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Knowing These 6 Types of Clouds Can Help You Predict the Weather

Most likely you turn to your local weather report to find out what the day will be like, but looking at the clouds can help too.

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Cirrus CloudsCE Photography/Shutterstock


You most likely turn to your local weather report to find out what the day will be like, but looking at the clouds can help too. These common types of clouds will help you decide if you should move your party inside. Here are the things your weatherman won’t tell you.

Type of cloud: Cirrus
Thin and wispy, they can appear in a variety of shapes

Most likely weather
Approaching front and stormy weather.

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Cirrocumulus Cloud in blue sky on sunny peaceful day.SanchaiRat/Shutterstock


Type of cloud: Cirrocumulus
Small, rounded white puffs. Isolated or in long rows.

Most likely weather
These clouds indicate fair but cold weather.

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a big and fluffy cumulonimbus cloud in the blue skyDario Lo Presti/Shutterstock


Type of cloud: Cumulonimbus
Heavy dense clouds in the form of mountains or towers.

Most likely weather
Heavy showers with thunder and lightning or hail. But did you know that lightning doesn’t have to happen every time it rains? Learn more weird lightning facts that could help you in a thunderstorm.

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nimbostratus clouds /it was beginning to rain above the pool/ countryside of ThailandSomyot Mali-ngam/Shutterstock


Type of cloud: Nimbostratus
Dark, low uniformly gray clouds.

Most likely weather
Widespread light to moderate precipitation. This is the real reason rain smells so good.

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Cirrostratus Sunset Adwo/Shutterstock


Type of cloud: Cirrostratus
Sheetlike clouds covering the entire sky.

Most likely weather
May signal precipitation within 15-25 hours.

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Small cumulus humilis clouds with clearly defined edges.nvxstudios/Shutterstock

Cumulus Humilis

Type of cloud: Cumulus Humilis
Small puffy clouds with minimal vertical development

Most likely weather
Fair weather. Never produce precipitation.

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