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22 Homemade Housewarming Gifts Any New Homeowner Will Love

If you have family or friends who just moved into a new home or apartment, you'll want something beautiful to give to them. These homemade housewarming gift ideas are easy and fun to make—and mean so much more than anything you could have bought at a store.


Wood slice painted wreath

It’s important to have the right house gift for every occasion. And with farmhouse decor being so on trend right now, this wood slice painted wreath would make a lovely housewarming gift for anyone. It could be customized with a last name initial or made in advance, so you have lovely housewarming presents readily available to gift at any time!


Pasta dinner gift basket

Who doesn’t love to get food, especially when they’re busy moving into a new home with no time to cook? Check out these great healthy food gift ideas that everyone will love. And this DIY Pasta Dinner Gift Basket includes everything—even fresh herbs to go with the meal.


Herb kit gift in a jar

Have a family member or friend with a green thumb? They’ll love this mini herb kit, and it’s perfectly packaged in a mason jar. Within the jar, they’ll have everything they need for a mini windowsill herb garden, including planters, seeds, and chalkboard markers. Here are more fun things you can do with mason jars.


Homemade hand soap

Most of us know by now that making homemade cleaners and soaps is better for our health than store-bought bottles filled with chemicals (here’s why you really don’t need to use antibacterial soaps or sanitizers to stay germ-free). That’s a great reason for gifting them too! You can make your own homemade hand soap relatively easily and with very few ingredients. Make up a large batch so you can keep some for yourself too! I love that this gift tag lists the ingredients so your recipients can make it themselves once they run out.


DIY herringbone canvas art

Everyone loves to hang beautiful art in their new home, so imagine the delight your friends will feel when they open a beautiful piece of custom artwork for a housewarming present. This DIY Herringbone Canvas looks like it was made by a professional, but with a little bit of tape and paint, you’ll be able to make it yourself!


Burlap succulent décor

Do you have a friend who doesn’t have the greenest of thumbs? Succulents are often a good idea but this adorable Burlap Succulent Decoration is perfect for even the blackest of thumbs! Combining two of the hottest items—burlap and succulents, this accent would look great in any type of home setting. These decorating tips will make your home look more expensive.


Personalized address stamp

When friends move into a new home, having a new address is an exciting change. Gifting a personalized address stamp is even more personalized with this adorable DIY gift bag. Check out more personalized gifts we love.


Love coffee cup

If you have a coffee-loving friend, this DIY housewarming gift is for them. This DIY mug made with paint pens looks like it comes straight out of a magazine, but these instructions will help you make it in just a few minutes! Bonus: Drinking coffee can lead to longer life!


Candied almonds

Did you know one of the best disease fighters is a food that you probably have in your pantry? Nuts! And who doesn’t love a sweet treat as a gift?

These Slow Cooker Candied Almonds are as sweet and easy to make as they are to eat. Roll them up in a paper cone and tie off with baker’s twine for a beautiful housewarming gift idea.


Cookie mix in a jar

So many of the cutest homemade gift ideas come in jars! That’s because they look beautiful and are functional after the gift is used too.

This cookie mix in a jar is no exception. And after your friends bake cookies in their new home, they’ll have a beautiful jar to use or display also.


Homemade housewarming gift basket

A housewarming gift that is functional is a great gift for any new homeowner. This beautiful basket is filled with items your friends will need in those first few days—towels, soap, and a beautiful plant for décor.


Cleaning bucket housewarming gift

Talk about practical, this Cleaning Bucket Housewarming Gift will be very welcomed by your friend or family member. So many of those first few days in a new home are spent cleaning, and now they’ll have everything they need, including a cleaning bucket, all within this gift!


Fabric covered flower pots

Kick your potted flower gifting skills up a notch with this DIY housewarming gift idea. Use fabric scraps to wrap clay flower pots and bring them to a whole other level of décor. How beautiful these would look sitting on a bathroom shelf!


Cacti and succulent gift

With this gift idea, not only are you giving a lovely decorative accent, but you’ll actually be helping to purify your friend’s new home. Did you know that plants can help detoxify your indoor air?

Potted succulents and cacti in any type of container—even a bowl for displaying in the kitchen—make for a beautiful, multi-purpose DIY gift idea.


Rustic chalkboard

Chalkboards are inexpensive and super fun to use in home décor. This Rustic Chalkboard is made from wooden plates and makes a beautiful housewarming gift idea. You can personalize it for your recipient with an initial or special motif, or leave it blank so they can use it as a to-do list or menu planner in the kitchen.


DIY pallet plaques

Here’s another DIY housewarming gift that can be completely personalized for new homeowners. If you have access to pallets, there are so many wonderful crafts you can make including these Pallet Plaques! With a lovely decorative clip at the top, they can hold pictures, special notes, calendars, and the kids’ art projects.


DIY vintage décor clock

This beautiful DIY clock would be a lovely housewarming gift idea for anyone. The roman numerals give it a vintage feel, and the color could be customized to match any new home’s color palette.


Herbs in a jar

Giving herbs as a DIY housewarming gift is a beautiful way to bring color and functionality into a new home. Planting already growing herbs in mason jars with beautiful labels like these is such a lovely gift idea—and they’ll do double duty as ingredients. These are the best herbs for a home garden.


Neon ombre coffee set

This beautiful tray and coffee set looks like it comes from a high-end boutique but it’s totally a do-it-yourself project that you can tackle and gift yourself!


Vintage sugar bowl pincushion

If you have a friend or family member who loves to sew and appreciates vintage items, this DIY housewarming gift couldn’t be more perfect! Using a vintage open sugar bowl, you can make a personalized pin cushion. It’s not only functional but could make a super cute decorative accent for an office or sewing room.


Caramel latte teacup candle

One of the easiest and most fun gifts to make is a DIY candle. For coffee and tea lovers, this Caramel Latte Tea Cup Candle will smell like one of their favorite drinks and look like one too!


Marble coasters

These DIY Marble Coasters will not only make a beautiful housewarming gift, but they’ll also help your friends protect the furniture in their new home too! Easy to make and customize, these coasters will become one of your favorite go-to housewarming gifts.

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