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30 DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for That Homemade Touch

Surprise your sweetheart with a totally unique, utterly ingenious DIY Valentine's card.

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Handmade and heartfelt

Valentine’s Day is the ultimate opportunity to tell someone exactly how you feel about them. And there’s no better way to do that than with a handmade card. Heartfelt and personal, DIY Valentine’s cards will tug at just about anyone’s heartstrings, whether it’s your one true love, your little ones, or the friends who keep you company when you’re spending the holiday solo.

These cute, clever cards are quick and simple to make and require minimal materials and expertise. Sounds like a DIY project we can all get behind. So whether you’re creating some of the funniest Valentine’s Day cards or are getting crafty with some printable Valentine’s day cards, we have the heartfelt, homemade Valentine’s Day idea for you. To really hammer home just how much you care, add thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts or bouquets of Valentine’s Day flowers.

Paint chip heart card

DIY Valentine’s Day cards are more fun when they’re original, cute, and relatively cheap. After all, inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts (think: conversation hearts and mini boxes of chocolate) rank among the classics. This craft goes above and beyond: It’s free! To recycle your paint chips, trace a heart at the base of the chip and cut. To create an ombré effect, glue down the hearts from lightest to darkest (or the reverse) on a piece of card stock.

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I Pick You Valentines Day Cardvia KudzuMonster/

I pick you card

What’s most impressive about these silly DIY Valentine’s cards (besides their design) is that after you download and print the template, you’re basically done. Cut out the nostril and puncture with a treat like Pixy Stix to complete the look. This would make a cute accompaniment to a Valentine’s gift for men or young kids.

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Pretty pair Valentine

This punny take on a DIY Valentine’s card will knock your socks off. Print the free graphic, punch a hole at the top, and add twine before affixing it to your favorite set of socks. Want to go a more romantic route? Write a love quote on the flip side for a special surprise.

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Smores Valentines Day Cardvia AcornCreativeGoods1/

S’more Valentine’s Day cards

Satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth with these cute cards that double as little gifts. Fill the bags with s’mores essentials—a couple of graham crackers, a mini chocolate bar, and a jumbo marshmallow, none of which come with the kit. Apply the stickers, and say “happy Valentine’s Day” in the sweetest of ways.

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Eye love you Valentine

If you’re giving someone a Valentine’s Day card, it’s pretty clear that you’ve had your eye on them for a while now. Show that with this fun magnifying glass-themed card. And be sure to share these Valentine’s Day memes with your special someone.

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Tic Tac Toe Valentines Day Cardvia AcornCreativeGoods1/

Tic-tac-toe card

The romantic holiday wouldn’t be complete without DIY Valentine’s cards featuring this beloved game of X’s (kisses) and O’s (hugs). Take your significant other out to a romantic restaurant and play this while you wait for dessert.

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Dinosaur Valentines Day Cardvia EllaAnneDesigns/

Dino-mite cards

Is your love T. rex big? If so, these are the DIY Valentine’s cards for you. They arrive unfinished, so you can color them in your own style. Another option: Give them as Valentine’s Day gifts for kids, who can paint them themselves.

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Cookie Instructions Valentines Day Cardvia CookiePrintableShop/

Cookie recipe card

Sometimes your Valentine is so sweet, you need to express that in the form of sweets themselves. And no, we’re not talking about Valentine’s chocolates. Create an extra-scrumptious Valentine’s Day treat by baking cookies and placing them in festive bags. Attach this printable cookie recipe so your special someone can recreate them (and think of you). It’s not a traditional Valentine’s Day card—it’s better.

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Rainbow Candy Valentines Day Cardvia KudzuMonster/

Conversation hearts cards

Here’s a crafty card for kids and adults alike. Start with the downloadable card. Print it out, add it to a sandwich bag, and toss in some candy conversation hearts. Kids will have fun sorting the colors to match the hearts on the rainbow, and adults will appreciate the sugar rush. Get extra crafty by printing your own Valentine’s stickers to seal the bag.

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Paper Airplane Valentines Day Cardvia YayMail/

Paper airplane card

Love really is in the air with these creative DIY Valentine’s cards that also double as paper airplanes. Download the design, print it out; then follow the included instructions to fold your love note into a pretty paper plane. Not sure what to write inside? Try one of these Valentine’s Day jokes.

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Lovebug Valentines Day Card via MaplesCrafts4Kids/

Lovebug card craft kit

Looks like you’ve been bitten by the lovebug! This craft kit will help you put together a ladybug-themed Valentine’s Day surprise in no time.

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Outer Space Valentines Day Cardvia KudzuMonster/

Out-of-this-world cards

Is your Valentine absolutely out of this world? Look no further than these space-themed printable cards, which show there’s no one in the galaxy quite like them. Download, print, and cut them into hearts, then add your favorite lollipops. Keep with the celestial theme and choose how to celebrate Valentine’s Day based on your zodiac sign.

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Paint Brush Valentines Day Cardvia KudzuMonster/

Artsy paintbrush cards

It’s time to paint the town red—for love, that is. These paintbrush-shaped DIY Valentine’s Day cards are perfect for creative types. Buy some cheap mini paint sets from your local party store; then tie them on to amp up the fun factor.

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Wild Animal Valentines Day Cardvia KudzuMonster/

Wild about you cards

Kids will go wild for these DIY Valentine’s cards. The kit comes with cards you can cut out, mini safari animals, and twine to attach them. While it’s perfect for grown-ups, the kit is also a fun option for kids who want to make cute Valentine’s Day gifts for their friends.

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Cookie craft card

What goes together better than milk and cookies? You and your partner, of course. Celebrate the ultimate dynamic duo with this fun card. Step one: Download and print. Step two: Bake (or buy) mini cookies in your design of choice, place each in a small plastic bag, and attach them to the card. Cookies and milk are classic, as are peanut butter and jelly, Bert and Ernie, and (easiest for amateur bakers to pull off) the moon and the stars.

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Pencil Bird Valentines Day CardVia KudzuMonster/

Punny bird cards

The early bird catches the worm—and receives their gifts on time. But procrastinators can stop worrying about last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts with these punny cards. Because the design is downloadable, there’s no wait for shipping. Just print, cut, and add extras, like colorful pencils.

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Glitter Heart Valentines Day Cardvia

Glittery heart card

Add some glitz and glam this year with a fun DIY Valentine’s card. The more glitter, the better!

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Xoxo Valentines Day CardVia

XOXO card

More hugs and kisses, please! This love-themed card is sure to have your significant other asking for more. While you put together this craft, put on a playlist of the best love songs.

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Layered Hearts Valentines Day Cardvia

Layered heart card

Love has many layers—just like these DIY Valentine’s cards. The final product will look absolutely gorgeous, but it’s simple enough for a beginner crafter to complete.

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Dogs Before Dudes Valentines Day Cardvia

Dogs before dudes card

Maybe you’re not feeling particularly romantic this Valentine’s Day. We’ve got a card for that. Even if you’re not single on Valentine’s Day, you can appreciate the sentiment. Dogs before dudes, always.

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Mason Jar Glitter Valentines Day Cardvia

Mason jar shaker card

Shake, shake, shake your love this Valentine’s Day with this sparkly card. While glitter may get everywhere, it’ll remain a lasting testament to your heartfelt effort. (Pro tip: Chunky glitter makes for easier cleanup.)

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Water Color Hearts Valentines Day Cardsvia

Watercolor cards

Your loved ones will be blown away with your artistic abilities when they see these watercolor-based cards. The best part? They’re as easy to make as they are impressive to look at. Need some ideas for a fun V-Day? Print these free Valentine’s Day bingo cards and let the excitement begin.

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Falling Hearts Valentines Card via

Falling hearts card

All you need for this easy DIY card are some heart-shaped stickers (or hearts cut from wrapping paper), a pen, and card stock. The dotted lines drawn from the stickers to the top of the card will give the craft a simple yet sophisticated look.

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Valentines Day Mailbox love letters Card via RachelsCraftsandCo/

Love letters card

This is the DIY Valentine’s card for crafters who aren’t quite comfortable with DIY. All of the pieces are precut and included in the kit, making assembly easy. There are enough materials to create five supremely thoughtful cards. Also thoughtful? These Valentine’s Day gifts for her.

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Trio of Valentines cards kit

Thanks to this all-in-one kit, you can whip up three DIY Valentine’s cards that will fool your loved ones into thinking you bought them off the shelf. Be sure to add a “made with love by” line on the back so they know their lovely Valentine was handmade by you.

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Valentines Day Card Making Kitvia EvermoreByJennifer/

Old-fashioned Valentine’s cards

If you plan to make a bunch of Valentine’s Day cards, this is the crafting kit for you. It includes paper, card stock, envelopes, sequins, ribbon, twine, and more. For even more fun, invite your besties over for a glass of wine and a Galentine’s Day card-making party.

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Playdoh Valentines Day Card via TexasMamaDesigns/

A-doh-able cards

Whether you’re celebrating with young ones or the young at heart, show your love with a printable card that looks way fancier than it is. Once you’ve printed the design, cut where noted, then slide a mini tub of Play-Doh (not included) through the hole.

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Valentines Day Card Craft Kit via SweetHoopla/

My paper Valentine

DIY Valentine’s cards can look complex, but amateur crafters can take heart. This kit makes pulling together gorgeous cards super easy. And you don’t need to forage for supplies; it comes with everything you need—even a glue stick. Your creation will make the perfect add-on to a gift of Valentine’s Day roses.

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3D hearts card

Watch your sweetie’s heart flutter at the sight of this fun and easy-to-craft card. Go wild with different paper patterns—it adds to the fun. And don’t worry if you don’t have a sewing machine. You can accomplish the same effect with carefully placed glue.

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Painted Valentines Day Cardsvia MayaXKiwi/

Watercolor cards

You don’t have to be Georgia O’Keeffe to create gorgeous watercolor cards; you just need this kit. It comes with envelopes, outlined cards, and a watercolor palette you can use to paint them. The finished product is worthy of a frame. Next, check out these Valentine’s Day puns that are sure to make your sweetheart smile.

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