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8 Stylish Ways to Wear a Turtleneck this Winter

The formerly frumpy piece is now totally chic (and warm).

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Layer it under a sleeveless dress or top

Make any ensemble weather appropriate by throwing a tissue-thin turtleneck on underneath. Try a neutral color—say black or biege—for a seamless look, or add a pop of color to your outfit with something bold.

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Pair it with a maxi or midi skirt

Create an hourglass shape by pairing a fitted turtleneck with a maxi or midi skirt. Finish off your look with a matching pair of pumps.

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Throw it on under a sweater

Got an itchy sweater your skin can’t stand? Try layering a cottony turtleneck underneath. You’ll find new life in your old knits and put an extra barrier between you and the cold. This is how to cure dry skin in winter.

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Wear it under a blazer

Prevent this style from appearing frumpy by wearing the thinnest turtleneck you can find. Black pairs nicely with most classic-colored blazers.

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Wear this classic style

For a timeless look, try nautical stripes. Pair the closet staple with a pair of jeans and your favorite jacket. The striped neckline will add the perfect amount of visual interest. Here’s how to dress 10 pounds thinner.

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Throw on a laid-back cowl neck

For cold winter weekends, nothing beats a slouchy cowl-neck sweater. Find one in the chunkiest knit you can and pair it with your comfiest pair of skinny jeans or leggings. The tight-fitting bottom will balance out the volume on top.

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Consider a cropped look

Take your turtleneck out on the town by choosing a chic cropped style and pairing it with high-waisted jeans. Whether the turtleneck is sleeved or sleeveless, you’ll stay cozier than you would in a standard tank. Plus, a dash of belly will help you channel a bit of summer style, even if you’ve still got to bundle up on top.

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Add a dash of elegance with accessories

No matter which layering technique you choose, a turtleneck can always be glammed up with accessories. Try a pair of statement earrings to bring attention to the neckline, or a chunky necklace to bring the eye a bit lower. Here are more tips for how to accessorize, according to fashion stylists.

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