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20 of the Spookiest Halloween Movies on Hulu

Grab your favorite goblins and settle in for a frightfully good streaming fest on Hulu.

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Happy Hulu-ween!

Winter-holiday revelers live for Christmas in July, but Halloween fanatics? They’re dreaming of October 31st year-round. That said, with the horror-filled holiday creeping up on us, it’s definitely time for everyone to start enjoying the scariest Halloween movies, whether you’re a die-hard devotee or not. You can get a taste of the action from the comfort of your couch, of course, and you might be surprised to learn that Netflix isn’t the only streaming service with loads of spooky options. In fact, you can find some of the best Halloween movies on Hulu right now.

From classic slasher flicks and psychological thrillers to funny-scary Halloween movies, Disney movies, and witch movies, Hulu’s got something for everyone. So grab the popcorn (or a big bowl of Halloween candy) and curl up for some deliciously frightful delights. But one word of warning: Depending on what you choose, you might not want to watch while you’re home alone—and you might also need to sleep with the lights on for the foreseeable future!

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacrevia

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Originally released in 1974, this terrifying tale spawned seven more movies in the franchise, so it’s kind of a big deal. It tells the story of Sally and Franklin Hardesty, who set out to visit their grandfather’s grave with three friends. Unfortunately, they happen upon the Sawyer family…who just so happen to be cannibals. This is the flick that launched the horror legend Leatherface, who is truly the stuff of nightmares. If that sounds right up your alley, you might want to buy one of these scary Halloween costumes that will scare the living daylights out of you—and everyone else!

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Edward Scissorhandsvia

Edward Scissorhands

When you’re looking for the best Halloween movies on Hulu but guts and gore aren’t your thing, give Edward Scissorhands a try. It’s a quirky Tim Burton flick about a man (played by Johnny Depp) who might startle at first sight because his hands are, as you may have guessed, made of scissors. Gentle as can be and nervous to enter society, this spooky-looking character isn’t so sinister after all. This film may also give you some excellent Halloween makeup ideas.

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The Addams Family

Treat the kiddos to a TV classic that gets the animated treatment. This 2019 flick is perfect for introducing little ones to the Halloween genre without terrifying them. In this story, the titular family moves out to the suburbs, where daughter Wednesday befriends a girl whose parents don’t exactly approve of the Addams or their unusual ways. It’s a cute and funny animated escape, and definitely quality enough to rank among the other beloved cartoon movies.

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We recommend an adults-only audience for any viewing of It, which is a totally terrifying fright fest. The 2017 Stephen King thriller, based on one of the scariest books of all time, follows a group of children who attempt to take down the terrifying killer clown Pennywise, who shape-shifts and plays upon their deepest fears while haunting their seaside town. Needless to say, this makes him nearly impossible to destroy and all the scarier. Maybe don’t go following any red balloons, OK?

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The Amityville Horrorvia

The Amityville Horror

When we were considering the best Halloweens movies on Hulu, we knew we had to choose at least one based on a true story. Aren’t those often the scariest? In this 2005 remake of the original Amityville Horror, a newly married couple realizes their dream house is actually a nightmare when they’re terrorized by the spirits who haunt it. Why all the supernatural ruckus? The home was the site of a mass murder just a year earlier.

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Paranormal Activityvia

Paranormal Activity

There are a lot of horror movies that might make newlyweds change their minds about a move to the ‘burbs after their big day, but this one is arguably the best. In this 2007 movie that redefined the “found footage” genre, demonic forces make a young couple really wish they had stayed in the city. Because of the way the movie is filmed, you really feel like you’re in the middle of the terror alongside these totally freaked-out folks, so be aware—and beware! Gather your friends and watch this one during a holiday-themed movie marathon, and add in a few of these other Halloween party ideas for a scary-good time.

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Night Of The Living Deadvia

Night of the Living Dead

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include the original 1968 version of Night of the Living Dead on this list. The cult horror film finds an unfortunate group of folks hiding in an abandoned Pennsylvania farmhouse and attempting to ward off a rather intimidating army of zombies. Will they survive? Maybe, but only if they can stop quarreling over who is in charge and start fighting off the flesh-eating monsters. Before you watch, you might want to learn about Halloween’s spookiest monsters, including zombies.

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The Invisible Manvia

The Invisible Man

Based on the H.G. Wells novel, this spine-tingling thriller follows a young woman named Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss), who has recently inherited the fortune an abusive ex left her after taking his own life. Believing that her former flame is still alive, she struggles to convince anyone that she is being hunted by someone who is invisible to the human eye. This one will make you jump out of your seat at every turn. Don’t miss these chilling ghost stories that will make you a believer.

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The Empty Manvia

The Empty Man

From The Invisible Man to The Empty Man, it all (literally) screams horror. Released in 2020 (a scary year in and of itself), this scary story follows a former police officer who sets out to find a missing girl, only to uncover a supernatural force summoned by some seriously suspicious people. At every dark turn of this film, you’ll expect a scare…and you won’t be disappointed. If you love all things scary, spooky, and occasionally silly, you’ll appreciate these Halloween memes.

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Trick 'r Treatvia

Trick ‘r Treat

If you’re trying to figure out your viewing schedule to catch all of the best Halloween movies on Hulu, you’ll probably want to save Trick ‘r Treat until the night of October 31. It will make watching the flick that much creepier, as the movie itself is set on Halloween night. In fact, this features five stories woven together, and let’s just say none of them have particularly happy endings on this night of fright, so pop it on after you’re done trick-or-treating. By the way, this is why we pass out candy on Halloween.

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In 1976, one horror film made moviegoers question whether going to prom was really a good idea. Based on the Stephen King novel about a bullied high schooler who uses her telekinetic powers to exact revenge, Carrie is a nail-biting kind of thriller. If you’re a first-time viewer, you never know exactly what’s about to happen, but you can guess those bullies are going to get their comeuppance. If you’re a fan of the classic, it’s the kind of horror movie you’ll want to revisit again and again.

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The Evil Deadvia

The Evil Dead

You know what really puts a damper on a getaway with friends? Accidentally unleashing demons who want nothing more than to make a meal out of you. That’s what happens in 1981’s The Evil Dead when a group of college friends head to the woods and happen upon an ancient book that should really be left untouched. Add this to your list of the best Halloween movies on Hulu to watch and you’ll give that next outdoor adventure a second thought. If you’re looking for something a little more comedic, try the sequel, as well as these Halloween jokes.

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28 Days Latervia

28 Days Later

You’ll feel completely unsettled watching this flick…especially after the last year and a half. It that mixes horror with science fiction for a truly terrifying story of a mystery virus that spreads like wildfire through the United Kingdom. A zombie apocalypse results from the incurable illness in just four months, and the few remaining survivors must try to find a safe refuge before they, too, become victims of the infection—and their antagonists.

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Pet Semataryvia

Pet Sematary

The Creed family relocates to a small town in Maine from Boston, and they get more than they bargained for with the discovery of an unusual burial ground located near their new home. When their beloved pet cat dies tragically, they bury him here, against their better judgment. It’s then that they learn the burial ground has supernatural powers to raise the dead, including their deceased feline. This is Stephen King at his best.

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The first in this particular horror film franchise, the original Saw finds two complete strangers waking up in a room together with zero idea as to how they got there. It isn’t long before the two men learn they must play a sinister game crafted by a serial killer named Jigsaw. Filled with suspense (can they solve the game before time runs out?) and tons of scares, Saw will leave you breathless.

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Children Of The Cornvia

Children of the Corn

What began as a short story written by Stephen King turned into a cult-classic horror film. In this terrifying tale, a couple driving through Nebraska makes a stop in the town of Gatlin that they will soon really, really regret. They are confronted by a children’s cult that believes all adults should be killed, and they have their eyes on these unsuspecting newcomers.

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The Blair Witch Projectvia

The Blair Witch Project

When The Blair Witch Project was released in 1999, it started a whole new genre of horror. Due to the way it was filmed, seemingly from a handheld camera, moviegoers wondered if this was real-life terror experienced in the woods of Maryland or if the whole thing was scripted. The thriller is entirely fictional, but the scares won’t soon leave your memory as you experience the story through the eyes of three young filmmakers.

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There’s a reason Parasite won four Academy Awards the year it was nominated. This psychological thriller is somehow smart, funny, and absolutely terrifying all at the same time. It’s one of the best Halloween movies to stream on Hulu because you’ll be instantly sucked into the elaborate scam the Kim family employs to essentially commandeer the lives of the wealthy Park family. Kind of makes you wonder: Is everyone you know exactly who they say they are?

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Child's Playvia

Child’s Play

As a kid in the 1980s, it was impossible to look at a doll the same way again after the release of Child’s Play. The 1988 version featured Chucky, a Buddi doll with a penchant for murder. In this 2019 update, Chucky is back to terrorize a new generation of unsuspecting victims, including 13-year-old Andy and his mother, Karen. If you thought dolls were creepy before, you may want to put a padlock on the toy chest before watching this flick. Looking for more scary stuff? These Ouija board stories will also give you the chills.

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Friday The 13thvia

Friday the 13th

No list of the best Halloween movies would be complete without a chapter from the Friday the 13th franchise. And what better way to start than with the movie that kicked off the Jason Voorhees–centric series? After a tragic drowning and double murder tore apart Camp Crystal Lake, a group of counselors convene to reestablish the once-idyllic summer camp. But when they’re mercilessly stalked and killed by a hockey mask-wearing murderer, those plans get sidelined. Of course, if you’re a parent, you’ll want to keep little ones far away from all of the movies on this list. Instead, choose from this list of the best Halloween movies for kids for some age-appropriate, ghoulishly good fun.

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