, apple, banana and pineapple for a balanced addition to your meal plan that also makes a great group costume idea.

Shop Pineapple Costume

Greased Lightning Halloween costume

Transform into Danny, Sandy and the rest of the gang with little more than all-black outfits and some greased-up hair. Even better: Pair the look with a vintage car. If you’re going as one of the Pink Ladies, the iconic jacket is a must and will tie the look together. The polka-dot scarf adds to the charm.

Shop Danny Costume

couple dressed in royal halloween costume
Yuri_Arcurs/Getty Images

Royalty Halloween costume

Pick your era and region, and then dress up the whole group as a royal court, with kings, queens and assorted nobility. Make sure you buy some majestic crowns to top off your look. Or go even more old-school with an Egyptian royal court that includes your feline friends.

Shop Royal Crowns

pumpkin suit
via merchant

David S. Pumpkins Halloween costume

Does your group have a kind of ringleader? Then that person is donning the Pumpkin suit, and the rest of you are simply skeleton lackeys in this SNL tribute. Don’t forget the fright wigs, and get ready to dance till you drop.

Shop Pumpkin Suit

Price Is Right Costume
via merchant

The Price Is Right Halloween costume

“Come on down!” Bring the beloved game show to life with these simple Price Is Right contestant costumes. And it’s easy to take the DIY approach too. With some permanent markers and cardboard, you can put together your own Drew Carey–approved costumes.

Shop Price Is Right Costume

71g1 Dzxwel
via merchant

Box of crayons Halloween costume

This costume couldn’t be easier, but it’s still cute and quirky, especially if you get a group together and dress as the full rainbow. In addition to different colors, there are plenty of styles to choose from, whether you prefer a traditional crayon costume, a tank dress or a crayon box.

Shop Crayon Costume

Rhythmarts Inflatable Pig Costume Halloween Costume Ecomm Via Amazon
via merchant

When pigs fly Halloween costume

This costume is dedicated to all the things you never thought would happen—but did. Dress all your friends in these hysterical (and affordable) inflatable pig costumes, add a pair of wings and you’ll be the talk of the party.

Shop Pig Costume

family dressed up as characters from the wizard of oz
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The Wizard of Oz Halloween costume

There’s a reason some of the best group Halloween costumes are inspired by The Wizard of Oz. There are so many great characters to choose from, and the costumes are all instantly recognizable. Plus, if you have a pair of ruby slippers in your closet to wear with a Dorothy dress, this is truly the best time of year to break them out. And if you’re a parent, you can certainly come up with an adorable baby costume for your little one from this classic film.

Shop Dorothy Costume

group of friends dressed as power rangers for halloween
Ollie Millington/Getty Images

Power Rangers Halloween costume

Face it: Everyone has a favorite Power Ranger, so get the gang together and have everyone go as a different color Ranger. Going with a larger group? The show offered a whole host of villains and spin-off characters, so no one will be left out. It’s one of the best group Halloween costumes for people of varying ages, because ready-made Power Rangers costumes come in so many sizes and colors.

Shop Power Rangers Costume

Vending Machine Halloween Costume Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Snack attack Halloween costume

This is a fun one for teens, college students and adults alike, thanks to the universal appeal of snack time. Go as the whole vending machine with this costume, and you’ll be all that and two bags of chips. Have your pals dress up as scrumptious snacks to make it a fun group getup.

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Flintstones Group Halloween Costume Set Ecomm Via Walmart
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Flintstones Halloween costume

This group costume idea comes straight from the Stone Age, and it offers a timeless take on the old cartoon classic. Bonus: You get to say “Yabba-dabba-doo” as many times as you want if you wear the Fred Flintstone costume.

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Outus Thin Knit Slouchy Cap Beanies Hat Ecomm Via Amazon
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The Seven Dwarfs Halloween costume

This one is incredibly easy—and affordable. If you wear a T-shirt and add a few accessories, like these colorful caps, you can nail this look almost instantly. While this is an updated take on a classic, these vintage Halloween costumes could still be worn today.

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Dodgeball Average Joes Adult Yellow Jacket Costume Set Ecomm Via Amazon
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Dodgeball Halloween costume

This fun take on one of Vince Vaughn’s funniest movies is a crowd-pleaser for both men and women. The shiny, athleisure-style dodgeball costume is also a relatively comfortable option, so you’ll be able to better enjoy your trick-or-treating, partying or just about anything else.

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Pizza Slice Adult Costume Ecomm Via Halloweencostumes
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The whole pie Halloween costume

Got a group of six or eight friends? Perfect, because you’re ready to be a whole pie when you put all your pizza-perfect pieces together. Everyone is going to want a pizza-you when they get a look at this cheesy costume! If you’re looking for something that will better accommodate a baby bump, look no further than these Halloween costumes for pregnant people.

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golden girl costume
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Golden Girls Halloween costume

Feeling too old for Halloween? Then do we have the group costume for you. Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia are the ultimate girl gang. Sure, you’ve got a few Halloweens under your belt, but that just means you’re harder to scare! (And that you know where to get the good candy.)

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couple dressed as dinosaurs from jurassic park for halloween
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Jurassic Park Halloween costume

You don’t have to stick with the movie theme if you don’t want to, but the idea of dressing up as a group of prehistoric dinosaurs is pretty awesome and universally appealing to every age group. You can opt for simple dinosaur masks or go big with inflatable T. Rex suits.

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social media shirts
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Social networking Halloween costume

Grab T-shirts to represent each of your crew’s favorite social networking sites—think Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn and more—and you’ll all have a lot to connect over this Halloween.

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Karate Kid Cobra Kai Costume Ecomm Via Halloweencostumes.com
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Cobra Kai Halloween costume

Now this is one of those group Halloween costumes that transcends generations. Pay homage to the Netflix hit show Cobra Kai and The Karate Kid franchise by dressing up in these kicking getups. Half your group can dress in Cobra Kai outfits while the others sport Daniel’s classic white Gi. Just no swan kicks at the Halloween party, OK?

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Spice Gils Group Aprons Halloween Ecomm Via Etsy.com
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Spice rack Halloween costume

Feeling spicy? Get the gang to dress up in these low-maintenance spice aprons, featuring flavors like nutmeg and paprika, and say you’re all from the same spice rack. Or, if you’re going out with a group of girls, call yourselves the Spice Girls for one of the funniest group Halloween costumes. Keep the giggles going with these corny Halloween jokes no one will be able to resist.

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